The Great Blyro War was an ancient war in the Ottzello Galaxy. It is remembered mostly due to the fall of the Federal Government of Ottzello and destruction of most civilisations, as well as the raging battles between the Blyro'Tralzica and Blyro'Tralzorca coming to an end.

Early Years[]

The early years mark the first 14 years at the war's beginning. They were in many ways brutal, but far less brutal than the final years to come.

Initial Kralgon Conflicts[]

The Empire of the Kralgon were a newly-formed faction at the time, but were growing rapidly. Higher-ups within the Federal Government of Ottzello saw great potential in the Kralgons, and there was much talk of not only making them members, but giving them a greater status. However, attempts to contact the Kralgon had either been met without response, or with a refusal to join. The Federal Government soon gave up all hope, and instead attempted to watch their actions and match their military. Growing their navy, and focusing more on military, the Federal Government was becoming much more war-oriented than before, which led to the Kralgon attempts to also match them.

The Kralgon had taken the worlds of many areas outside of the Federal Government's influence, growing to include hundreds of thousands of colonies. However, they would enslave the races of worlds they conquered, keeping them as cheap labour until the worlds they conquered could create robot enforcers to replace them, in which case they would commit genocide and wipe any sentient species off the planet. Their influence, due to the extreme speed at which they could produce clones and machines, grew rapidly at a frightening rate, and the Federal Government issued a warning: if they continued, there would be war between them.

The Empire of the Kralgon took this as a challenge. Enraged, the Emperor Thyros XII launched an all-out assault on a Federal Government world, Jrasol, and destroyed all of its inhabitants and all life before then terraforming the world and conquering it. This would spread to many worlds in the system. The attack issued alarm amongst the Federal Government, and there was now one strong feeling between them: they needed to go to war. The Government launched its navy against the Kralgon's many AI weapons, and the conflict began.

Blyro Intervention[]

The Empire of the Kralgon were a merciless and relentless foe, unlike any the Federal Government had ever fought before. But they were also extremely anti-religious, declaring belief in any higher deity as unscientific and unintelligent, as well as staunchly socialist, believing in equality and co-operation over the rich few lording over all. To contrast, the Federal Government remained very much capitalist in nature, as well as promoting religion more than ever before. Naturally, this also defined the military they would receive. Soon, mercenaries and the Blyro'Tralzica took over as the Government's main military forces.

The Blyro'Tralzica, armed with their extremely well-trained combatants, Chronoscopic powers and Vyronicia Fleet, proved to be very difficult for the Empire to deal with. The Empire had to turn to someone else: the Blyro'Tralzorca.

They did not demand Kralgon worship, but they did strike a deal that both would destroy the Tralzica. Of course, neither provided any reassurance that one wouldn't betray the other...

Insurrection of Roshisiz[]

Thryos XII, the Emperor of the Kralgons, was growing more desparate for weapons as the war waged on. Though he outmatched Federal Government fleets, he did not outnumber them. Soon, the Emperor searched for a new weapon: the entire Kralgon people. But simple Militia would not do. He had to shape every single Kralgon alive into a warrior, and he had to clone them.

Military scientist Roshisiz had been working on this for a while: The System. This involved placing nanomachines inside the body of every Kralgon. It would suppress emotions such as fear, while infinitely improving their ability to aim, their ability to rush into position, and supply nutrients throughout the body. They could even control births and perfectly clone Kralgons by piecing new clones together cell-by-cell in seconds. The two had a famous discussion:

  • Roshisiz - Your worship. I believe I have the solution you request. But it relies on the mass-production of nanomachines, and will wire up everyone to various AIs we have created...
  • Thyros XII - Methods do not interest me, Roshisiz, only results. If artificial intelligences replace those useless generals, so be it. We can tell people that we are removing the social privilege of being a general by placing everyone under AI rule for a fairer society. But why, may I ask, did you develop these machines?
  • Roshisiz - I developed this as a direct result of the birth of my disabled son. Never again could I allow my wife to birth an incomplete child. I assure you, sir, it is ready.
  • Thyros XII - Good. There are only so many AI Weapons I can send out to the front, Kralgon armies will do nicely.
  • Roshisiz - Your worship, if you may, the nanomachines are likely able to also construct AI Weapons at a rapid pace. We have used similar technology before, but never as advanced as I have created.
  • Thyros XII - You make the budget I assigned your nanotechnology division seem more useful by the day. Why do you insist these nanomachines are so useful? Why do you want to put them in literally everything?
  • Roshisiz - I am confident in them. It is the same way everything organic is made of cells. Consider these our robotic cells that we can control. This will give us far more control over the people than ever before. And no one questions the government protecting them from the evil war enemies, so they will accept these injections without question. Those who do not, we dispose of.
  • Thyros XII - I like how you think. I feel, however, that this...System...fits within Kralgon ideology regardless. This may win us the war I want no more reliance on the Blyro'Tralzorca, either. My men will make a push against the Federal Government and bring it to its knees. Only the Kralgon will live in this galaxy. Once they and the Tralzica are exterminated, so too will the Tralzorca. Keeping my grip on so many systems may be difficult...but I believe this System will solve that problem too.
  • Roshisiz - It allows for only an Emperor, several AIs, and a few select individuals to have authority. The rest, they do not question orders, for it controls their thoughts.
  • Thyros XII - Brilliant...activate it.

Thyros XII gave the order. Within a few weeks, every Kralgon alive was wired up to the System. Everyone of them geared for war. And what's more, Pods launched. They would send armies and armies of clones to war. But Roshisiz had left out a small detail...Thyros XII would not be the Emperor programmed into the System.

It would be Roshisiz.

Final Hours[]

As the war came to a conclusion, with Roshisiz leading the Empire of the Kralgon, the events which unfolded would destroy Ottzelloan civilization, and it would be centuries before such civilization would be found in the galaxy again.


Roshisiz and his new and improved Empire of the Kralgon were highly successful. Taking world after world, Roshisiz' force was now unmatched. No amount of Federal Government soldiers or Blyro'Tralzican knights could hope to match Roshisiz' march as several worlds were taken by the day. Roshisiz fought with no fear of mutiny or betrayal under his System. Though the Federal Government saw it as tyranny, the efficiency of the System and the unity it brought the Kralgon raised their morale more than ever, without even the need for the nanomachines' manipulation of feelings.

Roshisiz did, however, get far ahead of himself. Durzhan, the leader of the Blyro'Tralzorca, grew impatient, as Roshisiz slowly stopped sending him information of churches for the Blyro'Tralzorca to destroy. Too obsessed with his own power, and ego, Roshisiz began to lose interest in his partnership with the Blyro'Tralzorca, just as the Blyro'Tralzorca began to lose interest in him. Durzhan contacted him.

  • Durzhan - You have not given us an update in weeks, Roshisiz. You had better explain yourself.
  • Roshisiz - Bah. Is my conquest not enough explanation? I am busy. I am working far faster than Thyros XII ever did, or any Kralgon in history. So, if you please, leave me be and do not interrupt me again.

Durzhan, a Katel sitting on his throne, growled angrily.

  • Durzhan - Vyro'Ralzora had specific orders to slaughter the Blyro'Tralzica as they would get in the way of his plans in the future. He has specific plans set for this galaxy, and you are disrupting them.
  • Roshisiz - Why should I care what your false being thinks? Why should some superstitious garbage about an overlord of time attempting to overtake some goddess of time be a concern to me? Bogus religions don't win you wars. Science does.

Durzhan's impatience and anger became more apparent in his voice. He gritted his teeth. His subordinates, all of which were Tralzorcan knights, stood before him as if to intimidate Roshisiz.

  • Durzhan - Do not speak ill of he who rectifies time. He is the true saviour who will bring the Ottzello Galaxy far beyond what Volzara will. If you disrupt his plans, you set us further back from the Perfect Face.
  • Roshisiz - Hah! And I should believe your scriptures?
  • Durzhan - You have not seen the vision of what we may become. We will become godlike beings. It is the destiny for Ottzello. Your orders were not to destroy the Ottzelloans, they were to defeat them, to force them to submission. If you fail this, you have failed us, and him too. If that is so, we must steer this timeline to another direction.

Roshisiz chuckled to himself, then burst out laughing. It sounded ridiculous to him.

  • Roshisiz - You make a mockery of me for thinking I buy into whatever books you have been indoctrinated by as children. Very well, if it's war you want, I shall take you on too. My men will not give up.
  • Durzhan - You will regret this mistake. As will your children. I will ensure they survive, to feel the pain you felt centuries later.

It was war.

Separatist Movements[]

Seeing the Federal Government around them fall, Kirish, an Ottzel leader of the Grand Ottzel Order separatist movement and Ottzel supremist faction, stirred rumours of the collapse of the Federal Government around the press. With overexaggerated media reports, Kirish managed to make the fall of the government seem more real than it was. Ottzel supremism was on the rise, with many more Ottzels blaming the fall and lack of progression of the Government on the other races. The Ottzel all began to sympathise with the Grand Ottzel Order's motives to make it a separate empire again, without the Federal Government.

Initially, the Grand Ottzel Order operated in secrecy. Believing that the Federal Government had failed them as allies, the Ottzel turned to the only empire more powerful than the Kralgon: the Ottzelloan Grox. Through much persuasion, and the destruction of several Federal Government worlds, the Ottzelloan Grox slowly began to favour the Ottzel as an ally, which was unprecendented in Ottzello. However, what truly brought them together was not an alliance with just the two of them, but with the Blyro'Tralzorca.

As the three most technologically advanced groups in Ottzello, each of them outlined and developed plans for a weapon which would win the war. A weapon based on the ancient artifacts acquired by the Blyro'Tralzorca, as well as based on the cybernetics of the Grox and the weaponry of the Ottzel. Once unleashed, it would be unstoppable, but as the three of them would control it, they would be unaffected. This weapon was what was needed to conquer the entire galaxy and rid it of the pests of the Kralgon and the Blyro'Tralzica. When Durzhan, Kirish and the Grox Thylaxiz all began planning the weapon, they watched the galaxy burn.

The Kralgon, the Federal Government and the Blyro'Tralzica's days were numbered.

The True Enemy[]

On planet Kralg, the homeworld of the Kralgon and the capital of the Empire, everything was falling before Roshisiz. Though he had reduced the Federal Government's grasp on the galaxy to a fraction of what it was, the Empire was now failing. It was now losing far more battles than it was winning, failing on dozens of fronts. The news was becoming bleaker and bealker by the day. But now, things would fall before Roshisiz literally, as his world was about to be destroyed.

Out of nowhere, Vyronicia Deathbringers attacked the world, and obliterated the orbital defenses. But they were not used by the Blyro'Tralzica: they were led by Durzhan of the Tralzorca himself. Landing on the world, seemingly invincible Tralzorca Dark Templar Knights tore apart several AI Weapons and large structures with their blades, their armor almost impenetrable. No Kralgon could catch them, moving so rapidly and stealthily that they could never be detected or stopped in their tracks. Roshisiz was now going to fear for his life. But as he watched his men die, crying at them to try harder, he found himself lifted in the air, as if gravity had stopped. Then, he found himself thrown on the ground again, breaking several of his bones, and again, severing his spine. The pain lasted for several minutes before his severed spine at his head prevented him from feeling a thing, feeling almost numb. Just as he was about to pass out, his body repaired, only to be smashed again. Durzhan flew in front of him, hovering gravity-less.

  • Durzhan - The laws of gravity are being bent. And the laws of time reversed. You will suffer the pain of every Kralgon who dies to our Dark Templars tonight.
  • Roshisiz - Why do you not kill me? Do you want me to just admit it? Fine, I failed! You were right, I should have listened to you! Now let me live, and use my Empire!
  • Durzhan - You thought you were working with us. You were working for us. Through our hidden assasssins, through our influence of underground organisations, even our grip on your politicians, all things in the galaxy are influenced by us.
  • Roshisiz - Hah! If that is so, why did you not get your way?
  • Durzhan - There is only so much we can do, and there are those individuals we do not have full control over, and cannot intimidate enough, such as yourself. Once we reached this point in time, it became clearer to us and our master that in no timelines would this succeed and reach the Perfect Fate. We were close to bringing this galaxy towards the Perfect Fate, but you have set it back centuries.
  • Roshisiz - Hah...then at least I have won that.
  • Durzhan - No. In all timelines shall you be robbed of the Perfect Fate, as you have robbed many of us of it. Not all of us are immortal as I am, and not all of us will see the Perfect Fate reached within their lifetime. Their disappointment needs to be answered for, through the blood of your people, and through your pain, which we will make you suffer through, and reset it, so you may suffer it again, until our sadistic minds are satisfied.
  • Roshisiz - Stop! Stop! I'll do anything! Just kill me! Please!
  • Durzhan - I'm not going to kill you. But I'm going to make you want me to.

Helpless, Roshisiz cried out in anguish. At the mercy of this cultist, whose powers he had aggressively denied, Roshisiz' entire world view tore apart before his eyes. Having lived a life of fortune and privilege, he had never felt the pain of war before, and would throw lives away using the System to abuse his own followers, make them suffer pain but mask it to make them willing. As Roshisiz was being crushed, he saw no blood, all his bleeding internal. Even now he did not see the full extent of what it was like to be out at war.

  • Durzhan - ...You are lucky. The master says you may yet prove useful, in one respect. I will not kill you, but you shall be banished to a realm. There, you shall watch the ways in which you failed, the millions of timelines and possible outcomes in which you have failed your people, and in which your success would only bring misery. And then, as your son takes over from you. I shall leave him alive.
  • Roshisiz - My son? Jokes on you...I hate him.
  • Durzhan - I know. And that is why he is to be a much greater Kralgon than you ever were.
  • Roshisiz - You are a monster...I cannot believe Thyros XII worked with you...
  • Durzhan - Far more timelines saw him successful than you. None of which reached the Perfect Fate, which we have now realised. Through our weapon, the Perfect Fate shall be achieved.

Roshisiz could sense that Durzhan was taking joy in making him suffer, and angry at him for his mistakes, but it was subtle. Durzhan's feelings were hidden away by his stubborn attempt to stay as emotionless as possible. Durzhan was right up in Roshisiz' face as he said his last words.

  • Durzhan - The entire galaxy will be swarmed by our weapon. Your people, and many of those in the galaxy, will barely survive. And they only survive because time wills them to for the Perfect Fate to be achieved. Our influence will make it happen, as it has controlled history for thousands of years, and all the thousands more to come. You are nothing to me, and I would like you dead, but the master wishes instead to make you his slave. Perhaps that will be better punishment.

Roshisiz saw nothing else but the ruins of his city. Finally, he passed out, only to awaken in a new realm. But the Empire of the Kralgon was now leaderless. It would not be long before it, as Durzhan said, would be destroyed by the new weapon.

Final Defense[]

The Blyro'Tralzica retreated to the Federal Government of Ottzello's capital. Along with the Galotian leaders, they attempted to keep hold of the world to fight against the Blyro'Tralzorca and Ottzel swarms. Held up in a large, skyscraper citadel, Kaltogo and the rest of the High Priests attempted to protect the leaders, while the Templar Knights were spread around the city to defend it. As they predicted, war arrived quickly.

Huge Ottzel forces began to bomb the enormous metropolis of skyscrapers, with several taller buildings falling to ash. Meanwhile, Tralzorca ships aimed for the Tralzica citadels. Certain that the leader would attempt to aim for the Tralzica's leader, Kaltogo prepared his staff for an attack. Held up in a small chamber with a few chairs, sealed off with the toughest locks, only Durzhan could get through. And he did. Warping in, several leaders were raised in the air and slammed against the walls, before Kaltogo himself was. He turned to Durzhan.

  • Durzhan - Your attempt to free yourselves of our influence is a failure. You do nothing but hold us back from the Perfect Fate.
  • Kaltogo - No, Durzhan, it is you who holds us back from the Fate.

Freeing himself, Kaltogo blasted Durzhan and knocked him to the floor, while freeing himself. Standing upright, he then fired several more blasts to Durzhan, who raised himself up in the air to blast Kaltogo back. As they warped reality around them with Chronoscopic powers, the room was shaking.

  • Durzhan - You have not seen the Perfect Fate as we have. You have not been shown the future. We are to become gods, Kaltogo. Gods higher than this dimension. You would keep this from us.
  • Kaltogo - If you think this, it is you who misinterpret the Fate. That Fate you talk about will make us slaves of time, not overlords.
  • Durzhan - LIES.

Durzhan, out of frustration, raised several chairs in the air, knocking people from them, and throwing them at him. Kaltogo froze them in the air, frozen in time, as he blasted Durzhan with energy once again, while evading Durzhan. Both of them moving at rapid speeds, none in the room could see much more than a blur.

  • Kaltogo - You think Volzara make Taldar into Vyro'Narza as reward? No. It their punishment. The Taldar are slaves to time now. Volzara knew this when she fix time, they would work for it to compensate.
  • Durzhan - And yet their existence is far more meaningful than you or I.
  • Kaltogo - Would you rather have a meaningful existence you do not enjoy, or a meaningless existence you can enjoy? Would you rather have power and no freedom, or freedom and no power?
  • Durzhan - Ottzelloans always choose freedom. And it always leads to their failures. They are pathetic. They do not see that being self-interested is their flaw.
  • Kaltogo - It is not self-interest. It is a desire for freedom from control that they should not suffer. If we are to achieve meaningful existence, or to make an impact, we do not need to sell ourselves as slaves to do it.
  • Durzhan - And you have seen our future. You know that we work together as Ottzelloans, and not separately in a meaningless way.
  • Kaltogo - Out of will. Not because a god left us no choice.
  • Durzhan - If we succeed, people SHALL do this out of will.
  • Kaltogo - You would force this on them because you think it best for them. Not everyone agree.

Durzhan, in frustration, collapsed the roof, bringing it down below them. Kaltogo shield everyone from it, and then threw the broken pieces of metal and stone across, and stood up. He fired a beam at Durzhan, severely damaging him, before throwing him to the edge of the roof.

  • Durzhan - I hate you...you hold us back...from the future we deserve. How can you take pride in this?
  • Kaltogo - I take pride in defending freedom. In defending the will of the people. If you want to achieve the Fate you desire, you achieve it when people want to, not when just you want to. You not able to overrule the people.
  • Durzhan - I have influenced Ottzello and its development for over 5,000 years...watched civilisations rise and fall...made civilisations rise and fall...and you would tell me that...that I cannot make us achieve the Perfect Fate? Hah...

Kaltogo walked towards the edge of the roof. Durzhan had slipped, his powers weak, and grabbed onto the edge of the rooftop. Kaltogo leant down, and held out his hand to help Durzhan up.

  • Kaltogo - It not too late. The Perfect Fate can be achieved through democratic process. People can unite through desire.

Durzhan looked at Kaltogo's hand, and considered his words. For a long time, he thought on them. He considered if Kaltogo was right, if it really was up to all of Ottzello to unite by will for it to happen, and if that alligned with what his master had shown him. But he did not accept it. Durzhan looked at Kaltogo with contempt.

  • Durzhan - Then I will make them unite through desire.

Durzhan let go, falling through the air seemingly to his death, until a portal appeared below him. Kaltogo sighed, and turned to the leaders.

  • Kaltogo - We need take measures. The weapon they planned will almost certainly wipe us all out.
  • Galotian Leader - The Federal Government of Ottzello will not last much longer. No one places their hope in its future anymore.
  • Kaltogo - You alter the DNA of the Galotians. They surely will be targeted by Ottzel for genocide. They blame the Galotians for much of their failure.
  • Galotian Leader - I...suppose it might be possible to discuss things with our scientists, to make our species unrecognisable. But they must still contain Galotian genes in them somehow, so we can one day reconstruct our race.
  • Kaltogo - Dividing the species may do this. The Inalton will need to hide themselves.
  • Inalton Leader - We have created war bunkers in the event that our worlds come under great attack. They can protect us even from antimatter explosions, and can give false signals to attackers to fake our deaths.
  • Kaltogo - You hide in these. Other species also need find ways to hide, though only very few can remain.
  • Galotian Leader - Sir, what will you do with your people, or with the Blyro'Tralzica?

Kaltogo pondered. He had only thought of the other species, being quicker to look out for others than himself. He evalued all possible timelines before making his decision.

  • Kaltogo - ...I need keep my responsibilities to the Ioketa now their leader has died, and yet I not want to abandon the Blyro'Tralzica. I stay on as leader of both. I must give false messages. My people will return to our world, and we abandon machines so no one find us. We return to tribal days.
  • Intalton Leader - That will be tough for you. And the Tralzica?
  • Kaltogo - The Blyro'Tralzica retreat to one world. The Blyro'Tralzorca inevitably find us there, but they will want no one to discover us, so they will not devote us too much attention so as not to alert anyone to our presence.
  • Inalton Leader - You...you are a hero to the galaxy, Kaltogo. We shall be sure to remember you and to sing your praises as the greatest man Ottzello knew.
  • Kaltogo - No. Keep no records of me. The Vida'Rranlora will keep all the records needed. Do not remember the people involved in this war, only the outcome. The Federal Government need to be remembered, as it does not need to be repeated. Nothing more.
  • Inalton Leader - ...Very well, sir. I will remember you in my heart for as long as I live, but I won't live nearly as long as you. I am sorry your son could not match up to you.

Kaltogo stayed silent, as he watched the planet be destroyed by bombs. Quickly, the world was turning to ruins.

  • Kaltogo - No. My son will be greater than me one day.
  • Galtoain Leader - Then, why was he exiled?
  • Kaltogo - He needs learn on his own. But my son be a much greater man than I ever was. I failed this galaxy. After 400 years of watching a galaxy, and being unable to save it, I know that I am not nearly the man my son will be one day. Now, go. I warp you away, but spread the message to your people.

Kaltogo teleported the leaders all away, as well as himself. The leader of the Blyro'Tralzica and a Ioketa tribal leader, Kaltogo would be looking after his people for centuries. Many argue that Kaltogo was far too hard on himself, that he was a hero as the Inalton declared he was, but Kaltogo wanted nothing more than to be forgotten.

The Weapon[]

Meeting in council chambers in a space station deep in space, Durzhan, Thylaxiz and Kirish met to finalise the weapon and mass produce it. Thylaxiz was completely neutral, while Kirish appeared giddy with excitement. Durzhan seemed partly disappointed, but otherwise showed no expression. The room was darkly lit, with only a table in the middle, and holograms of the weapon they had created.

  • Durzhan - As my people, and the Grox, have done for a while, a race of killers created when a civilisation needs destroying. This drastic measure is needed when we must set the galaxy on the right course.
  • Thylaxiz - Often times, you have just used us to destroy civilisation. With how many times you've destroyed civilisations, I'm surprised you haven't asked us to just commit genocide.
  • Durzhan - You know full well that this is what is keeping any other empire from rivalling your power. But we were close this time. The Ottzelloans did form a galactic-wide government, it just failed.
  • Kirish - I fail to see what you are talking about. The Grand Ottzel Order is the oldest group in the galaxy, and has records of all destroyed civilisations, and they have all been conquered and enslaved by us in the past. These "killer races" you refer to have also been destroyed...
  • Durzhan - ...by you and the Grox, correct.
  • Kirish - Right. So this is why we use this weapon to destroy all life, and the Grand Ottzel Order once again shall reign supreme over the galaxy, with the Ottzel as slavemasters as it should be. Only we can put this galaxy on the right track to your Perfect Fate.
  • Thylaxiz - Your politics bore me, Kirish. I just know that the Grox shall continue to dominate this galaxy as the most powerful empire, without challenge.
  • Kirish - Correct, because we allow you to.
  • Durzhan - Oh, how wrong you are.

Kirish' eyes sharpened at Durzhan, but from behind, a Dark Templar Assassin stabbed him.

  • Kirish - -! What?
  • Durzhan - We don't care for your cause, Ottzel. Thylaxiz, isn't it great how you can manipulate these fools every time this happens?
  • Thylaxiz - Indeed. The Ottzel are always desparate to ally with us. They know how much stronger than them we are.
  • Kirish - You-!
  • Durzhan - Enjoy your Ottzel supremist fantasies in death. Your time is up.

The assassin drew his blade, and Kirish was left on the floor, bleeding.

  • Thylaxiz - They are to be used by Grox?
  • Durzhan - By Ottzel initially. The Ottzel do not realise that they will backstab them and kill any Ottzel they see. I will leave a few alive, but this Grand Ottzel Order has existed for far, far too long, and is becoming very...overconfident.
  • Thylaxiz - The Grox and these beings seem to communicate very well. I am pleased with the results.
  • Durzhan - So you should be. I cannot guarantee you will be as fortunate next time this happens.
  • Thylaxiz - ...Right. When that happens, I will be prepared.
  • Durzhan - Perhaps. We shall see. But unlike the "killer" races created in the past, the Tralkikianoe will not be so easily defeated. They are sentient weapons who will grow on their own, and act of their own accord. They will look for targets, they will look to establish themselves, and they will soon learn that they can establish themselves in a realm from this galaxy. They will not venture near Grox territory, as they will have fled the universe before then.
  • Thylaxiz - And should this fail, the Grox will deactivate the ones who do not leave?
  • Durzhan - There are several planets the Tralkikianoe can be deactivated on. But we want a few of them ourselves. The master has use for them, when they travel to another realm.
  • Thylaxiz - This is unlike the killer races you have created in the past.

Durzhan formed a small grin on his face. For once, he seemed to genuinely show emotional, and he was proud of what he had done.

  • Durzhan - They are the ultimate weapon. And they will clean up the rest of this war. And those pesky little Ottzel.
  • Thylaxiz - You did not kill Kaltogo. He may try to save species.

Durzhan's grin grew wider.

  • Thylaxiz - I am counting on it. Don't worry, Thylaxiz. Soon, we will achieve the Perfect Fate. You and I will be far more powerful than anyone can imagine.

The Tralkikianoe were deployed. And there was slaughter. With the Kralgon defeated and the Blyro'Tralzica in shambles from wars with the Blyro'Tralzorca, no one could stop the Tralkikianoe's massacre of all life it had been set to target. A sentient race of machines, it would conquer worlds, it would use their resources, and it would build more, at an unstoppable rate. They spread like a virus.

Anyone they found would be killed. Though Kaltogo had hidden several races well, there were only so many who could be saved from Tralkik enslaught. Ottzello was plunged into a dystopian state far worse than it had already been in. A galaxy that had suffered from exploitation of the rich few, of the criminals who would take for their own personal gain, and now, of the Tralkikianoe. The Blyro'Tralzorca had planned this perfectly, a galaxy of dread, of fear, of a hellish life.

Ottzello would not recover for centuries.