The Grand Ottzel Order was an ancient organization ran and funded by Ottzel. With a length history as both the dominant power of the Ottzello Galaxy, a political party in the Federal Government of Ottzello and a separatist group in the same organisation, the Grand Ottzel Order is the oldest organisation in the Ottzello galaxy. Though the group had endured for almost three millennia, the Grand Ottzel Order's ideology of Ottzel supremacy and free market capitalism was the same throughout its history. The group was devoted to keeping the Ottzel as the dominant species, under the belief that, as the first spacefaring race in the galaxy, they deserve the most power, believing that their guidance of the galaxy was benevolent.

As the dominant government of the galaxy prior to the Federal Government, the Grand Ottzel Order kept any new spacefaring empire as slaves, preventing them from expanding around the galaxy. When several leaders formed the Federal Government, those who refused to follow the Federal Government instead formed a new Grand Ottzel Order, devoted to the Ottzel. As a political party and separatist group, the Grand Ottzel Order has been funded by the richer Ottzel in enterprises, both in secret and publicly, to keep Ottzel-owned private companies in power. Many members of the Grand Ottzel Order have been considered terrorists and extremists throughout its history due to its unethical actions, though the Order often denounced them afterwards. The Grand Ottzel Order was finally toppled a year into the Second Ottzello Galactic War, both when it lost power, and when Ottzel supremacy no longer made any sense.



The Grand Ottzel Order was originally the democratic federal government that was formed when the Ottzel merged into a single nation following their first colonisation. After several wars on their planet Streshune, the Grand Ottzel Order emerged victorious due to its backing by far more richer enterprises and organisations. The Order expanded its reach much further into the galaxy. After theorising about its existence for years, several scientists in the Order discovered hyperspace and soon space travel became widespread.

Dominant power[]

The Grand Ottzel Order spread around the galaxy, expanding their colonies and taking over new worlds to add to its riches. Though the Grand Ottzel Order acted as the council and government of the Ottzel, it was a very loose federal government, as most colonies were set up by private colonisation groups which only wished to earn money for their enterprise back on planet Streshune. The Grand Ottzel Order took a portion of this money as tax, and as such, encouraged more enterprises to colonise more worlds.

As the Order expanded, these private companies began to encounter other spacefaring races around the galaxy. The Order gave no official order or stance on this issue, and as such, enterprises would simply enslave them and sell them around other colonies. As this became more widespread, there were no measures taken to keep control of the slaves, and more slave uprising led to sympathy within groups which felt that slavery was immoral. Several higher ranking members of the Grand Ottzel Order's council left, and the Federal Government of Ottzello was formed. The Grand Ottzel Order continued to exist as a splinter group.

Splinter group[]

The splinter Grand Ottzel Order existed in secrecy. Funded by rich, Ottzel-owned enterprises that had colonised and enslaved many planets in the galaxy, the Grand Ottzel Order operated as both a political party within the Federal Government aiming to restore Ottzel supremacy over the galaxy, and a a splinter group which would act independently of the Federal Government. With privately owned armies and technology, the Order conducted its own experiments to improve the Ottzel species and its hold over aliens.

The Grand Ottzel Order was known for being unethical, feeling that the end always justified the means. As such, it had no issue with terrorist actions. It is known that the Grand Ottzel Order often destroyed several alien symbols in order to make statements. The Order was also notorious for conducting genetic and cybernetic experiments using aliens as test subjects. However, despite its unpopularity, the Grand Ottzel Order won power at the end of the Great Blyro War. Making a brief alliance with the Blyro'Tralzorca and the Ottzelloan Grox, the Order were mostly destroyed by the Tralkikianoe.

Following years[]

Remnants of the Order remained, scattered around the galaxy, though Streshune still had many Ottzel settlements surviving. The Order once again expanded around the galaxy, though it abandoned its previous racist ideologies, and toned down its supremacy. The Order would instead seek to ally with other empires.

Secondary superpower and fall[]

Becoming a prominent superpower in Ottzello along with the Galot Republic, the Ottzel Order was a very loose government once again, feeling that privately owned organisations should have most control over planets, and not a centralised government. While the Order existed to give them a common ideology and enforce law, the Ottzel were mostly made of different private organisations.

After enduring the First Ottzello Galactic War, the Order was initially shaken. As its own army and the different Ottzello private military corporations failed to hold back the new Loron threat, the Ottzel Order began to allign itself even more with other aliens, and the feeling of supremacy fell. The Ottzel Order finally ceased to exist a year into the Second Ottzello Galactic War, as the different private companies joined the United Nations of Ottzello. No longer able to seek funding, the Ottzel instead had to fight for survival, not for earnings.



The Grand Ottzel Order has a secret council, and does not have any representatives. It has traditionally spoken only through representatives, but its council members have never been known. It is believed that its council members are rich investors and entrepreneurs, though it is known that democracy partially determines the policies of the Order at any given time. In truth, it has never been made public how the Order selects its members.


The Grand Ottzel Order has had various different policies throughout its history, though two are consistent: its insistence on a free market and a supreme Ottzel race. It is very pro-market capitalism, feeling that entrepreneurs, traders and the elite are the only ones who can truly expand the future of the race, and people can be controlled by their love of money or need to earn some. The Order has traditionally allowed private companies to colonise galaxies, own militaries, scientists, and expand the Ottzel race.

Throughout its history, critics have argued that the Grand Ottzel Order only maintains these policies because it is funded by such groups. Though the Order does collect a few sales taxes, it is also known that many individuals invest in its continued existence and in some activities in mutually beneficial economic partnerships. The Order has rarely attempted to control the actions of these corporations, but often influences them by placing bounties or providing funding to certain activities that it wishes to push forward.


Though the Order mostly makes use of private military corporations and mercenary groups, the Order has been known to train its own private army of elites. This army has historically been the most elite of the Ottzel, and also served as a police force. These soldiers have harsher training and much tougher armor and stronger weapons than most privately funded armies, and is known to enact the wishes of the Order.


The technology of the Order has changed throughout history. It is known that it mostly left technological growth up to private companies which it has sometimes funded. As such, the Grand Ottzel Order has always relied and outsourced its technological growth to private sectors, never keeping any for itself. Any private technology it owned was kept a secret, or used in its own fleet.