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The Grand Tarkan Empire is a multispecies imperial monarchy of 4,110 systems within the Katar Sector. Ruled over by a Gran Beyvik (the Tarkan equivalent of "Emperor"), it has been a long-standing military and political power in lower Katar.

History Edit

The Tarkan Empire has always existed in one form or another, growing from a small collection of provinces in Vulduar to eventually encompass thousands of worlds. War was almost a constant reality for the Tarkans, as they were always fighting amongst themselves if they were not attacking a foreign enemy. Historically, they have been a major player in the politics of their subsector. They often went to war with their neighbors and sometimes even made alliances with them to fight greater foes.

In 2785, the Grand Tarkan Empire, under Gran Beyvik Dishal V'klor, took advantage of the chaos that engulfed lower Katar when the Drakodominatus Tyranny, and their vassals, the Imperium of War, entered the sector. The Tarkans attacked several nations and subdued them in an effort to impress the Tyranny, though their alliance offer was turned down rather harshly. By 2788, in spite of mounting attacks by the Imperium of War who increasingly saw the Tarkans as rivals in their servitude of the Dominatus, Dishal had acquired a good portion of territory and nearly doubled the size of the realm. Instead of congratulating the Grand Tarkan Empire, the Tyranny coldly demanded that these territories be handed over in 2789. Dishal feared the Dominatus' might and was forced to give in. Half of the territories of the Grand Tarkan Empire were given away, most of which went to the Imperium of War, much to the dismay of the realm. On the demand of the Tyranny, the Grand Tarkan Empire launched a surgical strike on the Sago Kingdom, supported by the Imperium of War. Dishal turned this strike into a conquest of the Sago Kingdom, which led to the Imperium of War withdrawing their support, as this went well beyond the assigned mission. The Grand Tarkan Empire was beaten back, though took its revenge upon the Imperium of War in october 2791, when the entire War-Imperial armada in Katar away was countering a full-scale attack on the Tyranny. The Tarkans took this opportunity to launch a sneak attack upon the Imperium of War, taking back their planets and forcing the War-Imperial armada to rereat from the Katar Sector.

Great Tyranny War Edit

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In December of 2792, the Tyranny had clung to life after a devastating slave revolt and was barely holding its ground in the Katar Sector against the allied forces of the Drodo Empire and United Free Peoples Coalition. The Imperium of War had been ousted from Katar by the combined offensive of the Drodo Empire and the Hegemony, shortly before the Hegemony was in turn driven out, and the Grand Tarkan Empire had been quick to recover it's lost territories. Dominatus commander Mortrig Malevon ordered the Tarkans to engage the armed forces of Delcath massing against him. Dishal, again, complied. He sent his children, his heir and master at arms, Etzan Vklor, his second son, Abanan, and his daughter, Sirga, to attack Miperiors at the head of the Tarkan Imperial Army.

The offensive was massively successful. The combined Miperian and Amphibibot navies -- twelve thousand ships -- were utterly lost. Half of the force was destroyed while the other half surrendered. Meanwhile, Etzan had lost barely a thousand ships in the whole effort. The Miperiors Empire surrendered on December 28, 2792. Shortly after that, the Amphibibot Collective capitulated when Etzan's forces reached it on December 29.

On January 1, as the Delcathian nations prepared for war, Dishal officially declared war on the Miperiors Empire, calling the vassals of the realm into it. He promised that the vassals could acquire the territories in Miperiors which they could keep control over. This led to the mobilization and deployment of nearly eleven thousand vessels, adding to Etzan's fourteen thousand already in the field. Within days, the region was fully subjugated.

On January 5, 2793, Etzan was recalled by his father to the capital. Dishal had received an order from the Dominatus to send ten thousand ships to their front with the Drodo Empire. Dishal intended for Etzan to lead them, and told him such while they were alone in the throne room together. Appalled that this would leave Miperiors––and in fact the entire empire––open to reprisal from the Katar Sector Alliance, Etzan challenged his father for the throne and slew him on the spot.

As challenger and next in blood, Etzan ascended to the full power of the throne. His first act as Gran Beyvik was to extend a peace offer to the Katar Sector Alliance, proposing that they unite against the real enemy––the Dominatus. It was a calculated move. Etzan knew that the KSA could not refuse such an offer, given that they were losing their war with the Tyranny. Etzan spent the next year on the front lines with the vassals of the realm on a massive land grabbing campaign, trying to claim as much space as possible before the KSA could catch up to them. Eventually, Etzan made a mistake and caught himself in an battle with the Tyranny that inflicted severe losses on his forces and limited his expansion towards lower Katar.

The Tyranny was finally pushed out of Lower Katar by the combined armies of the Katar Sector Alliance by the end of 2793. The Tyranny War was over.

Lightning War Edit

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For most of 2794, the KSA and the Grand Tarkan Empire remained in a state of perpetual cold war until, on December 31, 2794, the war between them resumed.

Government Edit

Gran Beyvik of the Grand Tarkan Empire Edit

The holder of the title of Emperor has de jure absolute power over the whole of the Grand Tarkan Empire. From it stems all laws and all directives the subjects, vassals, and peoples subordinate to the empire must follow. However, if the emperor lacks the force to enforce those laws, they are not abided by.

Succession Edit

The title is hereditary in that passes from the holder to the holder's eldest child, regardless of gender or age.

Current line of succession:

  • Lhasa V'klor
  • Abanan V'klor
  • Sirga V'klor

Feudal System Edit

The Grand Tarkan Empire employs a highly feudalistic system to govern its territory. The de jure supreme law of the land is the Gran Beyvik, Emperor. Land, in the form of titles, is given to vassals who subordinate to the emperor. These are allowed to retain a good portion of the resources their provinces generate and raise their own armies, though they must pay taxes to the Gran Beyvik. After the grant, titles are hereditary, passed on to male and female children once the holder has died. If no living heir can be found, the title returns to the crown.

The Council Edit

The lords of the realm gather to form a massive body known as the council when the Gran Beyvik calls them. In theory, it is supposed to advise the emperor, but serves in practice as an easy way for the Gran Beyvik to make announcements, bestow titles, and so on. It is also a convenient meeting place where families can show themselves off.


  • Gran Beyvik of the Grand Tarkan Empire
  • Graf Beyvik, the equivalent of king. Though this kind of title has not been held by anyone in the empire other than the emperor for generations, the Fall of Miperiors warranted the creation of the Kingdom of Miperiors. It was granted to Abanan V'klor.
  • Beyvik, the equivalent of duke. Individuals granted this have control over large collections of provinces.
  • Irike, the equivalent of baron. Controls a single province.

Diplomacy Edit

Foreign Policy Edit

Given their aggressive tendencies, the Tarkans care little for diplomacy. This often makes them rough and inflexible at the negotiation table and earns them a lot of enemies. They distrust written agreements, but adhere strongly to spoken pledges as a matter of honor. They will almost always respond aggressively to provocation.

Allies Edit

Sword&ShieldWe are proud to fight alongside you.

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At War Edit

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