"Somebody once said that politics is nothing more than war conducted by less violent means. Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference between the two."

The Gigaquadrantic Conflicts are a series of armed conflicts and widespread political tensions that have spread across the First Gigaquadrant during the early years of the 29th Century CE, involving many of the Gigaquadrant's galaxies such as Andromeda, Bunsen, the Quadrants, the Milky Way and Mirus. Categorised by large scale conventional warfare, widespread political mistrust, abundant civil unrest and an increase of imperialism across the civilised universe, the Conflicts have quickly rearranged the map of the Gigaquadrant and set the stage for future conflicts.


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Theatres of WarEdit


Main Article: Prelude

Station Halcyon is struck by a disaster, setting various empires of the Gigaquadrant against eachother!


Main Article: Andromeda

War rises in the shadow of The Shattering, with allies seeing threats in each other and empires split at the seams.



Even the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrandia Cluster didn't escape conflict at whole. Though rather taking a neutral stance within the Galactic Affairs, internal strive and rising tensions results in conflict between various parties who call the Quadrants home.

The following conflicts take place during the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts:

The following stories take place during the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts and possibly beyond:


Main Article: Plazithian Seismomachy See also: DCP-Vermulan War


Main Article: Mirus

With the warbringing, carefully executed plans and attacks of the Imperium of War finally reaching an climax, the Mirus Galaxy reveals itself to be just as vulnerable to the upcoming storm of conflict as anywhere else. The Imperium's Warforgery, and their associates the Shadow Hunters, quickly disrupted the relative peace Mirus found itself in. The Imperium's allies, the Zarbania Powers would try to bring their leader's race back to life, with would definitely pose a threat to the galaxy. While the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment rushed to arms in try to stop the Zabanians from archieving their goal, they were ignorant to the internal damage the Imperium of War had caused them, such as the slowly escalating tensions within a relatively new member race of one of their most trusted members, the Waptoria Alliance of Species. Soon, even greater escalation would come to the isolated galaxy as it turned upon itself, in never-ending war.


  • Many users have compaired the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts to the First World War.
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