Gaskuark is the notorious Gaskhan that is the owner of the Ramaakota Saloon at Ramaakota. Known for his cunning, nose for profit, eye for beauty and ears for intelligence he is associated with the crime-lord Morglûkia, though sells anything if he gains something for it. He and his contracted Amiaeria pleasure-girls run the saloon that is a popular shore-leave for Rambo officers in the Badlands Sector and Lianna-station.

Over the course of his carreer as bartender at Ramaakota, he met with many interessting persons, had some shady adventures of his own and once in a while played a crucial role in preserving the safety of those around him. He is known to play tricks on young and inexperienced Ramboidae Cadets and officers.


Early Life[]

Gaskuark is a Gaskhan born at his home world, Gaskhan at an unspecified date, something he refuses to comment on.

Encountering Chen and Ya-Li, July 2806

After setting up his own bar at Gaskhan, he was eventually forced to leave due to some unfortunate accident, though others claim he was exiled for crimes. Stranded on Ramaakota, Gaskuark decided to open a saloon at Ramaakota, wich became profitable and eventually a popular shore leave for Rambo Nation officer serving in the southern territories and Lianna-station after it was relocated there as well. His saloon became well known for the drinks, the pleasure girls and the gambling games. He was eventually drifted in service of Morglûkia, often acting as a middle person and also became friends with the Kzyterkz, Mykera K'rell.

Gaskuark meets Cadet Jenna Rambo, March 2820

In July of 2806 (08 AQF), Gaskuark met with the Ragashota Elder Chen Whitesnout and his granddaughter Ya-Li, who claimed who were on a journey to save their planet, Arcaniox from an invasion by the Hutter Kingdom. Offering them drinks, a beer and Fornaeria Bubbles Gaskuark directed them to speak with Garan Andarch, as he could get them into contact with the Rambo Government who might provide aid to the troubled planet.

Remaining unknown to him, his action to direct them to the Rambo officer alerted Rambo Nation to the awakening of the Tormentor and aid in the defense of the Quadrant Galaxies during the Torments.

In March 2820 (22AQF) he met with Jenna Lenissa Rambo, a Cadet whom entered his saloon rather joyful. Convincing her to drink a Quadrantia Patron he managed to get her tipsy and earn quite some money. However, feeling quilty for her sorry state he contact fleet-captain Garan Andarch to pick her up so she could get onboard safely.

Personality and Traits[]

Gaskuark and his girls!

Gaskuark is a clever, cunning and little dangerous Gaskhan with a nose for profit and his pleasure girls, his "girls" are all payed and are pleasure girls out of free will and enjoy working in the popular saloon, a reputation he fiercely protects.

Though often found shady and untrustworthy, he is actually a compassionate and generous Gaskuark who will aid his friends if they require it. However, if he can make a deal out of something, he will do it always do it with profit in sight. He is known to gain intelligence from all kind of sources and favors, something he is willing to sell for wealth, property or services or debts that can be collected when he himself should found himself in trouble.

He is known to play tricks on young and inexperiences officers, often getting them druk to earn some extra money or gain information that he could sell to others.



Blue face.pngProfitable


Orange face.pngY're bad for profit, begone!

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Customers Encountered

Blue face.pngThey bring good stories and money!

  • Chen Whitesnout - Never saw a Ragashota before! I felt pity for them
  • Garan Andarch - Not the easiest of my customers, I have a feeling he doesn't like me


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