Our great empire has stood for millennia. And it will stand for millennia more.

- Emperor Aedanius

The Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, also known as the Gigaquadrantic Empire, is a Gigaquadrant-spanning hyperpower native to the Mirror Universe. The earliest origins of the Hegemony lie in the Libertus Empire of the Cyrannus Galaxy, which conquered countless species in their home galaxy before moving on to the Quadrant Galaxies. There, conflict with the Rambo Serindia ultimately resulted in the formation of a mutually beneficial Cyrannica-Quadrantia Hegemony, the direct predecessor to the Gigaquadrant-spanning empire. Over time, the Hegemony expanded into the Dranvamus Galaxy and nearly every other galaxy in the near universe until it came to the breaking point; it's massive size suffocating it. It was not until the Cretacea Family gained control over the Imperial throne that the Hegemony ended it's ceaseless seven millennia of expansion and began to consolidate its power, a trend that continues to this day.

From the vast Xonexi megastructure, the Hegemony imposes its iron will on the Gigaquadrant, crushing those that oppose it and rewarding those that capitulate to it. Under the current golden age of Emperor Aedanius, the Hegemony faces a new era of growth and prosperity, though it is also hounded by those unwilling to swear fealty to their reptilian overlords. Nonetheless, the vast military forces of the Hegemony have enough resources to combat these threats while simultaneously beginning to explore means to enter other planes of existence.


Origins (1600 BHR - 0 BHR)Edit


The Cyrannica-Quadrantia Hegemony is created after a brief war.

The origins of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony lie in the ancient Libertus Empire of the Cyrannus Galaxy, which conquered and destroyed those it deemed to be inferior, creating a vast galactic empire in the process. The ever-expanding desire of the Libertus to control known space brought them into conflict with the Neraida Gigamatrix, which were originally the robotic slaves of the Libertus, only to rebel and become a vast assimilating juggernaut. After a long war, the Neraida were nearly wiped out, with a small band escaping Cyrannus; never to return. Eventually, the Libertus expanded outside their galaxy and made contact with the Serindian Empire, which achieved spaceflight far earlier in its history than in the prime universe. The expansive nature of both resulted in a brief, but bloody war between the two species, which ultimately resulted in a near-victory for the Libertus. Rather than enslave the Serindia however, the Libertus formed an alliance with them; thus the Cyrannica-Quadrantia Hegemony was formed. This entity was the direct predecessor to the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony.

First Age: Expansion (0 HR - 10000 HR) Edit

Thus began the First Age of the Hegemony, one of conflict and ceaseless expansion. Two hundred and eighty years into the Hegemony's existence, contact was made with the Empire of Dranvamus, which ultimately decided to join the extragalactic empire rather than fight it, ultimately bringing the entire galaxy under the control of the newly christened "Gigaquadrantic Hegemony". With this massive boost in the empire's military power, over the next seven thousand years, entire galaxies were conquered with vast portions of the Gigaquadrantic now under the control of its reptilian overlords. However, the vast size of the Hegemony proved to be a weakness when confronted with rebellion. On two separate occasions during the First Age, vast rebellions rose up against the tyrannical rule of the Libertus Emperors.


A Hegemony Fleet during the Great War.

The first was ultimately quashed by the hand of the Hegemony's first Serinida Emperor Ramatinea, who ruled nobly for over seven hundred and fifty years. Upon his death, the Hegomony once again fell into conflict and chaos, only for order to be restored upon the ascension of the Cretacea Family to the imperial throne 7285 HR, which ultimately ended the age of expansion in favour of consolidation and internal improvement.

Second Age: Conflict (10000 HR - 20000 HR)Edit

Despite the Golden Age brought upon by the ascension of a new Imperial Family, much of the next ten thousand years would be dominated by the devastating Great War against the Simhaslaeo Neraida, who had settled in the Simhaslaeo Galaxy after fleeing from Cyrannica millennia ago. The resulting conflict devastates wide portions of the universe while hundreds of trillions of people die. However, it was not until five centuries into the conflict that the Neraida invaded Dranvamus, Cyrannica and Quadrantia, where they were ultimately repelled, turning the tide of war. In 19597 HR, after countless star systems were ravaged, the Hegemony emerges victorious from the Great War, completely annihilating the Neraida and conquering the Simhaslaeo Galaxy. In the aftermath, the sparsely-populated Simhaslaeo Province is founded.

Third Age: Rebirth (20000 HR - ) Edit


Aedanius, the future Emperor, as a child.

Upon the dawn of the Third Age of the Hegemony's existence, vast celebrations were held across the empire and a new era of peace and prosperity had dawned. Nearly a thousand years into the Third Age however, rebels from the Bunsen Galaxy attempted to remove the Hegemony's grip on their home galaxy by attacking Xonexi, home of the Gigaquadrant's emperor. Though this attack would end in failure, it would ignite an insurrection in Bunsen that lasts to this very day.


Battle of the Warp Gate

However, in the other galaxies of the Hegemony's rule life continued on as normal, with the centuries bringing new leaders to rule and guide the Hegemony as they saw fit. The stagnation of the Hegemony ended in 22772 HR when a new Emperor, Aedanius took the throne of the universe. Under this new ruler, the Hegemony once again began to expand; perhaps even into other planes of existence...

While the Crossing Line events unfolded, due to Rambo Nation's construct, the Interdimensional Warp Gate three Hegemony star destroyers managed to arrive in the First Gigaquadrant. In the ensuing battle one of the star destroyers was disabled while the other two escaped to hide within the Serox Nebula to await their time to emergy again and find their way home.

Government and PoliticsEdit


The cunning, charming but tyrannical Emperor Aedanius.

The Gigaquadrantic Hegemony is a vast conglomeration of civilisations that are all forced to swear fealty to a so-called "Imperial Sovereign", an Emperor almost exclusively Libertus that rules the vast swaths of the empire as he or she sees fit with almost absolute power over the overall running of the Hegemony. However, most Emperors and Empresses have expressed contentment with regional leaders of galactic provinces exercising their own rule over their subjects provided that they remain absolutely loyal to the Sovereign. Throughout history, all but one leaders of the Hegemony have been Libertus, with the exception of Emperor Ramatinea, a Rambo Serindia who ruled for seven hundred and fifty years before his death. In the aftermath, the Cretacea Family ascended to the Imperial throne in a dynasty often associated with political backstabbing, though also great expansion and prosperity for their citizens. The Cretacea Dynasty has traditionally found friendship with the Empire of Dranvamus, the oldest province of the Hegemony. Currently, the Hegemony is led by Emperor Aedanius the First, a cunning, charming and tyrannical leader that is both loved and feared by his subjects.

Military and DefenseEdit


The Aretenus-class Star Destroyer are the workhorse of the Hegemony during their incursions into the Prime Reality.

Intergalactic RelationsEdit


Blue faceYou have done well.


Yellow faceWe do not waste time with allies.

  • None: According to the Hegemony's government, there is no excuse for a refusal to capitulate.


Orange faceSwear fealty to your masters or your fate will be one of servitude and slavery.

  • Few: Neutrality is a form of defiance.


Red faceYou have chosen oblivion.




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