Galaxon Galaxy

The galaxy of Galaxon.

Galaxon is a massive, orange-coloured galaxy in the outer reaches of the First Gigaquadrant. It was recently colonized by several empires due to its mineral riches and unrestricted space, qualities that made teh galaxy a good outpost from which to conduct trade and excursions into the Unknown Regions of space.

It was a lifeless galaxy for billions of years, containing around twenty million star systems that were unninhabited until the Federation of the Core Worlds and the Jovar Empire first carried out massive, rapid colonization around the galaxy's inner rings. It is currently under the control of both civilizations, though the spread of others into the area has also been established. The galaxy was virtually void of intelligent, if any, life for billions of years before the recent colonization, but has showed great potential of future urbanization due to its possession of many natural resources and minerals, for example the much-coveted Centrinium. Its mineral stores free form any prior exploitation, it was quickly settled in four waves, each bringing colonies from four different nations; the CorFed, Jovar Empire, Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire, and UVF arrived in this order.

Areas and NationsEdit

The galaxy is under the administration of both the Jovar Empire and the Federation since the two agreed to settle it, though its central regions are dominated by the Federation and the Jovars' territories are mostly devoted to industrial and manufacturing colonies. Ithouses the Federation's third-largest extragalactic territory, the Commonwealth of Galaxia, which is made up of 250,000 systems and presides over the Core sectors of the galaxy. It is partly surrounded by the 200,000-system Jovar territory, which are the Empire's largest and home to a massive Jovar population. The galaxy's core also houses one of the federation's class-b stellar engine matrioshka brains, which generates power for the AI supercomputer known, The Settler. However, the outer sectors of the galaxy remain completely empty, as empires moving in take their place as near to the center as they can. Other minor civilizations have also colonized the galaxy to a minor degree, all of little importance.


Astropolitical division of Galaxon.

Jovar Empire/Jovar Socialist RepublicEdit

Though the galaxy was originally unappealing for colonization due to its lack of life and civilization, but has a high concentration of valued minerals (many of which are vital in the creation of Juridium, the strongest known metal), much like the galaxy of Lyan, and so it was settled with the purpose of housing hundreds of thousands of Jovar and Ravenrii shipyards and mining facilities. The Jovar's territories in Galaxon are the second largest, and one of the greatest concentrations of Jovar civilization in the universe.

After the events of The Split, the Jovar Empire split in two, and all of the Galaxon territories,including Jhella, were acquired by the Jovar Socialist Republic, thanks to the aid of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. This action would cause tensions to grow between the JSR, and the nearby GIE and UVF territories.

Gjigantrox Interstellar EmpireEdit

The Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire has also settled in the Galaxon Galaxy, possessing approximately 10,000 colonies there. As they are allied with the Core Federation and the Jovar Empire, this arrangement has caused no difficulties with the other nations occupying the galaxy. However, the acquisition of JE territories by the Jovar Socialist Republic would cause tensions to brew between the two powers.

United Veatrex FederationEdit

The United Veatrex Federation also colonized Galaxon, in hope to expand their empire, and possibly increase relations with other empires, mostly the Jovar and Gjigantrox. They hold 40,000 systems in the galaxy, and have made many of their planets mining planets. They hope to make this galaxy their stronghold in the Uncharted Regions, as the UVF is planning to explore deep into them.

SSA embassy - Station Halcyon Edit

The galaxy has become the perfect location for the Seven Starr Alliance's new base - Station Halcyon, a giant pair of O'Niell Cylinders both 20 miles long, orbiting in an L5 point around V.Alpha, a gas giant in the Vundrum system. Situated on the outer edge of the galaxy, Halcyon is on the edge of known space, on the final frontier. However, not only serving as a base of operations and a new level of cooperation and commerce, it also will also open up new regions of the First Gigaquadrant, and maybe beyond to others.

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