The Galactic Gymphic Kingdom is an interstellar nation that is native to the Mirus Galaxy. They are generally not aggressive but will not hold anything back when at war. They will do anything to protect the natural environment, and usually dislike empires who overly abuse it.

History Edit

In the year of 2729, the Gymphic Kingdom launched their first spaceship, which they used to colonize a planet in a neighboring star system. In the year of 2749, the colonization process was complete, and the Gymphic Kingdom officially became an interstellar power.

They continued to expand and develop their technology, while at the same time, trying to protect the environment.


Policies Edit

Religion Edit

The Galactic Gymphic Kingdom does not possess a state religion, but most of its citizens follow many different religions.

Retribution Edit

Minor and moderate offenses to the law will result in either a fine or a short period of forced labor. Severe offenses will lead to execution or a long time in prison.

Environment Edit

Pollution of the environment is forbidden, and is considered as a minor offense. Companies must meet certain standards in order to continue operating.

Culture Edit

The culture of the Galactic Gymphic Kingdom is not very diverse, as there are no other alien races other than the Gymphus that are citiens of the kingdom. Dancing is a popular pastime among the Gymphic people. Many different genres of music exist for them to dance to, which makes it easy to find what you want.
Aside from dancing, other popular activities in the Galactic Gymphic Kingdom are various sports, and many different festivities such as the annual parade in honor of the King.

Foreign Relations Edit

Allied Edit

Green faceMay our close friendship last until the end of time!

Friendly Edit

Blue faceHello, friend.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceLet's get to know each other better.

  • Mendel Pact- We are looking forward to further diplomacy with them.

Disliked Edit

Orange faceWe're listening.

Hostile Edit

Red faceWe will obliterate you.

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