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The Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire, or GIE, is a monarchy that controls colonies in numerous locations across theFirst Gigaquadrant, including the Milky Way, Xanthrus Spiral, Cyrannus, and Wental galaxies. It's population is made up predominantly by the Gjigantrox species, by whom it was founded. It is currently ruled by Emperor Karadril.


Little is known about the GIE's past, save that it was founded by the Gjigantrox on their home planet of Scarolinos some millenia ago. Since that time the GIE has expanded, through both conquest and diplomacy, to besome the empire that it is today. More will be added to this section soon.


The GIE possesses numerous technologies, some with utility purposes, and others with more destructive capabilites. The following are several of these technologies.

Hallucination Field GeneratorsEdit

These devices are used to trigger hallucinations in the GIE's foes. They generate an electrical field which triggers a part of the brain found in most sentient species to release chemicals that induce a hallucination. The operators of the field cannot control what this hallucination is, but the GIE's belief is that it's better to fight a confused enemy than a focused one.

Density ProjectorsEdit

This technology uses a type of tractor beam to essentially increase an object's weight many times over. The device, at its most destructive, can be used to increase the weight of a star, which in turn increases the stars gravity, pulling any orbiting planets closer to the star. This can wreak havoc on these planets' ecosystems or even pull them into the star, destroying them. Thus, Density Projectors are considered to be among the GIE's most dangerous technologies.


The majority of the GIE's colonies were located in the Siiralore Galaxy, which was the center of the Empire, with much trade and other such activities occuring there. However, since the events of the Annihilation, the Siiralore Galaxy has been destroyed, although fortunately it's inhabitants were evacuated. The GIE colonies in the Galaxon Galaxy were evacuated and subsequently destroyed as well. The Empire's heart is now located in the Milky Way Galaxy, where the Gjigantrox homeworld, Scarolinos, is located.

Home Settlement RegionEdit

The Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire's homeworld, Scarolinos, and the rest of the "Home Settlement Region" is locate in the Milky Way Galaxy. This zone includes a few thousand star systems, which the Gjigantrox gained through both violent and peaceful methods, depending on the situation.

Sol SystemEdit

In one of their more famous moves, the Gjigantrox were the third species to colonize the Sol System after the departure of Humans from that area. The Gjigantrox took control of Neptune, and set up a number of orbital facilities in order to harvest it's rescources. Shortly thereafter, much of the rest of the Sol System was colonized by various other empires, and the Gjigantrox offered them the chance to reside on some of the moons of Neptune, as long as they obeyed Gjigantrox laws.

Cyrannus TerritoryEdit

The Gjigantrox currently possess 50 colonies in the eastern area of the Cyrannus Galaxy, near the space ocuupied by their allies, the DCP, URC, and Rambo Nation. They are also currently invading the Confederacy of Allied Systems-controlled western area of Cyrannus, and may establish colonies there as well.

Imperial Realm of XanthrusEdit

After the Gjigantrox signed the Treaty of Galayru, the Great Realm of Xanthrus, formerly controlled by the Empire of the Core, was ceded to the nations of the First Gigaquadrant, among other territories. The Gjigantrox laid claim to approximately 1,000,000 systems in the former Great Realm, calling the new territory the Imperial Realm of Xanthrus. The region has since become very prosperous.


Below are the various empires that have allied with the GIE, and a brief description of how said alliance came about.

  • Delpha Coalition of Planets-The Gjigantrox allied with them in exchange for freedom from Emperor Maximilian
  • Sporemaster Alliance-The Sapo contacted the Gjigantrox, and then the Gjigantrox allied with the entire Sporemaster Alliance.
  • Reckzo-The Reckzo love allies, so the Gjigantrox saw no reason not to form an alliance with them.
  • United Republic of Cyrannus: The United Republic, already the Gjigantrox' fellow members of multiple interstellar groups, offered to forge an alliance with the Gjigantrox, and the Gjigantrox agreed.
  • Jovar Empire-The Jovar allowed the Gjigantrox access to the Sol System, and since then have become great trade partners, and even greater allies.
  • Core Federation-The Core Federation were already partners with the Gjigantrox in the breakfast industry, and so an alliance was created with them to strengthen that partnership.
  • Kazalori-The Kazalori are new and friendly allies of the Gjigantrox.
  • Olvidian Empire-The Gjigantrox first contacted the Olvidians through the Inter-Species Scientific Alliance, where both empires worked to create non-carbon-based lifeforms. Soon after this meeting, the two powers formed an alliance.
  • Rambo Nation-The Rambo are excellent allies of both the URC and the DCP, so the Gjigantrox decided that they would naturally make good allies.

The Gjigantrox are also members of the Universal Alliance of Nations, the Universal Defence Network, the Universal Trading Union, the Inter-Species Scientific Alliance and the Intergalactic Republic.

Quotes From Other EmpiresEdit

A truly remarkable civilization, the Gjigantrox have been through a lot of pain, suffering and wars, and yet they always come out bigger and better then before. We are glad we are allied with the GIE. Long live Chief Ambassador Carillion and the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire!

- President Apollo


- The Grox
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