This is a list of known sapient species of the Girdo Galaxy, including extragalactic species such as near-Humans, many of which could be found in the Girdo Empire. Most of Girdo's native species became extinct when the galaxy was destroyed, living on only in the databanks of Apalos.

Northern Arm Edit



  • Homeworld: Dyptre
  • Affiliation: Fly Swarms, Girdo Empire

The Flies were insectoid Bards in the Girdo Empire. Commander Tieltarmae was a Fly who led one of the four fleets under the command of Commodre Bracheps during the First One Campaign.



  • Homeworld: Phytre
  • Affiliation: Leptliss Empire, Girdo Empire

The Fungrooms were phytoid Shamans in the Girdo Empire. Notable Fungrooms include Commodore Mushtool of the starship Universal, and Commander Vorotoonash, who led one of the four fleets under the command of Commodre Bracheps during the First One Campaign.



  • Homeworld: Batrakimeptra
  • Affiliation: Leptliss Empire, Girdo Empire

The Leptliss, often (and sometimes pejoratively) known as Frogbugs, were a centauroid amphibian species from the planet Batrakimeptra with a spacefaring Warrior society.

Commodore Laimu of the starship Peacemaker was a Leptliss. The Frogbug Commodore Hlraka of the starship Starfighter was originally nicknamed the "Flame of Batrakimeptra" before becoming part of the Girdo Empire, but after leading several campaigns of de-terraformation during the Girdo Galactic War, particularly as part of the invasions of the Pirakkei clans in the Imperial War Against All and the Fectonian colonies in the Post-Grox Crisis, he became known as the "Purger of a Thousand Worlds" among the Empire's enemies instead. This state lasted until all of Empire's enemies had been either eradicated or incorporated into its group mind.



  • Homeworld: Nautre
  • Affiliation: Mollusc Shoals, Leptliss Empire, Girdo Empire

The Molluscs were cephalopoid Ecologists in the Girdo Empire, capable of floating in the low gravity of their home moon due to their hydrogen-filled helical shells. Commodore Bracheps of the starship Astronomer, most notable for commanding the Empire's forces in the First One Campaign, was a Mollusc.



  • Homeworld: Taukappa
  • Affiliation: Girdo Empire

The Tentekh were two related species which evolved from omnivorous Taukappan cephalopoids. One species, the known only as the "Taukappans", spent their entire evolutionary history on Taukappa and became the founders of the Girdo Empire; the other, the Armoured Tentekh'l, evolved from archecoids (a proto-Tentekh species) that were transplanted onto the planet Novemeshk as part of a terraforming effort by an unknown civilisation millions of years ago. Both had telepathic abilities, but these were much stronger in the Taukappans, who had a weak collective consciousness; similarly, neither had many natural weapons despite being the descendants of apex predators, having lost them during their evolutionary transition to an agricultural society.

Notable Taukappans in the Girdo Empire include Emperor Ghelax Dreyk and Commander Iilfertu, the latter of whom led one of the four fleets under the command of Commodre Bracheps during the First One Campaign. Meanwhile, notable Armoured Tentekh'l include Commodore Theta of the starship Explorer and Ambassador Ten'Trantia, both of whom served as diplomatic staff in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Southern Arm Edit



The Belatra were a hexapedal race from the planet Telan, and the founders of the Second Galactic Federation. The Belatra were Knights, and swore to rid the galaxy of the Grox. The failed to do so directly, despite the efforts of Admiral Trayelo and his flagship Atelania, but it was one of the Grand Galactic Fleet's smaller vessels that gave the Apalosian Empire their interstallar travel technology and star maps, which in turn eventually allowed them to defeat the Grox Empire in the Third Girdo Grox War.

The Belatra were omnivores, and typically favoured a diet rich in meat and fruit but were also fond of eggs. They were excellent hunters, which is what allowed them to dominate their homeworld, but quickly moved to farming and agriculture when the technology developed.



  • Homeworld: Eskes
  • Affiliation: Republic of Eskes, Second Galactic Federation

The Eskesians were a quadrupedal, semi-aquatic race from the planet Eskes (which the name by which they are commonly known comes from; their actual name has been lost to history). They were carnivores, and had a diet composed entirely of raw fish with a little bit of seaweed.

The Eskesians suffered from various problems in their history. They gained sapience early - having only left the ocean about twenty million years earlier - due to a Monolith placed on their planet. Their empire's government once had to face charges of xenocide (despite being peaceful Diplomats) due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Finally, they were nearly wiped out by accident during what was later discovered to be an early Conqrix field test a few years before the Second Girdo Grox War officially began. And that's just what's known from the few surviving records. As with most members of the Second Galactic Federation, they had been exterminated by the end of the Second Girdo Grox War.



  • Homeworld: Ummale
  • Affiliation: Pirakkei clans, Girdo Empire

The Pirakkei were omnivorous winged bipeds which hunted on the plains of Ummale, a small yet habitable moon of a gas giant. Shirider, the leader of a Pirakkei clan who surrendered to the Girdo Empire early on in their invasion, was rewarded by being granted the title of Commodore in the Imperial Space Force and the starship Galaxy, while Commander Miakelain was a Pirakkei who led one of the four fleets under the command of Commodre Bracheps during the First One Campaign.



  • Homeworld: Zkaniaz
  • Affiliation: Fectonian Empire, Girdo Empire

The Taltakets were short six-armed predators from the wet super-earth Zkaniaz, with physical disadvantages such as having six arms and a heavy torso balanced on a single pair of legs being balanced out by the presence of thick armour, twenty sharp claws, and diamond-like crystals in their jaws.

Notable Taltakets in the Girdo Empire include Commodore Diamoinu of the starship Sunlight, and Lieutenant Niestor and Ensign Sarkhai, who served on the starship Zkaniaz during the Girdo Campaigns.



  • Homeworld: Tjenu
  • Affiliation: Tsajaginykar Confederation, Second Galactic Federation, Girdo Empire

The Tsajaginykar were two-armed quadripedal carnivorous reptilians from the planet Tjenu. Originally vicious predators with little natural skill in diplomacy, the science-focused Tsakaginykar managed to acquire technological aids for the purpose of gaining better non-militaristic influence within their region of the galaxy.

Despite this, they soon ended up in a war against their older and larger neighbours, the Zuckhs Empire. The Tasajainykar focused on expanding their own civilisation, and after decades of attrition, eventually gained the upper hand. The conflict was cut short when the Second Girdo Grox War began and both civilisations' military forces were forced to join the Grand Galactic Fleet for their own survival.



  • Homeworld: Noph
  • Affiliation: Zuckhs Empire, Second Galactic Federation, Zxxon Monks, Girdo Empire

The Zuckhs, later also known as Zxxon, were feathered herbivorous mammalian humanoids from the planet Noph. They built a large colonial Zealot empire near the base of the Southern Arm, setting themselves up as a ruling species. Each Zuckhs was given shining armour and shielding after hatching, and upon reaching adulthood, they were further gifted with additional technological items which were used to keep unruly members of other species under control via mind control and trickery. Ultimately, the aim of this was to make the Zuckhs appear to be in possession of magical powers, maintaining their religious control as well as providing physical protection.

However, the Zuckhs Empire soon came into conflict with the Tsajaginykar, and later the Grox; as their civilisation crumbled, many lower-class Zuckhs turned to Shamanism instead, taking on the identity of the "Savvy Zxxon Monks" and peacefully spreading across the galaxy. However, their aggressive mentality remained, and the Zxxon monasteries found work in exterminating violent death cults, as well as hunting down extremist members of their former Spode-worshipping religion, being one of the few remnants of the Second Federation era to survive to the time of the Girdo Empire.

Agent Atirieil, leader of Girdo Intelligence during the Girdo Campaigns, was the highest-ranking Zxxon in the Girdo Empire.

Non-Native Edit

A number of Gigaquadrantically-widespread clades are known to have settled in the Girdo Galaxy, almost certainly having arrived directly from the nearby Milky Way Galaxy of which Girdo was a satellite.



  • Homeworld: Aloiphet, Kollalettus
  • Affiliation: Gooplet Republic, Gooplet Tribes, Girdo Empire

At least two Gooplet nations existed in Girdo's Northern Arm in the 27th century. A Diplomat republic was a close neighbour of the Girdo Empire and was conquered by it in 2667, while a state of semi-nomadic Wanderers at the tip of the arm met the same fate in 2669.


Grox and Conqrix

The Grox Empire settled in the Girdo Galaxy 1.48 billion years ago, around the same time that the Ultraterrestrial Xyanxes disappeared. Although legends say that the Grox defeated the Xyanxes in a galaxy-wide battle, this is almost certainly untrue; more likely, the Grox took the opportunity to colonise Girdo after its creators chose to leave. The Conqrix were brought into the galaxy around 6500 PE (circa 3800 BC) in preparation for the Grox Empire's planned extermination of the Second Galactic Federation, which was growing in strength and would soon be a potential threat.

Their fears were justified: during the Outer Colonies Campaign of the resulting war, the Grox lost over 4000 of their 4200 planets, but as the campaign took its toll on the Grand Galactic Fleet, the Empire struck back with the Conqrix Hive. These warriors were effective enough to turn the tide of the war, although the conflict still lasted half a millennium in total until the Federation was finally vanquished. Furthermore, the Grox were still crippled; six thousand years later, they had recolonised only 2200 of their systems, which was not enough to prevent their defeat at the hands of the Girdo Empire after a five-decade war of attrition.



  • Homeworld: Celestia, Fecton, Telemadros, others
  • Affiliation: Many

The Girdo Humanoids were a collection of near-Human species native to the Girdo Galaxy, believed to have originated from a migratory wave that left the Milky Way at the end of the most recent glacial period of Earth's Pleistocene ice age. The most significant races were the Trader Madrosor and nomadic Warrior Cyberion of the Grand Galactic Fleet, and the Shaman Celestials and Wanderer Fectonians of the Girdo Empire.

Commodore Amatrus, a Madrosor, was second-in-command of the Grand Galactic Fleet under the Belatra Admiral Trayelo. The Celestial Commodore Eta commanded the Girdo Empire's Imperium-class starship Diplomat.

Besides Emperor Mazipnos, other notable Fectonians in the Girdo Empire included his father Karndifos who served as an ambassador under Commodore Hlraka, and Ensigns Alikas and Bekhra, who served under Mazipnos when he commanded the starship Zkaniaz during the Girdo Campaigns. Alikas eventually left Apalos to exist as a Synthetic on the Civilisation's Venaxaw habitat, taking the form of an unmodified Human.

Baen Diraph Portrait

Saqqarit Radeon

  • Homeworld: Waset
  • Affiliation: Waset, Girdo Empire

The Saqqarit Radeons are descended from Radeon missionaries who arrived in the Southern Arm during the 5th millennium BC, and converted the Zuckhs to the worship of Spode. They were allowed to settle on the planet Waset, and soon lost contact with their home civilisation.

In the 24th century AD, another Radeon mission arrived in Girdo, but this time it was a crusade. The conflict was a significant part of the galaxy's recent history, as the damage dealt to the Pirakkei and Tsajaginykar clans of the Southern Arm made it far easier for the Tentekh to expand and conquer that entire half of the galaxy. Despite the significance of the crusades, the knowledge that these Radeons were extragalactic never found its way to Girdo's natives, who assumed that they were merely from an unknown militaristic Saqqarit colony.

Furthermore, as an isolationist, planet-bound culture, most of the Saqqarit themselves were entirely unaware of the ongoing war. However, many others joined their extragalactic brethren, and when the crusaders finally left Girdo these Saqqarit nonconformists joined them. To this day, individuals of Girdo descent exist within wider Radeon society, such as Lord Protector Baen Diraph of the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene.



Two groups of Ultraterrestrials from Plazith Rim are known to have existed in Girdo, although they appear to have had a close relationship, with the same artefacts having been attributed to both races equally.

The semi-mythical Xyanxes were the creators of the galaxy, as well as the originators of the mechanism that protected it from the Xhodocto during the War of Ages, although they left the galaxy to its own devices 1.48 billion years ago. Their base of operations was the planet Artes, widely known for being rich in unnatural pink geodes. Meanwhile, the Screebles were an advanced centauroid species that later adopted a primitive lifestyle on the planet Bilzac.

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