Gokyvax is a Miklee Nosisan Autarch hailing from Nosiso and one of the leaders of the Creeper Cabel, a rebel cell part of the Cyrandia Resistance.


Early Life[]

Autarch Gokyvax was born at the Nosiso homeworld Nosiso where he was born to the Nosiso Queen and soon ascended to one of her trusted lieutenants, commanding a minor hive and droid factory. Gokyvax and his hive remained rather neutral during the Great Cyrannus War and secretly did not support the Nosiso and their production of weapons for the Confederacy of Allied Systems, fearing repurcussions by the United Republic of Cyrannus. As such it did happen and his homeworld became a battle field for numerous campaigns.

Nosiso Exile Leader[]

Syria and Gokyvax meet onboard Yurrus Home as the Relentless returns in the background

For his refusal to follow the Queen's rule and policy, Gokyvax and his crew were exiled duirng the Great Cyrannus War where they relocated themselves in a nearby asteroid field. Longing for the day they might return to Nosiso and shed their branding of Exiles. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus invaded Nosiso during the Dark Times after the collapse of the Republic he saw his hopes shattered and his hive continued to live amongst the three Resucant-class light destroyers, heavily modified to harbour sentient life and equipped with a factory as well inside its aft hull.

In december 20 AQF, Gokyvax decided to aid Lady Syria when her Creeper Cabel faced destruction at hands of the Imperial Inquisitor Chi Chodecra of the star destroyer Relentless. Driving the star destroyer away he met with Syria onboard Yurrus Home but was unwilling to join her rebel cell. He changed his mind when the Relentless returned and destroyed one of his ships. With Syria's word to allow them to live on Yudumarth with Rambo Loyalist support, Gokyvax and his Exiles joined the Creeper Cabel in hopes of a better future. Gokyvax was present during the Battle of Amber when the Cyrandia Resistance attempted and succeeded in liberating the Miluiel from the dark influances.

To his surprise, Lady Syria dissolved the Creeper Cabel in September 2820, refusing to join the Legatus Gokyvax travelled to Ramsoria and informed the Rambo Loyalist leaders of the event before heading into the Space in Between with is people to settle on a new world away from the Empire.

Personality and Traits[]

Gokyvax is known for his calm but direct leader skills, his engineering and tactical skills and knowledge of engineering and construction. Gokyvax is bestowed with the title of Autarch and is a hive leader. Like all Nosiso Gokyvax is an insectoid though he is slightly larger than most of his kin with prominent head and shoulder spikes. He is described as a nalytical adn pitiless, but also pragmatic, reasonable and an honorable leader.

His relation with Syria is a bit tense, but he is willing to trust her word. In return, Syria places great trust at Gokyvax and consideres him being equal in status.

Gokyvax adornes himself with blue and golden cloathing, signalling his status above ordinary Nosiso citizens and soldiers.



Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Orange face.pngBlergh!

  • Yudran - Not all insectoids need to be mistrusted



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  • The original Nosiso were created by Cyrannian though Dino was allowed to modify them to serve amongst the Creeper Cabel in hopes of calling Yudumarth Home.

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