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The Clash of the Gods has begun, with the opening of the Gates at the Rambo Capitol and Caprica by the Cognatus the Clash of the Gods have begun. What events this will bring and what consequentes it will have for the mortal world remains to be seen.

But one thing is sure, the Realms of the Gods will never be the same again!!


The main participants will be the Gods of various empires and nations. If you wish to join the fiction, please ask Um2k9 or Dinoman82.


Tiaultiam, a Demi-God of the Rambo Religion, was running towards the Ancientia Capitol, part of the Reflective Realm, realms of the Rambo Ultimate God. Something war wrong, and she hated the feeling. None of the other Demi-Gods listened to her heeds of warning, not even Ryouchiae, whom stood closest of all the Demi-Gods to the Rambo Gods themselves. After she explained her feelings towards her, she simply dismissed them and refused to talk with the Gods about it. Yet, it was also partly her fault, she could not tell Ryouchiae she was informed of the coming disaster by Phurusarronorgian himself.

She shook her head and padded her sweat from her forehead. She was close to the Ancientia Capitol now, the place where all being arrive first when they wish to enter the Ramboidae Realms of the Gods, whether they are still alive or in the after life.

She looked to the sky, she felt the electric charges and felt unsure, this was not normal. Above her, a lone Ancientia Venator Class Star Destroyer passed over, she identified it as the ARS Impavid. The new inhabitants, the Ramboid Numanoriuniëa were impressive and friendly. Also bold and honorable.

Natelliä Yulmä Selvëariäe

Natelliä Yulmä Selvëariäe

She paused for a while, and reflected on her recent events. While the Gods brought the Numanoriuniëa to the Ramboidae Realms of the Gods, she headed to the mortal world and brought the USS Luna, commanded by Captain Rambam to another timeframe, in secret and she met him and told him he was send on a quest of the Gods, though that was partly a lie, she did not inform the Gods nor Ryouchiae, and she could see the angry face of Inuthiaewë before her, the Time Preserver of the Quadrant Galaxies whom worked together with the Taldar would not be pleased. Luckily she kept her occupied with some anomalies.

Suddenly before her a portal opened, it was a small one, dark and embedded with dark energy, she knew what was happening. The area around her turned dark and life perished from it. Phurusarronorgian was right, the Cognatus were able to open both portals, giving control of the Rambo Capitol Portal to the Dark God, Artmyris. The portal in front of her was a result of Artmyris controlling the portal and gate. Out of the gate came a dark figure, unmistaken, it was a Serindia Zihala, an ascended dark Serindia and servents of Artmyris. The creature hadn't noted her yet and Tiaultiam closed her eyes and aimed her weapon. Around Tiaultiam whirls of energy erupted. Now the Zihila payed attention to her, but was to late. Tiaultiam charged at the Zihilia with the words that would mark the first battle of the Clash of the Gods:

Natelliä Yulmä Selvëariäe

Artmyris Strikes Edit

Testing the Ancientia DefencesEdit

Artmyris stood upon a high hill, from it he saw the Ancientia Capitol, the fool Ramboidae known as the Numanoriuniëa, specialley created by the Rambo God known as Horus to protect the Ramboidae Realms of the Gods. Horus, his former friend and now one of his enemies and opponents. Artmyris narrowed his eyes, from the distance he saw a light, it seems one of his Zihila encountered some sort of defense, perhaps even a Demi-God. Artmyris narrowed his eyes, as he watched the first explorations and testing of the Ancientia defences.
Clash of the Gods 02

Ramgilmesh faces the Imperialea Emperor

Ramgilmesh, an Ascended Serindia Legendiaryiae travelled onboard the ARS New Horizon, a Ancientia Foray Class. He saw flashes of light outside the city of the Numanoriuniëa. He was placed there by the Rambo Gods, just like Ram'Eris. As the ARS New Horizon approached the ARS Kingdom II and the ARS Redoubt he contacted both vessels and asked them to escort him to the place Tiaultiam was seemingly fighting.

As Ramgilmesh looked outside, the ARS Kingdom II exploded and the ARS Redoubt took fire, as a gigantic Bahadranought appeared from the flames it began targeting the ARS Redoubt, killing many clones and a few Ancientia. Ramgilmesh ordered the New Horizon to open fire at the demonic creature, but suddenly found himself at the top of the ship. In front of him, the Imperialea Emperor, Lieutenant of Artmyris appeared, together with a few Demonica.
Clash of the Gods 04

Ram'Eris battles the Serpianicyae

The Emperor smiled: "At last we meet Legendiaryiae, at last the moment has arrived to finish you, Demi-God". The Emperor grabbed his sword, behind him a dark portal openend and Ramgilmesh braced himself for an attack. 'So this was the moment', Ramgilmesh thought, 'the Clahs of the Gods has begun'. The two powerful entities prepared to attack, all the while the ARS New Horizon was still advancing and opening fire at the ARS Redoubt.

Below, at the ocean near the Ancientia Capitol, the Demi-God knowns as Ram'Eris stood aboard an Ancientia Aircraft Carrier. She had ordered the Aurek Fighters to take off and aid the ARS New Horizon which seemed in trouble due to a large demonic creature. She looked sad, how could Artmyris troops break through the barriers? Had they fallen? Ram'Eris was deep in thought, and didn't notice the large shadow underneath the Aircraft carrier. Suddenly the ship shook, Ram'Eris fell to the ground, barely catching her fall with her hands, she looked around. With a large crack and noice the Aircraf carrier broke in two, and from it a large Serpianicyae broke through the ships deck. With a desperate move she launched herself at nearby flying Ancientia shuttle, escaping the onslaught she saw the demonic creature engulfing waves of clones and Ancientia. Angered Ram'Eris summoned the water and targeted it at the Serpianicyae as the ship burned. The creature didn't notice the waters, it simply turned it's attention to Ram'Eris. "Ah oh" Ram'Eris said aloud.

Awakening of TyrómaironEdit


The Tyrómairon arises and destroys the URC Troopers.

During the Intergalactic War Republic troopers while battling the Cognatus discovered an ancient artifact which led them to an unknown lava planet deep in the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy. The planet had many old ruins, and many words and phrases were found upon them, such as Nagith, Mornûnendur and the famous phrase, All of this has happened before... However, before the team sent to the planet could explore further, an unknown entity awakened, its power sent fear down the backs of the Libertus troopers. The entity simply looked at the Libertus, who were driven mad by its evil gaze and jumped into the lava to escape the being's torturous stare. The entity laughed, and proceeded to walk toward an abandoned Atlantica structure, he was filled with memories of this place as it had been in its prime, one of the main headquarters of the Thirteenth Tribe, until he came and burned it to a crisp, he was weak then and the collective powers of the Thirteenth Tribe imprisoned him here on this rock until the day when a Capricornian of any species would land on the planet.

Battle of the Ancients

Esdras faces Tyrómairon, shortly before his death.

However, before he could continue to regain his memories, a light flash appeared, and a member of the Thirteenth Tribe stood in front of him. So, Esdras. You have come to stop my return to power? The entity said with a cool voice. You are foolish to have awoken, Tyrómairon. Your rebellion has been destroyed, the Mornûnendur have been crushed and light now has watch over Cyrannus, now it is time to end this once and for all time. Esdras replied to the entity. Esdras lifted his hands and a globe of pure white energy, with the power of a thousand suns appeared between them. Now, back to the abyss with you! Esdras throw the ball of energy directly at the entity, Tyrómairon, but he simply brushed it off, without any damage.

No, it is you who are the fool Esdras, you and your kin in the Tribe. Do you not know death when you see it? I have become more powerful then any member of the Tribe could ever imagine! Tyrómairon yelled back to his adversary. Now you die! Tyrómairon shot lightening and fire from his hands and hit Esdras square in the chest. The once noble Esdras was flung back like a rag doll and hit a wall, smashing through it. Esdras managed to utter Long live the Thirteenth Tribe before slipping into the abyss.

Now I have the power to reclaim what was mine! Tyrómairon laughed. The Clash of the Gods had now truly begin...

Artmyris reveals his plan!Edit

As Tiaultiam, Ramgilmesh and Ram'Eris were fighting there enemies on various front, after hours of batteling it seemd Artmyris his demonic forces retreated and moved away from the city. Although the Ancientia city was in flames and the outer buildings were destroyed, the Ancientia managed to hold the city in there hands and a lot of clone troopers and ships now were at the city, a remarkable sight.

Elsewhere, Tiaultiam, Ram'Eris and Ramgilmesh were scouting the area, it had begun, Artmyris arrived to finalley face the Ultimate God and decide the future of the Quadrant Galaxies. All of a sudden they were surrounded by hallow sounds as it seemded and it was true, they were trapped.

"Show yourself" Ramgilmesh yelled defiant towards the fog that appeared. Tiaultiam and Ram'Eris were scouting the fog as of sudden a lighting bolt came from the fog and hit the three Demi-Gods and stunned them, chrasing into the ground they were unable to move as evil eyes were visiable. But they did not come closer.

Then an evil laughter was heard and Artmyris himself faced the three defenders of the Ultimate God. When he spoke his voice was a mix of evil, sounds of thunder, the crackling of lighting and ancient, very ancient and somehow it also sounded surprising soft and poetic.

"Well well, I see three of the Demi-Gods and servants of the Ultimate God came to face my legions? But what you did was in vain and you missed your purpose my dear defenders. And soon it will all be to later" the evil tyrant said.

Tiaultiam tried to rise, but only managed to lift her ellebows and her upper body and said: "Speak Evil One, what say you?"

Armtyris turned, and a glinster in his eye revealed Tiaultiam her acony pain she was having all of a sudden. "Silence you brat, do not speak unless you are spoken to Demi-God". Tiaultiam herself could not bear the pain anymore and screamed. Her yell was heard in the Ancientia city the clone troopers would later say, which was over 15 kilometers away.

Artmyris continued his speaking: "But as you ask to nicely my dear, you fought my servants but I have possesion over the Gate, which means the barriers of the Ramboidae Realms are down. And as long as I keep the gate open the barriers will be down. But ofcourse the Ultimate God anticipated this and is using his own energy to keep the barriers up, preventing evil demons or even Xhodocto in locating of entering the Ramboidae Realms. But who knows how long he will keep this up. I do not mind after all, when he is exhausted his powers will be low, I will close the gate and the Ultimate God will not be of any challenge. And you my dears, you will tell him this as he is powerless to change this fact. Now begone, you sight is filthy and bad for my attitude".

A sudden flash of light and the three Demi-Gods found themselves back in front of the Ultimate God his residence, the Demi-God known as Ryouchiae took care of the injured Tialtiam and urged Ramgilmesh and Ram'Eris to speak to the Ultimate God. Both entered his majestic residence in fear and honor but what they would find was surprising.

Ramgilmesh serveyed the massive court chamber, in front of the Ultimate God his royal throne stood Horus, Selenyia, Inuthiaewë and Ivaliachdia. But was more surpring was to see the Ultimate God himself, he sat heavily at his throne, with eyes tired and his voice revealed a trail of exhaustion, anger, youth, ancient and fear at the same time. When he spoke all of the others were silent and looked in awe. His words revealed the Ramboidae Realms were in great danger, more than they could imagen. As Artmyris and the Mornûnendur were not the only ones who laid down there eyes on the Ramboidae Realms...........................

Birth of Duality Edit

This has been placed from the ending of the Light and Dark.
So, Bo Ramik entered a sense of deep meditation, he did not inform anyone of the battle. He projected his body to Nether-plane, a metaphysical plane of existence. It wasn't long before he found the descended lord, who was a bright flame of evil, easily sensed by Bo Ramik. Tricarrion walked slowly towards him, so sure in his step, now a pure being of demonic energy, rithing with hatred and fear, breaking out of any physical form he had left. Bo Ramik, already shining with golden, celestial light stared him in the face. As Tricarrion walked, the distance between Bo Ramik and Tricarrion would fluctuate between being close and far.
"We have been in conflict for several years now, Bo Ramik. It has been keeping us busy, our paths in life closely connected, but now, one of ours will come to a close. But who'se will it be?"--Tricarrion
"You are too sure of yourself, I have defeated you before, and I will do once more!"--Bo Ramik
"You are weaker than I. When I have dispensed you, I will become a true god!"--Tricarrion.
"Yet you still have the power-hungry mentality of a mortal. We shall soon see who wins..."--Bo Ramik
The two engaged in a powerful duel, dealing with energies more powerful than any mortal could dream of. However, Tricarrion was getting the upper hand, he started to combine the demonic Xhodocto energy and Mornûnendur's energy, creating a chaotic maelstrom of energy. This "chaos energy" overpowered Bo Ramik's elemental, celestial and psionic energies. After being thrown by Tricarrion, Bo Ramik found himself on the lower negative plane of the Nether-world. Had negative truly triumphed over positive?


As Tricarrion was about to deal the final blow, the negative energy that was being created overwhelmed him, suddenly all the negative energy that he had ever released, was reflected back at him, which overwhelmed his soul, until the very world around him became his own destruction. Weakened, Tricarrion had been struck down to Bo Ramik's level. And at that very moment, Bo Ramik released his final breath of energy. The positive and negative energies swirled into a vortex, until the two forces balanced each other out. Both of the physical forms of Bo Ramik and Tricarrion dissolved and merged into one balanced polar force - unity, as both beings were now vibrating on the same level of consciousness. Tricarrion and Bo Ramik ceased to exist physically in that monumentous moment, however, have now become one superforce.

Yin and Yang

However, now a new superforce has emerged. The two ascended being, no longer exist as seperate entities, and are now merged. They may appear in seperate forms, but one can't act without the other. Because of this, Bo Ramik will no longer give aid to the mortal realm, and nor will Tricarrion, because if they did, they would balance out again. Their workings will now occur in higher planes.

Artmyris Defeated!Edit

As Ram'Eris, Tiaultiam, Ramgilmesh, Horus, Selenyia, Inuthiaewë, Ryouchiae and Ivaliachdia listened to the Ultimate One his words, they found it shocking that Artmyris was able to come this far. The first defences of the Ancientia has proven important, as the city has not yet been taken in. This meant the coming place was still in secured hands of the Ultimate One.

"What should we do o Ultimate One" Riyouchiae asked, the diplomat of the Rambo Gods to both the mortal world and the other Gods in the Universe. Not a fighter but brave none the less.

"What could we do? Artmyris is too powerful. I fear he might knock on hour doors and replace the Ultimate One" Selanyia said in fear. To her surprise, none of the other Demi-Gods nor Horus even tried to comment on her. They all thought the same. A sudden tremble awoke all from thoughts as the Ultimate One rose from his chair.

"Replacing me?" he bellowed in anger. "A foul Atlantica replacing a God? He is no God, nor are you Selanyia or Horus. None can replace a God if he isn't a God himself. You over time think yourself of Gods? Do never dare to think of me at the same level as! I am sick of your Atlantica games, it meant the end of your home then too. I will deal with Artmyris personally, as it seems you cannot".

Clash of the Gods 05

The Ultimate One defeates Artmyris in personal combat!

The Ultimate One looked at Ramgilmesh, Tiaultiam, Ram'Eris and Ryouchiae and with a blink of an eye they were gone. Leaving Horus and Selanyia in doubt. They never seen him that angry nor did he even before point at they weren't "true" Gods. Inuthiaewë and Iviachdia left the room, claiming to oversee the rebuilding of the Ancientia City.

Artmyris looked from a hill at the Ancientia City, angered he asked his Lieutenant, Grimbatûlkûrûae why the city was taken yet? Grimbatûlkûrûae replied simply, that they attacked the city too soon and that Artmyris entered the Realm of the Gods way to early. In his eyes they had already lost and should retreat now they still could. This didn't help Artmyris is already angered mood but before he could replied a flash of light appeared and a crater was formed around them. Walls of earth rose around the crater to they couldn't get out. Grimbatûlkûrûae grabbed his sword as he saw figures in the mist and smoke but before he could even raise it, Tiaultiam, Ramgilmesh and Ram'Eris used there powers and rendered Grimbatûlkûrûae unable to move as his body was caught in a small electric storm.

Artmyris looked shocked. What in the Ultimate One's name was going on? He saw Grimbatûlkûrûae being caught in a surprise attack and wanted to help him but a sudden blue light caught his attention and he knew his end was near. The Ultimate One himself had appeared and he didn't look happy.

"Hail great One, how are you doing?" Artmyris boldly asked? But the Ultimate One didn't reply and instead his head began glowing with an intense pain and glowed red. Three blue lights hit Artmyris body, and if he still had his hart it would have frozen in place. Instead Artmyris felt empty and all emotions seemed to flow out. Now the Ultimate One began to speak:

"No Artmyris. It was stupid of you to defy me? A God well you are a simple Atlantica? You punishment will be simple and clear. You will be send to endless Dark, a void of nothing were all evil are send too when they get to greedy. Enjoy your time there Artmyris, the Fallen One as none has ever left it and you will spend an eternity there. Until the time comes when all is over and gone."

With it Artmhyris vanished and Grimbatûlkûrûae was imprisoned by the Demi-Gods. The Ultimate One looked to the sky, as sunlight once again appeared. But although the first battle was one in favor of himself. Danger was far from over. The Mornûnendur were still there and he felt something was wrong with the Quadrant Galaxies. But he couldn't quite figure it out yet.

Dark Visions Edit

The Leader of the Thirteenth Tribe looked grim. Lately, the Realm of the Gods seemed quiet, much too quiet; he wondered to himself if the defeat of Artemis was only the beginning in a conflict with no end in sight. He frowned; he knew that he himself was not a god, but a supernatural being with advanced powers and that he could do little to stop the ultimate advance of evil.

Initially, he thought when the Ultimate One defeated Artemis that his fears would be solved, but he was wrong. So wrong that he began to experience dreams and visions of the future, where an unknown force descends upon the universe, to rule it with an iron fist. Worried about these visions, he decided to watch the happens of the mortal world with great interest...

Birth of Plauge IncarnateEdit

The Leader of the Thirteenth Tribe was indeed correct to fear what was to come. For now, a new god was to be born. One with powers beyond that of Artmyris. For years the ravages of plauge and death had been the result of an unconcious force, much like gravity. But now, because the amount of mortals had increased majorly since the begining of the galaxy, there had been much more death, and plauge, and as such the force of nature had become twisted and disorientated, untill it became what all mortals feared death was. Sentient.

The firt act of this force was to name itself Bubuscus. And with the birth of Bubuscus, a plauge so mighty hit the land of the gods, that the leaves fell from the trees with rot, and new, cyclopean demons where unleashed into the realm, for every soul that died was turned into a demon of plauge.

And if the denziens of the Land of the Gods where infected by this plauge, then when Bubuscus learned of mortality, disaster would be sure to follow...

Demonic Civil War Edit

Clahs of the Gods

Vulgrat and Salbagrim encounter eachother

As Artmyris was defeated, the Chaos Realm was left in chaos and despair, without a leader or ruler who would rule over the Chaos Realm and prevent a possible war with the other Ramboidae Realms? After Artmyris defeat, three demons wanted to take his place, the brutal and large Salbagrim, the cunning Vulgrat or the cute yet deadly Ruviel? While they tried to gain ground and information about possible allies or ways to rule the Chaos Realm Vulgrat came aware he never could outmatch Salbagrim, as he was to powerful. Ruviel was not really a problem, but if she allied Salbagrim he would surely be the first to die.

As such, Vulgrat when into an isolated area within the Choas Realm, as he knew how to open the portal to the mortal world. He managed to steal a precious and highly wanted crystal to open such a portal, as it contained dark energy from Artmyris himself. As Vulgrat opened the gate, Salbagrim appeared out of nowhere and simply laughed at Vulgrat, if he thought he could escape the Chaos Realm he was wrong. Vulgrat simply smiled back and from his tail shot an electric charge, halting Sulbagrat and stunning him for a while. As Vulgrat turned his back to Salbagrim he simply told the large demon he was wrong himself, and that Vulgrat was not going to accept the plague of Bubuscus to simply come and overcome the Chaos Realm. With it Vulgrat was gone and the portal closed, leaving Salbagrim to ponder his words. He also had heard stories about this plague, but was unsure if they were true.
Clash of the gods 02

Salbagrim wounds Ruviel

Salbagrim was furious with Vulgrat travelling to the mortal world, and the Gods knew where he arrived in the mortal world. Salbagrim feared that Vulgrat his actions would attract the attention of the Gods again, and though Salbagrim also recieved news of the return of Anntediluvian, he hoped to form an alliance with him. However he knew creatures like Ruviel and the Guardian of Choas would not like a none Chaos being in the Chaos Realm, but what woudl he care. Perhaps he could get rid of Ruviel after all, if she didn't want to become his servant. As for the Guardian, he was too powerful.

After travelling for a few hours he encountered Ruviel, as he summoned her. She looked grim and angry, like usual. He greeted her and asked her if she would like to ally her and rule the Chaos Realm together. She replied with a blast of energy and Salbagrim simply smiled, she was predictible. As Salbagrim didn't like second chances, he hit Ruviel dead on with a blast of pure Chaos energy, wounding the fallen angel and he saw she was bleeding from her stomach. He hit her with his back hand and Ruviel fell unconcious to the ground. Salbagrim walked away, he knew Ruviel would not dare to intervere now.

A Desperate Move Edit

Clash of the Gods 02 (Um)

Three warriors try to destroy Tyrómairon once and for all!

The Thirteenth Tribe began to grow seriously destrubed by the growing power of Tyrómairon, who was once one of their own. He left the Thirteenth Tribe after failing to kill the leader of the Tribe, Apol'eus sparking a massive war which threationed the very concept of reality. However, he was eventually defeated, only to return again on a mission to destroy the Tribe he once served. However, Apol'eus knew that he would rather be destroyed then let this happen, sending three powerful warriors to try and either convince Tyrómairon to rejoin the Thirteenth Tribe, or to once again attempt to destroy him.

The three warriors appeared in front of Tyrómairon, who looked coldy and calmly at the three warriors. Your attempts to destroy me will fail. He said coolly. It doesn't have to be this way, Tyrómairon. Please, join with us again and end this conflict. Replied the first, and largest Tribe member. Ha! I would rather be a titantic crater then to be like upon to you! Tyrómairon called, just before hiting the Tribe Member of a volley of Mornûnendur energy, killing him immediately. The other two Tribe members raised their arms and shot light energy at Tyrómairon, who manipulated the enermy energy blast into hitting his enemies instead, killing them both instantly. Tyrómairon laughed, Apol'eus now knew of his power, and would be left with no choice but to face him for the first time in billions of years...

Apeligateza's Awakening Edit

Apeligateza's awakening

Tyrómairon, on the right awakens Apeligateza.

Tyrómairon was searching the galaxy for some remnants of his followers, locked away by the Thirteenth Tribe in the Great Civil War. However, while researching the ancient texts he discovered the probable location of one of his most trusted lieutenants, Apeligateza who was trapped away on a planet deep in the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus. Tyrómairon arrived on this planet in an instant and recited an ancient Mornûnenduran poem.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake and Apeligateza emerged from a wormhole, which led to the dimensional prison that had kept him guarded for so long. Welcome back, my friend. Tyrómairon spoke to his smaller subordinate. Master? Is that you, have you returned to crush those who sealed us away? Apeligateza said. Tyrómairon smiled, Yes indeed, Apeligateza. But first, I have a mission for you. Apeligateza regained his strength and looked his master in the eye, Anything for the great Mornûnendur and you, my lord.

And as the Mornûnendur were gaining more and more power, in secret Tyrómairon allied Salbagrim who managed to gain a large force of Chaos Realm Demons under one banner, willing to serve Antedivuvian. Now in secret the Mornûnendur and the Choas Realm were in league, a dangerous alliance which could have serious consequences for the forces of good. Especially now that Atlantica and the Thirteenth Tribe haven't been in contact with eachohter for millenia.

Breaking the RulesEdit

Tiaultiam, a servent of the Ultimate One and the Atlantica couldn't believe that the Choas Realm had allied the Mornûnendur, she was send in secret by the Ultimate One himself to find out if the rumors were true. Approaching the massive crytal tower she prepared to return to the Reflective Realm when she found herself blown away by a painful blow.

When she saw what hit her, all courage sank away, it was Salbagrim, the powerful demon himself that confronted Tiaultiam. He looked happy, and hit Tiaultiam again, sending her plummeting down the crystal plattforms and chrashing into the ice below.

"Well what do we have here?" asked Salbagrim with a low and crackling voice. Tiaultiam looked defiantly and raised her sword arm. "My name is no matter demon, let me pass as I am a servant of the Ultimate One!". Salbagrim grin grew bigger, "So it is true, a servant of the God entered the Chaos Realm uninvited. Sadly it is the last place you ever been too little girl". Tiaultiam eyes widened as she saw the demon's fist coming to her, she knew she was no match for Salbagrim and prepared for the coming blow. When Tiaultiam opened her eyes she saw Komura Sagin had blocked the blow of Salbagrim, an Atlantica came to aid a Demi-God?
Clash of the Gods 03

Salbagrim faces Komura Sajin and Tiaultiam

Komura Sagin roared and threw Salbagrim's fist away. Salbagrim roared in anger, yelling at the Atlantica that he had broken the rules of the Realms of the Gods. Komura simply replied that the demons of the Choas Realm already broke the law before he entered the Choas Realm, as the demons had allied the Mornûnendur, which was forbidden. Salbagrim hissed and attacked again, hitting Komura dead on. Komura collapsed to his knees, and seeing stars before him he didn't knew Salbagrim was such a powerful demon. Salbagrim slahed again, ripping open Komura's chest and sending blood at the white and snowy ground, turning it red. "Hahaha, an Atlantica is bleeding, you end is near" Salbagrim yelled as he launched himself at Komura. That was the time Tiaultiam had waited for and blasted the demon with energy which stunned him for a second. He turned and she could fell his anger rising in him. "How dares a Demi-God thouching me, you will be tortured for this girl, you will begg me to kill you and ARGH!". Salbagrim never was able to finish the sentance as Komura launched a devastating explosion wave at Salbagrim, chrashing him into the crystals and stunning him.

Komura grabbed Tiaultiam and the two left the Chaos Realm, Komura was hurt as was Tiaultiam. They had to warn the Ultimate One about this seeminly alliance and the rebelling Salbagrim.

Further more a Confederate Governor summoned one of the entities of the Ramboidae Realms and was allowed to have supernatural powers. This happened in the midst of a battle and almost broke the balance. Luckily he was stopped by a young girl. However Garlboz his vanising could mean danger in the near future. Yet this event marked that the balance between the Gods and the Ramboidae Realms was shimmering!

Mornûnenduran Rampage Edit

A New Apprentice Edit

Agonanghash Mission

Tyrómairon tests his new apprentice.

Tyrómairon was pleased. He has just created a new and fearsome acolyte, one that would forever leave a dark mark on the ones whom he came into contact.


The Dark Lord summoned his newest acolyte for a reason, to test the skills of his other acolytes whom he had doubts in. Moranonúngur, the greatest infiltrator of the acolytes was chosen to be spared. As was Meketanor, a powerful warrior. This left Jiha'Rana, an emotional Radeon girl corrupted by the Dark Powers. Tyrómairon told Agonânghâsh to track down Jiha'Rana and destroy her in order to prove himself worthy of being Tyrómairon's acolyte.

Agonanghash Mission 02

Agonanghash unleashes his powers on Jiha'Rana

The Dark Lord summoned Jiha'Rana to an open plain, and promised her with great powers she could use to punish those in her past life. Jumping at the chance for revenge, Rana teleported to the plain, where to her surprise, not a living thing could be seen. However, suddenly, the sky began to turn black, and all around flowers began to freeze and Rana became very cold. Suddenly, an ear piercing cry rang out causing Jiha to grab her ears. Then a portal opened before her, and a terrifying figure, clad in pure black appeared. Jiha'Rana armed herself with her trustworthy blades, only for Agonânghâsh to throw them to ground using his powers over Dark Mornûnenduran Energy.

Jiha'Rana attempted to use her own mastery over Mornûnenduran Energy, and fired a blast of light toward her attacker. However, Agonânghâsh began to channel this energy as well as his own into his blade which unleashed a shock wave that knocked her to the ground. As she attempted to recover, she felt herself being picked up by an invisible force while the Dark Powers of Agonânghâsh began to crush the Radeon's throat. Agonânghâsh then lifted the helpless dark acolyte into the sky while crushing her body using his powers, literally causing her body to implode. He threw her body to the ground, ending the young life of Jiha'Rana.

Agonânghâsh smiled. He had proven himself worthy of being an acolyte of the Mornûnendur.

A Hero Corrupted Edit

A Corrupted Hero

The Dark Lord confronts Morumadáin.

Everything that has transpired had done so according to the design of the Dark Lord. From his fortress beyond the space between spaces, Tyrómairon began to slowly tighten his grip on the Clash of the Gods. However, he had one task to do before launching his final preparations... the corrupting of a powerful member of the Thirteenth Tribe, one that has defied him in the past no less, the great warrior, Morumadáin.

Morumadáin was an ambitious warrior, and cared little for the ideals of the Oikoumene and yet he was fiercely opposed to the Mornûnendur and especially Tyrómairon himself. Nevertheless, the Dark Lord was confident that he could use his great powers over persuasion to corrupt Morumadáin to the Mornûnenduran side of the war.

Morumadáin Apoc

Mormadáin's new body.

He opened a portal that led straight into the Realm of the Gods, directly in front of Morumadáin, who tried to knock Tyrómairon back using his energies, however to no use. The Dark One simply waved his hand and Morumadáin was hurled across the ground. Within seconds, Tyrómairon grabbed Morumadáin using Mornûnenduran energy and told him about the failures of the Tribe and the power that he could experience at his side. The once fearless warrior of the Tribe was now an Mornûnendur and gained a new ferocious appearance, following his new master into the portal.

Everything was going as planned.

Atlantican AssemblyEdit

The Representative of the Ultimate One looked in awe as the most promising Atlantica had gathered themselves. Present were Barthandel, Cropler, Horus, Komura Sajin, the massive Quetzamet and Selenyia. Not present were Artmyirs (he was locked away), Venocios (who didn't feel to show up), Käer'thrak'úaëinóriaë (who didn't feel welcome anymore) and a few others who didn't want to show upf for their own reasons. She looked around and sighted, she hated this meetings as most Atlantica always liked to discuss, and it took a long time to let them all agree, unless the Ultimate One showed up and made his case, though this rarely happened.

Atlantica Assembly

Atlantica Assembly

The meeting started in a fierce discussion, as Barthandel, Komura and Selenyia wished to make a move against the rising Mornûnendur and their leader, Tyrómairon. However the others didn't feel much to solve the problems of the Thirteenth Tribe, as contact was lost with them ages ago, especialley Quetzamet and Horus didn't want to start an attack. While Cropler didn't care, since his "accident" with the crab like creatures he mostly didn't gave his opinion.

After days (compared to mortals) they agreed not to attack the Mornûnendur, much to the dismay of Barthandel, however before the Atlantica could leave a Chaos portal openend and a demon revealed himself, going by the name of Straith. He told the Atlantica that Salbagrim had siezed control of the Choas Realm, and was preparing his move against the Atlantica. When the Atlantica asked why he would reveal this news to them, Straith simply replied that he had his own reasons and that he disliked Salbagrim. He then vanished and left the Atlantica in confusion.

A Ruinous AllianceEdit

A Ruinous Alliance

Morgandaûr discusses with the Xhoustoe

An unknown force existe din the Quadrants, something that no civilization knew about. Hidden among the stars, the Rethex'Kalik, one of the greater demon races of the dreaded Legion of the Deathmarch stalked the Quadrant Galaxies, awaiting for the perfect opportunity to unleash doom to it. They had already tried in the past, but were kept at bay by the Rambo Gods. This bondage would soon end, though.

In the Realm of Forget, home land of the Xhousthoe, a dark presence appeared. It was Morgandaûr. His demonic nature made him immune to the realm's amnesia inducive nature. Desolation Warriors noticed him and prepared to attack, but were stopped as a group of Xhousthoe appeared to talk to him. Morgandaûr had an offer to the demons...

"Uniting the forces of the demons of the Chaos Realm and the demons of the Realm of Forget, you can be free to set Hell loose among the Quadrant Galaxies at last!", said Morgandaûr in a tempting voice. The Xhoustoe asked what he wanted in return, and he replied "Aid me in my schemes is all I want in return". The leader of the Xhousthoe, Rektethin Xyazkoxos, appeared and negotiated with Morgandaûr himself. Their alliance was officialized.

Morgandaûr left the Realm of Forget while the Xhousthoe prepared themselves to aid him in his schemes. The ruinous powers of the Legion were now targetting the Rambo Gods as well...

Setting the piecesEdit

Atlantica revelation

As the dark powers grew stronger and stronger, Tiaultiam grew worried as the Atlantica themselves did actually nothing about it. Even though it was not her task to worry about such things, she was a demi-god after all she couldn't help it. As such, in secret she travelled to ancient part of the Realms of the Gods, still under Atlantica rule ofcourse, she did not dare to go outside those bounderies.

Ivaliachdia and Tiaultiam

Ivaliachdia speaks to Tiaultiam

Afer days of travel she finally arrived at her destinition, ancient forests rose before her and are considered one of the most ancient of the Realms under Atlantica rule. She topped near a hill so she had a limited view over the forest to search for her target. Hesitant she made some sounds, bellows it would seem to strangers. Confused as there was no reaction Tiaultiam began doubting herself until sudden the ground began to shake. Suddenly Tiaultiam was lifted into the air, as she saw in her mistake, the hill was no hill after all. Suddenly a booming voice said: "Who dares to awaken me from my slumber"

Tiaultiam turned and smiled, though the smile soon turned away when she was his anger face, it seemed Ivaliachdia was in a very bad mood. None the less Tiaultiam began her speech:

"My apologies Lord of Nature and Growth, I need your adivese and aid. I fear the Atlantica and the Realms are in grave danger. Now with Fallen Dark One (Artmyris) gone, the Mornûnendur have risen and are threatening the balance of the Realms and ......."

Tiaultiam wasn't allowed to speak any further by the entity. "You wake me for this demi-god? I do not care for such matters nor do I intervere. But I know much, and advise I will give you young one. And it will shake you to your core! You fear the Mornûnendur? Mwuhaha there are forgotten others to be feared more. Demons are conspiricing against the Atlantica, and if they do not act they will surely fall. Now begone! I matter now the harsh and booming voice of Ivaliachdia said and he fell back a sleep, in a deep slumber.

Tiaultiam left, shaken she now knew that not only the Mornûnendur were threatening the Atlantica, but something else too. And as Tiaultiam left she wasn't aware she was being watched by those very beings who made an alliance with Morgandaur, as Ivaliachdia hiding place her protective barriers were already down. The rise of darkness in Cyrannus was effecting the Realms of the Gods it seemed!

Split in the Chaos Realm?
Demons unite?

Demon Conspiracy

Morgandaûr, after his meeting with the Rethex'Kalik and pledging his alliegance to them Morgandaûr decided to travel to the Chaos Realm. Upon arriving in his old home Morgandaûr found his home changed, and not for the better. It seemed his rival Salbagrim had allied most of the common demons under his rule, and pledged his loyalty to the Mornûnendur. Angered he travelled to the large crystal cliffs, where he encountered Ruviel and the Guardian in converstion. Interrupting he eplained his means, but both the Guardian and Ruviel were hesitant to believe Morgandaûr, especialley with such dangerous species as the Xhousthoe.

Yet after some talking, and proving that Ruviel and the Guardian could remain in the Choas Realm and return her to her former state, both the Guardian and Ruviel agreed to aid Morgandaûr, they will take care of Salbagrim to prevent further Atlantica interference in the Choas Realm, which angered most demons a lot.

Afterwards Morgandaûr left, preparing his own forces at Carnthedian and sought a way to get the demons from the Choas Realm back into mortal world, perhaps by creating a portal that Artmyris once use?

Ruin of the Endurable OneEdit

Ruin of the Endurable One

Komura Sajin surrounded by Xhousthoe

Meanwhile, something very strange was happening in the Reflective Realm. The Realm saw itself under siege from the Desolation Hivemind, which attacked without mercy. Komura Sajin, the Endurable One, fought back against the bizarre creatures, but little did he knew that the attack was actually a trap. As Komura Sajin was busy fighting, two demonic hands grabbed his feet and pushed him to underground. The Mouth of Dinoman82 saw it and tried to grab his hand, but it was too late. As Komura Sajin disappeared, the Desolation Hivemind vanished.

Komura Sajin opened his eyes to find himself in the Realm of Forget. He noticed he was surrounded by several demons which he identified as being the Xhousthoe. He had never been in such a strange place before, and was confused about what was happening.

"What do you want from me!?" asked Komura Sajin, and one of the Xhousthoe simply replied "Your ruin!". The demons all used their Demonic Energy on Komura Sajin, who screamed in pain. While he was notable for being resilient, he could not take on so much dark power at once. The Xhousthoe attacked harder, and Komura Sajin was destroyed in a blast of demonic energy which shined through the Realm of Forget.

Komura Sajin was only the first victim of the Xhousthoe's ruinous plan...

Komura Sajin was the first Atlantica death in ages, and his death was felt by all Atlantica and they mourned his death. They held a memorial for the Endurable One, but instead of acting the Atlantica remained hesistant, giving the Xhousthoe more and more time to infriltrate the Realms of the Gods.

Loss of the Lovely OneEdit

The Atlantica were confused by the sudden ruin of the endurable one and the following attack at the Atlantica. It seemed the Atlantica couldn't figure out why others would suddenly dare to attack them? While they did never do anything to them.

Shorlty after Rambo Nation lost their Cyrannus Colonial Sector during the Battle of New Ramhall the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus sieged control over all of their colonies. While the Atlantica wouldn't care for such thing, one specific planet, known as the Shrine of Selenyia also fell into Cyrannian hands. As such the Mornûnendur known as Ekrillium travelled to the shrine to find a mean into the Realms of the Gods. However Selenyia herself suddenly felt a dark presence at her sacred grounds and took Ryouchiae to investigate this evil presence.

Upon arriving Selanyia smiled at her shrine, the large tower still stood intact, even though it was slightly damaged during the Intergalactic War. Travelling to the control plattform Selanyia grew worried as she saw no evil. Ryouchiae on the other hand was bored, she didn´t like these kind of missions and were more a thing for Tiaultiam and such. Upon arriving Selenyia raised her hand and took a battle position!

  • Selenyia: Show yourself you filth!
  • Unknown: Filth, you call me a filth you mere Atlantica, relic of the past and long past due.
  • Selenyia: Big words for someone who hides behind pillars! Selenyia asked defiantely.
  • Ekrillium: I am Ekrillium the great of the Mornûnendur!
File:Atlantica vs Mornûnendur.png

Selenyia looked scared. She never faced an Mornûnendur before, as it was forbidden as they were sworn enemies of the Thirteenth Tribe, allies in which they hand't contact in for ages. Suddenly the sky turned dark and lightning surrounded the Demi-God and Selenyia and in the shadow a bright red light came closer, and it turned out to be Ekrillium. Suddenly the air around Selenyia turned blue and white as she was charging her elemental powers and made herself ready for a possible attack. Ekrillium made himself visible and attacked with a burst of shadow energy. Selenyia managed to block the attack and blasted Ekrillium with elemental energy, greatly hurthing the dreaded Mornûnendur.

Snarling Ekrillium rose into the air and unleashed lightning energy at Selenyia, trapping her into a field of painful shocks. Ryouchiae moved to aid her Atlantica God but a mere movement of Ekrillium his hand shove her of the plattform and Ryouchi fell into the waters below. The Mornûnendur smiled viciously and moved in for the kill. Yet Selenyia was not yet defeated, and grabbed Ekrillium arm, breaking it with her energies.

  • Ekrillium: Aaaaaaaaaargh, how dare you?
  • Selenyia: ....

Selenyia raised her hand again to unleash her elemental energy to kill the Mornûnendur but he anticipated it and grabbed her hand in which she was charging her energies. Adding his own shadowy powers Selenyia eyes widened. She didn't knew what happened as she felt her energies back firing into her own arms. Suddenly Ekrillium bite Selenyia in her shoulders and Selenyia felt her elemental energies spinning out of control. The only thing she could do was scream, and screaming she did as her own energies began destroying her internal organs and body, energies flowing out of her mouth, eyes, ears and wounds Selenyia died in an angony pain.

Ekrillium watched the entire event, until Selenyia her dead body dropped to the ground. He sighted and turned around with the information he wanted. He now had the means to open a portal into the realms of the Gods, the end of the Atlantica was in sight at last!

He then opened a portal as he wanted to show the information to his master, Emperor.

Atlantica OffensiveEdit

Warning to the Mornûnendur

With the recent loss of Selenyia and Sajin the Atlantica were furious and the Ultimate One seemed to refuse to solve the Atlantica their problems. As such the Mouth reminded the other Atlantica what they discussed in their last meeting and all nodded. It seemed the time of waiting and living in their utopia realms was over. It was time to finally protect the Quadrants again.

Their first action was to send Barthandel to the Cyrannus Galaxy, though breaking a devine rule it was allowed as the Mornûnendur killed one of their own. Barthandel arrived with the use of ancient star portals, and he arrived at the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus her capital, Orbispira. His target was the Emperor his bane, Agonânghâsh! Barhandel arrived with a brigh flash of light in the dark and empty streets of Orbispira and Agonânghâsh turned in surprise and anger. Though Agonânghâsh wasn't familair with the Atlantica, he felt his immense ultra terrestial powers Agonânghâsh began making plans to defeat his seemingly enemy.

Clash of the Gods 09

Barthandel vs Agonânghâsh

  • Barthandel: Behold filth and bane of the Mornûnendur!
  • Agonânghâsh: And whom are you stranger? You seem to know who I am but I have never seen you before?
  • Barthandel: Then bane behold the Warrior of the Atlantica, Barthandel is my name and you will remember him well!

Barthandel smiled behind his helmet, and though Agonânghâsh showed no surprise or fear in his features, Barthandel knew Emperor's Bane was forming a plan, as he finally met an enemy who was perhaps equal to him. Agonânghâsh summoned his powers and slashed out to Barthandel who in turn raised his shield. Blocking his enemy attack he fired an electric blast at Agonânghâsh, who screamed in agony. Yet Agonânghâsh didn´t became the Emperor´s Bane for nothing and unleashed his own energies at Barthandel. Narrowly avoided the stream of energy Barthandel left shoulder pad was shattered and Barthandel was annoyed. How dared this mere shadow servent harm him. Summoning light energies Barthandel grew with a bright light, Agonânghâsh was confused. What was he doing? And suddenly Agonânghâsh felt it, electric charges rocketed his body and Agonânghâsh fell to his knees. Smoke coming from his body Agonânghâsh breathed heavily and looked up to see Barthandel leaving. Before entering the portal Barthandel spoke a warning to Agonânghâsh:

  • Barthandel: Beware Mornûnendur, this is your first and final warning. Crawl back to your master and tell him the Atlantica grounds and those they watch are not his to take!
Facing the Izhjuul

Near the end of the second month of 01 NE, at a sunny day at the Rambo Capital things were about to get messy. Shortly after a concert given by Kekta and Hekta and Osha Stefani the people of Rambo Nation were in joy and lived their daily lives.

Crown Prince Ramaith Tyragnus Le Rambo walked outside the massive Rambo palace and looked grim. He was growing tired of waiting and wanted to act, but his master didn't want it yet as it would blow his massive cover. Suddenly Ramaith felt confused, it seemed time around him slowed down as people stopped moving and birds stopped singing. Looking around he suddenly felt his power slipping and his disguise fell apart, revealing his true nature. Dhazhrak growled, what was this kind of magic? Suddenly Dhazhrak felt another presence, though couldn't place it yet. Circling his position he looked for this seemingly entity who dared to take upon him, an Xhodocto?

Dhazhrak turned, as he witnessed in the corner of his eyes a portal was opening. Yet what came out of it, came to a great surprise for Dhazhrak, as it turned out to be one of the Atlantica. Dhazhrak smiled, things could get interessting after all! Suddenly the snake like Atlantica spoke, with his booming voice Dhazhrak smile grew more broader and Dhazhrak took a battle stance.

Clahs of the Gods 10

Atlantica vs Xhodocto

  • Quetzamet: Behold serpent of shadows! I, Quetzamet the Atlantica comes before you!
  • Dhazhrak: Yes I can see that, why call me the serpent while obviously you resemble one more than me?
  • Quetzamet: Hmpf, a funny Xhodocto we have here it seems?
  • Dhazhrak: Mwhahaha, I will kill you Atlantica fore disturbing my plan! NONE can stop us after all!
  • Quetzamet: You have broken the laws of the Quadrants serpent, leave and you will not be harmed.
  • Dhazhrak: Harm me? ME?

Dhazhrak shouted the last words in disbelieve, how could a mere Atlantica beat an Xhodocto. Not in a mellenia! Dhazhrak charged, sending shadows crawling across Quetzamet features who cried out in pain. Dhazhrak grasped Quetzamet his tail and trew him into the palace of Rambo Nation. Instead of crumbling into pieces it seemed the stop of time also prevent Quetzamet to chrash through the palace and instead bounced off. The snake like Atlantica twisted and wrapped his tail around Dhazhrak his legs and send him flying into the air. Dhazhrak chrashed hard at the ground and luxated his arm. Twisting it back in pain Dhazrak growled while the serpent Atlantica circled around him, which frustrated Dhazrak a lot as he was more stronger yet it seemed the Atlantica was not out to defeat him in battle.

Dhazrak charged again and wounded the Atlantica, sending greenish acid blood splashing at the ground. Quetzamet twisted and avoided another slash of Dhazrak. Suddenly the serpent rose into the air and Dhazhrak screamed in pain as the pure magical energies of the Quadrants grabbed him. Dhazhrak struggled, but couldn't get free as a portal behind him openend. The energies dragged Dhazhrak into the portal and Quetzamet spoke:

  • Quetzamet: Tell your masters that the Quadrants are not his to conquer, destroy or infriltrate. As such your cover is blown and you are banished from the Quadrants. Oh and don't forget, send your master the best regards from the Ultimate One!

With it the portal closed and Dhazhrak found himself in front of the gates leading to homeworlds of the Xhodocto. Dhazhrak sighted, though he was a Commander he disliked bringing Angazhar the Atlantica message, one can only wonder how he will react.

Removing an unknown threat!

Mere days after the attack at Dhazhrak and the warning to the Xhodocto, the Atlantica made another move against the enemies of the Quadrant Galaxies. A dark presence, known to their subjects as a Rambo Nation officer by the name of The Commodore was involved in a terrible battle around his beloved station, the Angforst. The Commodore was happy, the URC Remnant attacked the station to prevent the closing of the Quadrantia-Cyrannus wormhole, something his own senate voted against. Now with this attack he had the emergency clearance to close the wormhole and ordered the weapon to be charged.

Moving the station in position he saw a lone URC Phoenix-class approaching the weapon, though the Commodore didn't mind as the station her shields couldn't be breached by such a large vessel, even if it entered hyperspace.

Clash of the Gods 08

Horus appears before the Commodore

Suddenly the crew around him dropped unconcious and the Commodore raised his blaster. Suddenly a portal opened in front of him, exiting it was a entity the Commodore only knew from his religion, as it was an Atlantica by the name of Horus appeared before him.

  • Horus: Hail mortal, I, Horus the Judgeful One come before you!
  • Commodore: That is impossible, Atlantica are mere myths. Part of our religion and...
  • Horus: No, not a myth, we are more than that Commodore. I come before you to warn you of the mistake you are going to make. You musn't close the wormhole!
  • Commodore: Hahah, what is this kind of trick? An Atlantica would bother with mortal matters? What are you? An illusion? A holographic image to trick me?
  • Horus: Hmpf, not at all mortal. The wormhole is devine connection, closing her could bring harm to the Realms of the Gods and weaken the Quadrant her position. As such you must be prevented.
  • Commodore: None can keep me from closing the wormhole! NO ONE! I WILL PROTECT MY NATION!

The Commodore raised his blaster and fired upon the Atlantica. Horus simply waved the attack away and raised his hand.

  • Horus: Very well mortal, Judgement will be fallen upon you!

With the words said, bright energies surrounded the Commodore and he felt his life slipping away. With a last scream of despair the Commodore fell to the ground, dead as he defied an Atlantica and for that he was punished. Horus regratted his action, even though danger lurked the wormhole wasn't allowed to close as it would endager the balance of the Quadrants. With Horus leaving the shields of Angforst fell down for a slight moment, at the same time the Phoenix class chrashed into the weapon, disabling the weapon and preventing the closing of the womrhole.

Yet the action and interference by the Atlantica were going to have an effect at the Quadrants themselves, though none knew it at the time the use of their powers in the mortal world were soon going to unleash "paradoxes", which would endanger the citizens of the Quadrants.

The Hivemind Encounter

Barthandel approached the mouth in the Realm of the Gods, she stood at a balcony overlooking the Acientia city, who repaired the damage Artmyris had done. Barthendel nodded and greeted the Mouth with the highest respect.

  • Mouth: Barthendel, the Great Atlantica Warrior. Thank you for answering my summons!
  • Barthandel:: Ofourse Lady, you are after all the Representative and speaker for the Ultimate One. How can I neglect a summon of importance and one for battle?
  • Mouth: Hahaha, indeed Barthandel. Indeed, I want you to escort me in battle. We lost SSajin and Selenyia in battle, Atmyris to the darkness, the Forgotten One and Lesrekta long ago. Our position is weakening my friend. We lost our unity and darkness has risen in the realms we were sworn to protect.
  • Barthendel: At last I hear you saying we need action?
Desolation Atlantica Battle

Barthandel and the Mouth surrounded

The Mouth smiled, and opened a portal Barthandel and the Mouth both entered. Arriving in a former peaceful place in the Realms of the Gods, under the watch of the Ramdoidae Realms it was infested by the Desolation Hivemind. The once green and peaceful area was now infested by green fog, hideous Bersekers and a Hivemind itself. They were consuming the area of Atlantica energy, mystic powers the Atlantica needed to maintain the protective barriers around the Quadrants. Looking at Barthendel, the Warrior smiled behind his helmet. He always wanted to fight the cousins of the Xhodocto, as it was forbidden by the Ultimate One to engage a Xhodocto unless they entered the Quadrants. The Mouth didn't smile, she looked grim. It was a long time since she never fought in battle before, instead was under tutorship of the Ultimate One. Barthendel charged in the middle of the group, using his shield to smash Bersekers away, however they were with many and Barthendel also took damage when the Hivemind targeted the Warrior. Waiting for the right time the Mouth stepped in the middle of the battle, unleashing a powerful energy beam at the Hivemind, draining her of power it destroyed the Hivemind and leaving the subject of the Hivemind in confusion. Yet the act left the Mouth defenseless and Barthendel charged his body with red flames to protect the Mouth.

With the destruction of the Hivemind the Bersekers did not withdraw as planned, instead they launched themselves at Barthandel and the Mouth, and when a Rethex'Kalik arrived as well, together with various hiveminds erupting from the ground it seemed all hope was lost and Barthendel was left standing alone!

None the less the two began fighting the Desolation, but over hours of combat, neither side gaining the upperhand it seemed Barthandel and the Mouth were drained of their powers. It seemed the Hivemind gained the upperhand as the Elemental Quadrant Energies in the area were slowly replaced by that what came with the Desolation. Wounded, both Barthandel and the Mouth looked in awe as more Desolation warriors arrived.

Suddenly the Mouth spread her arm, and a bright light surrounded her.

  • Barthandel: My lady, what is going on?
  • Mouth: Keep the Hive busy my friend, I need some more time!
Desolation Atlantica Battle 2

Retreat of the Atlantica

Barthandel nodded. Slamming his shield in a nearby Berseker another Berseker lunged himself at the might warrior. Barthendel fought with all his strength, though was eventually overwhelmed and even substained some internal damage when a Berseker managed to pierce his shoulder armor.

And the might warrior was driven back, closer to the Mouth. Suddenly behind them a Hivemind rose and tried to engulf them when all of a sudden a massive energy shock wave rocketed the area, sending Bersekers flying into the air and stunning the Hivemind.

Exhausted Barthandel managed to catch the collapsing mouth. It seemed they lost this battle as Barthandel saw the Hivemind and the Bersekers gaining their ground again. He nodded to the mouth, shortly before she lost her senses and Barthandel teleporter himself, and the Mouth back to the Atlantica ground.

Arriving at their own grounds, Croplar rushed to the Mouth with healing materials, the attack drained the Mouth of power and she was wounded by the Hivemind. Barthandel was glad they survived, but it seemed the Atlantica were not as powerful as they once were......................

An Unexpected End Edit

An Unexpected End

The Dark Lord emerges in front of the Atlantica.

Barthandel and the Mouth arrived at the Atlantica Council side, exhausted and wounded by their battle with the Desolation Hivemind they barely survived. All other Atlantica were gone, as suspected and Barthendel and te Mouth were alone, and needed healing. Suddenly both felt a dark presence and were lifted in the sky as a dark figure arrived from smoke and lighning, twisting from the ground Tyrómairon arose in the Realms of the Gods! Both Barthendel and the Mouth looked scared, what was this madness? How could an Mornûnendur arrive in the Realms? Was it true the bounderies were weaking once again, or did they never recover? Suddenly the other Atlantica appeared, as they all felt his dark presence. Qeutzamet and Cropler were the first to arrive, shortly followed by Horus and Venocius. All stood behind Barthendel and the Mouth, who were still inthe sky and prepared for battle when the Dark Mornûnendur ruler spoke.

  • Tyrómairon - Greetings. Atlantica.

At the words of Tyrómairon, Quetzemet his snake like features stirred. But all Atlantica simply wathced and nodded in return as a greeting and awaited what the Dark Mornûnendur ruler was going to say.

  • Tyrómairon - Fear not. I do not come to end your existence, you may have a use for me yet.
  • Barthendeal - Farcical, his whispers are like poison! Do not listen to him!

With that, Barthendeal launched himself at Tyrómairon, although already weakened he raised his shields and readied his elemental power. Tyrómairon, smiled and simply waved his hand, sending the great Atlantica warrior back to his other Atlantica. And as a gesture of peace Tyrómairon raised one hand, a sign he did not came to fight. Suddenly the Mouth stepped forward, as gracious as always she had a grim smile.

  • Mouth - Tell me Tyrómairon, what do you want. We will listen to your words before we decide what to do.
  • Tyrómairon - I imagine you grow tired of our conflict. I have come to treat with thee.
  • Cropler - Treat with us! Now see the wonders haven't left us at all! There is still hope after all!
  • Quetzamet - Hmpf, why would he want a treat with us! We stand above the servants of shadows.
  • Mouth Silence.
  • Venocios - Oh you pissed the girl off hahaha
  • Barthendeal - Tell me, why would you want peace with us Tyrómairon?
  • Mouth - Yeah explain yourself dark one.
  • Tyrómairon - I stand above petty squabbles. Surely you do the same? Or are you as primitive-minded as those in the mortal-realms?
  • Mouth - Ofcourse we are not. We stand above the Mortals!
  • Tyrómairon - So I had hoped. I respect your kind enough to spare you from my wrath.

The Atlantica looked at eachother, Confused by his words. So the conflict would be over? Some like Cropler and the Mouth would be happy to accept while Barthandeal and Venocios had difficulties believing his words. Suddenly Quetzamet, the snake like Atlantica approached Tyrómairon. Circling around him like a snake on the hunt he rose in ftront of the Dark One. With mere centimeters between the nose of Tyrómairon and Quetzamet the other Atlantica and nodded to the Mouth.

  • Mouth - Very well. Antediluvuian we accept a weapon truce. Seeing both our galaxies we watch over can live together and accept eachother perhaps we should do the same.
  • Quetzamet - Perhaps even work together in the future.
  • Tyrómairon - We shall see.
  • Mouth - Very well, may perhaps a new era begin!
  • Tyrómairon - Indeed. One of order.
  • Cropler - One of peace and prosperity.

With that the Atlantica nodded. Happy that a dangerous oppenent seemed to have made peace with the Atlantica. A war between Mornûnendur and Atlantica could destroy both the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy. Tyrómairon smirked sinisterly and disappeared in a great black flash. The Atlantica debated for a while and promised to watch the Mornûnendur closely, However with one threat less, peace could perhaps come again and the Atlatnica could return to their daily lifes of doing, watching en enjoying life in the Realms of the Gods. Behind one of the rocks a figure, clad in dark armor pondered and behidn his mask looked worried. This was not what he expected. Now his plan to rule the Quadrants would become more and more dangerorus. Morgandaur decided to wait a little while longer. Perhaps he should need to seek out the the Zevian Skull, an Atlantica artifact rumored to give one Atlantica powers...

Ended RuinEdit

With the end of the war between the Atlantica and the Mornûnendur, the Rethex'Kalik were left in a vulnerable position. The Mornûnendur were allied of their masters, the Xhodocto, and breaking the peace between them could not only cause problems from Tyrómairon, but from the Xhodocto. Rektethin Xyazkoxos watched the events from the Realm of Forget, with a frown on his face. His plans of unleashing ruin upon the Quadrants would have to wait.

However, Rektethin Xyazkoxos' deals with Morgandaur were not discarded, as he still saw use on the demon. The King of Ruin would remain watching, awaiting for the next opportunity to strike and finally bring ruin to the Quadrant Galaxies. With a blink of an eye, all traces from the Desolation Hivemind's attacks on the Realms of the Gods were gone, the servants of ruin returning to the Realm of Forget to await their leader' next orders. The Xhousthoe themselves also left, leaving nothing behind that could even prove they had ever arrived.

The Xhousthoe had been stopped, but for how long?

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