Who can stop an Empire when it has near-limitless wealth? Fortunately, the Goldems are much too occupied devising how to enrich themsleves further than to worry about...well, anything else.

- Alestra X of Centrus

The Goldem Imperium, also known as the Goldem Emirates, is a moderate-sized totalitarian monarchy that hails from the mineral-rich galaxy of Lyan. The Empire is built around a massive umbrella megacorporation, Goldem Industries, which has grown to actually operate and own most of the empire and its inhabitants themselves. The corporation is owned by by the Empire's royal family, one of the richest in the known universe, and has become synonymous with the Empire as a whole.

The Empire is legendary for the wealth of the Goldem race, who remain both centralised and commercially outgoing, and are renowned for their greed for power and money. It consists of a collection of more than 600 planets (most of them with only limited areas fit for habitation) in the inner regions of its home galaxy, whose planets are embedded with vast reserves of valuable ores, minerals, and other resources and which remain mostly isolated from other civilizations in the galaxy. Needless to say, the mining industry is largely responsible for most of the Goldem's cache of wealth along with a backdrop of more varied (and shadier) enterprises.

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