The foreign relations of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus are characterised by the Empire's pan-Gigaquadrantic imperialist ambitions, in stark contrast to the diplomatic benevolence of the United Republic of Cyrannus as well as the Empire's foremost rival, the New Cyrannian Republic. Though the formation of the New Republic in 03 NE has been followed with a steady decline in the Empire's hegemony over the Cyrannus Galaxy, it retains a strong sphere of influence throughout the Gigaquadrant and is a respected--if feared--power to its contemporaries.


Early History (01 NE - 05 NE)Edit

I... I shall be your Emperor.

- Tyrómairon to Ramashe upon the surrender of Rambo Nation, 01 NE

The formation of the Empire in the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War came as a shock to the Gigaquadrant, bringing with it the destruction of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems, bringing the vast majority of the Cyrannus Galaxy under the rule of a single sovereign Emperor; Tyrómairon. Though many in the Gigaquadrant offered the Empire their tentative support, others such as the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation and Rambo Nation immediately declared it to be a perversion of the Cyrannus Galaxy's democratic institutions and refused to acknowledge it as the galaxy's official government.

Fall of Hope 05

Rambo Nation surrenders to the Empire in 01 NE. The Empire's relations with extragalactic powers in this period were rarely conducted in the extragalactic's favour or consent.

In response, the Empire released an ultimatum that all extragalactic civilisations must immediately leave the galaxy, threatening all those who refused with annexation or destruction. Though most civilisations obliged, Rambo Nation and the Tybusen Federation refused to leave. The nascent Imperial Navy divided potentially troublesome extragalactic territories into a series of sectors, taking aim at the extragalactics within. In the following years, the Empire's citizenry would recall this period in Imperial history fondly, nostalgic for the years in which the Empire ruthlessly rooted out those who defied the Emperor's invioable will and imposed the "rule of law" in these formerly extragalactic-held systems.

The Empire would become known in the Gigaquadrant after the consolidation of its power in Cyrannus as a dreaded force of imperialist expansionism, expanding exponentially into most of the Gigaquadrant's galaxies and dealing out protectorate statuses to civilisations such as Rambo Nation as well as using subterfuge to gain vital space in troublesome galaxies, such as during the Heleanorian civil war, which brought with it hundreds of thousands of systems in the Borealis Galaxy. During this period of rapid expansionism, the Empire's spies worked tirelessly to ensure that a coalition of civilisations against Imperial interests could not be formed, breeding mistrust amongst the Empire's potential foes both within Cyrannus and beyond.

Despite this, the Empire retained favourable relations with civilisations such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the United Lanat Empire and Apalos, while ensuring a positive aura of growth and prosperity for the Empire's famed "protectorates", including the aforementioned Rambo Nation in addition to the Confederation of Andromeda, the Iron Bloc, the Omegon Star Empire and the Asdran'Ari. By the third year of the Empire's existence, it softened considerably under the leadership of Potentate Tereyn Aeresius, opening up formal relationships with many new civilisations throughout the Gigaquadrant.

Cyrannian Cold War (06 NE - )Edit


The New Republic presides over the Treaty of Auethnen in 04 NE, establishing peace between the Empire and the Confederacy of Free Planets.

With the rise of the New Republic, the Empire's political influence as the undisputed ruler of the Cyrannus Galaxy has lessened considerably due to the diplomatic efforts of the Republic in establishing a lasting peace in the Gigaquadrant through the resurrection of organisations such as the Universal Trading Union and the formation of new ones such as the Mou'Cyran Accords. This sky-rocketing influence of the Republic saw civilisations which had once acknowledged the supremacy of the Empire, such as the Unified Nation of Ottzello, to instead place their faith in the Republic. This growing atmosphere of tension in the years after the New Cyrandia Wars is considered by many political scientists to be the onset of a lasting Cyrannian Cold War.

Intergalactic PoliticsEdit

Major Intergalactic DisputesEdit

Important Treaties and ConcordatsEdit

  • A'dvenae Concordat (01 NE) - Forbade extragalactic colonisation of the Cyrannus Galaxy.
    • Repealed in 03 NE.
  • Nim-Glaré Concordat (01 NE) - Imposition of a protectorate status over Rambo Nation.
  • Cyrannica-Tralo'aear Concordat (02 NE) - Military alliance with the United Lanat Empire, establishment of the Mirusian Imperial Administration Zone (MIAZ).
    • Amendment in 05 NE established an Imperial puppet government.
  • Heleanor Concordat (02 NE) - End of the Heleanorian Civil War, establishment of Imperial Province of Heleanor.
  • Treaty of Concordia (03 NE) - Imperial permission for the establishment of a New Republic.
    • Establishment of a Neutral Zone in 04 NE.
  • Treaty of Auethnen (04 NE) - Peace between the Empire and the Confederacy of Free Planets.
  • Avalôtur Covenant (08 NE) - Military alliance and declaration of friendship with the Kicathian Republic.
    • Defensive pact for the Ikiwa Eropsii Cluster

Major RelationshipsEdit

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New Cyrannian Republic

State: Orange face Poor

Relations Established: 03 NE


NewRepublic The Empire is represented in the Republic through a consulate on Mou'Cyran.
ImperialEmblem The Republic is represented in the Empire through an embassy on Corulus.

Intelligence Threat Analysis: Extreme. The New Republic may not be an equal to the Empire in terms of relative military strength, but they represent the single greatest threat to Imperial interests and the continuation of the Empire's hegemony over the Cyrannus Galaxy. In three short years, they have emerged from the nothingness to intergalactic hyperpower. Imperial Intelligence recommends an ongoing campaign to weaken and prevent the Republic gaining from the Empire's expense.

Relevant Topics: Grand Three

The New Cyrannian Republic. Even saying the name fills my mouth with bile. "Oh, everyone! Look at us! We're happy all the time. Can you feel the rightiousness? Democracy!" Good grief. It is not my place to question the decree of the Emperor, but what in the galaxy was he thinking by allowing these hippies reform their ineffective rule of the ignorant. Nevertheless, they show extrodinary power and resiliance in the face of adversary and it is for good reason that Imperial Intelligence ranks them above even the Dominion and the Delpha Coalition in terms of their capacity to harm the Empire. The future will determine what will truly dominate the Cyrannus Galaxy, be it the Old Order or the New. I know who I'm betting on.

In the past, they have proved useful in destroying the Cyrannian Imperial State and for fighting against the Cognatus Empire, though it is clear that those days are done. Their actions in the Quadrant Galaxies in particular is a cause for concern, with Intelligence claiming that agents from the New Republic Intelligence Service are actively conspiring with dissident groups in Rambo Nation for the repell of the Nim-Glaré Concordat and the restoration of the Cyrandia Alliance. Because the first Cyrandia Alliance was just so successful.

Furthermore, Intelligence also suspects their involvement in the ongoing campaign against the Cognatus in Heleanor, possibly colluding with the Polar Crystal Alliance. However, despite these suspicions, no evidence can be found.


Rambo Nation

State: Blue face Good, Protectorate

Relations Established: 01 NE


RamboflagII The Empire is represented amongst the Rambo through the Imperial Embassy on the Rambo Capital.
ImperialEmblem The Rambo are represented in the Empire through an embassy on New Ramhall.

Intelligence Threat Analysis: Very High. There is far more to meet the Rambo than meets the eye. Though they are currently bound to us through the Nim-Glaré Concordat, and despite growing support for the protectorate, there is still much mistrust between us. Indeed, the detractors of the Concordat are increasingly bold in their tactics and the Rambo government is increasingly independent of their wishes. The New Republic's relationship with the Nation must not improve. Efforts to destabilise relations are ongoing.

Relevant Topics: Grand Three

Rambo Nation. The name is synonymous with honour, glory and peace. After the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat however, they are now a fully fledged member of the Empire or as they like to say, a "protectorate". Initially, we suspected that the protectorate status would not last five years due to the high levels of nationalist pride within the Nation, though to our surprise, it has in fact grown immensely in popularity who welcome the presence of Imperial fleets in protecting Rambo space against threats such as the Hutter Kingdom while they frolic about with their exploration cruisers.

The Rambo are a key component in our designs for the Quadrant Galaxies and they thus must be kept in line with Imperial interests, though time has shown that this may be accomplished simply by "keeping them happy". Indeed, even the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic was met with a frosty response, much to the delight of Imperial politicians and the shock of poor little Republic diplomats like that Apollo chap. Though they are both members of the Mou'Cyran Accords, the Rambo's perception of the Republic remains surprisingly low, providing us with ample ammunation should war develop with the Republic.


Delpha Coalition of Planets

State: Green face Excellent

Relations Established: 01 NE


AltDCPInsignia The Empire is represented in the Delpha Coalition of Planets through an embassy on Mirenton.
ImperialEmblem The Coalition is represented in the Empire through an embassy on Orbispira.

Intelligence Threat Analysis: Very High. The Delpha Coalition of Planets is a grave threat should they decide to act contrary to Imperial interests. A loss in the Milky Way and possibly other galaxies in the Outer Reaches should such a conflict break out is to be expected. However, an invasion of Cyrannus is both impractical and doomed to failure. As such, a conflict is in neither of our interests. Nevertheless, fallout from their current troubles provides interesting ground for potential covert actions.

Relevant Topics: Grand Three

Ah, the Delpha Coalition of Planets. Darling of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Coalition is based on Mirenton and has been at the very centre of the First Gigaquadrant since the original establishment of the Seven Starr Alliance, ultimately being responsible for saving the Milky Way--such as it is-- during the Xhodocto annihilation. Arguably, they are are closest ally in terms of bonds of friendship and trust though with the rise of the New Republic, it is suspected that the highest echelons of the Coalition's leadership shows preference for the Republic. Should a conflict break out, it would likely destabilise the Gigaquadrant and it is highly unlikely that either side would emerge victorious. As such, we are quite content with the status-quo in our relations.

We are currently involved in patrols with the Coalition military in the Milky Way, the Andromeda Galaxy and here in Cyrannus, where the DCP were the first to be welcomed aboard the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. Should a conflict break out between the Empire and the Republic, it is believed by most in Imperial Intelligence that the DCP would remain neutral; torn between loyalty to those who saved them from the Omegatropic and those who share their view that the strong should dominate the weak.


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