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Month OneEdit

Terridorian Transmission Edit

The Terridorians were experimenting with Warp drives, so that they could travel faster around the universe. A Diplomacy ship and 9 more small ships had a destination - Cyrannus. They wanted to see what kind of sapient life existed there. So they warped to Cyrannus, and they arrived at a Neutral Zone of Cyrannus. The Terridorian Diplomat, who was Hakonian, named 5HU1U7, declared the mission a success, as nobody was harmed. So, they began sending the transmission, hoping someone can answer.

Hello, we are the Terridor Federation, and we're great people from the Kraw Galaxy. We just flew here to test our warp drives, and we want to get to know the life of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Reply if you can. This was diplomat 5HU1U7 of the Terridor Federation.

- Diplomat 5HU1U7

The transmission was sent. Now all they had to do was wait...

Response Edit

Vice Admiral Shaw of the Valorous responded with hast to the transmission from the Terridor Federation, just in case the Confederacy responded first.

Greetings and welcome to Cyrannus, Diplomat 5HU1U7. I am Vice Admiral Leland Shaw of the Valorous of the United Republic of Cyrannus, and I have been commanded to propose an alliance between our nations, we hope for you aid in the coming war.

- Leland Shaw

The Terridor Federation quickly responded and a great alliance was formed, the Terridor are now sure to aid the URC against the Confederacy.

So, what now? Edit

The Terridorians, after their alliance was declared, contacted the Iteok about it. The Iteok were simply dissapointed that their greatest allies had allied with the Allies of the Tahars and the Kraw. The Terridorians then responded by saying they did not know about the URC, because they had barely any info on Cyrannus. The Iteok then declared they were not going to help the Terridorians on this war. The Terridorians understood, and signed off.

So it was time to get some info on the enemy. When they found out the CAS were Tier 1, they were shocked, as they knew they were going to have a rough time fighting them. But Commander 4TH01, another Hakonian, had an idea - When there's a battle between the URC and CAS fleets, the Terridorian fleet would join the URC fleet. Now all they had to do was study their technology, which could take weeks...

Assault on CorbeauEdit

The Cosmic Republic had allied with the Confederacy and were ready to help their new allies. The Cosmic Republic was informed by CAS intelligent that the frozen planet of Corbeau was undefended. It was located within the Mid Rim of Cyrannus. It only took several hours for the CR to deploy their forces on the planet. Polemistis made up most of the forces on the ground, along with many assault vehicles, such as the Polemistis Fighter. CR ships flew through the skies at night towards the base. URC patrol officers were easily overwhelmed by the Polemistis Majors, while URC sharpshooters were taken out by Polemistis Stalkers. The URC had not encountered the CR as an enemy before, and thus were oblivious to their strength and military units.

Several Khanda-Class Mechs were deployed near the base. These machines of destruction maneuvered around URC defences and easily destroyed them. The Mechs were assigned to take out a major part of the base, the power supplier. Although turrets built into the base managed to destroy one Mech, it did not stop the others from destroying it. The Mechs kept the defences busy, while Polemistis and Synthetic soldiers stormed inside and dragged out the residents. Minutes later, the base exploded into flames. However, only now do URC jets try and destroy the CR forces. The Khanda-Class Mechs and URC auto-piloted jets fought above the captured workers, with the Mechs destroying the jets due to their speed and agility. The assault was over in an hour or so, with the captured workers being taken aboard a cruiser. The CR left Corbeau uninhabited by a sentient species, destroying the colony.

Battle of TaaoEdit

Spore 2011-01-30 13-13-19

The URC military vehicles in battle against CAS and CR military vehicles. Behind the CAS and the CR vehicles is a Quantum Gate, designed by the CR for inter-planetary travel.

A Falx-Class Satellite, which was designed by the Cosmic Republic, had detected another URC colony within the Mid Rim, the desert planet of Taao. Hours later, the Cosmic Republic's presence was upon Taao. This time, they had deployed several waves of Katzbalger-Class Mechs and three Cutlass-Class Air Scouts. The Air Scouts flew several miles before discovering a URC military base in the West. Two of the Scouts managed to alert the CR, with one of the Scouts falling victim to the URC's defences. The Katzbalger-Class Mechs proceeded West, with 20 Falchion-Class Interceptors following them. The Katzbalger Mechs opened fire on the URC's defences on sight, starting a large firefight. The URC turrets were faster than the ones on Corbeau, providing a challenge for the Mechs. Polemistis and Eirini soldiers ran and fired at the turrets, only to be destroyed by several URC soldiers carrying rocket launchers.

Eventually, the Mechs managed to destroy or disable all of the turrets after suffering heavy losses. They proceeded towards the base, with most being injured in some way. They were met by URC ground assault vehicles, ensuring another large fire fight. The CR started deploying units from South of the base, while the URC's ground and air assault vehicles began being deployed that way as well. The destructive power of the URC ground assault vehicles matched that of the Katzbalger-Class Mechs, making it an even fight. However, the ground assault vehicles were in better health, thus managing to destroy the incoming Mechs from the West.

The URC's aerial assault bombers finally arrived and flew over the conflicting units. The ground assault vehicles backed away, still firing at the South-side Mechs. The bombers dropped their highly explosive bombs upon the Mechs, destroying most of them in a single swoop. The Falchion-Class Interceptors were dealt with by AA infantry later that day. The victory was to the URC in this engagement, forcing the CR to leave Taao with heavy losses.

Battle of Mirianí Edit

Commander 4TH01, and his short fleet of 50 Ships, was looking for ways they could help the URC out. They looked at a calm planet, named Mirianí. The Terridorians knew the name of the planet, but they could not pronounce Mirianí, because they didn't know how to pronounce the letter í. Some got confused, but they saw some CAS Ships, leaving them with no time for them to Develop pronounciation theories. They moved in, noticing the CAS's 12 1900m long ships. The Terridorians, in speech, compared the size of these ships to the size of the passwords of Hakonian Websites, as Terridorian ships were only 300m long. But luckily, a URC Fleet of 12 Ships arrived to the battle, with ships around ~1500m long.

The Terridorians then shot some windows of a CAS Ship, causing de-pressurization in parts of the CAS Ship, but the CAS fired a single shot. 10 Terridorians down. 4TH01 and his fleet flew behind a URC Ship, and watched as the URC Ship destroyed the CAS Ship. The Terridorians used their Splitter Missiles against the CAS, but they barely did any damage, and the CAS fired back, killing more Terridorians. The URC and the CAS were at a stalemate, but the Terridorians fired a laser against a communication rod in a CAS Ship, cutting off its communications.

The URC Kept attacking the CAS, and the battle was still equal. One Terridorian fired a Missile against the frontal part of a CAS Ship, but it barely did any damage, but he kept firing, and soon, he managed to break a small hole in the ship, before the Terridorian was destroyed. That was the CAS commander's ship. The URC finished off the battle by destroying the CAS commander's ship, and then they took care of the rest. The Terridorians had only 11 Ships left, and the URC, only 2. 4TH01 asked the URC Commander how to pronounce Mirianí, and the result was far beyond his expectations. "Mir-an-yeh". 4TH01 Smiled, and returned to Terrida to rest. Mirianí was safe for now...

House Xarikuz intervention Edit


The "Unexpected Attack" firing its Pseudomatter Missiles

House Xarikuz has arrived at the Cyrannus Galaxy, to assist the DCP in fighting the CAS, during the battle, the DCP were fighting Grox and CAS forces, and the Xarik-Radux thought that they should assist in the battles.

A handful of CAS and Grox Fleets were proceeding to attack DCP and URC Forces, but unexpectedly, several Green Missiles came "out of nowhere" and struck them, covering them in a cloud of "Nano-replicators" that release majorons, these are called Pseudomatter Missiles, and slowly, the Fleets were helplessly being destroyed, but these Missiles didn't just come out of nowhere, the Unexpected Attack, A House Xarikuz Ship, the CAS and Grox did not expect the attack, and House Xarikuz now proceeds to take on them.

House Xarikuz fleets arrive on the scene, much to the surprise of the CAS, but the Grox knew that it was the Xarik-Radux who had fired the Missiles, but did not expect such an attack, the now confused and disoriented Grox and CAS Fleets fell prey to House Xarikuz, however they also managed to inflict a few casualties on the XR Fleets, but they had the disadvantage in those battles, however, the CAS and Grox will be careful next time not to fall to another attack, or could they?

The assist

XR assist DCP

House Xarikuz Ships assist a DCP Dreadnought in battle

A lone DCP Dreadnought protecting a strategic location was ambushed by CAS Ships, it managed to hold off on its own, but even then, CAS were sending Reinforcements, until Bam! Pseudomatter Missiles struck some of its Enemies, and House Xarikuz Ships entered the fray, DCP Reinforcements were on the way, but for now, the XR and the DCP Dreadnought were fighting, and it became a heated and deadly battle, and even more CAS Ships came to attack, until a DCP fleet arrived, during the battle, the XR thought of a tactic, their massive 3500 Meter Long Warships, bigger than the 1000-1200 Meter long CAS Ships acted like a "meat shield" and absorbed damage, while Bombers used hit n' run tactics, and after moments of fighting, the DCP and XR eventually came victorious, there were casualties on both of their Fleets but even then, they celebrated, but to avoid further losses, House Xarikuz went into tactical retreat and hid, awaiting for another battle.

Month TwoEdit

Taking a CAS ship, Kraw Galaxy Style Edit

The Terridorians still had a lot to give. They were joyful, morale was high, and they seeked to help the URC Further. But meanwhile, a Terridorian Ship, the smallest kind in the Terridorian Ship database, being 100m long, having 5 Shargash aboard, noticed some flying Raider-Class CAS Ships passing by. They seemed to be heading for another battle, and so the Shargashians thought that if they could capture a CAS Ship, that they would have the technology to hop a Tier, as the Terridorians are Tier 4. So the Terridorian ship flew cloaked towards a Raider-Class CAS Ship, and prepared everything to take it.

The Shargash had to find a way to enter the ship. So, their ship went on top of the CAS Ship, just short meters in distance from the CAS Ship, and then, 4 Shargash went inside some pods, which then fired down to the top of the CAS Ship. Then, the bottom part of the pod dug down the ceiling of the ship, and the pods opened below, allowing the 4 Shargash to leap into the CAS Ship's floor. They were surprised when they heard a big explosion - The CAS noticed the Terridorian invasion on one of their ships. And the 2 pilots noticed the 4 Shargash too.

The pilots fired at a Shargash, killing him. Then, quickly, One Shargash ran towards that pilot and punched him hard with his 4 arms while shouting SHARK FREAKS! Before the other pilot could fire at the punching Shargash, the other 2 Shargash fired at him. He was injured, and the Shargash punching the pilot shot him in the chest, killing him. The 3 Shargash then killed the other pilot. The communicator was still active, shouting in the Mortalitas Language. They turned the communicator off, piloted the CAS Ship out of the fleet, and after figuring out the controls, they FTL Jumped to the nearest safe Galaxy before the CAS could shoot them down. They were safe. Now all they needed to do was get the ship to Terrida.

The Shargashians had a bit of a difficult time figuring out which galaxy was the Kraw Galaxy in the CAS Ship's map, but they found it, and FTL Jumped to Terrida. A Marinoxidiz ship was passing by when they arrived. They landed it in Terrida after identifying themselves, then they dissected the ship and assimilated its technology. They hope to have at least 1000 Terridorian Raider Class Ships, or known by them as "Veikda" Ships ready by the next month, to help the URC further. 4TH01 was happy with this development.

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