Gorubla Til'Airo Du'lko, often just called Gorubla is a Quadrantia Slug, hailing from Quadrant 21 before finding his way into the political arena of Rambo Nation, setting up his own network he eventually succeeded to rise to the position of senator, a position that benefited his well. Around 08 AQF, he was one of the Board of Masters who brought back the The Syndicate after years of dissolution and scattering.

A cunning and cruel man, he will not hesitate to use force to get what he wants, and none is more dear to him than his own power and wealth.


Senator of Rambo NationEdit

Senator Gorubla Til'Airo Du'lko

Gorubla (pre 08 AQF)

After the slug home world was destroyed, Gorubla wandered the Quadrant Galaxies, eventually finding a new home with the Amiaeria in the northern sectors of Quadrant 82, near the borders of the dreaded and feared Quadrantia Grox. Over time he became a baron among the Amiaeria, around 02 AQF he supported the Treaty of Fornaeria and was elected by the Amieria to represent them within the Rambo senate. Becoming a citizen and senator of Rambo Nation saw him rise to the upper echelons of Rambo society.

Quadrantia Disorder 08

Gorubla in debate with Chuinaylia and Ram'Thrandeal

One of his first notable actions as senator occurred shortly before the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF, Gorubla and senator Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria tried to negotiate with Tukio Nutria, who had forced a trade blockade upon the Chinawkya home world Ivalaë. Though diplomatic talks failed, the blockade was lifted by force of Rambo Command. During the early month of the Great Cyrannus War, Gorubla voted against declaring war upon the Confederacy of Allied Systems, believing the United Republic of Cyrannus was responsible for their corruption and following war. Together with Chuinaylia and Ram'Thrandeal he managed to delay the declaration of war, however he was unable to delay it a second time as Empress Ramashe herself ordered to declare war on the Confederacy after they invaded Yadumarth.

Lacrima a Vinyar 02

Morglûkia, Gorubla and Chuinaylia in session

Gorubla remained within the Quadrant Galaxies during the remaining of the war, expanding his underground network of spies and trade. When in the sixth month of 05 AQF the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an emergency session was held to inform the entire senate. Gorubla was unsure what the Nation should do, but didn't agree with other senators about senator Adar his allegiance, believing the Libertus senator was a loyal subject of Rambo Nation, earning his gratitude and respect.

An Appeal to the Senate

Proconsul Apollo speaking before the Rambo Senate.

Later on he was involved in the senate matters to close the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole. He himself didn't matter what happened though his nephew, Morglûkia did, as such he arranged a meeting between the crime lord and Fiction:Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria. The young Chinawkya senator wasn't happy at all with this sudden meeting and her voice betrayed it. Gorubla looked in awe when Morglûkia got what he wanted and in turn he himself was waved away by Chuinaylia, losing her trust and respect, something that hurted him quite a bit.

Later on Rambo Nation was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat that made Rambo Nation a protectorate of the Empire. Confused he remained silent and decided to follow the Empress in her decisions. In 02 NE a vote was put on the table to start to produce Rambo Nation vessels again, an act that was forbidden by Grand Mandator Garlboz. Gorubla happily gave his vote to start production again of Rambo vessels.

In the fourth month of 06 AQF, Gorubla was present when proconsul Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic made a petition for an alliance of old between the Rambo and the New Republic. Gorubla openly questioned Apollo's motives while he was still in the senate, an act which wasn't really taken well by some of Apollo's more supportive Rambo senators. However, Apollo remained polite and answered all of Gorubla's questions. Still having doubts, he eventually agreed to consider the URC-Rambo "sister-state" as still intact, though kept it to himself that if he had the opportunity, he would blackmail the New Republic.

Board of MastersEdit


The Syndicate is reformed at Nal Amroth

During the eight month of 07 AQF, Gorubla managed to peruse an ancient castle holding at Nal Amroth, from where he would reconstruct the Syndicate, together with is two closets criminal associates, Snargom Bloodthirst and the slaver Xidan.

Or-Ana turns his back to Chuinaylia and Gorubla in anger

He also managed to buy a female Ancrevialicia, unknown to him it turned out to be former Cyrandia Alliance president, Aur'Lumniassa who became his personal cup bearer.

Together with the other Masters on the board, Gorubla tries to bring back the Syndicate to its former glory, when governments could be toppled by them, none dared to interfere with them and just spoke about them in whispers.

At 17-03-08AQF, Gorubla was confronted by senator Or-Ana about an article charging him of corruption together with senator Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria. Knowing his time in the senate was over and he faced a warrent or questioning for it, Gorubla decided to resign at once and flee back to the safety of his castle at Nal Amroth.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gorubla is the senator of the Amiaeria Sector, with a normal influence within the Senate. Often described as a friendly, passionate and untrusting figure, he doesn’t hesitate to raise his voice in objection and often makes empty threats. Sometimes cruel and just bored by senate meetings, he has an overly interest in trade routes and underworld matter, something that suite his own criminal activities a lot. Those that don’t like him often claim that Gorubla has connections with the criminal underworld, but he officially denies that.

In truth, he does have some connections with the underworld, his nephew Morglûkia is a powerful known crime lord but Gorubla rather takes a less public role as crime lord, something that he still tries to retain as an associate of the Board of Masters of the Syndicate. With the role he wants to aid the Nation and his empress with acts that the Rambo government normally cannot approve.

Often found odd and overly friendly, he is known to have a favor for slaves and beauty, a firm believer and defender of Rambo Nation, he believes their problems can be solved by using military might and is a firm petitioner of the Rambo Clone Trooper Army (RNCTA). He seems to get along with most Senators, though many distrust him. Over the years he has grown obese, was forced to replace his left hand with a prosthetic one due to an infection.


Senate relations

Green faceSenator I can trust are a rarity!

  • Yellow faceI can work with them

Red faceUnbelievable they are senator within our own Government


Green faceworthy of my friendship!


Yellow faceNot sure about them.

  • Apollo - he can speech, I give him that
  • Xidan - a slaver member of the Board of Masters, one you should watch closely

Red faceArgh!

  • None yet



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