Garko Cunfe ws a Llurebleg native to Xuz Fareh. He was one of the guards in the city Cyner, and self-proclaimed "guardian of the juter".

Physical description[]

Garko was slightly tall for his species, measuring 1.37 meters in height, but weighting only 16 kilograms. He had all the traits of the hanyirenel race: brown skin with dark spots and green legs.


Judging by his behavior towards Daraunte, Garko was very protective of his friends and often commited unethical acts, such as threatening other people with his gun, if that meant they will be safe from danger. He often followed them everywhere and suspected from the smallest details to make sure there wasn't "danger" for them.


Garko was born in the city Fagges. The names of his parents were Coden Fuered and Xanra Cunfe. He was friends with the to-be-juter Gant-Denn Daraunte. When Daraunte turned 11 years and moved to Cyner, Garko left his family and followed him to the city, where he finished his studies. Ten years later, after Daraunte became the juter of Hanyira, Garko started training training his combat skills and signing up for guard of the city in order to protect him from possible threats.

Seven years later, near the end of Daraunte's position as juter, the representative of Anaryas Fanru Dahr attempted an overthrow to become the new juter, only for Garko to shoot him. Daraunte fired Garko, causing him to leave the city and plan to return to Fagges. In the way there, however, a series of unfortunate events caused Garko to stumble upon The Vessel, where he was descended by a Stygilax known as The Beast. After unwillingly causing mayhem, Nynn Vandar and Zano Hylera saw themselves forced to slay Garko, eventually causing The Beast to eventually be destroyed as well.


Gant-Denn Daraunte[]

Gant-Denn and Garko used to be friends when they were young. After Daraunte became the juter, Garko started following him everywhere, acting very protective of his friend. Daraunte, despite being grateful for his protection, found it quite annoying and dangerous to others, as Garko was often too extremist. Still, he cared a lot for him and couldn't help but feel guilty after his death.

Fanru Dahr[]

Due to his violent and brutish nature, as well as the negative rumors about him, the representative of Anaryas was considered a potential threat by Garko. He always warned Daraunte of how dangerous he could be before their meetings. Garko always tried to keep an eye on Fanru if possible and wouldn't hesitate to shoot him if he starts to look threatening, even if Daraunte didn't want him to. This is what happened in the day known as Doom, when Garko shot Fanru to death after he tried to overthrow Daraunte.

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