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The Galactic Federation, also known as the Federation of Galaxies, was founded by the Rusiolians. It's goals were to defend small empires by creating a union for them. Many empires joined the union and the Galactic Federation, as it is called, has now over 3000 member empires and over 100.000 systems in the Milky Way. In the Elvetin Galaxy they have 2 million systems, though these are not contriolled by individual empires.. The most powerful members are the Rusiolian Empire, the Cimilope Federation, the Ernai Empire, the Xylon Empire and the DivaBette Republic.

It's capital is Elveline in the Elvetin Galaxy.

Sporewiki MembersEdit

The Rusiolian Empire

The Xylon Empire


The GF Government has three branches. The Federation Council, the Federation Senate and the Security Council.

The Federation CouncilEdit

The Federation Council has 5000 seats and 2 permanent postitions, the Chairman and the Security Minister. The councillors are elected every fifth year. Security Ministers and Chairmens hold their offices until the Council votes, with at least a majority of 80%,that new ones should be elected. The councillors are elected from the member empires and election sectors in the Elvetin Galaxy. There are 3213 member empires and 5000 election sectors.

When there is an election the member empires and election sectors vote for a politician that should represent there empire/sector. Then every citizen vote for a politician that is not from there empire/sector.

The Federation Council rules the GF and decide about everything that concerns the whole GF or more than a few empires or sectors.

The current chairman is the Rusiolian Treco Gissom and the Security Minister are the human Cali Gulaeron.

The Federation SenateEdit

The Senate is consist of 300 councillors from the Federation Council. They are referred to as Senators. The senators are the diplomatc leaders of the GF. They serve as ambassadors when meeting other empires. They also serve as negotiators. Another purpose of the Senate is to help individual or a few empires/sectors.

Then leader of the Senate is the chairman.

The Security CouncilEdit

The Security Council consists of 500 councillors from the Federation Council. A councillor can never be a part of both the Senate and the Security Council. The Security Council are responsible for the security of the GF. They plan attacks and defenses in war and they commission investigations on dangerous criminals and so on.

The leader of the Security Council is the Security Minister.


The goal of the GF is to protect the empires of the MIlky Way (And other galaxies) from more powerful empires. An example is the Xgaravin Empire. It lies in the end of a galactic arm, it had no allies and was constantly under attack. Then they joined the GF. The GF sended 200.000 ships to aid the Xgaravins and the Xgaravins enemies were crushed. Another, equally important goal is to preserve the peace of the galaxy both through force and diplomacy.


The GF was founded year 0GFE, according to the GF timeline, which count years as pre-GF (PGF) and GF-Era (GFE). It has existed for 347 GF years. It has recently encountered a hostile species called the Saitinimii. The Saitinimii has recently attacked the GF.

Going IntergalacticEdit

The GF have also colonised the small galaxy known as The Elvetin Galaxy. They have taken 2 million star systems. This act was made by the GF as a whole, not by individual members. Because of that the Elvetin colonies belongs to all GF members. The GF have also moved their capital from Rusol to Elveline in the Elvetin Galaxy.

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A GF year is 10 months. Each month is five weeks and each week is ten days. Each day is 20 hours and each hour is sixty sectons. Each secton is sixty seconds. The current GF year is 347GFE.


The currency of the GF is the Galactic Klin. One Galactic Klin is ten sporebucks. The GF earns about 22 trillion Galactic Klins every day but has to spend 17 trillion every day. In the event of war they would have to spend 19-22 trillion every day so all extra money is saved if war would break out.


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Intergalactic RelationshipsEdit

Green face Allies


United Veatrex Federation

Seven Starr Alliance

Rambo Nation

United Republic of Cyrannus

Delpha Coalition of Planets

The Empire of the Girdo Galaxy

The S.P.Q.R.N


Red face Enemies


The Xhodocto


  • Never attack another GF Empire.
  • In the event of war contribute with at least 90% of your military.
  • Superweapons such as the planet buster can be used twice a year, unless Protocol 5 is active,
  • Always contribute with at least 10% of your military forces for patrolling and guarding.
  • Never insult another GF Empire.
  • Never lie to the GF.
  • Never attack an ally of the GF.
  • Never attack a neutral or previously undiscovered empire unless they attack you.
  • Always pay your membership fee.
  • If you wish to join place a request in the talk page.
  • Never break any of the above rules.

Quotes from other empiresEdit

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The Galactic Federation is a there when you need someone at your back. Which for us, is much too often. Warlord Foua of the Xylon Empire

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