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The Great Cyrannus War is the largest conflict in the history of the Cyrannus Galaxy, a gigantic battle for the dominance of one of the greatest galaxies in the First Gigaquadrant. The United Republic of Cyrannus, a long time figure of peace and justice, against the rising superpower, the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Who knows how this grizzly battle for control with end? Who will rise, who will fall, and who will achieve total galactic domination?

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The Bombing of OrbispiraEdit

Spore 2011-01-13 18-59-30

Gauisa lands on Orbispira.

Orbispira is the life and center of the Cyrannus Galaxy, and the capital of the United Republic of Cyrannus. The planet is an impenetrable fortress, surrounded by a fleet of thousands of Republic Cruisers. On the ground, thousands of troopers and walkers patrol important streets and skylanes. However, an unknown figure, probably an advanced member of the hierarchy that is the Galactic Government, allowed entry to several bounty hunters for a gruesome task... ignite a war between the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the Republic of the Cyrannus Galaxy!

The notorious bounty hunter, Éaltar Gauisa was sent to preform the task of bombing the Great Senate Hall, the meeting place of the Cyrannus Senate, the plan was to cause the senate to declare war on the only liable suspect, the Confederacy! Gauisa landed on Orbispira barely a mile from the Senate and met light resistance from both the locals and the troopers there. The unknown figure knew that this route to the senate is quiet and opposition with be light. Gauisa destroyed all those who got in his way and met with a spy in the city, who gave him details on which lies ahead. In order to be certain that nobody knew of the bounty hunters involvement, he killed the spy and hid his body, before nearing the Senate.

While he neared the main promenade leading to the senate, he encountered the small Senator Adoy, who defiantly stood in the bounty hunters way. Without a hesitation, Gauisa killed the small senator and the troopers and mechs that guarded him. Gauisa walked up to the senate and covertly planted the bomb, which would explode after twenty sectons. Gauisa was quickly collected by his cloaked transport and whiked into orbit, and jumped into hyperspace while below him huge sections of the city lay without power and several destroyed buildings.

Later, the Republic found evidence of Mortalitas technology on the scene, bearing the insignia of the Confederacy, soon after the senate declared war, and the two nations began preparing for the coming storm...

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Month OneEdit

Battle of the Jorba Asteroid FieldEdit


The Battle of Jorba

Almost immediately after the Bombing of Orbispira and the outbreak of war between the Confederacy and the Republic, the CAS began setting up listening posts in asteroid fields across Republic space, used as staging grounds for future surprise attacks. However, the Republic Navy was quick to catch on to this, and sent a task force of three Star Destroyers to attack and destroy the Confederate listening post in the Jorba Asteroid Field in the Inner Rim, close to the Core Worlds.

The battle was short, the three Star Destroyers, the Triumph, Brotherhood and Tyrannic set up a perimeter around the largest asteroid, home to several hundred foundries used to create Confederate tanks. The tanks and the Mortalitas astro-troopers put up a fight against the much larger Republic ships. However, the sheer firepower of the cruisers soon ended the battle. It was a clear sign to the Confederacy not to underestimate the Republic.

Blockade of YadumarthEdit

CAS arrive at Yadumarth

Confederate forces blockade Yadumarth

The Confederate leader, Calidusa, knew very well that Rambo Nation probably was informed by now by their own intelligence of the bombing of Orbispira, the URC attack at the Jorba Asteroid Field and that the URC and Confederacy were at war. This meant, like in the past, that Rambo Nation would come and aid the URC, something Calidusa couldn't use in the early stages of the war. For that reason, he ordered a small fleet to blockade Yudumarth, a small, poor planet which was the last planet leading to the Quadrant-Cyrannus Wormhole. Holding this planet meant they would have control over the wormhole and the hyperlane, effectively cutting the URC off from Rambo Nation aid.

3 hours after the Battle of the Jorba Asteroid Field the CAS ships arrived at Yudumarth and began blockading and invading the planet. Targeting the Yudimaran Capital City of Yudumarth City, Confederate tanks and Mortalitas Troopers easily managed to overwhelm the Yudimaran forces. There leader, Geldrim, was forced to surrender, though the leading Confederate Captain ordered to let all Rambo Nation citizens whom were at the spaceport to leave, except a young girl by the name of Uruviel, he wanted her as his slave and servant. The captain decided to let all citizens of Rambo Nation go because by that way the Confederacy could not be accused of war acts, and for that reason Rambo Nation and the Confederacy were officially not at war!

Though the real challenge just began for the Confederate captain, taking over Yudumarth City was easy, to go inland and taking over the rest of the planet was going to be a challenge!

Coalition Countered Edit

The Delpha Coalition of Planets had been wary of the Confederacy for some time, monitoring their activities in DCP space. As soon as they launched an attack on the URC, who only had recovered from the Intergalactic war, the DCP was justified enough to attack. The blockade of Yadumarth was a trick well known to the Coalition, however, to the DCP's drive systems, wormholes were not needed to in distances the length between the Quadrants and Cyrannus galaxy. The DCP tried to send forces to aid the Rambo and support their ships in the new war, using their drives to transport them.

But unknown to the DCP their old enemy lurked, the Grox. The DCP forces never reached the Quadrants, the DCP believed in Shift they were untouchable but the Grox had now foiled their technology by phasing into a similar energy state and surprise attacked the DCP forces in intergalactic space. With the DCP already fighting the Vartekians and MSP in the Milky Way, and Grox in the Kraw, recently the Quantumhorde and several minor fronts so it looked as if more reinforcements would have to wait from the central space of the DCP. The Trucinex too, was being a nuisense before this war, making the possibility that it had been well planned...

Battle of CoanEdit


Battle of Coan

In the earliest weeks of the war, the Confederacy began to scare potential allies to the Republic out of the war, in a swift and clean attack, a small Confederate fleet attacked the neutral world of Coan, under the control of Corai, a fiercely neutral planet that is a member of the URC through necessity, not choice. Corai, still did not want to be involved in the war, but soon the Confederacy gave them no choice.

A Providence-class Dreadnought excited hyperspace a mere 120,000 kilometers from two orbiting Coraian Starships and as soon as it was in range, opened fire, completely destroying one ship within moments and causing another to retreat. Then the gigantic ship sent down an occupation force to the surface.

The Gjigantrox Enters the FrayEdit

The Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire was slow to react to the outbreak of war between the URC and the Confederacy. Emperor Karadril favored staying out of the conflict, but his cousin, Chief Ambassador Carillion, insisted on aiding the URC, and finally he convinced the Emperor to do so. The GIE prepared it's fleets for war, and they set out with Carillion at their head.

Carillion's strategy for attacking the CAS was based off of the fact that the DCP-, Rambo-, and of course URC-controlled areas of the Cyrannus Galaxy were to the east of the CAS. This meant that those nations would likely strike the CAS from the east. Thus, Carillion set out a plan to attack from the west and press eastward, eventually reaching friendly space.

The first blow against the CAS in what came to be known as Operation Hawkstrike fell on the Orrusk system, located at the edge of one of the Cyrannus Galaxy's arms, far to the west. The battle was brief and one-sided. The Gjigantrox had the numerical advantage and the element of surprise, as the CAS had been expecting most assaults to come from the east, and had thus not put positioned many forces in the western areas of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Gjigantrox were able to take the system with relative ease, but Carillion was no fool- he knew that there were far greater challenges ahead.

Invasion of TuzEdit

Invasion of Tuz

The invasion begins

Tuz was a small Doriaca farming colony in the Cyrannus galaxy. The colony itself had little to no strategic value and was lightly defended. The Confederacy seen Tuz as the perfect opportunity to intermediate the Doriaca Kingdom out of the war. There was no space defense for the colony so the CAS was able to quickly land their invasion force on the colony. Tuz's ground battle proved to be more of a challenge for the Confederacy as a number of the local farmers took up arms against them, still the battle was hopeless for the Doriaca. Within two hours most of the Doriaca population of Tuz was killed and what remained was bottled up in the main town of Uark. Before the CAS killed off the last of the Doriaca on Tuz they offered them a chance to retreat if they promised to not aid the URC in the war, the Doriaca refused and was promptly eliminated by CAS forces. After the last of the Doriaca was killed on Tuz the Confederacy burnt bombarded the planet until it was devoid of any life.

The Spinward Sector Edit

The CAS forces soon built up and felt ready to attack the Coalition in the galaxy, there was only a few thousand systems in Cyrannus, compared to the huge size of the CAS compared in the galaxy. The CAS rounded up with a Grox fleet and attacked the Spinward sector (direction of galactic spin). The CAS sent a lot of forces, an overwhelming amount as they knew they would find resistence from the DCP's strong and often unusual defenses packed into every light hour of their space. First the CAS forces had to cut through the Droves of DCP Hunter probes and Torpedo Spheres, unfortunatly for the CAS they made the mistake of mostly sending their Munificus Class Frigates, large in numbers, these would be good to send. At first they destroyed the mind controlled Hunters with apparent ease however, when a Hunter Probe is destroyed it is recreated on a facility nearby with the resources of entire worldlets, and within 2 hours the CAS invasion force was heavily cut down by massive numbers of drones.

This left the smaller fleet of Rescure and Providence warships and the Grox fleet which didn't bail straight into oblivion. Tracing the border of DCP space several more ships were lossed to Hyperspace Missiles so the Grox phased into hyperspace taking the CAS with them. They now planned to phase directly into atmospheres of DCP worlds and crush anything that emitted an energy signiture.

After a battleplan was developed, the CAS and Grox forces made their move (using Grox/Shadow phase technology). The Sector was on high alert, its planetary and city shields raised, military forces primed, graviton spheres and ghost fields charged, very few civilizations, as high as the DCP could invade their space easily from the outside, however, there is always gaps, in this case, the inside. Suddenly the CAS started appearing right above cities, and using their powerful turbolasers made short work of the cities on at least 25 worlds. However, within days the DCP adapted, and began to trap CAS ships on the inside and pin them down. But now with their forces distracted, a huge Grox fleet invaded the sector and took out their Drove Hunter facilities in a few bombing raids. The Grox ships were pretty uneffected by the Graviton Spheres, and decided to make an attack on the DCP's only Hyperspace outpost in Cyrannus.

Hyperspace wars
Hyperspace battle

The Hyperspace Station was an outpost in hyperspace as its name so obviously suggests. Its purpose was for both science and defence, and it could generate the DCP's subspace weaponry such as Graviton Spheres and fire Hyperspace missiles into realspace. The CAS couldn't penetrate the Graviton spheres due to their hyperdrives, but the Grox could now phase, so by taking down the Station, they could "clear the fog". The Grox fleet was small, it had to be, too many ships clustered together and a single rupture in hyperspace would destroy them all. The Grox couldn't use many weapons such as directed energy weapons, because space was so twisted by inclines and knots in twisted spacetime such weapons could hit friends. The crews were one man fighters.

The ships hid behind walls of spacetime and mists of condensed energy. One Grox ship fell into a fluctuation and was stretched apart, being in several distances at the same time. But they continued approaching and fired several isolytic burts which was enough to take down its shield. The Station fired hyperspace missiles, but now its tracking system was gone and the Grox escaped. With an unshielded station in this mayhem, it wouldn't last long... With several of its defenses taken out, DCP Cyrannus Space was exposed. But it was far from victory, nearly a million ships, with reinforcements on the way, and the battlecry of billions of warriors spread throughout the entire sector, the conflict was far from over. But with the DCP's forces spent on protecting their space, and fleet movements in other galaxies engaging other foes, it would be time before the DCP could strike back, but they did have a plan.


The DCP distaptched several probes which followed a CAS ship back to Confederate space. It didn't matter what world, the DCP simply needed the template of several CAS members. Soon several individuals, each a different member, experienced abduction by an odd probe, that scanned their neurological systems. The UFO simply was never seen from again and quickly forgotten.

But now the DCP could analize their brain patterns. With this template, who knows what they could do with it...

Battle of CyranduasEdit


The Benelovent attacks a Venator-class

General Zillum, the most experienced and feared captain in the Confederate Navy, a feared adversary that has survived both the Second Galactic war and the Intergalactic war, and the many dangerous conflicts in between. However, during both these conflicts, he was thwarted by both Apollo and his father, Admiral Cretacea and vowed revenge on those whos name they shared.

Officially, he was sent to invade the important Cyrandia colony of Cyranduas, however unofficially, he went to kill Cretacea's uncle who lived in a city on the planet. In a daring fit of rage, Zillum destroyed Cretacea's uncle and burned his house, just as his flagship began engaging the allies over the planet... the Cyrandia were not going down without a fight...

Recapture of Cyranduas
Spore 2011-02-22 17-59-14

Admiral Adraci of the Tyrannic laying siege to Cyranduas.

Shortly after, Admiral Adraci arrived at the besieged Cyranduas with his flagship, the Victory-class, Tyrannic. To his total surprise, General Zillum left the system with the majority of the Confederate Fleet, leaving only a small taskforce of Munificent-class Frigates to defend the seemingly important planet.

The Tyrannic quickly destroyed the Confederate Fleet and landed troops on the planet. The troopers, using Panther-class Mechs quickly destroyed the limited Confederate Forces on the planet. The battle was won and Cyranduas was liberated!

Battle At Dawn Edit

Battle at dawn

The DCP did not accept loss in this battle!

The Grox declared while they will still help the CAS, and supply them with high grade weapons, they will regroup and draw battleplans in their stronhold galaxies. After the re-announcement of the Marinoxinidz, who might know tactical information, the Grox were now looking at a new enemy. But the together the Grox and CAS neutralized much of the DCP's high tech defenses before the main attack. Now came the harder part, destroying the industrial system would knock out the DCP's resources. But the DCP does not have simple infrastructure, this would prove more difficult that simply attacking planets and colonies.

The Spinward Sector was subdivided into 15 sector blocks, powered by 3 Stellar Grids, mini-Dyson Bubbles which channelled plasma into Krasnikov tubes distributed throughout DCP like a powergrid. Wavelengths of light were reflected into the DCP's massive Matrioshaka worldstructures, for incredible computation power. These grids in turn not only supplied energy to colonies and space structures, but also powered the DCP's most advanced technology, from Exotic matter manufacture which leads to constructing black holes and transversing wormholes, to monopole production, allowing for the DCP to create supersense Monopole matter.

Lights Out

The leaders of the CAS planned to destroy and steal this technology off the Coalition. But such war-prizes were immensely defended. The CAS knew they would take heavy losses fighting their way to the star engines, so instead planned a very fast assualt with as much punch as they could muster. The Mortalitas always wanted to test the DCP's technology, now they seized their chance. Thousands of CAS warships, stronger ones this time attacked the Douraos system. They met instant resistence, as if the DCP has known of their coming. The Mortalitas captain Vraaa was in charge and had two main targets, the Grid portal and the Dyson Bubble, he decided that the DCP could quickly rebuild the portal, but the bubble would take longer to repair. The bubble itself consisted of mirrored transfer satellites in orbit of an O-type star.

The CAS lossed more than two-thirds of their ships, so Vraaa ordered the ships to instigate a hyperspace manovouver which brought the ships within range (the graviton spheres in hyperspace had been disabled by the Grox). His forces fired on the satellites, but found they has shields generated from the star itself as soon as locked onto. But Vraaa was clever, he ordered his crew to quickly lay mines in front of the satellites. This miraculously worked, but Vraaa payed with death, as his ship's sensors scrambled by a DCP warship fell into the reflection beam of one of the satellites, pure light and superheated plasma gushing into his ship. But now one of the grids was temporarily disabled!

The Grox

While the CAS tackled the Grid, the Grox also lent another hand. The main industrial sector the Grox wanted to take out was the Q-ball forges, which the DCP used to ensnare kernels of Q-balls and generate massive amounts of antimatter. The Gox feared that their colonies would be targetted by star killing hyperspace missiles if found. In orbit around a black hole CYRAN>Spinward.BH - 8 (the eighth black hole in the sector) was several Q-ball forges. There they engaged DCP forces in gravitational warefare. The Grox only managed to take out one, but fell to the new Bowship.

Sieges continue

With the temporary loss of a Grid and the destruction of a Q-ball forge, the DCP had yet again lossed twice. The CAS could now engage the DCP in that zone. Several colonies were vitrified, but the DCP began to gain control. The DCP knew their own space well, and were attacking at every corner they could. But good news came, from the nearby DCP sector, where Bo Ramik once governed, came legions of Sky Troopers, easily able to board CAS ships. They brough hyperspae beacons, smaller probes capable of making reduced graviton spheres, the DCP's situation was looking better.

Odds and evens

Within three DCP Standard Days the CAS were pushed out. By now, both the DCP and CAS forces were wise to each other and battles became far more even when the graviton spheres switched back on and when Bo Ramik's legion boarded ships in several key battles. The ship count dropped in battles, the CAS sent flotillas of only their finest ships, proudly showing them off, while the DCP (blocked off from other galaxies) decided to conserve what ships they had. Because the DCP was fighting several other wars in more important galaxies, Cyrannus space didn't have a great deal of Subjugator's or other superships (no more than 200 or so). Its fleet was comprised mainly of DCP Star Destroyers and Ion fighters, which while had more frontal power than many CAS designs, was slow and fell to fighters (it wasn't equipped to fight the amount CAS would throw at them). The much older Ion fighters were literally relics by the DCP standards, but they could be diversly modiefied. 6 Ion fighters all armed differently could confuse the smaller CAS ships and chase down fighters. The DCP did have a whole fleet of Dreadnoughts however. The CAS in return had huge Blockade cruisers, strong enough to take on both Star Destroyers and Ion fighters. The sieges were turning even.

1000 light year run

The DCP sector was now a battleground, and while fighting was dealing the URC losses, its space was a lot bigger. Unfortunately the war struck before various citizens, tourists, emissaries, diplomats and others of the URC could leave DCP space. Over 5000 were trapped in DCP sectors, and in time of war, the last the DCP wanted was to look after non-DCP individuals. Using the DCP's communication, the URC was able to plan a rescue mission with the DCP. The DCP could send one of their massive colony ships, alone to a 500 light year checkpoint where it would be met by URC escorts, but it would go a long distance around the Spinward Sector. Tachyon Shift was not used, nor was wormhole, due to possible Grox interception, just bog standed hyperspace. The whole trip was 1000 light years to URC the long way around.
Captain Klor was in command, a Corgel, he was more prone to stress fatigue than the Grimbolsaurians, but he made a quiet prair to Spode (a religion that was permitted by the DCP) and his faith guided him on. At the 350 Light year mark, it looked as if the ship would make it. But just as 2 light years passed by quickly, long range sensors detected 4 hyperspace disturbances, and they weren't in fixed positions. He made the decision to fire on the incoming ships, no matter the costs, he hoped the URC ships wouldn't move closer. Three hyperspace missiles streamed through and struck the first ship head on, obliterating it, creating tiny gravitational waves in the realspace. Ordering his crew to target the other two, another spread of missiles was fired, but due to the unfortunate quantum interference in hyperspace they missed their targets.
He called for a dead stop. By now the passengers inside had noticed something was up, as security prepared the escape pods. Some of the passengers cried, other remained silent, either in hope of being in safe hands or accepting their end. But Captain Klor was versatile, he quickly scanned for the nearest star, at another 5 light years, a yellow dwarf. He brought his ship to warp, it would take 12 minuites, he was planning to mask his presence in its gravitational field. The ships following were not warp capable. The ships were closing in, they were Rescure Class Light Destroyers.
The star loomed into view, instinctively Klor covered his eyes and then realized it could not blind him due to the shielding. But then he heard the words "We are still being intercepted" from his science officer Trom. The taste of defeat was imminent. The ships must have predicted his move. Redirecting all power to shields he plummeted the ship into the star's corona. The ship reverberated, buffered by plasma storms, the instense energy literally blowing off the ships shields like glowing trails. "This is madness, we must turn around and fight!" said a security officer, but Klor continued to navigate around solar storms. Another jualt, and he realized the Rescure ships were hot on his trail, firing Ion burts, speeding up shield depletion. <SHIELD DEPLETION IN 3 MINUITES> Klor now was in a "so be it" attitude. He revved up his massive SSF Drive, blasting one of the ships, depleting its shields. But out of the blue, 5 more small ships appeared on screen, coming behind a magnetic loop, it was a squadron of DCP Flying Fortress's. The Rescure ships shields were concentrating power on navigational shields to protect them from intense heat and radiation, not from weapons fire. The Squadron released a barrage of fire destroying the ship Klor "burned" with his SSF drive almost straight away. Immediatly Klor dragged the ship out of harms way as the Fortress's knocked out the last two destroyers, the last one finished off by a solar stream.
There was no casualties on the DCP's side. The Fortress's escorted the Colony Ship to the checkpoint where the URC was. It reached URC space safely without incident.

"Trench" warfare
The DCP began to push the CAS forces out of the sector eventually, but the CAS was stubborn to leave and eventually near the border, the two the civilizations ended up fighting in "trenches", hiding behind gravitational disturbances and striking back. However, the DCP decided to test their mind control. Bo Ramik's Sky warriors some more CAS ships, and using their Technological enabled telepathy took command and then sent the CAS ships back.

After two more standard days, inward fight from these sabotaged ships weakened the CAS lines and the DCP pushed them out of the sector, at least for now...

Month TwoEdit

As the first month of the Great Cyrannus War ended, a stalemate occurred across the galaxy. General Zillum began his hunt for Cretacea and a daring attack on a Rambo Prison begun. Meanwhile, the DCP, the URC and the CAS began a race to expand into the CoreFed's abandoned commonwealth...

Race to the Commonwealth Edit

Only weeks before the war began, it was announced that the Core Federation had completely abandoned their space in the Xanthrus cluster and Commonwealth Realms. But due to recent wars, most civilizations had not considered taking the space for theirs so quickly. The DCP was, and they knew there would be a quick scramble to colonize. But the DCP was at war with the Vartekians, MSP and Grox, soon perhaps the Marinoxinidz as well in other galaxies. This meant reinforcements to Cyrannus were low. Yet mere light years away was the abandoned Commonwealth. The DCP made thir move. In the Milky Way the Commonwealth of Delpha was absorbed very quickly. But there was a very strategic position ripe for picking in a galaxy not so far away...

Even before the Treaty of Galayru, the DCP were preparing for colonization. As soon as it was ratified, the DCP sent a fresh fleet of Automated colonisers, colony ships and escorts from the Black Eye galaxy. When it arrived it didn't stop in DCP space, it travelled straight to the Commonwealth, which contained 3,500 systems. The CoreFed rivalled the DCP technologically, however the Raven'Rii had taken most of their devices with them, and ships. But they had left their cities as they were. Most colonies were defenseless now, but on some there were still defense stations in orbit, the DCP took them out with relative ease.

The DCP didn't need to send many workers, insttead automated network technology was building new colonies almost immediatly, using massive AI Mechs, nanotechnology and quantum replicators. This would be the "safe zone" to aid the Spinward sector and United Republic of Cyrannus by building a large new fleet. Dreadnought refits, Subjugators and Bowships were the prime constructs. But what the new sector lacked was ground forces, the DCP didn't send many troops or colonists during this rough time, but did send a regiment of clone troopers known as the Juggernauts, who will also be cloned in this new sector of the Coalition. It was also a strategic position for the DCP, because it was closest to the Xanthrus Spiral, although the DCP had colonies there, it wasn't many and the construction of a mighty Gargantuan class began, but not for this galaxy, but for the DCP's new expansion, being more advanced than other empires currently in Xanthrus, they would expand there very quickly.

Due to their advanced industral techniques, within a few days nearly 15 ships had been constructed already, soon far more as the DCP set up. But it wouldn't be long before they recieved competition. A CAS scouting party stumbled across the new colonies. The next day the CAS sent a considerable force, which clashed with some of the new ships. However, the DCP was at a disadvantage - from the ground.

Blockade of Cybele Edit

The CAS have commanded the Cosmic Republic to perform a daring task; to blockade the Core World of Cybele. Questions arose after this order was issued, as the CR do not usually blockade their enemies. However, after a meeting with Calidusa, the CR are going to be assisted by Captain Mornauo, a Mortalitas. With the aid of the CR's largest Quantum Gate, known as the Jump Star, CR and CAS ships are sent to Cybele's system, Natalai. There, the ships surrounded Cybele.

A fleet of 50 CAS and CR ships were in the Natalai System. Using a smaller Quantum Gate, a CR Armoured Command Unit was sent to Cybele's surface. Within minutes, several land and air factories were built by the ACU. Several of Cybele's major cities were then raided and bombarded by CR military vehicles. Then, after the vehicles raided the ciies, Mortalitas and Polemististis troops were deployed to kill those who survived.

Within two hours, a quarter of one of the continents was claimed by the CAS and CR. However, news has spread to a nearby URC fleet. The fleet turned towards Cybele and blows were exchanged between the CAS/CR and the URC. Mornauo, who was on board the Providence-Class ship called the Prosperous, wiped out a quarter of the URC fleet with help from the CR. Meanwhile, on the surface of Cybele, survivors were being rounded up and three would be killed every hour. The blockade of Cybele has begun.

The Admiral's Arrival
Spore 2011-02-05 20-04-33

The Pride of the Core surprises the CAS/CR Ship.

Upon hearing about the Blockade of Cybele, the Republic High Command sent their most senior officer, Supreme Admiral Nagala and her flagship, the Pride of the Core to break the blockade and restore peace and prosperity to the peaceful world. Nagala was not alone, together with a fleet of over ten Republic cruisers, the fleet could pack a mighty punch.

A large Confederate/Cosmic Republic defense fleet protected Cybele from an invasion, but they did not anticipate the arrival of the Republic's most important flagship. Upon arriving in the system, the Pride of the Core fired its mighty canons on the unexpected Confederate/CR Fleet. Captain Mornauó of the Prosperious was not one to risk the lifes of his men and woman and immediately began to evacuate his ground forces, while the frigates created a diversion. When all his personnel were rescued, he immediately entered hyperspace. The Cosmic Republic, unfamilar with Republic technology immediately engaged the URC, but were out gunned by the eight kilometer behemoth bearing down on them. The CR managed to cripple a lone Republic Cruiser, but was forced to evacuate.

Pleased, Nagala took a shuttle to the capital of Cybele to meet with Queen Myscala and begin the reconstruction of the planet.

Incident on RamghatulkiaEdit

Spore 2011-01-30 03-19-16

Confederate and Rambo ships stay their ground.

Ramghatulkia, the most important prison facility in the Cyrannia Cluster was the home of many former Imperial Alliance and Cognatus officers, captured during the Galactic Conflicts. The Confederacy knew of its existence, and yet the planets coordinates were keep a secret from all, even the other members of the Cyrandia Alliance. However, the CAS knew where to get the information...

After the Mortalitas Admiral, Moravilon arrived at the coordinates received from the unknown source, he beamed down, while the two fleets in orbit waited for the next move. Both factions did not want to engage in an open war just yet, and the CAS was blocking all communication from the planet. While on the ground, Maravilon located the dreaded Imperial captain, Lizaconda, the mysterious Cognati Captain, former resistance leader Ramgaro and the famous Rambulan captain and rescued them. All of these figures will help the CAS in a different way, but how will the Rambo react?

The Rambo's reaction was simple and shocked, they posted a wanted bill at the intergalactic News page and started to hunt them down, though officially did not yet declare war on the Confederacy, as they still had troubles with Javan and Yadumarth was still blocked they were hesitant to react or even invade or attack the blockade at Yadumarth, as it wasn't there colony.

Coalition Invades Edit

The DCP intercepted transmissions from the URC, it was annouced they want a share of the sector too, and the DCP and URC became a joint force. By now, the DCP had set up hundreds of colonies using Von-Nuemann probes and huge colony ships. Most of the DCP colonies were automated, AI driven fleet builders, and military outposts here and there. The outposts were strengthened by the new ships, yet there was still no more than a few hundred thousand workers and soldiers. The ships were commanded by skeleton crews.

After the the Confederacy discovered the DCP had established a foothold, they realized that if a large fleet came from this position it would be a thorn in their side. The DCP's industrial output is tremendously fast too. They needed to strike quickly. All CAS forces retreated from the Spinward and Ramik sectors. But already, it was estimated there was many ships already fresh from the production line.

Unguarded colonies

The CAS was far more careful this time, sending only small flotilla's. They were dozens of scattered colonies everywhere, the CAS discovered many were uninhabiated and whole new fleets left undefended. The CAS moved in carrefully, wise of the DCP's advanced trickery, such as holography. But the colonies to their surprise were genuine. But as soon as the CAS made their move, the colonies self-destructed, and the DCP ships kicked into action. The CAS once again were drummed out. Drummed out, but not defeated...

New advantage

The CAS at least did discover the lack of troops stationed. More soldiers will be cloned by the DCP, but such a task takes over a month. The clones weren't clones per see, they were synthetic versions of the DCP member races, with knowledge of previous troops and war heroes downloaded into their brains digitally. They were stronger than previous soldiers and trained to survive harsh conditions and never turn their backs to the enemy.

The CAS decided to take out the DCP Automated colonies from the ground, using smaller ships harder to detect. The next day the CAS went back into action, and surprisingly proved a success, using artillary to destroy the AI and time delay weapons to sever space elevators to assembler platforms in orbit. But the AI colonies were intelligent, and soon learned to detect any CAS ship, no matter how small. But now, the Grox had lent their hand, supplying the CAS with new technology to scramble the AI's sensors. The DCP was quick to sweep the new sector with ships, attacking any CAS ship encounted, but the Grox decided to jump on the DCP too, distracting them from the ground. The DCP rallied in all its soldiers and distributed them along even automated colonies.

New battles began, but this time between CAS and DCP ground forces. The DCP didn't have many, but its ground forces were as dangerous as its space ones, and the battles were fairly evened out between number and power. The DCP needed to hold on long enough to protect the cloning facilities. But the CAS realized to attack on where most of the forces were concentrated on, and there was 5 facilities in all...

Battles of the Epsilon facility

The first 3000 Synthetroops were still in the foetes stage of development in the Epsilon facility, but their development speed was proframmed to rise expotentially. Within a month the sector will have over 10,000 Elite supersoliers trained to cause carnage. This facility was gauded by 50 DCP battlecruisers, over the course of 4 days the CAS sent 38 ships to take out the colony, in a series of fast-paced battles. The DCP was ultimately victorious over this facility, however, at the expense of two others due to a terrible mistake made by its commander. The CAS were attempting to fustrate and annoy the DCP enough for them to make the wrong move.

In the last battle of Epsilon, the CAS retreated its forces far away from the clone facility. A quarter of the DCP ships followed, to destroy the source of the CAS ships. This was a trick, and disturbed the DCP's shield. The Grox plundered the Delta and Gamma facilities, destroying both in a day. The CAS moved in also, taking out more AI colonies, and establishing a few of their own. Competition for the Cyrania sector was now hot!

Skirmish near VionmaEdit

Spore 2011-02-06 00-03-21

Zillum laughs as the Redeemer launches an attack on the Benevolent

The infamous General Zillum decided to pick his next target, the Redeemer, a Republic Cruiser often makes regulary visits to the Core World of Vionma, carrying important officers and supples to the world. It was also the perfect opportunity to test the Benevolents new weapon and shield placements.

The Benevolent sensors quickly located the Redeemer and waited for it to attack it! As expected by Zillum, the Redeemer launched an attack on the enemy ship. The cruisers turbolasers opened fire at maximum fire power at the Benevolent, but to no avail, they impacted the almighty shields of the Dreadnought. Zillum laughed as the Benevolent opened fire, tearing the massive Star Destroyer in half. A successful test..., Zillum said as the Benevolent entered light speed.

A Cognati TrailEdit

Burning Heretic attacks

The Burning Heretic attacks the Rambo Prime Space Station

The Unknown Cognati Captain whom escaped the Ramghatulkiaga Orbital Prison with aid of the Confederacy agreed to serve with them. He took the Mortalitas Dreadnough Burning Heretic as his personal ship and went his own way. He had no intention of serving with the Confederacy and tried to find a way home. He attacked the Rambo Prime Space Station and hired a bounty hunter Zevrancence to board that station. Encountering Senator Creckbo there he forced him to tell the location of a strong satellite or sensor array to contact his own species.

After the revelation the Cognati Captain went to Ivaleä, as a sensor array was close to that planet, however the USS Dallas arrived to and Captain Ramcard attacked the Burning Heretic, as Zavrenence had betrayed the Cognati Captain to claim his the bounty on the cognati captains head.

Capture of the Liberty IIEdit

Attack on the LibertyII

Two Confederate Frigates attack the surprised cruiser, Opel.

Admiral Lizaconda, a famed and dreaded Lizardian captain was freed by the Confederacy and joined their cause, taking the Mortalitas Dreadnought Lizardian Pride as his flagship. However, in secret he secretly wanted command of a Star Destroyer once more. He found his perfect target, the Venator-class Star Destroyer, the Opel. Taking two Mortalitas Frigates with him, the feared captain launched an attack and disabled the ship. He and a company of elite Mortalitas Troopers infiltrated the ship and killed all on it, including the captain.

In triumph, he renamed the ship, the Liberty II and sent it to the nearest Confederate Shipyard for a refit and repaint. When it was completed, the Liberty II was stale grey in color, and he began his search for revenge...

Siege of the Beta Facility Edit

Spore 2011-02-07 13-30-07

Oblivion, the sky red with blood and shrapnel.

The DCP now had only three cloning facilities left. They desperatly needed more soldiers, but the CAS were now taking on the DCP's automated colonies, the new ships being built still in production, although one's completed contributing in saving over 10 of the automated shipyard facilities.

To stop the CAS from colonizing the Commonwealth, the DCP made a decision to sent its fleet of new ships to destroy their new colonies. Unlike the DCP's, they were slower to build. But the cost was that the Coloning facilities were now more exposed. However, much of the groundforces went there. The new fleet was successful in destroying the CAS colonies, there was only a few. But the CAS adopted ground forces as well, and instead of retreating made a run for the facilities. The DCP fleet gave chase, but was caught by the Grox, holding them back. It was up to the army now.

The CAS attacked the Beta facility for three days, and claimed two command bases, but the DCP used methods of their new 3D optical mirrages and teleportaion mines to displace the CAS soldiers right where the DCP wanted them. The Mortalitas faired the best in melee combat against the Grimbolsaurians, and in one battle that was reduced to a knife fight, it was pretty even until the DCP Elites arrived, powered by mechs, which came up from underground.

Elsewhere on Beta, the battle turned into trench warfare, but the overwhelming CAS forces were difficult to hold back while the DCP waited for the new fleet to arrive. But hold came, not from DCP reinforcements, but from the United Republic of Cyrannus, who turned the tide of the battle in the allies favour. Meanwhile, in space, the Grox forces were also driven back by the fresh DCP fleet.

Yet more victories

In spite of this, the CAS and Grox continued to compete with the DCP and URC over the sector, in the battle of Colony 10 the URC colony was reduced to molten slag, and on Ruthara-4, the DCP lost an entire Colony ship. As long as the DCP could hold out with its few doozen colonies for long enough, soon the sector will be enriched by thousands of Synthetroops, new ships and a Gargantuan, to explore Xanthus. The new ships will support the DCP colonies in Cyrannus so other fleets can help wars in other galaxies the DCP is in. But the CAS planned another big assualt, to wipe out the lot...

Rise of the Tralor Edit

The United Lanat Empire and United Republic of Cyrannus have been at odds for a few years and with the URC's resent involvement in the civil war the ULE had good reason to wage war against the Republic. The United Lanat Empire used the current war between URC and their allies, the CAS as a reason to go to war against the (as they see it) disorderly and dishonorable Republic. The ULE sent a large warfleet to the Cyrannus galaxy consisting of most of the 41st Invasion Fleet (10,321 ships) and at their lead the new flagship of the ULE, the Iron Maiden!
United Lanat Invasion

The Iron Maiden

The Maiden was a mighty machine of war, but what is a machine without an operator? This was the question that the United Lanat council asked when the Iron Maiden was complete. The answer was: Master Admiral Tul. Tul was the greatest military mind in the history of Tralor kind, and as such it was natural that he would be chosen to not only command the United Lanat's flagship but to also act as the leading commander in the ULE's campaign against the Republic and their allies. The first soldiers send to the Cyrannus knew that this war was going to be long and bloody and that they, being the first wave of troops would be the first to die. The Tralor sang war song all the way from Mirus galaxy to the Cyrannus galaxy, they was ready to fight and die for the empire...they was ready for the glories war.

Master Admiral Tul quickly ordered a good number of ships and ground troops to assist the Confederacy at the Commonwealth of Cyrania.

Return of Lizaconda!Edit

Quadrantia Disorder 06

USS Dallas under attack by the Liberty II

Admiral Lizaconda, wanted by Rambo Nation and former prisoner of Ramghatulk, arrived at the Metruia Nebula to trap Vice-Admiral Ramcard, which Lizaconda better knew as just Captain Ramcard. He hid in the Metruia Nebula and awaited Ramcard's arrival, as he had just returned from capturing the Unknown Cognati Captain. Upon seeing Ramcard he immediatly attacked the USS Dallas and severely damaged her, forcing Ramcard to retreat. Lizaconda just smiled, he alarmed Rambo Nation of his return and he then returned to Confederate space to await further orders.

First Battle of YadumarthEdit

As the Third Month of the Quadrantia Disorder started, the Rambo Senate was in debate of whether or not they should declare war on the Confederacy, Senator Chuinaylia managed to delay the vote but her efforts where in vain when Empress Ramashe (Dhazhrak) ordered to attack Yadumarth, this meant the vote went through and the Senate agreed to declare war on the Confederacy.
Quadrantia Disorder 07

First Battle of Yadumarth begins!

Meanwhile, a lone Caradhras Class managed to infriltrate Yadumarth unnoticed and landed various troops on the surface of the planet. But it was a trap and various Confederate troops attacked and ambushed the Rambo Forces. Somehow they managed to turn the tide and the Rambo forces advanced and took over a small city and cleared a way for further invading forces.

Though the first battle of Yadumarth seems a Rambo success, the Confederacy destroyed most of the SMTT and wounded many Rambo soldiers. Reinforcements would have to arrive soon, otherwise the first attack was in vain as another attack the Rambo would not hold there position nor there cleared area! Miles away, a large Confederate troop regiment was on the move to close in the Rambo forces!

Month ThreeEdit

The war in Cyrannus continues to even out with more empires arriving on either side. The Rise of Lizaconda and the Battle of Yadumarth also continued into this month, and yet a huge battle was also about the rise...

Battle of CyroeniaEdit

Early Stages

A Mortalitas Dreadnought arrives at the battle.

Cyroenia are the most important shipyards in the URC, a gigantic ring-world surrounds one of the most important planets in the Republic, every month hundreds of ships, both large and small are constructed at this vast construct. However, the Confederacy decided to that this opportunity to deal a crippling blow to the URC's shipbuilding capabilities, giving the war a swift and decisive end in the favor of the Confederacy. Still, the planet has a gigantic fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Neveu of the Mandator-class Dreadnought, Alliance and many other captains, such as Captain Janeaó of the Victory-class, Kathleen. This would be a difficult battle to win, and yet Confederate Fleet Command decided that it was a risk worth taking.

Victory&#039;s end

The Kathleen is destroyed with all hands.

A large fleet of Confederate ships entered the system, under the command of the famed Mortalitas General, Zillum of the Benevolent. The fleet attacked the two sides of the planet with a decoy fleet keeping the Alliance busy, while the Benevolent and the main attack force battled the Republic Fleet under command of Captain Janeaó, however, the situation was not looking good for the Kathleen. General Zillum decided to cut off the fleets commander to the battle, Janeaó and so he unleashed the Benevolent's mighty cannons and riped a hole in the Kathleen's hull, destroying it will all hands. However, a very famous admiral was about to show himself...

The Avenger's Arrival
Avenger&#039;s arrival

Fleet Admiral Cretacea arrives.

Fleet Admiral Cretacea, the URC's most prominent captain was sent to Cyreonia in order to aid the allied forces against General Zillum, his arch nemesis, he arrived with a fleet of five star destroyers and six escort frigates, hoping to break the blockade. General Zillum laughed at Cretacea's attempt to break his impenetrable fleet! However, Cretacea had no intention of breaking the blockade by himself....

The Avenger raised full forward shields and opened a volley of turbolaser fire at the massive Mortalitas Dreadnought, he was not going to make the same mistake the Kathleen did. However, the Benevolent was more powerful then Admiral Cretacea's flagship and open fire on its bridge, Zillum was determined to finish off Cretacea once and for all. Then all of a sudden, warp signatures were detected. Impossible! Yelled Zillum as Rambo ships engaged the Confederacy, under the command of Vice Admiral Rambas II... Cretacea's trap was sprung!


Rambas II arrives at Cyroenia.

Vice Admiral Rambas II led the nearly refurbished Rambo Task Force of the Fleet of Retribution, it was now made up with several regular Rambo ships followed up by special Krakana-class Refits, a truly powerful force. However, Zillum is a very intelligent officer and as soon as he saw the Rambo Fleet he called for reinforcements from an old friend. This battle was far from over.

Confederacy Retreat
Cyroenia Battle

Battle of Cyroenia reaches her conclusion

Vice-Admiral Rambas II of Rambo Nation was pleased, his timely arrival and Cretacea's plan worked, cornering the Confederacy and intercepting the Benevolent, Confederate General Zillum was soon to be captured. Within 3 hours the combined fleet of URC and Rambo ships pushed back the Confederacy and secured the massive ring around the world. Rambas and Cretacea contacted eachother, to discuss further plans when more Confederate ships arrived.

Under command of the Admiral Lizaconda onboard the Liberty II the reinforcements jumped in between Zillum and Cretacea/Rambas II forces. Taken by surprise, the USS Caprica took heavy damage and a nearby Kelvin Class was destroyed in an instance. Meanwhile the Avanger pushed through the Confederate reinforcements, to catch the Benevolent, but that seemed in vain as the Benevolent was turning around and opened fire at the Avenger herself, lightly damaging her. Rambas looked at his tactical screen and was displeased, the tide of battle was in favor of the Cyrandia forces, but now taken by surprise Lizaconda managed to turn the tide. However, the Cyrandia forces now had a stand off. Lizconda, onboard the Liberty II looked grim, Zillum had wasted his oppertunity to destroy the shipyards, instead he awaited the arrival of Cretacea and is plan failed. Lizaconda nodded towards his crew, and the Liberty II and escorting ships advanced toward the massive ring and re-opened fire. Seemingly an attack, Lizaconda used this attack to retreat from Cyroenia, the battle was lost but Lizaconda and Zillum would not give up without saying goodbye!

Advancing towards the Cyrandia fleet the USS Caprica targeted the Liberty II and the Avenger the Benevolent, the battle was intense, with both sides taking heavy casualties (the Cyrandia lost over 65% of there ships, the Confederacy only 45%) and the shipyards were damaged too. As of sudden, the Confederacy left Cyroenia and the remaining Cyrandia forces celebrated. Yet, both Cretacea and Rambas could only wondered why the Confederacy had left, perhaps conquering was not there plan and the battle was just a diversion?

Coalition Outnumbered Edit

As the the CAS planned its strike on the URC's shipyards, some generals realized that soon the DCP will be successful in taking the Commonwealth and building huge new fleets. Once that would happend, the DCP would aid their allies, but the CAS had a huge expendiure in sending many of their ships possibly to destruction, so the CAS called on their new allies, the fearsome Tralor and the Grox.

Things until now had been relatively quiet, and the Synthetroops were almost ready in the three remaining facilities. The two DCP sectors were also doing well. Soon with the new ships the DCP in Cyrannus will no longer be cut off, as DCP forces in other galaxies battle other foes. But soon a huge fleet was detected approaching the Commonwealth. The DCP split its fleet in two, the older fleet to meet this approach and new fresh ships to orbit the facilities. But as the DCP engaged the Tralor, the Grox appeared once more from the inside while the CAS attacked from behind.

Outnumbered, outgunned

The battle now raged across the Commonwealth, but massive enemy numbers was overwhleming the DCP defense grid. The ULE space forces were taking the heaviest casualties falling to the DCP's more advanced weaponry, one Dreadnought could smite 5 ULE warships in minuites, but on the ground battles, the Tralor seemed surprisingly more on the DCP's level both technologically and tactically, possibly from years of war against the similary sized Rambo and Libertus forces. With the Grox and CAS, they also provided valuable support. As the enemy approached the inner sector, where the facilities and big shipyards are based, the DCP decided on a new plan. They would let the Tralor and CAS destroy the facilities, but beam up the Synthetroops and hide them in a secret location.

False retreat

Two days later, the CAS were victorious over the Commonwealth except a few URC colonies, or so they thought... On the planet Dragar 4, the crust began to crack and upheave, as the massive bulk of the Gargantuan lifted from the ground. The CAS (now with the Grox gone again) and Tralor descended upon the Gargantuan. But the Gargantuan dropped a planet buster, taking out everyone in the battle, by which time it had ghost phased. As it did, the new facility with thousands of new Synthetroops devised an attack. They were stronger, well trained and taught to never turn their backs. But the Tralor had their last laugh. In the battle of Deep Space Cyrannia, the Tralor took out a major weapons supply station, so the Synthetroops would still be outgunned. The Tralor and the Synthetroops ended up in melee combat, but the Tralor were surprised how the Synthetroops would fight as they were dying. But the death nail came from the Gargantuan, which was carrying the entire new fleet, and distributed 3 to 5 ships per system occupied by Tralor or CAS, who had been caught offguard. The DCP soon toppled any resistence left.

Next plan of action

But the Gargantuan was not staying in the Cyrannus galaxy. Not longer after, another fleet of 50 Subjugator Dreadnoughts travelled into the new DCP territories, commanded by none other than warlord Kilnok. The fact of the matter was that colonization of the Cyrania commonwealth was actually part of a greater scheme of the DCP, URC and Rambo. It was the closest region to the Xanthus cluster, who's riches were yet to come to surface. After meeting with Captain Rambas II and Admiral Cretacea, the colonization of Xanthrus (to establish yet more fleet strongholds) and Voyages of the Avenger was about to begin. It is unknown what actions might take place next on either fronts. The DCP's military presence was now more independant and its defenses in the other sectors were online. They might aid the URC, or maybe, the enemy front will strike again soon...

Capture of Senator MireaEdit


Gauisa attacks Mirea's vessel.

Senator Mirea is a loyal and peaceful member of the Cyrannus Senate, however the Confederacy decided that she has spoken against them for far too long. Hiring the Bounty Hunter, Éaltar Gauisa, they decided that they would hold her hostage and make demands to the Republic. Quickly attacking Mirea's luxury vessel, he boarded the ship, and beamed out with his influential captive, awaiting the Republic's reply...

Second Battle of YadumarthEdit

Yadumarth counterattack

Second Battle of Yadumarth

As Rambo Nation did want to await a response of the Confederacy, Rambo Nation invaded Yadumarth and conquered her. Driving the remaining Confederate forces away from the planet. The invasion fleet was led by the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, under command of Fleet Captain Ramdleton and supervised by the Empress herself. Within hours the complete northern hemisphere was under control of Rambo Nation and the city of Yurrus, the third city of Yadumarth, was destroyed by the prow-mounted phaser cannon (with only at 15%), and all 28.000 citizens of that city died in the process. Later on the Empress left the station and returned to the capital.

This was the perfect chance for Geldrim, the current ruler of Yadumarth to openly rennounce Rambo Nation and his people joined him in this. After giving a speech it turned out Geldrim and Tukio Nutria were in league and there ships attacked a Rambo Nation Orodreth Wing, which was jamming signals of the Yudimarans. Within minutes and taken by surprise the wing was destroyed and the station had to withdraw to the Northern hemisphere. As the Confederacy contacted Yadumarth to offer assistance, both Rambo Nation and her foes prepare for battle. With there prize, the Suiliagothrond Battlestation!

This event concluded the third month of the year 04 AQF of Rambo Nation.

Destruction of the AnnihilatorEdit

Spore 2011-03-10 21-29-06

The officers and Senator Mirea on the bridge of the Resolute watch the Annihilators destruction.

In the aftermath of Senator Mirea’s kidnapping, the senate on Coruannia was in chaos. The Confederacy on the other hand demanded that the Republic surrender out of the war and give up the Core Worlds to the supposed rightful government or Mirea would be thrown out an airlock.

The president however, urged the senate to remain just and brave in this dreadful situation, and so they agreed to send their most celebrated admiral, Cretacea to rescue the senator and bring those who kidnapped her to justice. Cretacea was sent to the rendezvous point with a fleet of three star destroyers, including his flagship, the Resolute, under the guise of a peaceful convoy to surrender to the Confederacy. However, as soon as the fleet was in attack range of the Mortalitas Dreadnought, the Annihilator they opened fire, while Cretacea boarded the ship with a URC Raptor, killing the guards and making his way to the command centre, where the senator would surely be. Open arriving; he was shocked to learn that his former friend, Admiral Cainoá was in command of the vessel.

Cretacea tried to convince his friend to come quietly, but Cainoá believed that Cretacea and the Republic was evil, and he would rather die then serve it again. Saddened, Cretacea moved quickly, he took hold of the senator and the two beamed up before the troopers on the bridge could react. The two arrived on the Resolute’s bridge, only to watch in awe as a heavy turbolaser volley spelled the end for the Annihilator and her captain. Saddened, Cretacea returned Senator Mirea to the Coruannia Senate, his mission completed.

Massacre near Monai Tvá Edit

Spore 2011-03-13 20-44-00

Massacre near Monai Tvá

General Zillum was troubled, his recent defeat at the hands of the Cyrandia nations angered him deeply. He wanted revenge. Near the planet Monai Tvá, Zillum brought a small Confederate fleet to surprise attack a Cyrandia convoy, of URC Venator-class and Victory-class and Rambo Galaxy-class and Phoenix-class. At first, some Munificus-class Frigates buckled and vanished in a cloud of fire and debris, but with the Benevolents arrival, things began to change, the gigantic ship cut through enemy ships like a warm knife through butter.

Meanwhile, Zillum erected an interdictor field across the battle, preventing the ships going to warp or Hyperspace. This was a battle to the death.

Within two hours, the allied fleet was in ruins, countless Cyrandia bodies floated in the void of space, as Zillum smiled, sat on his chair and ordered the ship to plot an FTL jump to the Confederate Capital...

Month Four Edit

Month Three saw huge battles affecting all factions in the war, the month begins with General Zillum returning to the Confederate Capital to receive further orders, while Cretacea journeys to the Senate on Corunnia to get permission for a hunt for the fiendish general...

Meanwhile, Admiral Moravilon and General Zillum return to the Confederate Capital to receive a new mission...

The PlanEdit

Spore 2011-03-26 22-04-04

Moravilon and Zillum on the Confederate Capital talking with Dusá, the new leader.

Admiral Moravilon and General Zillum are great friends, on a par with Admiral Cretacea and Admiral Rambas II. Together they have enjoyed many victories over the allied forces, in conflicts such as the Second Galactic war and the Adelphi war. However, when the Great Cyrannus War began they were separated, but after a series of minor defeats and victories, both Mortalitas were sent back to the Confederate Capital in an unknown region of space for a new mission.

The Benevolent and the Affluent both met up in orbit over the temperate Confederate Capital, and sent shuttles down to the Congress Building in one of the cities. Zillum and Moravilon met each other, and shared grand tales of victories and worthy enemies that they have faced. Then they made their way to the Central Chamber where the new leader of the Confederacy waited. Zillum, originally hated all Libertus, but after the formation of the Confederacy, he grew to respect and even like certain individuals, one of these was Chari Dasá, the new leader.

After a couple of hours of talking with Dasá, Zillum and Moravilon learned of their new orders: take a new Confederate Superweapon and blockade a URC planet, in the hopes of making new allies and showing the universe that the URC is vulnerable.

Moravilon boarded this new craft, while Zillum returned to the Benevolent in orbit. Both captains prepared to engage their hyperdrives and plot a course for the planet...

The Ring Edit

Cyrannus ringworld

The center contains an equatorial fusion line, an artificial star-like object squashed flat. Two stationary nightshades simulate nightime by casting a shadow on the rotating ring. Extra power from the fusion line is fed to a maglev track on the top of the ring (so the ringworld can freely rotate). The ringworld's atmosphere is contained by a membrane, rather than glass or transparent alloys. The ringworld itself is located in a greyish nebula.

Just months before the war began, an ancient relic was discovered by Libertus explorers, far from the territories of any known civilization, with an estimated age of at least two million years, possibly even far longer. Its location had been known, but it was never visited as it radiated as much energy as an un-interesting brown dwarf. It was a ringworld, but what was strange about it was that it was completely habitable for the Libertus, with life very similar to those found on Caprica's prehistory, as well as life that had since evolved again, as if given a second chance. The ringworld's diameter was of about 20,000 miles, that of a small gas giant, one of the biggest discovered, dwarfing any DCP orbital. At its heart, was an artificial star, small in size radiating about as much energy as a red dwarf, squashed into a thin band known as a fusion line. There was so much land, the URC decided to split it up into four regions, one controlled by the URC, one by the DCP, another by the Confederacy and a final piece left as multinational land, each nation had a portion about the size of a terrestrial planet.

The ringworld became a jewel of wonder for scientists, but it wasn't long until colonies began to pop up on the surface. But as the dark cloud of war erupted in the galaxy, a dispute of ownership began. The ringworld since the war had been cut off from reinforcements, and in the first months its colonial nations tried their best to ignore each other, however, anger was rising betweens its peoples. Some DCP companies had defected from the coalition and had partnerships with the CAS in the multinational region. The DCP ground forces moved into crush the traitors, however, in response the CAS tried to expand their borders. The URC now got involved, ouraged by the CAS's expansion. Meanwhile, scientific groups comprised of DCP, CAS and URC continued to work together to uncover the truth and origins behind the structure, before the nations involved blow it apart...

Lizaconda Strike Again Edit

Lizaconda strikes again

Lizaconda attacks a Cyrandia convoy

Lizaconda, the last Lizardian in the Quadrant Galaxies was freed from Ramghatulkiaga Prison by the Confederacy. After his first interventions during the war with the attack at the USS Dallas and his aid at Cyroenia, Lizaconda grew bored. He thought the war was going to slowly, and surely not to Imperial standards. When he was at his weekend off, he took his new flagship, the Liberty II to Quadrant 82. There, near the outskirts of the Metruia Nebula, near the precious mid colony known as Rametru Nui. Stationed a few clicks from the colony and the armada surrounding Rametru-Nui a small Cyrandia convoy was heading away from the colony. The ships were indentified as the URC Venator Class Behemoth, the Cyrandia Krakana Class Impavid and the Rambo Nation Soyuz Class V2 USS Contact.

Lizaconda simply smiled, with the Liberty II still using URC channels and signatures he could approach the three unwary ships and opened fire. The powerful Krakana Class Impavid was the first to fall and was heavily damaged. The captain of the Behemoth reacted fast, which Lizaconda found remarkable and re-opened fire at the Liberty II. While Lizaconda was firing back the navigator of the Liberty II had to take evasive manouvres to avoid an incoming quantem torpedo of the USS Contact. Lizaconda grew annoyed and bored again, though still happy he ordered the retreat and the Liberty II returned to Confederacy space, leaving the captains in confusing.

Lizaconda returned to his office onboard his prized ship and sitting in his chair he closed his eyes, what a nice start of his weekend off. Attacking unwary Cyrandia Ships. Lizaconda pondered, and later on agreed that he had a very very nice life.

Ambush near Corulus Edit

Skirmish Near Corulus

Cyrandia and Confederate forces collide.

Zillum and Moravilon were nearing their target, but in order to draw Republic forces away from it, they needed a large distraction. They sent Captain Mornauó of the Providence-class Cruiser, Prosperous to attack a large Republic convoy in the Corulus system, the site of the monumental Treaty of Corulus.

Mornauó was informed that his attack was not expected to end in Confederate victory, but he had to draw as many ships away from Zillum’s target as possible. When the Prosperous and its fleet dropped into normal space, they immediately detected a sizable fleet of Cyrandia ships, including two Venator-class Star Destroyers and several Rambo ships. Mornauó sat in his chair and ordered the attack. Caught of guard, several URC frigates and smaller Rambo ships were the first to explode, while several Confederate ships were also severally damaged.

With his tactical officer informing him of an incoming Republic Fleet, Mornauó smiled, his job was done. He gave the order to return the Zillum and Moravilon’s fleet, where the largest battle of the war so far, was about to begin...

Battle of CapricaEdit

Opening Stages
Battle of Caprica GCW 01

The Caprican Fleet escapes the onslaught.

General Zillum was informed on the bridge of the Benevolent that the huge Confederate Fleet was nearing their target... the planet Caprica, the cultural heart of the URC, a victory here would surely deal a crushing blow to the citizens of the United Republic, one that Zillum was going to insure happened.

Suddenly, the navcomputer informed him that arrival at Caprica was imminent. As the fleet entered normal space, Zillum saw the gigantic Emporió-class, Legacy, under the command of Admiral Moravilon immediately destroy a small Cyrandia Fleet, consisting of two Krakana-class Star Destroyers. Meanwhile, Zillum attempted to attack a large fleet of Battlestars attempting to escape the superior Confederate Forces; however they preformed an FTL jump, and escaped the battle. Laughing, Zillum knew that they will be back.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the Confederate Troops overran many major cities on the planet’s surface; however they were unaware of an important figure located in Caprica City, the President and his wife. Immediately, the Republic Forces prepared the city for a huge battle to claim it. The faith of the URC depends on it...

Siege of Caprica City
Siege of Caprica City 01

Siege of Caprica City

As the Benevolent launched ground troops and vehicles to take Caprica's surface, he was informed by the onbourd computer that Admiral Cretacea's Flagship, the Resolute arrived in Caprica's orbit, near Picona and began to make its way to Caprica City at full hast. Zillum smiled, this must mean that something of importance lies within the capital city. However, their was one problem, that was the area of the planet where resistance was strongest. Bringing the Benevolent down to the planets surface, he saw that the Resolute was rallying small corvettes, frigates, battlestars and even Delfoí Cruisers in order to take back the planet directly over the city.

Fighting in Caprica City

Fighting in Caprica City

Meanwhile, in the city itself, Apollo, his aides, Senator Inviá, Senator Magalen and Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia where hiding in the Presidential Pyramid, near the center of the city. Apollo was rallying the troops against the invading Confederate forces, while communicating with his father and the captains of the newly formed Caprican Liberation Fleet to keep the Confederacy away from the Presidential Pyramid, or the war would be as good as over, with a CAS Victory. Complying with the president's orders, Cretacea approached the Benevolent, which was heading directly for the city, firing its mighty turbolasers at the buildings, causing them to collapse onto the streets. Launching a huge barrage of laser fire, the Resolute disabled the Benevolent, as Cretacea ordered that they fire the new superlaser installed in the ships hanger directly at the Benevolents bridge...

Zillum's Last Stand
Zillum&#039;s Last Stand

Admiral Cretacea in the Resolute destroys the infamous Benevolent!

Cretacea ordered the Resolute to fire the newly installed proton beam cannon directly at the Benevolent, he calculated that today would see the end of the Benevolent and its master's reign of terror. The beam of pure energy directly hit the Benevolents bridge, rocking the ship with explosions.

Meanwhile, on the Mortalitas Dreadnought itself, Zillum was being warned that the ship was moments from destruction, screaming in anger, Zillum prepared to jump to lightspeed, just as the ship's navigational computer reported that the engines were offline, and destroyed, it was only a matter of a few minutes until the entire ship succumbed to the Resolute's firepower. Zillum felt strangely at peace, as the entire ship was consumed by fire and smoke. The Benevolent was destroyed after years of terror on the allied forces, while its master, the Great General Zillum, hero of the Second Galactic war, was missing.

An Unknown Ship Arrives

An unknown ship arrives at the Benevolent's crash site.

Cretacea breathed a sigh of relief, his arch nemesis was dead. However, before he could celebrate, he was contacted by the remaining Republic forces in space, Moravilon was ruthlessly destroying ship after ship in his new superweapon, Cretacea rushed to the scene thinking of the celebrations that the Republic would have now that Zillum was finally finished.

Hours later, an unknown ship began scouring the Benevolent's crash site...

The Battle in Orbit
Battle of Caprica (GCW) 02

The battles rages.

Cretacea quickly made his way into orbit, to be greeted by debris, laser fire and battling warships. Moravilon was putting up a fiece fight and many Cyrandia ships were destroyed, and yet because Caprica is the ancient homeworld of the Libertus and cultural heart of the Cyrannus Galaxy, the captains of the URC were also putting up a fierce fight, Cretacea included. He made his way to the center of the battlefield where a Providence-class Cruiser was preparing to bombard the city of Delphi from orbit. At full speed, he made his way to intercept the enemy vessel, just as he was about to engage, he was met with a great sight, Admiral Shaw arrived at the battle with a fleet of Rambo and Delfoí Vessels!

Meanwhile, on bourd Moravilon's new cruiser, the Imperious a Emporicó class, he was wondering weither or not to retreat or fight to the last ship, on one hand, the Republic was recently winning nearly all the battles waged against the Confederacy and on the other he knew that the Confederate Command would not take kindly to the loss of two flagships, the Benevolent and the Imperious.

Carefully waying his options, he decided that retreat was the best option. Slowly but surely, the Confederacy jumped to hyperspace, in anger. However the CAS had a trick up its sleeve, and the Cyrandia Alliance's luck was about to run out...

Battle of FornaeriaEdit

Battle of Fornaeria (GCW)

Space battle above Fornaeria

Concurrent with the battle of Caprica, Confederate Admiral Lizaconda launched an attack at the Rambo Nation outer colony Fornaeria, located in Quadrant 82. With no fleet protecting her the colony soon fell in hands of the Confederacy. As the Confederate and Yudimaran tanks, escorted by the Mortalitas, Yudimaran and Libertus trooper, advanced towards the main city Lizaconda's luck ran out. In space, Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas arrived with the Constitution Refit Class USS Fontana and the Orodreth class Alqualondë to Fornaeria her aid. With the USS Fontana targeting the Liberty II and the frigate, the USS Dallas destroyed a Yudimaran Cruiser, which gave the Alqualondë free way. the Alqualondë reached orbit and landed just outside the main city of Fornaeria. Deploying the new troopers the Confederate and Rambo Nation forces clashed in the middle of the city.

Battle of Fornaeria 02 (GCW)

Confederate and Rambo forces clash in the city of Fornaeria

Though the Confederacy was taken by surprise, they never encountered the troopers before and were soon on the defensive. With snipers taking positions, with light assault tanks and buggies entering the battlefield the Confederate tanks were soon destroyed and halted. Though it must be said, the Confederacy put up a great fight, making casualties on the Rambo sites, even destroying some vehicles. Though when the Trooper Grenadiers of Rambo Nation used there missles to take down the drop ships a lone Yudimaran cruiser picked up the remaining forces and the Confederate forces retreated from Fornaeria. The battle was in favor of Rambo Nation, though Trooper casualties were decent (of the 350 troopers, only 28 fell). Ramcard was pleased, the battle was won and Lizaconda was defeated, his score was now again settled with the former Imperial captain.

Lizaconda on the other hand was furious, he once again underrestimated Ramcard and it had resulted in defeat. He could only imagen the smiling faces of Zillum and the anger the Confederate leader would yell at him.

Attack on Sýmpan StationEdit

Battle of the RSS

The Battle

The Sýmpan Space Station is an important staging ground for URC launched attacks on Confederate controlled planets in the Mid Rim, despite the falling moral in the wake of General Zillum's death and the terrible failure at Caprica, the CAS decided it was perfect to attack. However, the CAS reported that Republic defences around the station were down, meaning that the oppurtunity was rife for the complete destruction of the station.

Confederate ships hyperspaced to the stations location and began to advance toward the space station, destroying small orbital defenses and starfighter squadrens, however the Venator-class Star Destroyer, Akaga stood in the fleets way. But it was outmatched and outgunned by the larger Confederate fleet which destroyed it and attack the star base, quickly destroying its defenses and the surrounding support ships. However, unbeknownst to the CAS, a Venator-class retreated from the battle and made its way to Republic space.

Desperate Negotiations Edit

Desperate Negotiations

Sola's ship passes the Confederate fleet.

Senator Sola Naberrie, senator of Apailiana and co-president of the Cyrandia Alliance is one of the most famous people in Cyrannus, along with such figures as President Apollo, Admiral Cretacea, Senator Inviá and Admiral Shaw, as such she has much influence at her disposal, and because of this she decided to travel unofficially to the Confederate Capital, Carindes in order to ask her former mentor, Senator Buroa, of the CAS Congress to make a plea to the Confederate Senate to stop the war.

She took her small ship, the Peacefinder to Carindes with her friend, Senator Wag-Taá of the Plumakraz Sector and landed at a small dock in a small town near Senator Buroa's office, when she arrived she was shocked to see that she was greeted by General Da'fona of the Libertus Libertation Force, a rebel group of Libertus that wish to leave the URC, nevertheless, she spoke with him, and he gave her permission to visit the Buroa, while Wag-Taá was required to stay with the ship, uneasy. Sola made her way across the town and came to the Senator's office, Buroa was in a state of shock and happiness upon seeing Naberrie and greeted her with open arms. The two talked for many hours and eventually agreed upon one thing, they would both request a peace treaty with both of their senates. The two woman departed, conforted in the knowledge that the war may be well on the war to a peaceful ending...

Battle of Karzhamarhi-NuiEdit

The batle of Krzhamharhi-Nui is the largest campaign against Rambo Nation so far in the Great Cyrannus War, Lizaconda targeted this planet when Senator Sola Naberrie arrived at Carindes to meet with her friend, Senator Buroa. This battle and Lizaconda's actions has the oppertunity to endanger the peace treaty vote!



Confederate Admiral Lizaconda, the former Imperial Alliance Captain wanted revenge against Rambo Nation after his recent defeat at Fornaeria. Without permission of the Confederate Senate he launched an attack against the Rambo Nation Mid-Colony of Karzhamahri-Nui, often seen as the center of wisdom and a beacon of hope and peace.

With the Liberty II, over 12 Munificus Class Frigates and 2 Mortalitas Class Dreadnoughts Lizaconda approached the colony when it was 01.00 hours in the morning, that meant that most of the colony was still a sleep and would be taken by surprise. This opportunity meant that Lizaconda was able to deploy his Yudimaran battle frigate which brought the Confederate troopers all over the planet to swiftly secure various important cities and sites. However his arrival with the Confederate ships immediately draw attention from a nearby Rambo Nation task force. Under command of the just returned Captain Mjärt of the Spirit of the Serindia the Rambo Nation Task Force came to aid the colony. Part of her task force where Captain Rambam of the USS Venture and Captain Chiakian of the Intolerate.

Why Captain Mjärt was present at Karzhamahri-Nui was indeed a surprise. It later turned out she brought Senator Chuinaylia and Cooperation Director Froramsilia to witness the first test of the Roodiruini Class, stationed at Ga-Laiquendi.

Space Battle
Battle of Karzhamahri-Nui 01

Confederate and Rambo forces clash above Karzhamahri-Nui

Captain Mjärt looked grim, and contacted Rambam, she gave him command of the space battle and she would take her ship, the Spirit of the Serindia down to the surface to deploy troops to secure Ga-Laiquendi and the other cities. Rambam nodded and took command of the task force, his duty was simple, hold off the Confederate fleet long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Aided by recently arrived Chinawkya Battle Cruiser Ivalaë Star Rambam engaged the Confederate fleet. Within minutes, the battle grew desperate as both sides didn’t want to give ground. Yet the Confederacy had the numbers and when the Liberty II and a Munificus Frigate both opened fire at the Galaxy Class USS Venture, it's shields buckled and the port side warp coil exploded, crippling the USS Venture and leaking plasma into space, it had to withdraw behind her own ship lines to prevent destruction. With the USS Venture taken out, a Mortalitas Class Dreadnought opened fire at the Intolerate, aided by a Munificent Class Frigate the Intolerate took heavy damage and became unable to deploy her fighters. The nearby Constitution Class USS Ticonderoga took heavy damage on the port side and Rambam his task force, with cover of the Ivalaë Star her cannons, were forced to withdraw from Karzhamahri-Nui, leaving Cyrandia Captain Mjärt and her troopers at her own.

Day 01
Securing Ga-Laiquendi

Captain Mjärt began deploying troopers all over the planet, small task forces which were able to secure small areas soon, and in the various cities found at Karzhamahri-Nui battles occurred between Rambo and Confederate Troopers.

Battle of Karzhamahri Nui 02

Rambo Troopers and Confederate Troopers clash in the streets of Laioro

Rambo Trooper Sergeant Zabiela, a former Trooper Grenadier and his troopers were deployed near Laioro, a small village. The important Kazhamahri-Nui Highway (KNH02) ran through Laioro, which connected Ga-Laiquendi and the capital city Arthastral. Zabiela and his troopers arrived with a Morty, a drop ship class of Rambo Nation and after contacted by Mjärt, he led his troopers into Laioro, with buggies and mobile platforms the Confederate forces were defeated after 5 hours of battle. He then left most of his troopers at Laioro, to secure the entire area for possible reinforcement which would arrive later on, if the space fleet could hold their grounds.

When Zabiela received word of his superior Serindia Officer (which he found a weakling and a coward for staying behind the frontlines) that a scouting Trooper Marine with an Argo Jeep lost contact, Zabiela immediately took one buggy and two mobile platforms with him and headed to Ga-Laiquendi. Near the end of the highway they saw the marines, they were died, probably killed by an overflying Confederate fighter. Zabiela and his troopers then headed into Ga-Laiquendi, to their surprise had not been taken under attack and was completely empty of civilians. After scouting the city then headed to the outer wall, passing by Ga-Laiquendi’s well known statues of ancient emperor and rulers of the Serindia and mythical entities, something the Troopers hold little value to.
Battle of Karzhamahri Nui 03

The convoy of Zabiela heading towards Ga-Laiquendi over the KNH-02

Reaching the vault door and entering an underground base, Zabiela met Froramsilia, the director of the Rambo company the Cooperation. Zabiela learned from him the citizens of Ga-Laiquendi left before the Confederacy would attack their beloved city. He stayed as he didn’t want to see his prized experiment, the Roodiruini Class ship fall into Confederate hands. Refusing to tell what the ship capabilities were, he noticed it had to do something with travelling at different means than just warp, the method the Rambo Nation ships all used. He simply nodded and brought the director to safety with a Morty drop ship that just arrived. Returning to Laioro, Zabiela heard news that Arthastral was under heavy attack by the Confederacy, and the Rambo troopers there were facing defeat.

He split his forces in two, one which would protect Ga-Laiquendi, Laioro and the director and hold their ground when enemy forces would show up. The rest would follow Zabiela to liberate Arthrastral.

Intense City Battle at Arthrastral
Battle of Karzhamahi Nui 04

Reaching Arthrastral, with the skyline in flames!

As Zabiela, two mobile turrets and a buggy travelled over the KNH 02 they crossed by a Red Serindia battle ship, it had sunk in the bay and it remains were still burning. Behind his mask and helmet Zabiela grew worried, the 2nd day had started and intelligence reported Rambo Nation forces only held Ga-Laiquendi and Laioro, the rest were all overrun by Confederate forces. Not to mention Rambam’s defeat in orbit. In the distance smoke arose, explosions were heard and Zabiela saw parts of Arthrastral burning, houses collapsed and he heard the screams of battles, orders were given and the gruesome sounds of injured soldiers screaming for help.

Battle of Karzhamahi-Nui 05

Resquing Senator Chuinaylia!

Approaching the city Zabiela spoke with a capture troopers which was in retreat, it seemed Arthrastral was being overrun by the Confederacy. Zabiela headed into the city and met with a grenadier troopers, around him corpses of dead troopers gave an impression of the losing battle. Further, near the bank a burning Mortis drop ship exploded and a buggy had ran into a house. Zabiela learned that the search party for the Senator had gone missing and were killed. Zabiela went into the forest, alone and passed by mines, troopers and various tanks. Exhausted he arrived at the saloon, and found Chuinaylia ,the Chinawkya Senator. Her beauty surprised him but an incoming Mortis brought him back to reality. Taking the senator they entered the drop ship and headed to the Spirit of the Serindia, which was under heavy attack by Confederate ships. After docking Mjärt headed away from the ships and entered orbit


Starting the warp drives the Spirit of the Serindia warped away from Karzhamahri-Nui, leaving the planet in hands of the Confederacy. Mjärt was happy, the troopers did just what she needed, securing various cities and prepare Karzhamahri-Nui for a possible second attack. For now, Karzhamahri-Nui had surrendered, leaving her at mercy of the Confederacy and the Cyrandia Alliance nor Rambo Nation could do anything about it.

Lizaconda was pleased, now he contacted the confederate senate, and told them the news that now two planets in the Quadrant Galaxies were in their control, one being Yadumarth, the other being Karzhamahri-Nui. Now the confederate leader would surely forgive his failure at Fornaeria.

Month 5 Edit

Month Four ended with the hopes of a peaceful resolution to the war, Senator Naberrie of the URC and Senator Buroa of the CAS prepared to bring the proposals of peace to their respective senates. Meanwhile, the DCP, the URC and the CAS prepared to wage war on a very mysterious ring that prepares to shed new light on the history of Cyrannus.

Meanwhile, the Confederacy begins its first major assualts on the Quadrant Galaxies...

A Plea to the Senate Edit

A Plea to the Senate.

Senator Naberrie's plea to the Cyrannus Senate.

Senator Naberrie rushed back to the Senate Complex on Corunnia, barely containing her excitement. She asked the President to call a very important session of Congress, one which all senators must be present. As Naberrie entered the Senate Chamber, she saw that many senators were discussing amounst themselves about the nature of the meeting, however they all became silent as soon as Senator Naberrie started to speak:

Fellow citizens of the Cyrannus Republic and esteemed collegues. I know that the war in which we find ourselfs is vital for the survival of the galaxy, but is it really? Isn't there other alternatives to fighting? My friends, war is intolerable. We have been deceived into thinking that we must be a part of it. I say the moment we committe to fighting, we already lost. Some may call me a idealist, but I say that we should take the avenue that our proud Republic was built upon. Truth, Justice and Peace. I have recently talked with my former friend, Senator Buroa of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and we have discussed the posibility of a truce between the Confederacy and the Republic. However, I need your help and approval to put this truce forward.

I implore you, vote in favour of a truce between the two great nations of Cyrannus and you will vote for the survival of the ideals of our grand union. Thank you.

A nervous Naberrie finished her speech, only to be apploaded by nearly all the senators in the chamber, Apollo himself was clapping his hands and smiling proudly at Naberrie. However, something horrific was about to happen...

Terrorism on Corunnia

Suddenly, the entire senate chamber was rocked by explosions throwing some senators into their seats; the entire room was lit by red lights as guards rushed into the room informing the senators that explosions have rocked the entire senate complex. Senator Pailí of Ramaprica shouted that the Confederacy must have broken their promise, just to attack Corunnia, Senator Naberrie, however was less convinced. She proclaimed that she had assurances that the Confederacy would not attack during the peace talks.

Before the senators could argue, President Apollo silenced them by a simple raise of his hand. He told them that the Senate was receiving a transmission from Chief of State Dasá of the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

Suddenly, a huge hologram of the newly elected Chief Dasá appeared.

I knew your Republic could not live up to negotiation. Your military has staged a barbaric attack on our people, killing Senator Buroa and many other innocent lives. Consider the peace talks over.

The Senators were confused and angry by the Chief of State’s transmission and the attack on Corunnia. Senator Naberrie hung her head, saddened by the loss of her friend and the end of the peace talks. This war will not end soon, she said mournfully.

The Library of Apailiana Edit

Library of Apailiana

The Great Library's computer systems.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the URC Senate of Corunnia, a starting find was made on the planet Apailiana, homeworld of Senator Naberrie. A team of archeologists digging for fossils, discovered a great cave system with what looked liked a Great Library untouched for thousands of years, hidden beneath the great mountains near to the capital city. Unsure what to do at first, the archeologists alerted Senator Naberrie, who had just returned from the Senate on Corunnia.

After exploring the library herself she called Senators Chuinaylia and Ram'Lendilia of Rambo Nation and Senator Inviá of the URC to discuss the discovery on behalf of the Cyrandia Alliance as a whole. After discussing it, she contacted President Apollo, who sent his advisor Athan Apostila to assess the situation. As he explored the cave, he came across references to great empires and wars that were unknown to the Cyrannus Republic.

Astounded, he returned the Senator Naberrie and talked about his discoveries. The history of Cyrannus would need to be rewritten he said.

Ownership of the Ring part 2 Edit

Battles now raged across the Ring's inner surface in the past month. The CAS offensive was larger than the URC's or DCP's, by quite a degree and had conquered much the Eastern one-lattitude. The battles began to get desperate, and the allies were pushed back, as the CAS had a lot more artillary in the quasi-ground warfare. The few DCP and URC militaries banded together as one force like in the Intergalactic wars. The battles were reminscent of ground warfare, however, the physics and mechanics was different, they were not battling on a sphere of rock but on a rotating toroid structure, air forces would have to take each other and shoot at curved angle. The CAS's drone ships were easily confused by the curved flight paths.

The CAS commanders decided to destroy the other "nations" or "countries" of the Ringworld, by blocking out the artificial sun above the contained atmosphere of the worldlet. In order to survive the DCP and URC "airforce" moved to shoot down the nightshades, but my creating high pressure in the CAS nation, it created a torrent of rushing at hundreds of miles an hour upwards into the sky, a vortex of high pressure which sucked the allied forces to the edge of the atmosphere where they rained down uncontrollably or smacked head on into the atmospheric containment membrane.

Either "nation" had limited starships. So the URC and DCP let the civilian population escape, and blockaded them from any attack by CAS warships. The DCP managed to push through and destroy the nightshades. With much of the allied force retreating, it looked as if the CAS had conquered the Ring. But some stayed behind to fight for the last colonies and uncover its secrets...

Meanwhile, Tranala, a female Libertus with her scientific expedition discovered a structure during the midst of fighting. Intense battles forced her and her team into an ancient, but familiar looking forest, as its wildlife was the same, or mimicked exatctly, that of Caprica. CAS Drones began to torch the forest to force them out, but she ran, and weather was on her side, rain put out the fire as if she was being watched over. Eventually a Grimbolsaurian, CKKkcKc when not translated called out, she looked, if he had been struck by a weapon, but no, he was standing in surprise. There was a dome, almost opaque, but with a texture like marble yet with a density of degen-matter. The team scanned the structure with their Tricorders, in case it was a CAS weapon, but it was dated back thousands of years. Beyond the dome was several swamps, with what appeared to be sunken domes. The Grimbolsaurians had some aqualungs, and investigated the swamp. The domes began to rise, the team stood back in awe. One, braved to stand between the floating domes, and disappeared. Suddenly the team were worried, until he re-emerged with a face as if nothing had happened. The domes were teleporters Tranala realized, created by the Ringworlds originators. Explosions shook the forest. The CAS were near, and the team knew where they had to go...

They entered the ring of spheres, expecting to be teleported away, however, all they saw was the forest, and CAS forces scouring it, burning and cutting down undergrowth. Forces marched straight passed the spheres, they were in a cloaking field. The spheres sank into the ground once more, but somehow, they were still cloaked. Tranala set up camp in a nearby valley, now invisible. She listened closely to transmissions. The CAS had conquered the Ringworld, but was not killing survivors, rather, they were now turned over to the CAS. The resident Grimbolsaurians killed themselves, except the ones in her team. She wondered how long she would remain invisible, before her team would suffer the same fate.

Agitation at Ramsoria Run!Edit

With the recent fall of Karzhamahri-Nui into Confederacy hands, Rambo Command wished to send an armada to retake Karzhamahri-Nui. Though the Empress (Dhazhrak) refused, as she claimed that Rambo Prime and Rametru-Nui were now in danger and those two places were to be fortified at first. Command followed, but this action meant that the Ramsoria Run, the most populair and important trade route of Rambo Nation was left undefended.
Quadrantia Disorder 11

Ramsoria Run breached by Confederate forces, sending civilian crafts on the run

Lizaconda and his Confederacy forces took advance of the unexpected move of Rambo Nation, fortifying instead of retaking the colony was new, even for Lizaconda. None the less he send his vessels along the Ramsoria Run, causing havoc on the route between Rambo Prime and Ramsoria. The Confederacy Munificent Class were attacking civilian crafts and freighters, which in result increased prices for food, merchandise, materials and more for the eastern sectors of Rambo Nation (outer colonial sector, the badlands sector, the Chinawkya sector, the Amiaeria Secotor and Boreas). This was a problem but none of the governers of planets dared to inform their sector Senator of it, fearing intervention of Rambo Nation fleets and thus endangering Confederacy attention.
Qaudrantia Disorder 12

USS Celcius vs Resistancia

Meanwhile, during the 1st weak, over 85 civilian crafts were taken under attack, with over 15 destroyed. Casualties were over 115 citizens and civilian transports were given escorts to pass by the routes under control of the Confederacy, or advised to take the Nui Passage. This increased prices even more and citizens were getting concerned, it seemed the Great Cyrannus War, a URC problem in many Rambo Nation citizen life, was getting effect in the daily life of Rambo Nation citizens.

With the Ramsoria Run breached, Ramgaro, the former leader of the Rambo Resistance and escapee of Ramghatulk took command of the Confederacy Providence Class Resistancia and als joined the attacks within the Ramsoria Run. His first target was the Kloppig captain of the USS Celcius, a Newton Class. With the Providence far more stronger then a Newton Class it shields soon collapsed and hull breached occurred. With one warp nacelle being destroyed the Kloppig Captain, an experienced one, managed to escape and out manouver the larger Providence Class with just impulse speed. Ramgoro didn't mind, he continued to study all the files about how much the universe had changed since the 1st Galactic war.

Battle of Nosiso Edit

Early Stages
Battle of Nosiso

The Confederate ground force being churned out by the factories of Nosiso.

Soon after the Great Library of Apailiana was discovered, Republic spies reported that the Confederacy was building the majority of its new ground forces on the distant planet of Nosiso, deep in the Outer Rim. From what the different races of the URC know about Nosiso, is that the natives resisdents do not like outsiders, and that they are extremely proficient at creating machines and vehicles. Knowing that the battle could be a major URC victory in the war, Republic command dispatched Fleet Admiral Cretacea of the Resolute and Vice Admiral Shaw of the Valorous to lay siege to the important Confederate planet.

Space battle over Nosiso

The Battle rages over Nosio

The Resolute and the Valorous dropped out of hyperspace and immediately engaged the Confederate Fleet. At first caught by suprise, the Confederacy began to adapt and heavy damage was caused to the small Republic corvettes and frigates, however the two flagships were faring much better, destroying several Munificus-class Star Frigates and disabling one Providence-class Dreadnought captained by a Mortalitas Commander. With Republic reinforcements arriving every minute, the two flagships sent down a huge ground invasion force, with the Resolute even landing on the surface of the planet, while other Star Destroyers deployed forces on other sites across Nosiso.

Ground Battle of Nosiso 01

The titanic battle begins on the surface of Nosiso.

The Resolute itself landed close to the largest foundery on the planet, which was protected by hundreds of tanks and thousands of Mortalitas Troopers. However, the URC had the element of surprise... or did they? Admiral Cretacea felt uneasy with the Confederacy's unusual ability to adapt quickly to the invasion of one of their most important worlds, and his suspicions proved correct, when he looked outside the window of the Resolute to see an entire army of Confederate Tanks guarding the factory. Undetered, Cretacea ordered the Republic tanks to onload and the new Multi Altitude Assualt Transports to get into the air and fight the growing Confederate forces opposing them.

Continued Fighting
Ground Battle of Nosiso 02

The battle continues to wage on the surface of the planet.

The battle raged on for days on the dusty plains of Nosiso, millions of Cyrannian and Confederate Troopers were dying and in space, huge starships crashed down to the planet. Admiral Cretacea in the Resolute was supplying ground troopers and vehicles to the assualt on the main base of operations for the Confederate forces on the planet, which could be seen for miles, due to the huge Emporico-class Core Ships dotting the grey horizon. The huge walkers of the Republic were faring well against the tanks and fighters of the Confederacy, which were being deployed with no end in sight. Cretacea feared that this may not be the easy victory the URC was looking for...

Space Battle over Nosiso 02

The Revolution collides with the Crucible.

Meanwhile in space, Admiral Shaw was having difficulty in fending off the Confederate Fleet, it seemed that every moment, more and more enemy ships dropped out of hyperspace into the battle, the space was so crowded with battling warships that the Confederate Dreadnought, Revolution dropped out of hyperspace directly in the path of the Star Destroyer, Crucible. Vice Admiral Shaw was nearly blinded by the huge explosion, but pulled himself together to contact the Rambo Captain Ramoslin, captain of the new USS Pheonix to help reinforce the URC Fleet, crumbling at the hands of the renewed Confederate Armada...

Aid from the Rambo
Space Battle of Nosiso 03

Captain Ramoslin arrives at Nosiso.

As the Republic Invasion Fleet crumbled, Admiral Shaw called upon the help of Captain Ramoslin of the USS Pheonix in order to backup the URC fleet. Captain Ramoslin is the replacement leader of the Rambo Task Force in the Fleet of Retribution, while Vice Admiral Rambas II is exploring the unknown regions of Cyrannus, and the universe as a whole. He commands the USS Pheonix, the first of the highly successful Pheonix-class Starships of the Rambo Starfleet. Captain Ramoslin answered Admiral Shaw's call and gathered up a fleet of Rambo and Cyrandia vessels in order to successfully defeat the Confederate Defense Fleet.

As Ramoslin warped into orbit over Nosiso, he was startled by the size of the enemy fleet, dozens of Confederate Capital Ships defended the planet, trapping the land forces and the Resolute trapped on the planet's surface, however, he had the element of surprise. The large Cyrandia fleet began attacking and disabling CAS vessels and teamed up with the Valorous under the command of Shaw in order to push away the CAS fleet.

A Shocking End
Space Battle of Nosiso 04

The gigantic unknown dreadnought unleashes its power.

The battle on the surface of the planet was getting worse and worse by the minute. Despite Rambo aid in orbit, more and more Confederate ships came out of hyperspace. The battle was so great in space that the Resolute left its position on the surface and headed for low orbit, leaving the ground forces without reinforcements. Admiral Cretacea did however leave some small frigates on the surface if the army needed to retreat. However, just half an hour after the Resolute arrived at the space battle, communication was cut off from the forces on the planet, while suddenly a gigantic ship, as long as ten Venator Star Destroyers decloaked and began firing a gigantic ion weapon at the Cyrandia Fleet, destroying dozens of ships, many of them huge star destroyers.

Assuming the ground forces were destroyed, Admiral Shaw, Admiral Cretacea and Captain Ramoslin both came to the desicion rather quickly that retreat was the only option. They couldn't last long against that huge ship.

Meanwhile, as the Allied fleet retreated, on the bridge of the gigantic dreadnought that defeated the fleet, its captain gave an evil grin.

Encounters at Ramsoria RunEdit

Quadrantia Disorder 14

USS Rutledge and USS Krassio engage Confederacy forces at Ramsoria Run

With Rambo Nation her launch of the New Orleans Class V2 earlier on schedule, they were tasked to patrol the Ramsoria Run and surround the Confederacy forces to prevent an attack at Rametru-Nui or Rambo Prime. The first action of the newly launched class was by Captain Junelda, in command of the USS Rutledge. Together with Captain Ramburgo of the USS Krassio they engaged to patrol envoy of the Confederacy.

Three Munificent class frigates were patrolling and attacking civilian ships and freighters at the Ramsoria Run. As Junelda contacted Ramburgo, the two dropped out of warp and fired at the three Confederacy ships. Taken by surprise, one ship was taken down after being hit by 4 photon torpedos of the USS Krassio. The second was badly damaged by the USS Rutledge her phasers but still managed to escape. The third class was destroyed by the USS Rutledge as she fired 3 photon torpedos and phasers, crippling the Confederacy ship and in result the engines exploded, taking the entire ship with it.

The results were good, the little Galaxy Class niece, the New Orleans Class V2 proved an succes. Now Rambo Nation makes preperations to retake Karzhamahri Nui, but one Confederacy ship escaped, which could mean a delay of the operation.

Month 6Edit

As the final month of 1 ATC begins, the situation does not look good for the allies and the Cyrandia Alliance. The Confederacy have made significant victories during the last month and the tide of war, may very well be turning. Yet the 6th month started for the CAS with a disastrous defeat..........

Battle of Rambo PrimeEdit

Admiral Lizaconda of the Confederacy of Allied Systems was proud of the Confederate occupation of Karzhamahri Nui. With no Rambo interference or attempt to retake the planet, Lizaconda did notice the increased security measures at Rametru Nui and Rambo Prime, also with the New Orleans Class launched, the breached Ramsoria Run, an important trade route in Quadrant 82, meant that the Rambo were closing Lizaconda and his forces in.

But Lizaconda, a capable commander knew what they were doing and instead he decided, after fully taking control over Karzhamahri Nui, he was to counter attack, before Rambo Nation closed their web. With Karzhmahri Nui secured and under supervision of Governor Golbraz, the citizens didn’t notice the occupation that much, they were living their lives as before, instead now under Confederate rule, it was time to expand Confederate presence within Rambo Nation territory.

Lizaconda’s target was Rambo Prime, close to the Wormhole Plateau. If the Confederacy could take hold of the planet and their wormhole, the Confederacy would have complete control over the Ramsoria Run and the way was clear to the Rambo Capital. Yet, Rambo Nation predicted this decision and moved in to intercept Lizaconda.

Quadrantia Disorder 18

Battle of Rambo Prime

As Lizaconda arrived at Rambo Prime onboard the Liberty II, his flagship, he took over 8 Munificent Class Frigates with him, and he was joined by the Acquisitor, under command of the traitorous Rambo trader Tukio Nutria, an Amiaeria. As Lizaconda and his fleet approached the planet, they noticed various Rambo ships to intercept them. The lead ship, the Excelsior Class V2 USS Charleston, under command of Captain Ramtainus hailed the Confederate forces and ordered them to withdraw. He was accompanied by the following ships:

- New Orleans Class V2 USS Rutledge, under command of Captain Junelda.

- Constitution Class Refit V2 USS Endeavor, under command of the Unidentified Amphibiahria Captain.

- Miranda Class V2 USS Reliant, under command of Captain Kloplyna.

- Constellation Class V2 USS Antietam, under command of the Unidentified Zarbriaek Captain.

Lizaconda simply smiled, as his fleet passed by the Rambo Prime Space Station he ordered his fleet to target all ships, and to leave none alive. It was then that a female Yudimaran yeoman notified the Lizardian captain that the station they passed wasn’t the Rambo Prime Space Station and was of an unknown design. Lizaconda looked at the view screen, and noticed there were two space stations in Rambo Prime her orbit. Something wasn’t right he knew for sure, but it was too late. The unknown space station, known to Rambo Nation as the Suiliagothrond Battlestation opened fire at the Acquisitor, destroying her in an instance, though Tukio Nutria managed to escape in an escape pod.

The battle turned into a disaster, with the loss of the covering fire of the Acquisitor, Lizaconda’s forces were torn to shreds by photon torpedoes and phasers. Within 8 minutes the battle of Rambo Prime was over, though Lizaconda escaped together with 4 Munificent Class Frigates and retreated to Karzhmahri Nui.

There Lizaconda contacted the Confederate Senate about this massive new space station, though at the time he didn’t knew the space station could travel to another location, and he requested reinforcements as the Rambo had spun their trap.

But another battle at Karzhamahri Nui was not to occur within the 6th month of the Great Cyrannus War, as the Marscalcus ordered to use the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, though it was a privilege to the Empress alone and wasn’t even informed of its use. The Marscalcus was allowed to do this, as he gave Ramdleton the emergency code 00/01ImpRmshe. Now Rambo Nation was preparing herself for an event which could not have been predicted. And soon the Nation would find herself in more trouble, as more unpredicted events lured upon her!

Grox attack on the Inner Colonial Sector Edit

The loss at Rambo Prime was not huge, but Lizaconda wasn't finished with the Rambo Nation. They had been making recent advancements, this was clear now, the Rambo could become a thorn in his side. There were Grox in the Quadrant galaxies, and they were expanding again from their dormancy. They were all too pleased to be given a chance to attack the Rambo Nation...

The Grox gathered an armarda of thousands of warships, Grox Star Destroyers, Motherships and the commonplace warcruisers. Some of the ships were monlithic in design (just like those of the Borg). The Rambo had no experience in active fighting with the Grox, as their Grox Policy doesn't allow to come near Grox Bordors nor to encounter one. And they hit hard, attacking the Inner Colonial sector. After using the Staff of Death on several of the Rambo's worlds, the Rambo sent a large fleet to defend the surviving colonies, consisting of Galaxy, Excelsior, Constitution class ships. The fleet arrived late, the Grox had wasted another few worlds, but there was still much of the sector to defend. Quantum and photon torpedoes were armed at the Grox ships and punded them like hail, several Grox warships were gunned down, but they returned fire, using psuedometal warheads, destroying 3 Galaxy class ships simoultaniously as they were situated nearby. A squadron of Constitution class cruisers became the second wave, firing phasers, and the Galaxy class's phaser spread proved effective against fighters. But a Grox Star estroyer loomed into battle, all its superlaser cannons aimed at the waves of Rambo ships. Shields were ineffective, and the battle became a slaughter.

It became clear the Rambo needed more forces to defend the sector, so the fleet was diverted to defend it. Their Battlestations, although powerful, it was too risky to use them unless at a last resort, so they were stationed above the recently battled Rambo Prime and the capital planet. The Rambo had more ships, the Phoenix, Typhon and Well's class, with technology descended from the DCP hybrid ship perhaps capable of taking on the Grox attack force, but they were too few in number and only just released from trial. This sudden attack was worrying, as it prevented the Rambo from retaking Karzhamahri Nui, attacking Yadumarth again and from sending reinforcements to the Cyrannus Galaxy, to make it worse, the CAS was preparing anoother onslaught, the Rambo were now fighting on two battlefronts.

Meanwhile, as the Rambo didn't had a clue how to combat the Grox, they asked the DCP for advise, before it is too late and they could siege one of the major northern colonies, like Nertharia or Koerband.

The Hunt BeginsEdit


The hunt for the unknown dreadnought begins

Concurrent to the Battle of Rambo Prime, though in the Cyrannus Galaxy. A small fleet under the command of a Vivilian Captain on the Onuris, a new Legacy-class Star Destroyer and two Venator Star Destroyers, they where sent to investagate the disappearence of a small convoy of ships two days prior. However, long range scanners detected a massive ship with Confederate IDs near a large nebula. The Vivilian captain ordered the fleet to attack, but within moments the entire fleet was destroyed, with no survivors.

Meanwhile, on Orbispira, the President issued a hunt for this mysterious vessel with prevented an allied victory on Nosiso and the destruction of various fleets in the Outer Rim.

A new turn of eventsEdit

With the Confederacy pushing their attacks, aided by the Grox Empire another turn of events was to surprise the Cyrandia Alliance.
Quadrantia Disorder 19

Hutters attack Rambo Nation ships

As the Serindia Captain of the USS Ashanti travelled through an astroid field, which laid close to Ramaprica. He was assigned to patrol duties at the Ramsoria Run, which run from the Capital Planet located in Quadrant 82, passing various important Rambo Nation colonies like Rambo Prime and Javan towards the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole and further on to Ramaprica in the Cyrannus Galaxy. As he was inspecting the astroids field, a unidentified Confederate transmissions was picked up by the USS Ashanti her sensors the Serindia captain was surprise to see a Hutter D-7 Class. As of a sudden three D-5 classes decloacked and fired at the USS Ashanti. Immedate she send a distress call, it seemed the Hutters were in contact with the Confederate, but due to the sudden attack the captain hadn't been able to view the transmission.

As the USS Ashanti took damage, the D-7 Class stopped the transmission and powered up weapons, but before doing so was hit by various photon torpedoes, fired by the newly launched USS Enterprise-A, under command of Captain Rambo. The D-7 class withdrew, and as one of the D-5 classes hit an astroid, the other Hutter ship withdrew. Captain Rambo and the Serindia captain talked over the viewscreen, as the intercepted transmission showed the Hutters were trying to ally the Confederacy, to prevent battle in their own space.

This information was send to both Rambo Command and the URC senate, though both didn't knew how to react to this new event.

The Hypeoran Empire Revealed! Edit


The unknown ships destroy the URC Fleet, while the Arquitens-I escapes.

The Unknown Dreadnought, the attacks of the Grox and the talks between the Hutters and the Confederacy were not the only problems to arise during the sixth month of the war. During a border patrol operation near Osteolan borders in the Cyrannus Galaxy, a small fleet under the command of an Tenerensis Captain was suddenly ambushed by a large fleet of unknown vessels. The captain's flagship, the Intolerable was quickly buckling under attacks from the unknown ships, which fired unknown weapons at the Republic Fleet.

General Sesoka, a battlehardened warrior on bourd the Intolerable demanded that they stay and fight, though the Tenerensis captain ordered to abandon ship. The crew that survived the attack escaped on the light frigate, Arquitens-I, while being relentlessly pursued by the unknown vessels. However, they receieved a transmission which showed that an unknown empire, that shockenly was made up of Osteola was responsible for the attack. Luckily, the Arquitens-1 escaped the battlefield, the remainder of the URC in flames. When they arrived at Cyroenia, they gave information regarding the attack to Republic Command, who struggled to come up with a solution to this new empire, which called itself, the Hypeoran Empire...

Battle of ProogencyEdit

Proogency, a Rambo Nation colony deep outside their territories acts as a listening post to monitor the Grox, as such the Rambo were able to put up a defense before the Grox reached the Inner Colonial Sector. However, as the Imperials knew of her location, so does the Confederacy. A joined fleet of Confederacy and their Grox allies attacked the colony, bombarding the listening post from orbit.

Quadrantia Disorder 20

Battle of Proogency

Sending a distress call, it was answered by Captain Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A, Captain Ramtainus of the USS Charleston and an unidentified Yunilinage captain of the USS Shark, as they were close by. As they arrived they already saw a fleet of Confederate frigates, Grox fighters and a dreadnaught opening fire. Captain Ramtainus, who took the lead wanted to save the personal and civilians on the surface and ordered to break through the fleet. However, as Rambo Nation has no experience with the Grox it soon turned out the Grox were well aware of Rambo Nation tactics. As the Yunilage launched her fighters and the USS Enterprise-A gave covering fire (destroying a frigate in the process) the USS Charleston tried to break through but was taken under fire by the Grox dreadnough. Her saucer became heavily damaged and the Lightning fighters had to cover her retreat. The USS Shark was also buckeling under the attack and when the three Rambo captains witnessed a massive explosion from the surface of the planet, they knew they were too late.

Not wanting to risk the lives of their crew, the three Rambo Nation ships retreated back to the Inner Colonial Sector, reporting this event. Rambo Command was shocked, and knew the Nation was in trouble. With the Rambo fleet spread thin over the sectors, and with no way to monitor the Grox and Confederate movement towards the Inner Colonial sector, Rambo Command could not protect which colony would come under attack first. Koerband or Nertharia, if either one would fall, the way to the capital of Rambo Nation was clear of any obstacles.

Ownership of the Ring part 3 Edit

Eventually, the CAS withdrew from the entire area. The cloaking field began to ware off, animals could now see them, as if now the CAS danger had subsided they no longer needv to be in cloak. Tranala and her team for the past the month were living off the environment around them. They could not risk to use any replicators in case their operation was detected.

They returned to the where the spheres were. They began to rise once more. Tranala ran her hand over the spheres. They were the same temperature as her body. The team stood between the spheres, and they plumetted back to the ground, carrying the team with them. It was strange, they were in no enclosed space, they just saw themselves pass through the earth like ghosts, almost like a DCP ship in ghost phase. But eventually they passed through metal, she braced herself as she hit it, expecting injury almost, but like with the soil, she passed through.

The team arrived far below the surface of the ringworld, like outside, it was closed in but there was no natural light. The walls illuminated themselves, again, like everything else, at ambience. They were in a corridor, perfectly sized and to the liking of Tranala, as if, as if she thought, it was designed for her all those millenia ago... For hours lost to her they walked through ancient corridors, strange rooms and chambers. It was as if there was a city far beneath them. Everything was in working order, the air was clean and recycled, as if they were vacant. But there was no sign of anything living, no technology. It was a ghost city. Tranala began to realize perhaps they had come too far, what if they got lost, and starved in these empty places. Why was she even compelled to explore? The originators may have chosen this place as simply a storage facility. Shen opened the next chamber, and to the startle of everyone, they have returned to where they came from. She wanted to get out of there fast, and she fainted, in this forgotten world where the boundar of mind and reality were broken...

Zillum's Return! Edit


The Republic Invasion fleet is destroyed, however many ships escape.

Republic Intelligence gained information regarding a possible CAS Base on the planet Ralfian deep in the Outer Rim. It proceeded in sending a task force of two Victory-class Stra Destroyers and three Arquitens-class Frigates to the planet, where due to URC spies, was lightly defended for such an important world to the Confederate war cause. However, the fleet was met with orbital mines and a small fleet of CAS Frigates. The planet was far from undefended.

The ships that came out of hyperspace were immediately damaged by the orbital mines, while the frigates finished them off. However, the Victory-class broke into the atmosphere and and attempted the send out a distress beacon in order to warn any possible reinforcements of the orbital defenses. As the titanic warship crashed, the captain ordered that the crew of the ship be organized into one large group in order to increase their chances of survival. However, an unknown Mortalitas General appeared as if from nowhere and began cutting down Republic troopers with his deadly swords with great persicion and skill. The troopers tried to stop the Mortalitas, but where almost immediately destroyed by the skilled warrior.


Zillum single-handedly destroys an entire Republic Army.

When it became clear that this unknown warrior had no intention of leaving survivors, an Adelphi technicion sent a transmission to Orbispira claiming that this individual's armour was almost an exact match to the armour worn by the late General Zillum! Just as he sent the transmission, he pointed his blaster at a silhouette that appeared at the door. Identify yourself or I will fire my weapon!, the Adelphi bravely shouted out. The silhouette spoke, I am the most supreme High General Zillum of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Death could not defeat me and neither will your Republic he told the cowering Adelphi as he plunged both of his swords into his enemys chest.

Zillum has returned, more powerful then ever.

Battle near the Dissia SystemEdit

Rear admiral Amiaetadiala of the USS Malevolent met with Fleet Captain Silveria of the USS Juno near the Dissia System, to preapre themselves to inspect the Inner Colonial Defense Grid. A large line of ships was placed on various locations at the inner colonial borders to intercept the oncoming Grox Empire ships. The two officers were soon joined by Captain Kloplyna of the USS Reliant and three Peregrine fighters, as they were to escort the Rear-Admiral.
Quadrantia Disorder 23

Battle near the Dissia System

As of a sudden two Grox Dreadnought dropped out of hyperspace, together with over 20 Grox fighters. Raising red alert Amiaetdiala was surprise, they didn't crossed the border of defense grid, they simply used somekind of transwarp tunnel to drop themselves beyond the defense grid. Amiaetadiala ordered the USS Malevolent navigator to turn around and warp away, but suffered some damage by the Grox fighters. The USS Reliant also managed to turn around but was hit by the Grox Dreadnought her weapons and became heavily damaged, the dreadnought also incernated the three Peregrine fighters. Fleet Captain Silveria used the USS Juno to cover for both ships, but suffered heavy damage too. As the Grox loomed in, the USS Antietam dropped out of warp and the Zarbieaek captain opened fire at the Grox. This suddden apearance surprised the Grox and they opened fire at the USS Antietam. As the USS Antietam exploded and killing all hands onboard, it allowed the USS Reliant and the USS Malevolant to escape, soon followed by a heavy damaged USS Juno. Amiaetadiala knew the Zarbiaek captain sacrificed himself for the others, and she felt guilty. But it would get far worse!

Now it was clear, the Grox were heading towards Koerband and the Dissia System, taking over this system allowed control over the Quadrantia-Mirus Wormhole, if this wormhole fell into enemy hands the United Lanat Empire had a free way into the Quadrant Galaxies!

The battle concluded the sixth month for Rambo Nation.

Ownership of the Ring part 4 Edit

Tranala woke up, she realized must have fainted, as blood was still puming into her brain, she still felt light-headed and said to one of her team mates that she was relatively alright, however, they did not answer her, despite staring at where she had gotten up. Angrily, she demanded them not play tricks with her and moved from position, startlingly, they were still staring at where she had gotten up. She moved her hand to nudge one of the team members, frightened, she cried out, her hand had passed straight through his flesh. They couldn't see her, and she couldn't interact with them. Never had she felt so alone and out of contact, yet within the vicinity of others to nearby. She fled...

She realized she was being followed by a shapeless form, she was like a ghost, as she ran she was sinking into the cold grey floor. She stopped and turned to see her attacker. As she watched, the shapeless form became a transparent respresentation of a Capriconian species, much like a Miluiel, slender, radiant and even slightly attractive, suddenly she felt peace descend and wash her worries away, this entity had brought her to another plane of existence, but not to destroy, but to communicate. The being extended its hands and she took them. Another jerk and she was suddenly somewhere else...

She was soaring through the clouds of some alien sky, however, this world was very alien indeed, the sky was on a vertical axis, on the left was the immense and infinite sky, on the other side, a vast ocean of hexagonal convection cells, swirling some oily liquid. Eventully she entered a bubble of fluid that looked like a small universe, falling through another ocean this time, she clung to her takers hand although they seemed glued together, there was an island in this sublime, surreal but very beautiful space. The land she was on was floating in the sky-ocean. As she looked below her feet there was a stream of transparency, showing the star-like points in the sky straight through the ground. Rocks that hung over what seemed to be the sky itself were reflected back as if it was water, but it wan't, it was air, or what seemed to be. Everything she felt and touched was her own body temperature. Had she died, or ascended? Was it a dream, had she taken something hallucinogenic in those woods... Tranala wondered. She saw twisted figures of more of these beings, literally emerge from the landscape as if they were molded into it. One of them was holding a stick.

He, hello, my name is Tranala, I respresent the United Republic of Cyrannus. She spoke out. We are, what you might call, the Thirteenth Tribe. Tranala trembled and began to do an ancient ritual of respect. You need not fear us. Your path has been led here ever since you boarded Altranaya. Where is this place? Tranala asked, Welcome to the plane of the astral. You are still on Altranaya, but we have changed your perceptions of the universe, your mind is now seeing it in a new light. The physical reality you know of, in a sense, can only be percieved by your mind in cetain sets of ways, this is a different set. This is why the labyrinth beneath the land on Altranaya is bare of anything, you simply couldn't percieve it. I don't understand asked Tranala, All you have to know, is that your brain sees more than your senses do, information enters your mind, where the mind must build a picture of the world around it, and then interact back with the physical world. Your closest analogy might be virtual realities, although on a far weaker level, the more your mind expands awareness of the universe the more the universe and beyond becomes open to you. Why have you taken me here, I don't mean to be rude, this place is both sublime and perfectly ambient. Tranala, you and your enemies, who exist on a very low and desnse vibrational state, should not be on Altranaya. Another stepped in - Not yet. Your people are still far from ready, this world contains secrets of the universe, your past and future. However, you Tranala, have been selected to be a pioneer in this step, although I'm afraid, it will not be you who will end up with all the answers, about this place, about the secrets of your history and about our achievements. She could hear chanting, deep voices, rather than angelic "All this has happened before , and all this will happen again" over and over. The world became pixelated into an undefined blur that greyed until she was back on her usual plane, her frantic collegues waving medical devices over her body. She heard a voice of the person that took her to the plane and she asked in her mind what she must do "that, is up to you"...

Something Wicked This Way Comes...Edit

Raid on Apailiana

Gauisa effortlessly destroys opposition on Apailiana.

Deep in the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy, an evil plot was unfolding, one that will have serious concequences in the future history of the galaxy, and the nations that live in it. While in his ship, Éaltar Gauisa was busy contemplating his past missions all of which were great successes that went better then Gauisa could ever believe. However, he still knew little about the figure who gave him the tasks to complete, apart from the known facts, that he was an important figure and that he had a great deal of intelligence and information. While thinking to himself, the berits of his career and the secrecy behind his missions, he was once again contacted by the unknown figure, however it was meerly a two way transmission, not a video feed. I am in need of your services, bounty hunter. The voice spoke, giving the same feeling of fear that Gauisa always received when communicating with the figure, however, he boldly spoke, You know I will take any job. Indeed I do, which is why I have employed you yet again. Recently, scientists of the Cyrannus Republic recently discovered an ancient library located on the Core World of Apailiana. You will go there and retrieve the following information As soon as he uttered those words, information poured into the ship's database, giving Gauisa his objectives. As far as I can tell, the Library is under constant guard. This will not be cheap. Éaltar said bravely. The voice gave a sinister laugh, Money is no problem, my friend. I trust you will preform the task at hand efficently. the figure replied, as the transmission was cut. Gauisa was thankful of this new mission and quickly set his course for Apailiana.

Using cloaking technology on his ship, Gauisa was able to penatrate the planetary shield and quickly bypass the Republic Defense Fleet in orbit before landing only a few meters from the mouth of the cave in which the library is located. He quickly moved into the library, silently killing the armed guards and moving his way into the main chamber of the Great Library, using his personal cloaking device to move past the more difficult enemies, the Panther-class Battlemechs, which remained oblivious to the bounty hunter's infiltration. After several minutes of searching the library for the ancient computer terminal that the unknown figure directed him to, he finally found it and downloaded the vast swaths of information within. He then returned to his ship, narrowly missing the extra guards that were sent into the cave in order to apprehend the killer of the stationed troopers, however they failed to catch Gauisa, as he jumped into his ship and sped up into the atmosphere, while sending the huge amount of information to the unknown figure.

Meanwhile, on an unknown planet, the unknown Dark One recieved his information and laughed evilly, his plan was going exactly as he had planned. The event ended the First Year of the Great Cyrannus War and brought about the Second.

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