The Federal Government was a corrupt and failed attempt at galactic unity. The Galot Republic was an attempt which possessed more efficiency and altruistic tendencies. It, however, fell short and could not fight the Loron and Kralgon.

- Ottzelloan Vida'Rranlora

The Galot Republic was a democratic government in the Ottzello Galaxy. A predecessor to the United Nations of Ottzello, and in turn, the Unified Nation of Ottzello, the Galot Republic was a Galot-formed democracy that intended to bring peace and prosperity to the dystopian, torn apart galaxy by uniting its species to work together towards a common goal. The Galot Republic valued cultural diversity and working friendships most, but was still built of many species which would not hesitate to go to war with one another.

Initially formed from the spacefaring Galot, the Galot Republic began to annex many other species, such as the Inalton, Technobian, Gykar and Telzoc, particularly leading up to and during the First Ottzello Galactic War. Though it had shaky relations with the other galactic superpower, the disjointed Grand Ottzel Order, the two powers would eventually become allies. The Galot Republic could not sustain itself through the Second Ottzello Galactic War.

In historical context, the Galot Republic is viewed as more successful than the Federal Government of Ottzello, but far less so than the Unified Nation of Ottzello. As this and the Federal Government of Ottzello are the only recorded governments in the history of the galaxy which are composed of races featured in the Unified Nation, many historians have noted there has been no truly united Ottzello government which has not relied heavily on the use of artificial intelligences and UNOS.



The Galot Republic was formed prior to becoming spacefaring, when several Galot nations decided to form a single government when venturing into space. The Republic was made of leaders of many Galot nations and governments formed into a single Republic Senate. The Galot all knew Ottzelloan Basic, a language they had inherited previously when, as Galotians, they had been enslaved by the Ottzel, meaning that it became very easy to ally with one another.

The Galot Republic established itself as an economically strong nation, and unlike many other Ottzelloans, was not openly hostile, or inherently dishonest. As the Galot made more trade networks with other empires and built up its defensive technology, it could easily fend off the other galactic pirates which threatened it.

Early history[]

The Galot Republic began to take in many species from around the galaxy, often refugees from civil wars or destroyed by pirates. This built up the diversity of the Republic greatly, and though the Galot were still dominant, they established themselves well. Though the Galot Republic did not quite create the utopian, rich and free worlds of the Grand Ottzel Order, they did create what was known by many in the galaxy as a safe haven. Being home to refugees and being seen as the most progressive nation, many aliens began to immigrate into the Republic, and only contributed to its growing expansion. This eventually caused the influential Gykar and Technobian to join the nation.

The Republic expanded its economic prowess, with economic, industrial reforms that kept up with its rapidly growing technology and social reforms to improve the lives of its people. Even despite being ultimately less rich than worlds under the very loose Grand Ottzel Order, the Republic became much more powerful under its aligned government and powerful military. The Republic was forced to expand its military even further, not just in the wake of pirate and Loron attacks, but also to prevent civil wars occurring, as its members were at odds with one another.

Due to a mistrust between the Galot Republic and the Grand Ottzel Order, the two nations also had a period of cold war prior to the First Ottzello Galactic War. Though they did not go to war, the Grand Ottzel Order's racist tendencies and opposition to the Galot Republic's socialism and openness led to a strong dislike among the Ottzel, while the Galot Republic felt their stubborness and reliance on often predatory capitalism made them no better for the peace of the galaxy than any pirate. Similarly, the Republic had great objections to the ways of the Inalton and Telzoc, who were seen as too militaristic and imperialistic, while the Telzoc were seen as too fundamentalist.

Loron Wars[]

Though Loron threats had existed for many years, the first major wars occurred when Da Propa Big Loron Empire, led by new leader Zr'Ahgloth, attacked the Galot Republic territory. The result was shock from the rest of the galaxy, as the Galot Republic was relatively popular among most natives. Many empires responded by attacking the Propa Big Loron Empire, but were only met with destroyed fleets, as they all estimated its extreme extent and power. The Propa Big Loron Empire managed to bring extinction to many races which had taken refuge within Galot Republic worlds.

The war became bad enough that the Galot Republic allied not only with the Inalton and Telzoc, whom they had great differences with prior, but also joined force with the Grand Ottzel Order. The Inalton and Telzoc governments even joined the Galot Republic, feeling it was much better for galactic peace. The Inalton, however, were forced into this after the Loron devastated thousands of their worlds. The Republic, at this time, struggled to deal with the heavy losses suffered at the hands of the Loron.

Fortunately, when their new allies, the Rambo Nation, United Republic of Cyrannus, the Krassio Host and the Delpha Coalition of Planets joined forces with the Galot Republic, it had a huge weight lifted off its shoulders. Later, the Loron began to focus far more on their new enemy in the DCP, and the war instead evolved into the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello. Nonetheless, the period referred to as the Loron Wars were very real in Ottzello, and the Galot Republic still had to deal with frequent invasions. The Republic never recovered from these devastating losses.


When the Kralgon Invasion Force began the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Galot Republic dissolved, when it merged with the Grand Ottzel Order in the United Nations of Ottzello and many other nations. The Republic's influence was felt within the Unified Nation of Ottzello, mostly in its socialist policies and respect for diversity and peace, though aside from this, very little of the democratic elements of the Republic were felt in Ottzello until the Union Republic of Ottzello.

The Galot Republic is mostly seen by historians as a failed period, even if it was a better attempt than the much more corrupt Federal Government of Ottzello. Many historians believe that the Galot Republic should have made more of an attempt to reform and improve its military in the wake of the Loron threat, instead of simply dismissing the Propa Big Loron Empire before it began the war.



The Galot Republic, by the end of its life, was composed of all the most prominent and powerful races of Ottzello, missing only the Ottzelloan Grox, Ottzel and the Loron. Several other races would have a small presence within the Republic, though many of these races were not recorded. It is presumed that several of them could have gone extinct.


The Galot Republic government was a presidential republic democracy. It had a President, who was the head of state, a Republic Senate, with representatives elected from every planet, and each planet had its own elected Grand Mayor. This was designed for the Galot Republic to create the most representative government possible. These members were elected typically every five years on their respective planets, but at any time, voters could impeach them if they could spark a big enough movement for a re-election to be called. Every Republic citizen was an automatically registered voter, and voted through computers.

The Galot Republic, notably, did not have any political parties. Instead, each individual candidate had their own policies, which were known to voters before voting. This was to prevent partisan fighting and minimise the effect of factions within the government.

Historians have criticised the system for being unproductive and slow. It is ultimately not seen as the main cause for the fall of the Republic, which is instead ascribed to its abandonment of the military.


The Galot Republic technology was said to be only moderately advanced. Its members, the Heeyorian, Gykar and Technobians, were known as the most active scientists. The Republic had discovered hyperspace travel, but were incapable of using any other form of space travel.

Every member of the Republic was granted portable hand computers and home computers for every member. Hardware and software was partially nationalised, although users could purchase additional software, web-based software and hardware additions from private providers. Similarly, all their transports, in the form of private spaceships and hovercraft on worlds, were also nationalised and provided once they had registered with the government. Citizens would have to pay back for these loans, but they were otherwise provided and updated for free. The government would be forced to update and improve these areas, so that the monopoly did not result in a slow-down.

The Galot Republic had very limited weaponry. It had discovered coilguns, which were its main forms of weaponry, and could cut through most forms of weapons and was almost always an instant kill against an unarmored opponent. Its explosives mostly relied on antimatter. However, beyond this, it had very little. The Republic also did not possess any weapon that could destroy a planet, and would rarely bomb worlds to ravage them, as it felt these weapons were immoral.


The Republic only possessed its own military once the First Ottzello Galactic War begun to protect itself from the Loron. Its only military has been a few militia bands, and it has never conscripted or drafted soldiers when not at war at the time. When at war, however, conscription has been mandatory for anyone who cannot prove themselves in another form of work.

The reason for its lack of a military is its pacifistic tendencies and belief in peaceful and diplomatic solutions to all foreign affairs. However, this proved to have a negative effect, as it was ultimately unprepared to combat the Loron and Kralgon who destroyed it afterwards.

Many historians argue that the government should have prepared a stronger military to make diplomacy easier, and blame the stubbornness of the leaders of the Republic.


The Galot Republic's society is similar to that of later Ottzelloan societies. The Galot were well known entertainers, and their culture of art, music and literature made them universally renowned. The Republic was known for having a great distribution of wealth, coming from profits from the nationalised industries, with many citizens having access to luxuries as basic rights.

The Republic's culture was notably diverse. One of the values of the Republic was that it accepted cultural differences and allowed them to grow. This became very present within UNO.


The Galot Republic had many members who identified as followers of Blyronism. It accepted differentreligions, but did not have an official one.



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