Each of these conflicts is but one tiny piece of a larger whole, a war endless and inestimably larger...
- Tyermaillin

Galaxies at War is an expanded universe project within the SporeWiki Fiction Universe spearheaded by Dinoman82 and Cyrannian, which has been ongoing since October 20, 2009‎. Involving a range of stories from throughout the Cyrandia Cluster, the Galaxies at War saga tells the tale of the inhabitants of the mysterious and expansive Cyrandia Cluster - including the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies - featuring famed characters such as Apollo and Ramashe, civilisations such as Rambo Nation, the Empire and the New Republic against a backdrop of colossal conflicts such as the Second Galactic War, the Great Cyrannus War and the Second Great Cyrannus War.




Galactic War (11 BNE) — The Imperial Alliance launches an attack against Rambo Nation, killing the Rambo Emperor. The United Republic of Cyrannus sends aid to the Rambo and the conflict ends in the skies of the Dissia System.

Trucinex War (11 BNE) — The Trucinex attack Capricaerón, sparking a conflict which would involve the Delpha Coalition of Planets, Rambo Nation, the Church of Spode and even the Xhodocto in defence of the Libertus. In the climactic Battle of Nex, the Trucinex are soundly defeated.

Second Galactic War (07 BNE) — The Imperial Alliance attacks once again, sparking a far larger conflict than the First Galactic War. Throughout the Quadrant Galaxies battles wage for control of the stars while new villains emerge to hound the allies. Neither side is victorious and tension grips the Cluster.

Intergalactic War (06 BNE - 05 BNE) — The First Cognatus Empire emerges from the shadows of Cyrannus and conducts a holy war against the entire First Gigaquadrant, though particularly the United Republic and their Rambo allies, now united under the Cyrandia Alliance. Though perseverance and resilience in the face of adversary, the Allies emerge victorious. However, unbeknownst to them, an ancient evil has awoken...

Great Cyrannus War (03 BNE - 01 BNE)Alveni a Malus — Like wildfire, war spreads throughout the galaxy of order. Through the machinations of Tyrómairon, the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the Republic clash for supremacy over the Cyrannus Galaxy. At the heart of the conflict, evil festers and grows, for the Dark Lord is ascendant...

Dark Times (01 NE - 03 NE)Lacrima a Vinyar — "We stand on the threshold of a new beginning..." In the ashes of the Republic and the Confederacy, an Empire rises, casting down those who would dare defy the Emperor's invioable will. Yet hope remains in the hearts of those who dare to fight back...

New Cyrandia Wars (04 NE - 05 NE)Ortum a Dynastia — The first test of the New Imperial Order presents itself from the fringes of the Outer Rim as the New Republic and Rambo Nation fight to regain their lost glory. "The Empire's crusade to rule the galaxy has not ended with the Fall of Vasuband. In truth, it has barely begun..."

Tertius Bellum (08 AQF - ) — While the Cluster smoulders in the aftermath of the New Cyrandia Wars, uncertainty and mistrust reign. In the Quadrants, the Hutters and Jenassians expand and conquer, leaving the Quadrantia on the brink of a renewed conflict...

Cyrannian Cold War (06 NE - 15 NE) — The New Wars are over. The Cyrannus Galaxy is divided by Republic and Empire, freedom and tyranny, light and dark. The standoff has begun...

Second Great Cyrannus War (15 NE - ) — The battle for control over the Cyrandia Cluster has begun. Between the Republic and the Empire, there can be no neutrality and but one choice—resist, or serve.


  • The Galaxies at War saga is a series of wars and stories primarily formed by the users Dinoman82 and Cyrannian. However, it also involves many other users such as MatthewMosley, Wormulon and OluapPlayer.
  • The saga began on October 20, 2009‎ and has been running ever since.

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