This has been a long time coming, has it not? the day the Adresaas snapped, a domino effect will soon take hold, and our galaxy which we have grown used to will have a severe change. Selten will become a battlefield, and long aged demons of metal will take form of mass destruction again, but not towards us no... towards the republic. We the people of selten had hoped they would have learned their lessons the first time, but it seems once and for all, we must end their reign. Who knows how long this battle will last, but I want whatever divine power exists to know, I side with the rebellion, not the dark forces of oppression. This battle will makr the end of an era of supressed hatred and oppression, an era of despicable behaviors and plagues, new light will shed on the ashes of those who keep us down in the dark. Goodbye Adresaas, your clocks have ran its final chime..
- At'donant Thalganna

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The Grand Seltian War is the ongoing conflict involving many of the empires inside of the Selten Galaxy who are trying to push forward with their own goals, as well as there are some extragalactic empires that are pushing at the war as well for political entrance for the future dates. The Conflict is surrounding the precursor race known as; the Adresaas Republic, the tyrannical powerhouse at the center of the galaxy which has bullied and destroyed countless lives, and even enslaved many for their own genocidal purposes. Even though the republic remains a largely feared and undeniably powerful nation, the slow decline of its economic and societal health has lead to numerous small conflicts inside its borders, and even having a chunk of it removed where seperationists fled the scene and went off to other galaxies. Currently the Republic faces many different familiar faces of anger they must battle as they slowly get pushed up into the corner, hoping to drag its allies down with it if need be. They now must fight for their survival, and continued existance.

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Years had gone by since the Rotalat's fall, many a generation since it was destroyed by reform and morale. The Rotalat were their own downfall, because they believed in helping everyone they could, even though not everyone was kind, and many were but greedy peasants. In the end, my ancestors failed, but I choose to win and win I shall as I resurrect the Rotalat Allied Powers and put it towards a greater goal, helping many people realize greatness can only be achieved through singular rule and the understanding of the difference in class, There are those who are born superior, and I intend to teach those that their fervent beliefs in freedom and equality are misguided and utterly wrong.

- Republic Dictator Ardius Thalganna

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We witnessed horrible things from the republic, in the Void Eye War, and even my own home galaxy, is there no end to the terrible onslaught of atrocities that my father Ardius Thalganna II, can cook up? I am fed up with the lack of honor among my kind, and the lack of morality. It is time for a change and that will come with the end of all that is unholy in the Agatropian race! I will NOT put up with the slander and dead stares given to me due to me being the race that rules the Republic with a iron fist! THIS IS THE END OF THEIR REIGN, AND WITH IT THE END OF THE THALGANNA'S REPUGNANT LEGACY!

- Leader of the Rebellion At'donant Thalganna

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