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... the largest war in the history of the galaxy...

- Excerpt from the "History of Cyrannus"

The Great Cyrannus War, also known as the Great War or the Cyrannus War, was a major intergalactic conflict primarily fought in the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies between the forces of the Cyrandia Alliance (mainly the United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation) and the Confederacy of Allied Systems, though it later involved many other factions such as the Cyrannian Neraida and the New Basileus Empire.

Both of the major factions of the war, the Republic and the Confederacy claimed that the opposition was an illegitimate government, with huge battles breaking out such as the Battle of Karzamahri, the Battle of Carindes and the Battle of Orbispira, bringing many individuals into the spotlight, including Zillum a fiendish Mortalitas general and Apollo, the sturdy and resolute President of the Republic. The war was masterminded by the ancient Oikoumene, Tyrómairon in order to bring the galaxy under his rule. The war finally ended with the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the destruction of both the Republic and the Confederacy. Thus began the Dark Times, during which many remnants of the Great War factions rose to oppose the Empire.

To date, it is the largest war that has ever been fought in Cyrannus.

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The origins of the Great Cyrannus War lie in the end of the Intergalactic War, where the newly formed United Republic of Cyrannus lay smashed at the hands of the Cognatus Alliance, an alien conglomerate who burned a bloody hole into the heart of Cyrannus, only to mysteriously disappear in an ancient Oikoumene portal on Capricaerón. Though the Republic quickly healed itself under the leadership of President Apollo, many in the galaxy doubted the Republic's ability to survive a similar conflict in the future. This movement eventually built up momentum during the so-called Golden Age of the Republic, spurred on by species such as the Adlapuspino and the Mortalitas as well from individual planets such as Carindes.


Éaltar Gauisa conspires with Tyrómairon on Orbispira.

Eventually, the movement became official with the establishment of the Confederacy of Allied Systems in 07 BNE (04 BTC). Initially, relations between the Republic and the new Confederacy were tense, with Republic propaganda spreading the rumour that the Confederacy was formed by the Mortalitas during their membership in the Imperial Alliance. Despite this, peace remained for many years. This all ended when the rocky relations between the Federal Adelphi Republic and the Confederacy led to a small war in the Quadrant Galaxies, which resulted in the Confederate occupation of Adelphi space. The Republic Senate was in uproar over the conflict, further causing relations to slip.

In the year 03 BNE, Confederate-Republic Relations finally erupted into war thanks to the insidious manipulations of the ancient Oikoumene, Tyrómairon. Hiring the deadly bounty hunter Éaltar Gauisa, Tyrómairon orchestrated the bombing of both the Republic capital of Orbispira and the Confederate capital of Carindes. The first stage of his plan succeeded, and the Great Cyrannus War began.

First YearEdit

First Month
CAS arrive at Yadumarth

The Blockade of Yudumarth begins.

Will the citizens of Cyrannus know peace? I certainly hope so, but for now, I don't see it.

- Apollo

The first two weeks of the war were relatively quiet, with the exception of small skirmishes in the Outer Rim. The galaxy, and by extension the entire Gigaquadrant, waited with bated breath about who would make the first move. As it would happen, it would be the Confederacy. On Carindes, Chancellor Calidusa ordered the construction of countless listening posts in the regions bordering Republic-held space, including the Jorba Asteroid Field in the Inner Rim, which was the scene of the first major battle of the war, with Republic warships quickly destroying the installation. The prospect of war now seemed to be a reality.

Meanwhile, in the Quadrant Galaxies, Calidusa ordered the blockade of the planet Yudumarth, located conveniently close to the Quadrantia-Cyrannian Wormhole. After brief skirmishes with the locals, the Confederacy successfully held the capital, forcing it's leader, Geldrim to surrender. Calidusa knew that if the Confederacy held the wormhole, than the Republic would be effectively cut-off from their allies in the Cyrandia Alliance. However, this didn't stop the Delpha Coalition of Planets, native to the Milky Way Galaxy from coming to the aid of the Republic.


Zillum attacks the Republic

However, the Confederacy had a secret weapon, the dreaded Mortalitas general Zillum, commander of the supership Benevolent. Despite it's name, the Benevolent began a reign of terror throughout the Outer Rim, destroying dozens of enemy ships in the first month of the war alone. During the fourth week of the war, Zillum attacked and conquered Cyranduas, though it was later liberated by Admiral Adraci later in the war.

Second Month

Later, in the second month of the war, the Confederacy launched a daring prison break of the dreaded Rambo Prison, Ramghatulkia, where they succeeded in breaking out Lizaconda and various other former members of the Imperial Alliance. Though many of these war criminals went their seperate ways, Lizaconda decided to pledge loyalty to the Confederacy gaining control of the Venator-class Star Destroyer Opel, before renaming it Liberty II, in order of his previous ship. As the second month of the war drew to a close, Rambo Nation declared war on the Confederacy and launched a massive attack on Yudumarth. The Rambo eventually won the battle with a pyrrhic victory. A month later, the Rambo, who were under the influence of the evil Xhodocto, Dhazhrak fired on the Yudumarthan city of Yurrus with their Suiliagothrond Battlestation, killing all 25,000 inhabitants in an instinct.

Third Month
Quadrantia Disorder 07

The Rambo and the Confederacy clash on Yudumarth.

Concurrently, the Confederacy also launched an attack on the main shipyards of Cyroenia. The attack was led by Zillum himself, but thanks to the timely aid of his nemesis, Willelmus Cretacea and a Cyroenia fleet, the Confederacy was routed and forced back to their space. With the Confederacy appearing to be losing the war, Calidusa began to worry about his future as chancellor. His fears would eventually prove to be well-founded and he was soon replaced as chancellor by Chari Dasá, who ordered Zillum and Admiral Moravilon to attack Capricaerón, one of the most important Republic worlds.

Fourth Month
Zillum's Last Stand

Cretacea spells an end to Zillum's reign of terror.

A huge battle, the largest of the war thus far, erupted between the two sides over Capricaerón. The situation was made all the more complicated for the Republic with the presence of President Apollo in Capricaerón City, which was attacked and almost conquered by Zillum. Zillum was once again foiled by Admiral Cretacea, who arrived at the battle in his flagship, the Resolute. A broadside erupted between the Benevolent and the Resolute, and despite Zillum's flagship being larger and more powerful, it's general didn't anticipate the Resolute's new weapon, an experimental superlaser. Cretacea with the aim of ending Zillum's reign of terror fired the laser directly at the bridge, obliterating most of it's crew and sending the Benevolent crashing into Capricaerón Bay, killing Zillum in the process and ending the battle.


Zillum's corpse is reconstructed by Tyrómairon.

Unbeknownst to the wider galaxy, Tyrómairon would somehow manage to gain access to Zillum's broken corpse which lay at the bottom of the ocean. Using his ancient powers, Tyrómairon revived Zillum, who would later return to the war as the first year ended. Soon after the battle ended, many Republic and Confederate senators met in peace talks with the hopes of ending the war and existing peacefully. However, these hopes were dashed when Senator Buroa, a key Confederate Senator was apparently killed in a Republic attack, prompting the Confederacy to withdraw from the peace talks.

Meanwhile, the largest Rambo campaign of the war was about to begin. Lizaconda, recently released from prison invaded the Rambo planet of Karzhamarhi-Nui. The planet was rocked with weeks of endless and bitter fighting, but ultimately ended in a Confederate victory. Using their base on Karzhamarhi-Nui, the Confederacy began harassing the nearby Ramsoria Run, disrupting the daily life of Rambo citizens who relied on the hyperspace lane for goods and resources. Meanwhile in Cyrannus, the Republic attacked the military heart of the Confederacy, the desert planet of Nosiso. Though the attack came as a surprise to the Confederacy, the arrival of Zillum (though the allies did not know it at the time) in a massive new dreadnought forced the Republic to retreat.

Quadrantia Disorder 18

The Rambo and the Confederacy clash over Rambo Prime.

Fifth Month

Proud of his victory on Karzhamarhi-Nui, Lizaconda brought a small fleet to the nearby colony of Rambo Prime and attacked it. To his embarrassment, the battle lasted only eight minutes thanks to the presence of the Rambo's most feared weapon, the Suiliagothrond Battlestation, causing Lizaconda to retreat back to Karzhamarhi-Nui. Meanwhile, on Orbispira, Apollo ordered that the mysterious dreadnought that routed Republic forces at the Battle of Nosiso be tracked down and destroyer after a string of attacks in the Outer Rim that left none alive.

Sixth Month

Zillum emerges in the Great Cyrannus War.

I am the most supreme High General Zillum of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Death could not defeat me and neither will your Republic!

- Zillum

Zillum would eventually reveal his return to the war to the Republic during the Battle of Ralfian, where he single-handedly destroyed an entire Republic army, to the horror of the civilians of the URC. As the year drew to a close, the Grox Empire struck up an uneasy alliance with the Confederacy and attacked the Rambo in Quadrant 82, though due to increased activity in Cyrannus, they decided against attacking the Republic.

Thus ended the first year of the war.

Second Year Edit

Seventh Month
Quadrantia Disorder 25

The battle of Koerband rages.

When the second year of the war began, the conflict showed absolutely no signs of stopping. Within the first day of the new year, Éaltar Gauisa was once again contacted by Tyrómairon to infiltrate the Library of Apailiana and retrieve information that could prove relevant to his future plan for the Cyrannus Galaxy. Ultimately, Ealtar's efficiently completed his objectives, while the rest of the galaxy remained ignorant. Meanwhile in Quadrant 82, Lizaconda devised Operation Fortune, a serious of biting attacks against the Cyrandia Alliance, who were also concurrently under attack from the resurgent Grox Empire. The most sound victory of the campaign occurred on Rametru Nui, the third most important planet in Rambo space. In an equally deadly stroke, Lizaconda personally ambushed and kidnapped Aur'Lumniassa, the President of the Cyrandia Alliance. She remains missing.


The Neraida destroy the two Mataii ships.

Perhaps the most shocking development of the month was the introduction of a deadly new faction in the war, the Cyrannian Neraida, who were initially mistaken for the Grox. After silently expanding in the Unknown Regions, the mechanical assimilators finally decided to make their mark on Cyrannus and began an invasion of the galaxy.

During the second year, the mysterious Cyrannian database of the Vida'Rranlora was discovered by the Republic.

Eighth Month

Meanwhile, Empress Ramashe finally managed to break free of Dhazhrak's grip by defeating him in a personal duel. Shocked at how bad the war got, she made plans to meet with her good friend Apollo on Capricaerón. The President was delighted to see his friend safe after witnessing Dhazhrak for himself when the mysterious creature known as Gorf accidentally transported him to the Rambo capital. The two talked for hours, with Ramashe announcing to Apollo that she was pregnant. They then agreed to use their combined fleets to fight off the Confederacy once and for all.

Quadrantia Disorder 29

The Second Battle of Rametru Nui.

On Corunnia, the senate agreed in utmost secrecy to hire a bounty hunter to disrupt an alliance being formed between the Confederacy and the powerful Corthrinus. They contacted the efficient Republic-aligned hunter Linn-Tann who succeeded in driving a wedge between the two civilisations, weakening the Confederacy's standing in the Unknown Regions. After assessing which target to attack first, the Neraida eventually decided upon the Confederacy. Led by the dreaded Khuenaten, the Neraida successfully assimilated the entire planet Cianbur.

Apollo and Ramashe both decided that they would deal with the Neraida in due course and followed the policy that the "Confederacy's difficulty is our opportunity." Over Rametru Nui, the Confederate fleet was soon attacked by a large allied Republic and Rambo fleet, forcing the Confederates to withdraw. Despite this major victory to the allies, the Confederacy also gained new members in the form of many Rambo Serindia who declared their loyalty to the Confederacy. Furious, Rambo Command used the Agandaûr space station to purge the Confederate Serindia's planet of Valhtara, sparking much controversy.

Ninth Month

In Cyrannus, Willelmus Cretacea was given the command of the experimental ship, the Spirit of Freedom and travelled to the planet of Koerband in Quadrant 82, where he fought off a Confederate attack and located ancient Oikoumene artifacts, which alerted the Cognatus Remnant to the war.

Quadrantia Disorder 31

The third battle of Yudumarth.

As Neraida attacks against the Confederacy increased, the evil demon lord Shu'wokerama managed to corrupt a young Basileus known as Mar-Júun into into his ranks, resulting in the destruction of a Confederate colony. In Quadrant 82, spurred on by their victories at Rametru Nui and Koerband, the Cyrandia Alliance attacked Yudumarth, resulting in the third battle fought over this strategically important world. Both the Republic and the Rambo used extreme tactics against the Confederates, though Lizaconda managed to escape with his ship, while his entire fleet was destroyed. However, the Confederacy still held a great deal of power on the planet, so the invasion was postponed.

Despite this grave loss, the Confederates made gains in Cyrannus, conquering the important planet of Delfoí, while the Imperial Alliance began to return to prevalence in Quadrant 89.

Tenth Month
Battle of Corunnia 02

The battle of Corunnia.

Good morning, senators, how are we all today? I'm afraid this complex is now under Confederate control. I am in command now.

- Zillum

Due to the discovery of an ancient hyperspace lane based on information provided by Tyrómairon, Zillum managed to bring a fleet directly over Orbispira's moon of Corunnia, home of the Republic Senate. Zillum had no intention of besieging the galactic capital and concentrated on overwhelming the defences of the moon, achieve his objectives and escape before the Orbispira Home Fleet could respond in force. The moon's defences were bypassed and Zillum managed to infiltrate the Senate Chamber, holding the Senators within hostage. The fiendish Mortalitas threatened to kill all of the captives unless the Republic agreed to surrender to the true galactic government. Apollo dismissed this demand and ordered Admiral Shavalera to break through the Confederate blockade and rescue the senators. When Republic troopers managed to reach the Senate Chambers, Zillum was nowhere to be seen though Senator Ganá, Senator Cavil and Senator Soattica were killed. Zillum managed to make his escape, and high in orbit he set off explosives in the Chamber, though none of the senators were injured to the quick thinking of their defending soldiers. The citizens of the Republic were shocked by the Battle of Corunnia, with public moral reaching a low point.

Third Battle of Keorband

The third battle of Koerband rages.

The allies were dealt another blow in the Quadrantia Front over the planet Matakoro, where the famous Captain Rambam was killed in action defending the planet against Lizaconda. Though Matakoro was ultimately conquered, the people of the Cyrandia Alliance hailed Rambam as a hero. Two weeks later, the Confederacy and the Cyrandia clashed yet again in the Fourth Battle of Yadumarth, which resulted in the Confederacy breaking through the Cyrandia blockade and reclaiming their bastion world. Meanwhile over Koerband, the Cognatus Remnant attacked the allies due to the Oikoumene signal being sent into space. Led the Voro Acetenus, the Cognatus routed the Cyrandia over the planet, but ultimately had a change of heart, learning that the Intergalactic War had been a grave mistake. Seeking reconciliation, Acetenus agreed to return Koerband to the allies in the hopes of learning more about their gods.

Eleventh Month
Quadrantia Disorder 35

Battle of Ramaprica

In the aftermath of the Battle of Koerband, the Confederacy and the Republic enjoyed five days of relative peace, as both sides resupplied colonies and ships. This came to an end when the Confederacy attacked and conquered the important Cyrandia colony of Ramaprica. However, there was a boast to moral due to the liberation of the planet Delfoí and the strengthening of relations with the Cognatus and the Indoctrinate Collective, who agreed to aid the allies in the war in return for the chance to study the Cyrannian Marinox. The Neraida soon attacked a Republic colony and transformed it's peaceful and civilised Libertus civilians into the dreaded Caprigrox, a new biological superweapon. Over a peaceful Republic world, these Caprigrox clashed with Koluap and were defeated.

Twelfth Month
Diplomats and Scientists

Apollo meets with Koluap and Jerkon.

On the main front of the war, battles continued between the Republic and the Confederacy on planets such as Corulus and Arnoario, though ultimately the war's great stalemate continued, with neither side having any real advantage over the other, while the Confederacy continued to make advances in the Quadrants, such as conquering Ivalaë.

However, the Confederacy began to lose ground as the second year came to an end, such as the disastrous loss of Ivalaë and Matakoro only a few weeks after they were initially conquered. The Republic also allied with the Indoctrinate Collective, meeting with both Captains Koluap and Jerkon. The biggest blow to the Confederacy however came from within, as the ancient Oikoumene known as Apeligateza killed and assumed the identity of Chancellor Dasá, bringing the Confederacy unwillingly under the control of Tyrómairon.

Third Year Edit

Thirteenth Month
Mar-Júun Watches

Mar-Júun on Orbispira.

Hmpf. A new year has started. A new year in which the United Republic of Cyrannus still strives. I cannot trust that idiotic lot of the Confederacy to do their job right. Either on these ridiculous Tralor or Neraida. I cannot believe I was once part of that. Bleh! The life of a demon is far...far...more interesting. And if I want to end that corrupt Republic, I have to do it from the roots...

- Mar-Júun

On Orbispira, the population celebrated the beginning of the new year, including Apollo and his family. However, unbeknownst to him a figure was waiting to strike. The demon Mar-Júun managed to break into the Presidential Palace and was about to kill Apollo when Mezzadriel, a Miluiel protector appeared and blasted the demon out a window. The evil Basileus managed to survive, but was in no state to attack the President again. Instead, he waited for the opportune time. Meanwhile, on the Rambo Capital, celebrations of the new year were in full swing, with Ramashe and her newly born son Ramaith enjoying the festivities without incident.

In the Cyranai Galaxy, a grave threat known as the Bisistar emerged and attacked the Republic exploratory ship, the Avenger, under the command of Helo Roslia. Luckily, Roslia's ship managed to escape, though it inadvertantly led the Bisistar to Cyrannus, where they attacked and destroyed the Outer Rim planet of Charcati. Luckily, the crew of the Avenger managed to make their way back to the Core Worlds without being followed by the new threat. However, another extragalactic threat, the United Lanat Empire conquered the Core World of Acrocanthaí. On the Confederate-Neraida front of the war, the fiendish Khuenaten attacked and assimilated the planet Ascioa, while a massive three way battle at Masolirsra resulted in a sound Neraida victory at the cost of millions of Confederate and Republic lifes.

Quadrantia Disorder 38

Second Battle of Karzhamahri Nui

Meanwhile, in the Quadrant Galaxies, the Confederate fleet at Karzhamahri Nui was attacked by a Rambo armada. Though both sides fought valiantly, the battle ended in a stalemate, with the Rambo deciding to regroup and attack at a later date, leaving behind a heavily damaged Confederate fleet that was unable to get supplies due the blockade placed on the Ramsoria Run.

Fourteenth Month

Furious with the loss of Masolirsra, Apollo ordered Admiral Shavalera to attack and destroy a Neraida world deep in the Unknown Regions. The Neraida didn't anticipate such a counterattack and were soundly defeated by the Republic fleet, offering a small boast in morale to the general public, who began to worry about the Republic's ability to win the war. The Republic also celebrated at the destruction of a small Confederate taskforce in a skirmish over Carolinni. Zillum was later contacted by Tyrómairon while on his flagship, the Malevolent. The Oikoumene Lord promised Zillum a great deal of power in return for servitude to him. The power hungry Mortalitas agreed and was bestowed with powers he could only ever dream of.

Ryderallo Attack

The Ryderallo Beast carves destruction across Orbispira.

The biggest blow to the Republic did not come from the Confederacy or the Neraida, but rather a non-sentient giant known as the Ryderallo Beast, which was discovered in a battle between the Confederacy and the Republic on Ancaoilion. When the battle was completed, Republic scientists brought the sedated creature to Orbispira in the hopes of learning it's secrets. Guolivian assured the Senate that the creature posed no danger to the citizens of Orbispira and proceeded to perform tests on the captured beast. It soon became clear that if the beast's scales were harvested, it would certainly help the Republic win the war, however, to do so would result in the death of the beast.

Grox Coggie Battle

The Cognatus and the Neraida battle for supremacy.

Just as the lethal injection was about to be administered, the Ryderallo broke free of it's constraints and began a rampage across the city, trying to find Guolivian to exact its vengeance. Just before the creature could crush the senator, it was put in a deep sleep by Republic stun tanks. The fiasco was a huge embarrisment to the Republic and many of it's citizens began to doubt it.

Fifteenth Month

You have seen an extent of our wrath. Do not engage in fighting against our units again, or your punishment shall be death and complete annihilation.

- Dronox Commander to the Cognatus

When the fifteenth month of the war began, the Cognatus Remnant and the Cyrannian Neraida clashed for supremacy on Carthaniapian, which ultimately ended in a Neraida victory. On the planet Mandatine, homeworld of the Osteola, it's leader, Duchess Whitestone was beginning to grow weary of the growing influence of the Confederate Osteola who fell under the influence of the Basileus. The Republic sent Raen Magalen to Mandatine in the hopes of defusing the situation, though Whitestone was fully against an armed Republic fleet to protect the planet. Ultimately, despite terrorist attempts and increased violence, Whitestone won out and Mandatine remained a neutral world.

Basileus Fleet

The Basileus Fleet looms over Neudan.

As the war went on, the Basileus began to grow weary of the Confederacy's direction and tactics. Under the command of Imperator Tyranus, a large Basileus fleet acting against the knowledge of the Confederate Congress besieged the Cavaneu homeworld of Neudan, conquering it. However, with the aid of Willelmus Cretacea and a reinforced Republic fleet, the Basileus were eventually pushed back. Inspired by the latest Republic victories, a URC fleet attempted to liberate the planet Acrocanthaí which was conquered by the United Lanat Empire earlier in the year. Despite heavy losses on both sides, the Republic decided to retreat, resulting in a Tralor victory.

Second Battle of Corulus

The showdown between Moravilon and Roslia.

Apollo simultaneously ordered the liberation of the important world of Corulus, whose population lived in constant fear of the vile Mortalitas Admiral Moravilon. The Republic fleet was led by Helo Roslia who was armed with information gathered in the four months since the last battle of Corlus. As the battle in orbit slided into Republic hands, Moravilon's flagship, the Affluent was discovered over the capital city of Curamelle. In a fierce showdown over Curamelle, the Avenger managed to destroy the Affluent, resulting in planet-wide celebrations of the liberation of the planet.

Sixteenth Month
Quadrantia Disorder39

The Conferate and Rambo fleet clash!

As the sixteenth month of the war began, the Cognatus Remnant's capital of Decatría was attacked by a mighty Neraida fleet. The battle was fierce, though ultimately Voro Acetenus decided to glass the planet, completely destroying both the planet and the Neraida presence. In the Quadrant Galaxies, Empress Ramashe ordered a large Rambo fleet to mobilise on Karzamahri Nui. The resulting battle was the most devastating in the Quadrantia Campaign so far, with both sides fighting to the bitter end. As both fleets were hammered and tattered the Rambo eventually managed to win the battle, and forced the Confederacy to withdraw.

Second Battle of Nosiso 03

The second battle of Nosiso.

In secret, the dread lord known as Morgandaûr began to act in the war. Accompanied by his slave Aur'Lodin, he appeared in front of Guolivian and gave him information that could lead to Apollo's downfall, including various pieces of information that suggested that both Ramashe and Apollo often acted without the knowledge of the Cyrandia Alliance. Meanwhile, another Dark Lord managed to hear about this, and tied it into his own plans for the future. Not long after the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui ended, the Second Battle of Nosiso began when rumours began circulating in the Senate that many of it's members were sympathetic to the Confederate cause. During the course of the battle, the Purity Virus was unleashed, but was eventually purged by the united Cyrandia fleet, finally bringing peace to the devastated planet.

Blockade of the Perliama Run 02

The New Basileus Empire's first appearance.

Perhaps due to the manipulations of Tyrómairon, the Basileus split from the Confederacy as the sixteenth month came to an end. Under the control of Imperator Tyranus, the New Basileus Empire was formed and declared that all factions of the war were now enemies to the surpreme Basileus state. As it's first act, the powerful new superpower attacked and blockaded the Perliama Run, one of the most important hyperspace routes in the Core Worlds, resulting in millions of worlds suffering from food shortages. With the Republic Navy stretched across the galaxy to combat the Confederacy, they had few ships to spare to retake it.

Seventeenth Month
Zillums Exploits

Invasion of the Core.

The galaxy was in shambles, with the Core Worlds in a state of starvation and shock, the citizens begin to lose faith in the Republic, which was under attack from three fronts. As the Republic crumbled, the Confederacy would also deal with it's greatest test. Inspired by the Basileus' tactics against the Republic, Zillum launched an invasion into the Core Worlds, resulting in the conquering of dozens of worlds, dealing with what many in the Confederacy thought was a death blow to the crumbling Republic. However, Apollo made a public appearance on Orbispira, and in a rousing speech declared that the Republic would never fall while it's people remained true to it. Inspired by his speech, the entire Republic Navy launched attacks against all their enemies, temporarily pushing them back. The greatest victories of the operation were the destruction of Zillum's entire fleet, the liberation of Acrocanthaí from the Lanat Empire and the breaking of the Basileus' blockade.

Khuenaten vs Zillum

Zillum duels with Khueaten.

Meanwhile, in the Confederacy, the Cyrannian Neraida deplored a gigantic portion of their starfleet to Carindes, the capital of the Confederacy in the hopes of destroying it once and for all. As the rest of the galaxy watched in terror, the two superpowers fought it out to the last ship, while the Neraida terraformed the planet to suit their own needs slowly choking it and everything on it. The greatest skirmish of the battle occurred between Zillum and Khuenaten, who fought viciously for hours. Ultimately, Zillum managed to destroy his opponent, though fell unconscious, waking up to find the planet devastated, though firmly in Confederate hands. With the end of the battle, the Neraida decided to withdraw from the war as much of their military was annihilated by the vengeful Confederacy.

Eighteenth Month
Battle of Orbispira

The Battle of Orbispira rages above the planet.

When the eighteenth month began, the Republic forces were stretched to the limit. Tyrómairon contacted the fully recovered Zillum and told him to prepare for the final offensive of the war. Grinning broadly, Zillum prepared the largest Confederate fleet on record to strike a killing blow to the Republic. Meanwhile, the final battles of the Quadrantia Campaign were being fought in the Quadrant Galaxies, including the Battle of Muunivelle, which pushed all Confederate forces back to Yudumarth, making any attack on the Rambo Capital impossible.

Battle of Orbispira 06

The senators watch as a New Era begins.

The final battle of the war was fought over the galactic capital planet of Orbispira. Much of Orbispira's defence force was absent from the capital planet, fighting across the galaxy in an attempt to finally end the Confederate threat. Following his master's orders, Zillum saw this as an excellent opportunity to deal a crushing blow to his enemy. The time was matched to an important senate debate on Orbispira's moon, making the planet full of the Republic's most important figures. Using the same hyperspace route used during the Battle of Corunnia, Zillum besieged the capital. Seventy five percent of the Confederate fleet fought in the battle, while Apollo recalled fifty percent of the Republic fleet to defend it. Eventually, the battle turned in the Republic's favour when Apeligateza made it appear that Dasá was killed while Zillum fled to find to the Confederate leaders. Ultimately, an unknown figure arrived at the battle with a gigantic fleet that aided the Republic in soundly defeating what remained of the Confederate fleet. As the battle ended, this figure requested a special meeting of the senate.

End of the War Edit


The Rise of the Empire.

The majority of the Republic's senate congregated in the Senate Chamber, joined by a great deal of reporters and other foreign dignitaries to hear the mysterious figure speak. Suddenly, Tyrómairon entered the chamber and was granted access to the Presidential Podium, which was usually filled by Apollo, who was absent. In a rousing speech Tyrómairon enacted his grand plan, announcing the reorganisation of the Republic into a new hyperpower, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. His pleas to the Senate for change were supported by Guolivian who used information given to him by Morgandaûr to completely de-credit Apollo and the Cyrandia Alliance who were branded as traitors. By the end of Tyrómairon's speech the former inhabitants of the Republic rejoiced at the formation of the Great Galactic Empire.


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Quotes Edit

A war that seems to drag forever on and on, as the largest that has rocked Cyrannus in recent times, I can only wonder what the outcome will be.

- President Apollo

I can't wait to get my hand on one of these Marinox...and help the Republic too, of course.

- Captain Jerkon

The CAS will be victorious, I can sense it.

- The Dark Purger

This war will open many opportunities for us, if we are able to take them.

- Dylan

I missed this? Well, there's always 42,000 AD...

- Santorakh

We knew this would happen, sooner or later...

- Vida'Rranlora

I... don't know what to say.

- Kralgon Emperor


- Zr'Ahgloth


- Divin-Ra

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