This is the written, incomplete dialog of the story Genesis of Nightmares.


Raid in the VoidEdit

In the darkest space between galaxies, where no stars glow nor planets wander, secrets are kept, for there is information too dangerous to be seen by the people of the universe, but too vital to be erased lest the day come when it is needed. This is not forbidden knowledge - not the instructions to enact arcane rituals and not the unholy texts of ancient cults - but forbidden data. Information about locations, formations, abilities. Where to find things that are not wanted but cannot be destroyed.

These secrets are kept by the Apalos within three-dimensional mazes that are colossal in size, yet insignificantly small compared to the space in which they sit. The labyrinths serve two purposes: firstly, they spread both the flow of heat and the harvest of hypermatter out across millions of square kilometres, making all traces of their existence so weak as to be indistinguishable from the background noise of the universe itself. Secondly, aided by having no gravity and no air, they make it all but impossible for even the most dedicated of individuals to seek what they are looking for inside its endless, twisting, spindly passages.

Not that it would matter, you might think. One would need supernatural powers to so much as find the place, let alone locate the secrets buried within. A shame, then, that in this universe, such powers do exist.

With impeccable accuracy, the demons arrived at their quarry. Once they had bored through the ultradiamonoid hull and entered the tunnel, it was obvious that they had chosen the right spot, for just a few dozen metres away a spherical deflector shield could be seen glimmering as particles of dust crashed into its outermost plasma. Inside it, within a bubble of warped spacetime, would be the data cube that would lead them to everything they wanted.

Of course, the Apalos would not leave such an important object so poorly defended. The outer hull of the maze may have been rigid and nigh-impenetrable, but inside it was a very different story. The first demons to enter were the Malcaeum, sword-wielding reptilian creatures with hide the colour of dull flame, scurrying through the hole that they had created and crawling over the walls. Their job was to utterly annihilate any defences that sprang up, to make way for the demon who would be able to take the cube from its bubble. At first they saw nothing, but for dust in the air settling over their skin. There was, of course, no air; the dust was technology capable of its own movement.

As soon as a light coating had covered the intruders, each piece of dust flattened its form and extended several arms out to its neighbouring motes, restricting the Malcaeum's movements. The trick would not hold them for long, but it was enough of a distraction for the walls themselves to spring to life, forming turrets that opened fire on the demons and blades that shot upwards and aimed for their corrupted hearts.

Although their own weapons were sharp and strong enough to slice through those of the Apalos, the Malcaeum were outnumbered and outmanoeuvred, but they were not alone. Insectoid Eleiethae and Kikra zombies flooded in to distract the defences and draw their fire. Finally came the Gargrethek, the draconic Nightmare Lampreys, whose Essence-enhanced roars rippled through the walls and temporarily reduced whole clusters of guns and blades back into metallic gloop.

The chaos continued for almost twenty minutes until every demon had been slain and their bodies vaporised. In the process, many more holes had been cut through to the outside of the maze, and most of the walls that had survived had been melted and were still glowing red with the remnants of demonic heat. Only a few turrets were still able to function, and they all kept a watchful eye in case of a second wave. They would never have guessed that what arrived next was far worse than a second wave.

A machine, a little under two metres in height and shaped somewhat like a pepper pot, floated gracefully into the maze. Its polycarbide shell looked as though it had been charred with some unnatural fire, while purple Nightmare flames seeped out through the armour despite there being no gaps from which it could do so. The turrets instantly recognised it as a Dalek and opened fire, but their shots fizzled out harmlessly before even reaching it. A pair of curved horns on the top of the Dalek's dome pulsed a deep blood red with every syllable of its telepathic cries.

WEAKLINGS. FAILED EVEN THE MOST MENIAL OF TASKS. HENCE WHY I MUST DO THIS MYSELF. It spoke in a high pitched and electronic voice, so grating it would have hurt the ears of any living being in the vicinity, if there were any.

The turrets continued to shoot, and little by little the volume of fire began to cut away at the Dalek's shields. This did not last long. With abnormal speed, the machine's middle section span around and out of its gunstick came a flurry of bluish bolts of hyperplasma sheathed inside crackling pulses of Entropy. Several more holes appeared in the walls where once there had been guns. YOU ARE THE FIRST TO EXPERIENCE THE TRUE EXTENT OF MY GIFT. BE EX-TER-MIN-ATED.

There was now one last piece of resistance: the deflector shield. The Dalek did not even try to break it; it did not need to. Instead, it simply glided through and clutched the warp bubble inside with the hemispherical end of its manipulator arm. The data inside instantly became part of the Dalek's warped mind.


The Three Warriors Edit

As soon as it had come under attack, the labyrinth sent a warning to its Apalos owners, who immediately drafted a plan, and put it into action as soon as they knew the full extent of the raid. Three messages, intelligent pieces of computer code who could rewrite themselves if somebody even attempted to look at their quantum encryption, were sent to three individuals across the universe: Hachiman Shinha, for his experience in dealing with the demons of Nightmare Essence; Warlord Titanozor, for his expertise gained in combat against Daleks; and Ryen, whose training with Essence took him through the War of Ages. All were requested to meet with Apalos in a particular building on an unremarkable space habitat at the edge of Milky Way Cooperative space. While none of the messages were explicit about the reasons for this meeting, the implication was clear enough. Your experiences with engaging Daleks in personal combat, said part of the one for Titanozor, alongside your first-hand encounters with Essence-based weaponry, make you irreplacable in the context of this mission.

Having become well-versed with travelling throughout galaxies of the Gigaquadrant, the territories of the Milky Way included, the renowned warrior Hachiman, who served as both one of this universe's greatest assets against the foul corruption of daemonkind and as a heroic beacon for mortal life across the galactic realms, was the first to arrive through the use of powers granted to him by Dream Essence, of which he had become an ascended master. Familiarized with the worlds and sectors governed by the Cooperative, he had moved through the aether of the Realm of Dreams from Andromeda to swiftly arrive at his desired location at his own casual pace. He would be soon joined by Master Ryen, an expression of apprehension visible on the old Osteola warrior's face as he analyzed the implications of the message sent to him. He had already witnessed the ruinous power of entropic energy in his own home galaxy and knew well what it could cause if left unchecked. Third to appear was Warlord Titanozor of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. His prior experiences with the Daleks was hoped to be a valuable asset on the team.

Ryen was the first to speak, his expression becoming less tense as he realized who shared the room with him. "My, it seems this mission is going to be something. I got a Warlord of the Coalition and the slayer of Kol Daren with me today! A pleasure to meet you, chaps. I am Master Ryen." The Tā member of the trio turned to face the elderly Osteola as he spoke, able to perceive the fluid waves of Essence that travelled through and around the old master's form, and his face brightened into a smile; there was something comforting about standing in Ryen's presence, a tame aura of control and wisdom, and it was not necessary for the old man to demonstrate the full extent of his powers for the adept Hachiman to know that he stood beside a strong and potent elder. With a bow, Hachiman reciprocated Ryen's greeting;

"Please, the pleasure is mine. I am Shinha Hachiman, although it seems you've already heard of me," the Tā spoke softly, tilting his head forward to show his respect before glancing over at the Grimbolsaurian Warlord, whose presence loomed over him. "And you as well, Warlord. I never once thought I'd have the chance to stand beside you." Titanozor gruffly greeted Ryen, nodding while stating "Old man." The warlord turned to face the softspoken voice of Hachiman, "I have heard a lot about you, youth." Titanozor had faced and even defeated many transcended beings in his time, and so did not give as much respect as others might to prestigiously powerful beings. To him, they were powerful but still flawed, and now found himself in the company of old and barely-adult men.

Once the pleasantries were out of the way, an android emerged from a nearby room and faced the three warriors. "Hachiman. Ryen. Titanozor. Welcome. If you would like to follow me," it gestured to the door from which it had came, "the meeting will take place in here." It turned, and led the trio into a large auditorium, taking them down to the front near the stage. Ryen nodded and followed the android in silence, taking the opportunity to look around for he had not visited an Apalos installation before, while Hachiman, his sheathed blade attached to his belt, passed only quick glances towards his surroundings. The Tā had short, brief experiences with the Apalos in the past, and while he had not ever visited the likes of one of their installations, he could not help but feel somewhat disappointed, or that it had not been what he was expecting - in his mind, he envisioned an environment much like that of the interiors of the Vida'Rranlora AI Databases - and Titanozor followed last, hand clutching his sheaved axe and watching the swaying android suspiciously.

"It's impolite to keep your weapon out on show in someone else's place like that," the young Tā commented, a sly smirk on his youthful face. "You should only take it out when you plan on using it, else someone might get the wrong idea."

"We are very proud of our weapons and display them unabashed, and do not fear what others think. It is a weapon, no point hiding it." Titanozor growled, clutching his protruding axe even harder. Ryen let out a short chuckle as he shrugged. "I think the Warlord has earned the right to show off his axe by now, considering all the things he's had to use it on." Titanozor pulled a Grimbolsaurian expression of smiling.

"A wise lady taught me once that when a weapon's drawn, it'll beg its wielder for blood and refuse to be put away until it gets what it wants. Heh, speaking from experience, I'd not trust anything that keeps its weapon out all the time, but..." Hachiman glanced back towards Titanozor, shrugging as he picked up his pace somewhat as they all followed their android guide, "I suppose it's a good tactic for making yourself look big and threatening. It's working." "An owner that is afraid of his weapon is alien to me. I am its master, it is my hand. Child, if you understand Order there would be no room for paranoia. Let the weapon fear you."

The Tā almost stumbled as Titanozor spoke, taken off-guard by the giant warrior's words of brutal wisdom; as he found himself impressed by the Warlord's response, he could only wonder who it was that taught him such awesome yet callous insight and to what means Titanozor practiced and unleashed the full extent of his terrific power. Even while recognised as one of Borealis' most prolific saviours and as a symbol of hope across the Gigaquadrant, there was still much room for the ascended Hachiman to find himself inspired, even if he himself did not adhere to the same merciless philosophies that the Warlord followed. "... Now I can see why the Apalos wanted you here. We're on the same side and you scare me a little bit." "At least, you are honest by your word." replied Titanozor.

Now at the front row of the auditorium, the android stood out of the way and gestured. "Please, take a seat." Master Ryen nodded and took a seat for himself, with Hachiman seating himself to Ryen's right, shuffling in his seat in order to get comfortable. Titanozor's huge bulk made the seat look ridiculous, and shouted to the android, "How do you expect me to sit on this?". Promptly, the seat began to reshape itself, as the android almost nervously instructed it to make the Grimbolsaurian comfortable. Once the three were all seated, the android left, the lights dimmed, and a soft androgynous voice emerged from the room's speakers.

"Greetings. I trust you all understood the implications within the messages that you each received. Unfortunately, this mission is not a mere military action. Therefore, some background information will be required. We begin with two secret projects which have had significant Apalos involvement. For the first, you should all have noticed that Dalek activity has been almost unheard of for the past forty years. Many people now suspect their kind to be extinct. However, it is a well-known fact that Daleks have a remarkable predisposition to surviving any event that ought to lead to their destruction. These survivors often occur alone, or in small groups, and if we were to embark on an operation of sufficient scale to locate and destroy them all, they would soon become able to counteract our methods. We therefore adopt a different strategy: by allowing the Daleks to survive, each group of survivors networks with all of the others. By keeping our eyes on only a few, our agents can thereby track all Dalek activity in the universe-" the stage, previously dark, was now lit as a large hologram appeared, a map of the Gigaquadrant with every Dalek base pinpointed with a pulsing red dot "-and disrupt their plans in more subtle ways."

Ryen watched the hologram, his arms crossed as he showed some surprise to how Apalos was able to monitor the Daleks like they did. Hachiman tilted his head to the side, leaning closer to Ryen while a somewhat confused look had overcome his expression. "... What's a Dalek?" the Tā whispered so as to avoid loudly interrupting the presentation that the Apalos had prepared for them. He had been born sometime after the supposed extinction of the Dalek race and in spite of his adventures and treks across the universe, he had only come to briefly hear of their despicable kind through forgotten or barely-remembered mentions of the name. "A truly horrid race, incredibly advanced but puts all of their resources into trying to dominate the universe. You'll recognize them easily, since they look like moving trash cans." Ryen replied, some humour in his tone despite him being quite aware of the power they possessed. Titanozor spoke, "I had hoped these trashcans had been consigned to the waste-tip of history! Like the Borg, they are a perennial weed. Make no mistake, they have dominated the universe before, and we believe they dominate in others. We must not let them contact their extra-universal kin."

"Indeed they are a weed," continued the Apalos voice, "but a weed that is under control. Your concerns are not what you need to worry about. Rather, the problem relates to our second project. We run an unmanned space station in intergalactic space, the purpose of which is to contain data about something so dangerous, even the knowledge of its existence could cause great damage in the wrong hands. In order to ensure that it is not extracted by hostile forces, we have even removed the information from our own databases. Certainly, nobody else should be aware of it either, but if they did, only a being of sufficient supernatural power may be able to find the station, and they would have little interest in it if they did not know what was in there. This is where the issue lies."

"So you've brought me all the way out here to tell me about some station you've lost in deep space, and then to find it for you and kill whatever's inside." spoke the Warlord, clapping impatiently.

"If we had merely "lost" it, would we be telling you about the Daleks first? No. Not long ago, it came under attack by demons of the Corruptus. It began with the usual culprits - Malcaeum, Eleiethae, Gargrethek..." and as each name was mentioned, a larger-than-life hologram of the demon was projected in front of the map, causing Ryen to display some disgust "- and these were unable to overwhelm our defences." "Yeah, we know what they look like." muttered Titanozor as the images flashed by.

"It was only when the final demon arrived that the station was unable to withstand the assault, and our assailants were able to take the data for themselves." This time, an image of something unique appeared: the Nightmare Dalek who had led the attack. "They had corrupted a Dalek." Now even Titanozor was taken aback, and surprisingly had nothing to say, while Hachiman merely raised an eyebrow and scoffed, somewhat amused at the odd, unconventional appearance of the daemonkin. Ryen blinked, his expression showing astonishment as he gazed upon the form of the Nightmare Dalek, a combination of beings he had never imagined he would witness. "A... demonified Dalek?"

"A demonified Dalek." confirmed Apalos. "We suspect this was a perfect storm: whatever the information is about, the Dalek knew it, while the Corruptus had the means to find where the data was stored. Although the station was compromised, and we do not know what the Corruptus intends to use the data for, we were able to track the Dalek's next movements. It was heading for the Dalek base with the codename Ikiwa-3." The location of the base on the map, in the Ikiwa Eropsii cluster, glowed a bright orange as it was mentioned. "If, as we fear, the Corruptus intends to bring more Daleks to its cause, its most probable next target is Cyrandia-1." Now this base's representative dot glowed.

"This is truly dire news", Ryen spoke. "A single Dalek is powerful enough to take on an army. Can you imagine what they can do when pumped with dark essences? And in numbers? The Corruptus seeks to exterminate us all." At his side, Hachiman had raised a hand over his mouth in an attempt to hush his quiet chuckling, deriving humour from the idea of such a dangerous and powerful threat taking the form of what he would consider to be a rather goofy, inefficiently designed mobile mini-tank.

Titanozor, now concentrating intently, opinioned the emergence of hybrid enemies, "We are seeing the union of those that try to assimilate or exterminate everyone else, of course this chimera is achieved only by thievery of one trait and another."

"I'm sorry, but..." the Tā began. "Have any of you seen this thing? Look at it! The Corruptus have shot themselves in the foot by choosing this thing as their new servant. We... W-We have to exploit its sole weakness; ... stairs!" Hachiman cracked into outright laughter, incapable of restraining himself as he almost doubled over at the sheer absurdity of the situation. "N-No, wait, I'm sure I've seen this thing before... I used it to put pepper on my food in a restaurant last week!"

"Shut it, boy. Do not be rude to the Apalos' presentation." Master Ryen nodded as Titanozor spoke before speaking himself. "You truly have no grasp of the situation. The Daleks surpass the Empire. They surpass the DCP. I would argue they are at the level of the Dominion of the Xhodocto itself. They look ridiculous, yes, but it's because they can afford to look ridiculous." "The most ridiculous things are also the most sinister. It is ridiculous that entire species can be wiped out by microscopic cells." stated Titanozor's shoulder buddy Buuk.

The room was once more plunged into darkness as the map and Dalek disappeared, only to be replaced with a two-dimensional holographic screen. It displayed a recording of the Nightmare Dalek's incursion into the Apalos space station: its arrival, floating neatly through the vacuum; its utter ambivalence to the Apalos weapons; its ear-piercing telepathic screeching; and, finally, its rapid immolation of the defences, ending when a bolt hit the camera recording the scene. Ryen bared his teeth and brought his hands to his ears as he heard the Nightmare Dalek's voice, finding it extremely uncomfortable to him. Titanozor felt a sickness clench his guts, not felt since his toughest fights in the Second War of Black Fog. The air to him seemed to almost shy away from the noise, almost sympathetically to the Corruptus magic.

"Stairs," announced Apalos calmly, "are no barrier to it. And I would recommend against picking it up and shaking it over your dinner." Hachiman quieted down, leaning back into his seat after viewing the holo-recording with his smile changed into a stunned expression, which would soon shift into a look of embarrasment and shame now that he had come to realise only part of the incredible, terrifying destructive capacity of their new foe. The Tā had not seen a Dalek before and knew nothing of their abilities, thus he was perhaps the most unprepared among those warriors the Apalos had entrusted with this matter, even if the foul touch of the Corruptus was at play.


A few seconds passed, and the room was once more lit by the holographic map. "You are forgiven." said Apalos. "Now, your mission: we should be able to arrive at Cyrandia-1 in good time before the Corruptus does. You shall aim to deprive this Nightmare Dalek of potential followers. However, we need to defeat the followers that it may have already acquired, so this will not be scorched-earth tactics. If you accept the task at hand, you will help the Daleks in their fight against this enemy, before we discover what it is that the Corruptus seek."

Master Ryen rose from his seat, taking out his energy blade as he spoke. "The Corruptus cannot be allowed to gain control over Daleks. It would surely mean the end of the Gigaquadrant as we know it. I will be more than glad to lend my powers to putting an end to this... insidious creature."

"I haven't ever fought a Dalek, or even knew what they were before today," Hachiman began as he also rose from his seat, a hand wrapped around the decorative sheath of his arcanised blade, "but I know how dangerous the Corruptus are. Perhaps the only thing more dangerous than the Corruptus are their armies of worshippers and crazed fanatics, and if each Dalek is able to take out an entire world by itself as I've heard, then I can't afford to take this lightly."

Titanozor mulled over the situation, before stating, "It is not Delphan protocol to aid enemies, but we have learned that we must change in this era of reflection." Titanozor looked at the Tā beside him, "An old Earth saying, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.' It is my sincerest belief that this corrupted Dalek may be the greatest threat I have ever faced. One we cannot really fight directly on our own, as was demonstrated to the Apalos."

"If it is any consolation, Warlord," replied Apalos, "the Daleks that you will be helping are hopelessly outmatched. Your aid will simply have the effect of ensuring that more Daleks on the other side die too. As for the rest of you: I appreciate your enthusiasm. But while your weapons will become necessary, there is another decision for you to make first. Daleks do not take kindly to aliens attempting to board their installations, regardless of your intentions. In order to get around this problem, there are two options: either we can disguise you as Daleks, or you can pretend to be prisoners of the Daleks. In either case you will not be disadvantaged when the time comes to fight, but one such deception must be endured in the meantime. Which shall it be?"

The Tā rubbed his chin, contemplating the words of the Apalos before glancing towards Ryen as he spoke, an uncertain tone in his voice; "I've no idea how I would disguise myself as one of their kind when I've had no experience with them. I'd be utterly clueless and would probably compromise the entire mission. ... I'll play it safe and opt to be made a prisoner."

Titanozor declared that he wanted to be a prisoner, so as to decieve the Daleks of the group being at their absolute weakest, when in fact they were not. Ryen nodded, agreeing to their logic. "Prisoner of the tin cans, it is."

As the hologram deactivated for one final time, the domed roof of the auditorium opened at the apex and peeled back, revealing a black disc-shaped vessel in the sky. The disc deployed a tractor beam from its centre towards the floor, and a small Apalos probe descended onto the stage. The disc slowly transformed into a Dalek starship, gold in colour, with three spheres on its underside and six pairs of turrets around its rim, while the probe similarly changed its shape into that of a bronze-plated Dalek. It spoke to the three warriors with a Dalek's voice: "COME WITH ME."

Ikiwa-3 Edit

The Dalek installation that had received the Apalos codename "Ikiwa-3" was, in fact, a mothership, long, slender and angular, perhaps almost reminiscent of a very thin Star Destroyer, with a hull patterned in silver hexagonal plates. Docked against it and inside it were thousands of smaller saucers, making this perhaps the most militarily powerful Dalek force in the cluster. It was, therefore, an ideal first target for the demon Dalek. While the creature could well have blasted its way through the mothership's dalekanium exterior, it chose the less damaging option of materialising inside one of the vessel's labyrinthine corridors in a cloud of purple fire, where it quickly came to the attention of a pair of patrolling Dalek soldiers.

"I HAVE RETURNED FROM DAMAGE-INFLICTED HIBERNATION. I AM HERE TO SEE YOUR COMMANDING OFFICERS." He spoke in a more Dalek-like tone than the warriors of Apalos had witnessed in the footage they had watched and, in order to appear less threatening to his fellow beings, the Nightmare Dalek reduced his aura of Essence to the point it was not present at all.


"THE THIRD DALEK FLEET HAS BEEN LOST FOR THIRTY-NINE YEARS." The two Dalek soldiers' eyestalks turned to face each other, then looked back at the Nightmare Dalek with suspicion. There was a slight pause before the first soldier continued. "YOU MUST HAVE ACQUIRED MUCH KNOWLEDGE IN THAT TIME. OUR DALEK SUPREME IS IN THE THRONE ROOM. DECK NINETEEN."

The Nightmare Dalek acknowledged the words of the soldier before proceeding ahead, making his way to the informed deck. He soon passed through the doors into the large circular throne room, where in the centre stood a jet-black Dalek atop a pedestal, surrounded by silver-coloured guards with black domes. The guards immediately ceased their previous activities and aimed their gunsticks at the intruder, and the jet-black Dalek spoke up with a far deeper voice than the soldiers. "HALT. IDENTIFY YOURSELF."

"I AM THE FIFTH STRATEGIST OF THE THIRD DALEK FLEET", the Nightmare Dalek said, his tone calm and low in comparison to the Dalek he was speaking to, "AND I AM HERE TO BRING YOU EN-LIGH-TEN-MENT."


The guards moved to encircle the Nightmare Dalek, keeping their distance. The pedestal on which the jet-black Supreme stood rotated, so that the Supreme's own weapon faced the newcomer. There was almost a sense of curiosity in its voice. "ARE YOU STILL... DALEK?" As the question was made, the Nightmare Dalek replied with a rather uncharacteristic vocalization. A chuckle. "HA. HA. NO, BROTHER. I AM BEYOND DALEK. I HAVE ACHIEVED PER-FEC-TION."

Outraged cries of "BLAS-PHE-MY!" filled the room, and as the jet-black Dalek declared "DALEKS ARE SU-PREME," the shouting slowly changed into a chorus of "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" The Nightmare Dalek's voice suddenly shifted to its demonic screeching as his aura of entropic flame re-emerged, enveloping his shell as his tone became outright demanding. "I HAVE COME TO MAKE YOU PER-FE-CT. YOU WILL SEE THE LIGHT. OF. NIGHTMARES." Ignoring his words, the guards and the Dalek Supreme alike opened fire, but it was futile. The demon's shielding, complimented by layers of essence which enveloped it, absorbed all of their shots. "BE PER-FEC-TED! BE PER-FEC-TED!" He began levitating in the Dalek Supreme's direction, firing blasts of darkened energy from his gunstick which tore through the guards with little difficulty. The Dalek Supreme itself started to look worried, edging backwards until it nearly fell off its pedestal.

As he arrived to the pedestal itself, his suit began to open, revealing a writhing mass of darkness not like anything they had seen before. "YOU WILL BE PER-FEC-TED. YOU WANTING IT OR NOT." The tendrils took the shape of clawed hands as they reached over to the domes of every Dalek in the room he had not blasted down, the Supreme included, and within moments, all thoughts of hostility towards the Nightmare Dalek were erased. Once the ordeal was over, the tendrils returned into the suit which closed down as fast as it had opened. The Supreme gave an instruction to all of the Daleks on the ship. "ATTENTION ALL DALEKS. PROCEED TO THE TRAINING ROOM ON DECK NINETEEN FOR BRIEFING."

The Nightmare Dalek let out sharp chuckles once again as he circled the room, satisfied with his work. "NOW YOU SEE, BROTHERS. I WILL BRING US TO SALVATION. FOR I HAVE FOUND IT... I HAVE FOUND THE ARK."

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