With recent events, relations between the Grand Three are no longer the simple interactions between a triumvirate of close and interlinked allies. Though I certainly do not agree with the harsh nature of the Coalition's modus operandi in conflict, our alliance with them along with Rambo Nation has been instrumental in fighting the Xhodocto during the War of Ages, the Cognatus in the Intergalactic War and even the Nanohorde. Without this relationship, there is not a doubt in my mind that the universe would be a significantly nastier place, if it would have endured at all.

- Apollo

The Grand Three is an unofficial phrase used to describe the complex and important relationship that has existed since the Tigris War between the Delpha Coalition of Planets, Rambo Nation and the galactic governments of the Cyrannus Galaxy, whether it be the Old or New Republics or the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Though by no means an official organisation, the Grand Three has been instrumental in the construction of many institutions of the modern Gigaquadrant, including the Seven Starr Alliance and the Mou'Cyran Accords and have also been at the forefront of many crucial events throughout intergalactic history, ranging from the War of Ages to the Second Galactic War. In recent years however, the relationship has become immeasurably more complicated, influenced by events such as the formation of the Cyrannian Empire and the lack of Coalition protection during the Imperial invasion of Rambo Nation. However, despite these complications, it is often said that without the alliance between the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation, the universe may well have fallen in conflicts past.




The Grand Three have been involved in many conflicts since they initially began to interact during the early days of the War of Ages. Though the three would fight alongside each other during these conflicts with the Congregation, it would be during the Trucinex War that the alliance was truly cemented.

Battle of Orbispira Trucinex War

A battle with the Grand Three against the Trucinex.

  • Trucinex War - (07 BQF, 11 BNE, 691.4 ACS): The Trucinex attack the United Republic of Cyrannus member known as the Capricorn Sector Alliance. The Rambo and the DCP's intervention on behalf of the Libertus eventually results in the conflict's end and the defeat of the Trucinex.
  • Tigris War - (06 BQF, 10 BNE, 685 ACS): The Cyrannian Republic (through its member the Capricorn Sector Alliance), Rambo Nation and the DCP fight to defend their colonial holdings in Tigris against the hordes of the Congregation, who emerge victorious at the cost of the URC and Rambo colonial sectors.
  • The Nanohorde - (1 BQF, 8 BNE, 696 ACS): The Nanohorde outbreak is created when an unstoppable nanotechnological plague is unleashed. Unlikely aid from the Xhodocto halted the crisis.
  • Second Galactic War - (0 BQF, 7 BNE, 703 ACS): The Imperial Alliance invades the Rambo, pulling all three allies into war. Ultimately, the Rambo and their allies are victorious.
Desolation of the Bisistar 05

The Battle of Venetia, during the New Cyrandia Wars.

  • Revolution of the Warlords - (1 AQF, 6 BNE, 704.1 ACS): Both the Republic and the Rambo (through the Quadrantia Federation) rush to the aid of the DCP loyalists during the Revolution of the Warlords, refusing to accept the legitimacy of a Core Federation mandated peace treaty with Wormulus' enemies.
  • Intergalactic War - (2 AQF, 6 BNE, 706.2 ACS): The First Cognatus Empire embarks on a universal crusade, fighting in particular against the DCP and the URC, but also with the Rambo in the Quadrants. The Cognatus are not defeated, but much of their fleet was redirected to unknown space by Oikoumene AI.
  • March of the Apocalypse - (2 AQF, 6 BNE, 706.5 ACS): The Xhodocto once again invade, with the allies once again being instrumental in their ultimate defeat, diving into hell itself to prevent the destruction of the cosmos.
  • Second Coming - (05 AFQ, 2 BNE, 707 ACS): The Xhodocto return and destroy much of known space. Though the Cyrandia Cluster is unharmed, the DCP seemingly vanish, only to be returned to this reality by Republic Captain Helo Roslia.
  • Great Cyrannus War - (04 AQF, 3 BNE, 708 ACS): The Confederacy of Allied Systems and the URC wage war for control over Cyrannus. The conflict saw many battles but ultimately resulted in the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, ending the simple relationship of a triumvirate of allies.
  • New Cyrandia Wars - (07 AQF, 04 NE, 710 ACS): Much has changed, though the creation of the New Cyrannian Republic gives hope that the Grand Three can be given new life. The three factions fought together alongside many other civilisations during the Battle of Venetia.

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Once we trusted them without hesistation, rallied our troops to either cause or to protect eachother from harms way. Now a days, things are more complicated.

- Ramashe of Rambo Nation -07 AQF-



  • For obvious reasons, namely the antagonism between the Empire and the Republic, the "Grand Three" is not the "Grand Four", with the triumvirate being considered the Rambo, the DCP and the Cyrannian galactic governments as a single entity.

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