Gorzask the Great is one of the most dangerous and influential Gorgorian within the Argoroth Sector of the Endless Space. Seated at Gorgorthrond, he sends his hunting and raiding packs to increase his own wealth and power.


Gorzaks, Lassai and Zaa settle a deal!

Born at Gorgorthrond at an unspecified time, Gorzaks was born in a low family of Gorgorian raiders. Witnissing the hardness of their lives and the ever present threat of the feared Mandabit, Gorzaks promised since childhood to achieve greatness and aid his people to give them a santuary. Over time, he became the most notorious of the Gorgorian raiders that instead of hunting in packs, did it all by himself. Under his visions, he became the leader of Gorgorthrond, introduced the pleasure houses and ensured Gorgorian dominance in the eastern sector of the Argoroth Sector that border the nothingness.

During the sixth month of 04 AQF, Gorzask encountered captain Lassai Chiakian of the USS Elgorodaurl and the Cargura girl, Zaa Ashara who awaited his arrival in his pleasure house at Gorgorthrond.

Tash and Corbar meet Gorzask

The duo claimed they sought a fresh and inexperienced pleasure girl, willing to pay well for it that would enlighten their own pleasure. Swayed by the promise of riches, Gorzask agreed but eventually found out he was being decieved but was unable to see his newest property, Lassa Evaana Penaeli being beamed off Gorgorthrond. Gorzask vowed to level the Argoroth sector to find her again and punish Lassai from his crimes.

Later on, when the USS Elgorodaurl made a time jump he got possesion of Evaana again and deployed her as a slave on Gorgorthrond. She was eventually saved from captivity by the crew of the USS Harakaze in June 2820. He later tracked down the Harakaze to Gorga III where he made an unsuccesful attempt to capture her and the crew of the Imperial light cruiser Unfortunate. Facing commander Tash Hannity and refusing to admit defeat, the plunged a spear in her abdomen the moment before she was transported, ending her life.

Personality and Traits[]

Clad in heavy black armor, with a helmet covering his face, the large Gorgorian known as Gorzaks makes an impressive appearance. Clever, cunning and with a keen eye for profits and wealth he is a great businessman and a ruthless hunter and leader. Brutal and utterly without mercy for his enemies, Gorzask the Great is a name spoken in sheer respect in the eastern parts of the Argoroth Sector. Though he can be gentle as well, enjoying "his" pleasure girls when they dance, have fun or take a liking to him.



Blue face.pngHunt for me!


Orange face.pngBecome the hunted, you slime!



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