The Gargator are an Empire of Spodists who often attempt to commit acts of genocide against non-believing races.



Being a theocracy, the Gargator Empire’s government is also their church leadership. The government has a pyramid structure. It is led by a single monarch. Below him are five sector governors. Each one manages about 120 planets. Below them are subsector governors, managing about 20, followed by planetary governors. Below them are continental governors. Below each of those is some number of land-sector governors, each one of whom governs a section of that continent. Below them are the leaders of each city.

The city leaders serve for life unless they are promoted. They are chosen from the population by the leaders of the land-sectors. When a land-sector governor dies, retires or is otherwise unable to continue filling his position, a new one is selected from the city-leaders by the planetary governor. When a new planetary governor is needed, one is selected from the local continental governors by the subsector governor. When a new subsector governor is needed, one is selected from the planetary governors by the sector leader. When a new sector leader is needed, one is selected from the local subsector governors by the monarch. When a new monarch is needed, the sector governors vote on which of them will be promoted. Voting for oneself in this case is prohibited.

The Monarch has control over all aspects of the Empire’s and its laws, with no responsibilities being left to the lower levels except that which he chooses to leave. He is free to leave as little control as he wants. Traditionally however, they usually tend to leave a great deal, meaning that the governors on the lower levels are far from ineffectual.


Gargator culture revolves entirely around service to Spode. It encourages heavy religious devotion in its media, and in popular culture.


The Gargator Religion is a sect of Spodism based heavily upon the scrolls of faith, even more so than other sects. It emphasizes evangelization and holy wars and teaches that all those who reject Spode’s word must be annihilated. Interestingly, however, this category does not seem to include all non-Spodists. The Unevangelized are excluded from this order.

Those who have not heard the word of Spode have not rejected it, and thus should not be exterminated.

- A Gargator Theologian

Those only vaguely aware of Spodism are likewise excluded.

One has not heard the word of Spode, merely because he has heard the word ‘Spode.’ Those who are only passingly aware of a religion called ‘Spodism,’ but know not its content, including those gravely misinformed of it, have not rejected the word of Spode.

- A Gargator Theologian

Those who are not yet Spodists, but are looking into the religion with sincerity, are also excluded.

Those who are still examining Spode’s word have not rejected it. So long as they continue seeking with an open mind, they have not rejected the word of Spode. It can be surely said that only time, or a future cessation of sincerity, separates a sincere seeker from Spode.

- A Gargator Theologian

Those fitting any of these categories are generally excluded implicitly from statements about “Unbelievers.”

In the case of those who, for any of the above reasons, have not rejected Spode’s word, but also are not believers, and thus have not accepted it, extermination is not only not commanded, it is forbidden. It is exactly as though one has killed a believer. In addition, we do not know for certain that they will be denied eternal happiness.

- A Gargator Theologian

However, it is accepted that extermination efforts occasionally do lead to the deaths of these persons.

However, because it is not practical to examine every person in a population, it is generally considered acceptable that these be killed if they live amongst large populations of unbelievers, because it may not be possible to exterminate the unbelievers without risking these be killed as well.

- A Gargator Theologian

The AfterlifeEdit

All those who accept the word of Spode, and live according to his laws, are assured eternal happiness. In addition, eternal happiness might come to those who have neither accepted nor rejected the word of Spode. It is known with certainty that those who have knowingly rejected Spode will be denied eternal happiness, though it is unknown what fate befalls them instead.

- A Gargator Theologian

What is paradise like? It is a place with wonderful foods. It is a place with beautiful sights and sounds. It is a place where the music is of quality not able to be imagined by those who have not heard it. It is a place of fantastic odors, and every pleasurable sensation. But above all, it is a place with Spode. Were it a flaming pit, or a mound of snow, or a sea of blood and pulsing flesh, no one would mind in the slightest, so long as Spode was there.

- A Gargator Theologian

It is an interesting though to imagine, what it must be like for a person, who Spode accepts, but who did not previously know of him. I believe Spode is powerful enough to comfort these persons, if in fact they exist at all. I do hope they exist, so that I may someday converse with them.

- A Gargator Theologian


Prayer is a process by which one connects with Spode. One may request things of him, or simly praise him.

- A Gargator Theologian


The commands of Spode are his law. His law is binding upon all sapient beings.

- A Gargator Theologian

Those who reject the word of Spode have neither rights nor property. There is nothing that it is not acceptable to do to, for, or with them, so long as they persist in their rejection.

- A Gargator Theologian


Gargator military is generally unadvanced and incompetent. Due to this, they usually target extremely small and young empires who are either barely spacefaring or, at times, not spacefaring at all. Because they are completely incapable of harming the population any reasonably defended planet, help from larger and more advanced empires usually staves off any attack.


Gargator infantry is usually unarmed, using merely the poison barbs on their tails. Though these barbs are usually lethal in one hit, they have a limited range which cannot be adjusted.


Gargator ships and space stations are always unshielded and use either pathetic, easily blocked lasers or equally pathetic explosive missiles, both of which can only destroy unshielded ships.


Gargator are not very technologically advanced. Their technology is extremely weak compared to other empires, even those of their age.


Green face Allies Edit

"Fellow servants of Spode, even if they are unaware of it."

Blue face Friends Edit

"Sincere seekers, they will find Spode if they haven't already"

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Orange face Enemies Edit

"Enemies of Spode"

Red face At war with Edit



Quotes from Others (Add Here)Edit

While we like the fact you are Spodists, like us, we must peacefully convert unbelievers, not punish them.

- The Holy Prophet of Truth of the Brotherhood of Spode

I suggest an act of occupation and re-education. We must not allow these barbarians to defile the name of the faithful.

- Iovera IX

Nggh... These morons should keep their distance for their own sake.

- Fleet Captain Cesterity

All beings find their path in diffrent ways, and we must accpet this fact on our great jounrey. Contuine to act like savage brutes, and I'll pull your head off!

- Ajaar'Magnos of the UN of Spode




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