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The Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organization (GITO) is an economic and astropolitical body of free trade groups operating within the bulk of the Xonexi cluster and in the Quadrant Galaxies. GITO differs from other trade bodies in that aside having several sovereign states as partners it also includes other international bodies such as the Farengeto Trade Coalition and Orion League. Members work together to abolish trade barriers between one another and on developmental and research projects in order to improve the average quality of life in the First Gigaquadrant.

Despite its age, being founded in 2797, GITO commands a great deal of influence politically and economically. This is presumably due to the influence of its founding members: the Draconid Imperium, Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, and French Colonial Empire.


The first signs of fracturing within the Universal Trading Union came in December 2790, then-Grand mandator Tereyn Aeresius of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus visited Alcanti to arrange an alliance between the Empire and the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth. However, at the last minute the Grand Mandator pulled out of the talks without explanation or provocation. This diplomatic slight sparked a period of anti-imperial sentiment in both the Andromeda and Bunsen galaxies. This sentiment continued for five years until efforts were made to improve relations, but doubts persisted over whether the Empire could be trusted.

Late 2797 saw an international summit of businessmen and dignitaries from the Draconid Imperium, Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, and France. Though it was not the original purpose of the talks, many expressed concerns and discontent with the amount of influence the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus held in the Universal Trading Union, lobbyists of several larger businesses attended the summit and pressured dignitaries of the three governments for a full withdrawl of business with the Union. Attending the summit as a guest of honour was Uriel Ultanos, who despite pressure form lobbyists talked with businessmen and other dignitaries about setting up a free-trade zone within the Xonexi cluster, separate from the control of the Empire. The idea caught on and persisted throughout the summit, with some dignitaries even drawing up an initial draft of what would later become the Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organisation. After thoroughly exploring the idea through diplomatic channels, delegates from many of the same nations met again in 2798 in order to formalize the founding of the organization. In recognition of the Draconid Imperium's economic influence in the region, the commercial moon of Araveene was named the Headquarters of the organization.

Within its first few years, the organization was bolstered with new members such as the Orion League, Farengeto Trade Coalition, the Katar Sector Alliance, among others. Joint engineering projects between members facilitated the construction of wormhole infrastructure that connected trade capitals and other commercial hubs across the First Gigaquadrant. As many of its members were also members of the Xonexi Allies, organization became a vital source of financing for the Allies and a key diplomatic forum during the Great Xonexian Schism.

On June 21st 2802 the organization's stock markets saw their first combined crash after the surrender of the Orion League at the conclusion of the Battle for the Milky Way of the Great Xonexian Schism. Panicked by the turning tides of battle, many speculators in the Parisian market sold their assets, and the recent political shift in the French parliament meant the French government was unable to suspend the exchanges and the Parisian market fell after several days of frantic selling. The effects led to the devaluing of the Orion gilo, making it currencies almost worthless. By the time the central shutdown order from Araveene had passed, the Parisian and Galactican markets had crashed with the Mimidian Credit and Bunsen Standard Kouyenze continuing as the dominant reserve currencies after the markets were reopened in August.



GITO's central headquarters within the Sublimity Plaza on Araveene houses the central supercomputers used to measure the status of the intergalactic stock market.

GITO relies on a network of wormholes and FTL relays scattered across known space for lag-free realtime FTL communication between trading parties. In order to facilitate trade, galactic trade capitals, economically influential planets which could serve as links in the GITO network, were named. Each of these planets are connected by wormholes to all of the other economic capitals, greatly facilitating trade across the Gigaquadrant. Each GITO capital is equipped with a stock exchange, a market, and a currency exchange linked to the organization's main infrastructure on Araveene.

Regional economic capitals were also named in order to connect isolated regions like the Katar Sector to the main GITO network. These are also equipped with stock exchanges, markets, and currency exchanges, though these are typically smaller in size and influence given the smaller area they have command over.

Economic Capitals Edit

Galactic Capitals
Owner Planet Established Capital of Location Population
DIFlag New Araveene 2798 Andromeda Galaxy Segmentum Draco 2.4 trillion
Flag of France Paris 2798 Milky Way Galaxy Orion's Spur 347 billion
French Quadrant Colonies Galactica 2798 Quadrant Galaxies Quadrant 82 Neutrality Zone 31 billion
TIAF Flag Raysong 2798 Bunsen Galaxy Janus Sector 24 billion
Regional Capitals
Owner Planet Established Capital of Galaxy Population
TIAF Flag Ellilari 2800 Delta Sector Bunsen Galaxy 17 billion
Emblem of Praestol Praestol
2799 Southern Crepusculum Andromeda Galaxy 9 billion
NTA Flag Theol 2799 Segmentum Umbra Andromeda Galaxy 12 billion
Farengeto Colony Flag4 Farengeto 2799 Katar Sector Milky Way Galaxy 23 Billion

Sphere of Influence Edit

GITO's economic sphere of influence is often considered to be the amalgam of the influence of its constituent entities, stretching through most of Andromeda and Bunsen, both of which are considered to be its largest strongholds. The Milky Way, home to the Orion League and Katar Sector Alliance as well as numerous Draconid and TIAF colonies, also has considerable GITO influence. Finally, GITO also has some influence in the Quadrants and Borealis, though its power is dwarfed by resident powers.


The Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organisation maintains a decentralised free trade policy amongst its member states and networks. Members are held responsible for upholding their own trading standards. There are occasions where members of the organisation gather to collectively determine the legality of certain products. Businessmen and merchants with credentials from member states and organisations are given free-travel privileges within the Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organisation allowing them to more effectively facilitate commerce within the organisation's boundaries.

The Organisation is more than an economic alliance. Members also foster large-scale development projects in order to improve local and galactic infrastructure and the quality of life of all under the organisation's influence. Members are also open to conducting joint research and development projects between institutions under the premise of mutual exchange.


Intergovernmental organizations Edit

Member Date Joined
PAE Flag Concept 3 Pan-Andromedan Ecumene
Orion League Orion League
Farengeto Colony Flag4 Farengeto Trade Coalition
NZTO Neutrality Zone Treaty Organization
KSA symbol Katar Sector Alliance

Independent states Edit

Member Date Joined (rejoined) State currency Main imports Main exports
Andromedan Currency Exchange Unit industrial ores, film and television, holomedia, consumer electronics, archaeotech luxury starships, small arms, music, film and television, financial services, tourism, consumer electronics, heavy machinery, Andasium
Flag of France France
gilo raw materials, technology, culture technology, materiel, culture, tourism
TIAF Flag Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation
Bunsen Kouyenze raw materials, film and television, music, art, technology technology, electronics, military equipment, spaceships, film and television, music, computers, communications
Farengeto Credit raw materials, technology, culture, military equipment raw materials, culture, media, consumer electronics
NTA Flag New Tertamian Alliance
Andromedan Currency Exchange Unit archaeotech, art, technology archaeotech, science specialist, art, music, film and television, electronics
Emblem of Praestol Praestol Neutral Zone
Andromedan Currency Exchange Unit raw materials, workers, holomedia pop music, holodramas, animation, technology, electronics, robotics, archaeotech
Drodo Empire Flag Drodo Empire
Drodoian Credit technology, culture, media raw materials, small arms, Military-grade hardware, starships, tourism, culture.
Flag of Hal'Sk Hal'Sk Directorate
Directorate Credit culture, military hardware, media, technology raw materials, military hardware, culture, tourism
Confederation of European States Confederation of European States
gilo raw materials, technology, culture, media starships, technology, culture, tourism
Quadrantia Coin food, art, music, movies Rambo Nation consumption, art, tourism
KicathianRemnantEmblem Kicathian Republic
Borealis credit raw materials, media biotechnology, artificial intelligence software, consumer electronics, military-grade hardware
Eldarisian Flag Eldarisian Empire
Eldarisian Coin raw materials, Technology robotics, culture, tourism, art, small arms, religion
Flag of Corsica Corsican Republic
gilo raw materials, culture, technology industry, finished goods, military hardware
Milla Empire Flag Milla Emprire
Andromedan Currency Exchange Unit raw materials, technology, terraforming tools culture, media, produced products, starships, small arms, military hardware, workers, mercenaries
Dilurna FlagIndependent Sector Union
Union Mint technology, culture, media, consumer products, industrial products raw materials, weapons parts, andasium, finished goods
22px Draekar Remnant
Tehi andasium, biotechnology, starships raw materials, artificial intelligence software, military-grade weaponry
UROFlag Union Republic of Ottzello
2812, (2820)
Borealis credit industrial materials, electronic components, military equipment andasium, nanotechnology, robotics, starships, engine components
Talven Empire Flag Talven Empire
TOD technology, military equipment, culture agricultural goods, raw materials, andasium, technology, culture, tourism


For the cultures of known space to advance. What is needed a body that promises the prosperity to all who desire it. A body not under the command of a single state or authority, and one that does not discriminate though unfair practices. This organisation may be known space's best opportunity.

- Uriel Ultanos

Don't think your sphere of influance in the Quadrants gives you any authority over the Ramsoria Run or Rambo colonial sectors.

- Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo

Trivia Edit

  • GITO is as much a political organization as it is an economic one. Please consult Monet47 or Charles Murray to join it!


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