We are the Inquisition, servants of the Emperor and executors of his will. Know this; you will find no crevice to hide in, for our gaze and that of our master, pierces the very stars.

- Grand Inquisitor Charcar'maer

The Imperial Inquisition is a feared and enigmatic organisation which serves at the pleasure of the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon, in his efforts to extend and maintain his vast Empire. Though reporting directly to the Emperor, the Inquisition is de facto led by the Phaedric Lord Moranonúngur, who, in turn, commands the Grand Inquisitor—the appointed "first among equals" in the Inquisition, a position currently held by Vandalion.

In terms of the Imperial hierarchy, Inquisitors have the authority to assume command of starships and other official resources if deemed essential to their mission, often to the chagrin of naval officers who distrust the dangerous agents of the Inquisition. Furthermore, it is regarded as a sect of the Phaedric Order, and often works in conjunction with the Lords to seek out and destroy the Empire's most dangerous enemies.

As with most major Imperial institutions, the Inquisition is headquartered on Orbispira, though the nature of the organisation often entails that most active Inquisitors tend to remain off-world for extended periods of time. Inquisitors are trained to be the best of the best and are often considered to be a fearsome sight to behold when faced with a potential enemy to the Empire. However, in true Tyrómaironian fashion, Inquisitors are also trained to be expert manipulators quite capable of using subterfuge as well as potent martial prowess to accomplish their goals.




Tyrómairon forms the Imperial Inquisition.

Formed in the year 04 NE during the midst of the New Cyrandia Wars, the Inquisition was initially established with a singular goal in mind, namely the identification and elimination of potential spies from the Cyrannian Imperial State and potentially even the New Cyrannian Republic. However, as it developed under the guidance of Moranonúngur, Emperor Tyrómairon decided to expand upon its premise to serve as an elite group of enforcers who would be able to act under the supervision of both himself and his Phaedric followers. The Emperor soon chose the Aqualinii Charcar'maer to serve as the head of the Inquisition, though within the next few months dozens of other members from across Imperial space and beyond pledged their undying loyalty to the Emperor and his Imperatore.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

Early Operations
Blade: "I have been expecting one of the Emperor's foul minions. You dare violate my planet?"
Charcar'maer: "This is not your planet, Cognatus scum. The Empire is the sovereign entity of this galaxy and the Inquisition is the Empire's fist!"
Blade of the Primercer and Grand Inquisitor Charcar'maer

Under the leadership of Grand Inquisitor Charcar'maer, the Inquisition grew in strength, spreading across Imperial space in a quest to hunt down and destroy any and all enemies of the Emperor. In this capacity, the Inquisition was often tasked with operating under the far more elusive Phaedric Order, with the Phaedric Lord Venatorius taking a particular interest in the Inquisition's activities. To this end, Venatorius dispatched Grand Inquisitor Charcar'maer to Cognatus space to assassinate the primary agent of the Primercer, his fearsome Blade. Travelling to Carthaniapian, the Inquisitor met the Blade in combat and though he held his own, he was defeated by the Blade's mysterious powers, though was saved from death by the timely intervention of Venatorius and Agonânghâsh.


The Inquisitor Akagêlth takes command of the Rambo vessel Excelsior.

Though primarily influencing events in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the Inquisition would also send agents to the Mirus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies to oversee important Imperial operations. In one such case, Inquisitor Chi Chodecra worked with Captain Tector Decimius of the Chimaera, being instrumental in the Fall of Lanat Prime and the subsequent instillation of a puppet government in the United Lanat Empire.

Complications in the Quadrants

Didn't you get the memo, captain? The Nim-Glaré Concordat placed your precious Rambo Nation under the protection of the Empire, as such the Inquisition is the authority and I have every right to take command of your vessel. Now please, I require your seat.

- Inquisitor Akagêlth to Captain Chianwe

In the Quadrants, the use of Inquisitors would put strain on the Nim-Glaré Concordat with Rambo Nation. As an Imperial Protectorate, Rambo officials and officers were duty-bound to obey the instructions of an Inquisitor. This first occur ed during the hunt for the Infernal, the flagship of Mortikran upon his betrayal of the Empire. To the chagrin of Rambo Captain Chianwe Apanoida, Inquisitor Akagêlth usurped command the USS Excelsior and instead used it to complete his own mission. This event strained relations between the Inquisition and the Rambo, which were worsened when the Emperor himself placed Inquisitor Chodecra in a position of high authority in the Rambo government, namely the Hand of the Monarch due to Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo's attempts to destroy the Nim-Glaré Concordat.

End of the Conflict

Carandial and Caranye argue with Akagelth and Morhioven during the Siege of Vasuband.

During the Siege of Vasuband at the close of the New Cyrandia Wars against the Cyrannian Imperial State, the Grand Inquisitor assigned Akagelth and the Mortalitas Inquisitor Morhioven to oversee portions of the ground campaign on Vasuband. Their involvement in the conflict would lead to tensions between the Inquisitors and Grand Admiral Carandial, particularly after the Admiral refused to allow Akagelth to destroy Vasuband with the destructive power of the Imperial flagship Imperatore. During the battle to come, Morhioven would prove to be an honourable combatant, earning the Imperial and allied forces their respect.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit

Hunting the Auethnen Raptor

This is Inquisitorial Justiciar Vandalion. You are accused of sedition against the Empire and the destruction of Imperial property. Power down your vessel and prepare to be boarded. Failure to comply will result in your immediate destruction.

- Inquisitor Vandalion, to the crew of the Auethnen Raptor

The actions of Inquisitors throughout the New Cyrandia Wars guaranteed the Inquisition ensured that they retained a powerful position in the post-war Empire. While some of the older Inquisitors such as Cho Chodecra retained their powerful positions in extragalactic territories, in Cyrannus new and fearsome brothers and sisters joined the ranks. The most notable of these new recruits was Vandalion, a male Basileus who had previously served as a Justiciar under Lord Curwé. Quickly proving to be exceptionally efficient, deadly and cruel, Vandalion was granted the title of Inquisitorial Justiciar and was tasked with hunting down pro-Republic elements within Imperial space. In 07 NE, he would encounter the crew of the Auethnen Raptor, which included Kara Inviá, Munalur and Aoirtae Valaeris, along with the mysterious Master Ryen.

Guardians of the New Republic 04

Grand Inquisitor Vandalion brandishes his blade during the Cold War.

Kidnapping Aoirtae, Vandalion brought the young woman to the Mines of Vurdon when she refused to give up the names of her allies. To his surprise, Aoirtae unleashed her nascent powers over Light, blasting away her Imperial detainees just as the Auethnen Raptor appeared overhead. Though outmatched by Ryen, Vandalion utilised guile and trickery to gain the upper hand. As he was about to cut down the Osteola, Aoirtae took up her master's blade and fought back the Inquisitor. Overpowered by the young Ortella, Vandalion was helpless as the Auethnen Raptor escaped. After the incident, the crew of the vessel became some of the most wanted fugitives, resulting in many Inquisitors being tasked with hunting them down. Soon after the incident at Vurdon, which directly gave rise to the formation of the Aldárae Order, Vandalion was appointed to replace Charcar'maer as the Grand Inquisitor, a move which surprised few in the Imperial hierarchy, given Vandalion's power and skills. The Grand Inquisitor played a key role in the events leading to the end of the Cold War, and the beginning of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 15 NE.

Second Great WarEdit

Opening Stages

Like wildfire, the Second Great Cyrannus War spread across the galaxy, and far beyond, spreading news of the struggle of power between the Empire, the Republic, and the Inquisition, their Phaedric masters and the knights of the Aldárae Order. Led by the Grand Inquisitor, the Inquisition began actively recruiting beings from across known space, and in so doing, gaining a multitude of powerful new members. The first of this new batch was Crestiel Yi, a female Libertus wielding a war hammer, and who was soon followed by Inquisitor Savis, an Osteola who once served in Republic Intelligence during the Great Cyrannus War. Far beyond the galactic halo, the tendrils of the Inquisitor spread, attracting the crafty Saviki known as Texik Avraer to the Inquisition's service, as well as the enigmatic and powerful Occir'oh Pcisor'ka, a rogue Vogrik who became Lord Morananóngur's right hand man after his recruitment while spying on the Empire on Antemurale.


Clearly you did not expect the Imperial Inquisition!

- Inquisitor Charcar'maer to Janice Ross

When the Aldárae agent known as Janice Ross was imprisoned by the Empire, it fell to Inquisitor Charcar'maer to question the young woman. In the brig of the New Hope, commanded by Vertac Uiana, Charcar'maer tortured Ross in an effort to ascertain the location of the Cyrandia Resistance and fellow members of the Aldárae Order, though during the interrogation, the New Hope came under attack, as did Laurantia, the planet it orbited. After rescuing Ross and incapacitating Charcar'maer, Master Ryen and his tirolenros Arasah Nui travelled to the planet's surface, where Ryen severely injured Grand Inquisitor Vandalion—much to the embarrassment of the Inquisition.


The Inquisition is one of the few organisations within the Empire that reports directly to Emperor Tyrómairon, though it is in fact overseen by his acolyte, the Bisistar Moranonúngur, who also doubles as the leader of the equally enigmatic Imperial Intelligence. Most of the day-to-day running of the Inquisition is handled by the Grand Inquisitor, a position which was initially held by Charcar'maer, a particularly intelligent Aqualinii known for his cold, unemotional and analytical demeanour and unquestioning loyalty to the Galactic Empire. Charcar'maer was ultimately replaced by the Basileus Vandalion, who brought the Inquisition to new heights of power during the Cold War and the Second Great War. Below the Grand Inquisitor serve hundreds of elite Inquisitors that serve throughout the Gigaquadrant, undergoing dangerous missions in service to the intergalactic hyperpower and bringing about order where none had previously existed. Inquisitors are often characterised by their black armor often emblazoned with the seal of the Empire as well as their martial and intellectual prowess.



People who threaten me have an atrocious mortality rate.

- Charcar'maer

  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Charcar'maer
  • Species: Aqualinii
  • Rank: Grand Inquisitor
  • Most Powerful Asset: Intelligence

Charcar'maer is a male Aqualinii who served as the leader of the Imperial Inquisition, the first individual who has ascended to the rank of Grand Inquisitor, before being replaced by Vandalion. Unlike most of his kin, who are often considered to be cowardly and meek, Charcar'maer embodies cold, tactical and analytical intelligence, using these virtues against any who would stand against either him or the Empire he has sworn to protect. Though he is somewhat dismissive of martial combat, he is nonetheless an expert swordsman and has been known to implement his people's natural ability of flight into his battle technique.

Though loyal to Tyrómairon, Charcar'maer is somewhat distrustful of Moranonúngur, who he views as little more than a madman working to further his own selfish interests rather than those of the Empire at large. Despite this, he is quite capable of masking these feelings and working with the Bisistar overseer, though has also been known to hide certain aspects of his organisation from him and report directly to the Emperor. As the leader of the Inquisition, Charcar'maer is also responsible for recruitment which the Aqualinii takes very seriously as with all of his duties as Grand Inquisitor. Though often stationed on Orbispira, Charcar'maer is also known to venture out on top secret missions of his own.


The Empire is everywhere... and we are watching you.

- Vandalion

Vandalion is a male Basileus who serves as an Inquisitorial Justiciar in the ranks of the Inquisition of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Stationed in the outer regions of the Empire, including its sprawling extragalactic territories, Vandalion specialises in overseeing many of the Empire's most crucial operations, including missions ranging from assassination to regime change. Though he believes that the Basileus are a superior race, he is not as overtly specistic as many of his kin, though he does share a condescending persona emblematic of both his race and agents of the Imperial Inquisition.


You think it wise to hide. You think it wise to oppose the Galactic Emperor. I think it your grave.

- Kit'tharojanaril

  • Creator: Xho
  • Name: Kit'tharojanaril
  • Species: Kicath
  • Rank: Inquisitor
  • Most Powerful Asset: Combat prowess

Kit'tharojanaril is a male Kicath of who has abandoned his family name upon induction into the Imperial Inquisition. The Kicath as a race are known as naturally gifted combatants, and Kit'tharojanaril is no exception. The augmentations of which have been heavily implemented into his body, both of Kicathian and Cyrannian nature have only assisted his otherwise notorious abilities as a warrior, and serves as one of the Inquisition's prime assassins. Much like other Kicathian warriors of his trade, Kit'tharojanaril is forbidding and unapproachable by nature.

Kit'tharojanaril also embodies the Kicathian philosophy of emotional detachment and solely lives upon his own heterotelic value, and, while loyal to both Tyrómairon and Moranonúngur, cares not of his purpose or mission, only that he executes and fulfils his purpose as the Inquisition's assassin within his own realms of coordination and thought. His enjoyment of his line of work has made him highly feared among those of whom know his name; even among the Inquisition, Kit'tharojanaril is sometimes considered little more than a machine underneath black armour.

Chi Chodecra2 (Inquisition)Large

By his Majesty's command

- Inquisitor Chodecra

Chi Chodecra is a male Chinawkya and former colonel in service of Rambo Command. When Rambo Nation was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat, Chodecra went rogue together with Rambas II. Sadly his operations were stopped by commander Mortikran at Kreeta. After the battle Chodecra was found by Ekrillium who "opened" his eyes and began experimenting on him.

Clad in dark and black armor, with a horribly disfigured and diseased mouth visible he was assigned to the Inquisition and soon would use his intelligence to keep the Rambo Protectrate under direct control of His Majesty, Emperor Tyrómairon.

Due to his experimens he is now able to use magical abilities.

Akagêlth 2(Inquisition)Large

The Inquisition knows all!

Akagêlth is a male Carnthedain Elf, former ranger in service of Lourdes. Upon Carnthedain becoming a protectorate of Rambo Nation, Akagêlth decided to explore the galaxy and eventually wound up in a bar at Orbispira where he was stabbed in the back by a Tra'ssahk. Wounded, he fought himself free and managed to defeat the entire bar with his skill, attracting attention from Ekrillium, he influenced the Carnthedain Elf and recruited him in service for the Inquisition.

A brutal and cruel after his change, he still maintains a large sense of honour and love for nature. He likes taking command of vessels commanded by high ranking officers, as he enjoys frustrating them. He doesn't hesitate to sacrifice others before taking matters in his own hands. He is skilled in the use of his energy blade and likes using his large appearance and physical powers against his foes.

Inquisitor Fydars K'Linor

Far away fights, in a far away land...

  • Creator: 20100vincent
  • Name: Fydars K'Linor
  • Species: Gamelian
  • Rank: Inquisitor
  • Most Powerful Asset: ?????

Fydars K'Linor is a Gamelian, native from the Sovereign Republic of Gradesia. He is also the one and only Inquisitor hailing from the Milky Way. He joined the Common Strike Force of the SRG and the Algolurn Popular Republic, the "protectors" of the SRG. He was then recruited by the 47th Comrade Protector of the Sovereign Republic to be part of his bodyguards. When the Comrade Protector was assassinated in shadowy circumstances, Fydars was enlisted in the Iron Navy land forces of the APR.

Unfortunately, 3 years after he joined the Iron Navy, the 48th Comrade Protector of the SRG officially accused Fydars of treason and of the murder of it's predecessor. Fydars fled for his life to Cyrannus, working in several mercenary companies, and from adventures to adventures, eventually entered into the service of the Emperor.


The Empire is order incarnate. I will protect it with my life.

  • Creator: Cyrannian
  • Name: Morhioven
  • Species: Mortalitas
  • Rank: Inquisitor
  • Most Powerful Asset: Intelligence

Morhioven is a male Mortalitas serving as an Inquisitor of the Cyrannian Empire. A highly intelligent and honourable agent of the Empire, Morhioven has the utmost loyalty for the Emperor and his Imperial Order and believes deeply that the Empire's sons and daughters should always act with diligence and respect when acting in the Empire's name. Though he can be ruthless in the pursuit of his prey, Morhioven is far from sadistic and has been known to deeply dislike fellow Inquisitors who take pleasure from torturing others. In Morhioven's eyes, if an enemy acts with honour, they are worthy of respect and admiration.

Morhioven's greatest asset is his keen intelligence, though he is also one of the Inquistion's most fearsome warrior, being armed with a double-edged blade, with both ends of the blade capable of rotating rapidly during a duel, turning the blade into a whirling weapon of death.

Akanri ful

What are you stupid.

Akanri is a female Vanara/Devilos Inquisitor for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Akanri's mother died when she was at a young age and her father defected over the Empire taking Akanri with him, quickly marrying another women. Bitter and resentful at her father's remarriage and her treatment at not being a born Cyrannian Akanri threw herself head first into her studies. She quickly proved herself to be a genius and graduated from the Imperial academy and was on her way to becoming an accomplished pilot by the time she hit puberty. This extreme degree of intelligence and drive caught the attention of the Inquisition who sent a low level Inquisitor to test her. Akanri managed to outsmart and defeat her tester in one on one combat. This display of rather shocking competence got Akanri an offer to join the Inquisition, an offer Akanri quickly accepted seeing it as a opportunity to further prove herself above her peers.

Akanri is an ace pilot who pilots her own personnel stolen Nychus-class Starfighter, preferring its deign to any Imperial design. In dogfights Akanri is a bulldozer keeping up a constant pressure of attacks to force the enemy to slip up and give her an opening to strike. In ground combat Akanri is also just as lethal preferring to engage enemies in head to head melee with her doubled bladed phase saber, but is perfectly happy to blast her foes into submission with duel blasters. Akanri however as no capacity to make use of the Valin'uvalyë and is rather dismissive of the power in general.

Akanri is head strong, hot blood, passionate, and aggressive, if not a half bit arrogant. She is constantly trying to prove herself superior to those around her and seeks to be the best at everything she sets her mind to. Short tempered, Akanri has little tolerance for those she sees as fools and beneath her. However, for an Inquisitor Akanri has an uncommon sense of honor and a strong sense of right and wrong. This sense of morality often clashes with her ambition as she is never willing to cut corners or act in a dishonest manner to fulfill her ambitions which holds her back in the frequently ruthless and shadowy inquisition.


My guile is a weapon, and the Emperor is its wielder.

  • Creator: Parazrael
  • Name: Texik Avraer
  • Species: Saviki
  • Rank: Inquisitor
  • Most Powerful Asset: Cunning

Texik Avraer was once a minor functionary of former Dusk Chrill Akol Skerisan, known for his slyness and brutal efficiency in eliminating threats to Akol's authority during his later years as Chrill. Texik would be exiled upon Pravis' rise to power, and he would drift in space with a stolen Regulator for nearly a year before knowledge of his exploits reached the Inquisition, which tracked him down and recruited him into its ranks. Being a Saviki, he is a strong believer in survival of the strongest or smartest, and has no qualms when asked to do the morally questionable, especially to those he considers to have failed significantly at the game of survival.

Texik is a natural trickster to those he deems below him, and an unwavering servant to his superiors. What morals he may possess appear to have no impact on his line of work. His weapon of choice is an energy saber of red coloration, though he has been known to resort to other arms if deemed necessary. Ironically, considering his status as an exile, he is one of the most dangerous Saviki in the Gigaquadrant thanks to his affiliation with the Empire. However, he has not allowed this to overinflate his ego, and despite his position he still considers his own survival to be an ongoing game.


Darkness is everywhere. Space. Night. The very shadows that follow you. They all bear our mark. So where can you run, where can you hide, when the dark trails you wherever you walk? Nowhere. That is the answer. And that is why I serve the Emperor, because no force can overcome nor hide from that which has always existed. Light may have birthed the universe, but light is finite, and darkness is eternal.

One of the few extragalactic residents of the Inquisition, Occir'oh Pcisor'ka is a fanatically devoted Inquisitor, whose skills in the arts of survival, ingenuity, and combat have earned him the tutelage of Moranonúngur himself. Occir'oh was a member of the Dynastic Systems of Sal'ir, and was employed by them as a Hunter - as such, his skills in the arts of gun and blade are elite and not easily beat by his enemies. Occir'oh was stationed on the dangerous Imperial world of Antemurale to spy on the military capabilities of the Empire on behalf of the Dynastic Systems of Sal'ir, though was caught by the Phaedric Lord Moranonúngur. Moranonúngur, impressed with the skills of the warrior, inducted him into the Imperial Inquisition. Loyal to a sense of fanaticism and possessing a cold heart, Occir'oh carries out the will of his master and the Emperor with no remorse, gaining a legendary reputation as a cold-hearted machine whose only programming consists of the need to obey the Empire.

As a former Hunter, Occir'oh is a natural at surviving hostile environments and can master the most hostile of terrain. For weeks, Occir'oh fought off the vicious wildlife of Antemurale and learned how to live off the environment, learning such abilities in a very short amount of time. Occir'oh was trained in the arts of tracking and assassination, and often is deployed to eliminate particularly troublesome individuals or gather much-needed information on the various enemies facing the Empire. His tools and weapons in battle aren't exceptionally diverse, though pack power. Occir'oh is a master of gun and sword, and often combines the usage of his special orange phasesaber and a plasma pistol to battle his opponents. Occir'oh's armor is a powerful and advanced Imperial battle armor that combines Imperial colors and aesthetic with the form of ancient and traditional Vogrik armor designs from a long forgotten nation in the Vogrik's iron age. His armor contains a shield generator and a cloaking device, allowing him to both confuse his enemies and - if he needs to - absorb damage with his shield, making sure that Occir'oh is a versatile fighter on all fronts.


Do not waste my time on nonsense then!

Inquisitor Savis Crevix is a former Osteola member of Republic Intelligence, then Imperial Intelligence, before his promotion onto the ranks of the Imperial Inquisition for his abilities. His cunning and guile when dismantling rebel and resistance cells proved very fortunate for the empire, and it was the destruction of a rebel cell lead by his own cousin that caught the eye of his masters in the Inquisition, who became impressed with his ruthlessness even when facing family members. Moranonúngur oversaw his transition from Intelligence into the Inquisition, believing his skills would be better served in the Inquisition.

Due to his abilities, Crevix was placed in charge of a Special Operations Unit, called "Platoon 44", made up of not only Imperial Commandos, veterans of black ops warfare from the First Cyrannus War, but Mendel warriors under Chokuto Gredyc who have sworn allegiance to the Empire in exchange for Kirta's death.

Savis comes across as rather anti-social, awkward, and incapable of speaking well with others in social settings, and many of his fellow Inquisitors question whether he should even be in the Intelligencia, much less the Inquisition. Despite, he makes efforts to keep some bonds of friendship with his comrades, even if he does not like them, or vice versa. Likewise, his general appearance as a buffoon and social dimwit are merely covers for a man who can range from cold and uncaring, to charismatic and friendly in the blink of an eye, hiding his true self so his comrades will always under-estimate him. While a capable Swordsmen, it is Crevix's ability to assume a different facet that makes him so dangerous, being able to win the trust of even the rebels he captures.



Kra mahka kraes farahka turum taen ente taem, demec kempe taroka turum kraes ril. Ae... The Empire is eternal.

Harak'Tuose is a male Zio'Aeni in service to the Inquisition and by far the most infamous member of his species in the known galaxy. Having been already trained in his people's warrior ways since childhood, Harak was eventually approached by the Phaedric Lord Archaxys, who was interested in making the warrior into her apprentice after witnessing him best each one of his fellow warriors in combat. During the time he spent with his Phaedra master, Harak received further, often gruelling training in combat; honing his species' naturally occurring skills with Essence and becoming a master with the double-sided phasesaber. Afterwards, by his master's command, Harak was transferred over to the Inquisition and has served them ever since.

A striking figure when compared to many of his fellow Inquisitors, Harak often appears respectful even to his enemies while still being more than ready to kill anyone who is required dead. Additionally, and likely as a result of his apprenticeship to Archaxys, Harak, while considering honor an important factor in a person's life, feels that honor has no place in war and is not above using dishonorable tactics to achieve victory. Nevertheless, he is also not an outright cruel individual, finding little use in prolonging a situation in order to satiate one's sadism.


There are many who think the Empire to be a force for evil. Perhaps evil is a necessary step in achieving order, but one would do well to remember that amongst those who thirst for power, there are those who wish to use it not not for order and status, but for elimination and domination. Choose your next words well, rebel, for we have in our employ hounds that wish only to see the world burn. And once the dogs of war are loosed ... you will beg for something as sweet and forgiving as our hegemony.

- Unknown

The euphemistically named Emissaries were an organisation formed in 05 NE after the Phaedric Lord and commander of Imperial Inquistion, Moranonúngur decided upon a policy of enlisting the now-dismantled Drakodominatus Tyranny's surviving Overseers as terror troops, assassins, commandoes, and general one-man armies. Overseers, especially those of the late-stages of the Mirus Campaign in which half the Gigaquadrant allied to defeat the now-legendary Dominatus, had gained a fearsome reputation, one which the Phaedric Lord was eager to co-opt for the Empire.


I offer you a chance at continuing the legacy of your masters - you will have the full power of the empire behind you as you prosecute your vengeance upon our foes. You will not be remembered merely as legends, for mere legends do not keep children up at night. For what is scariest is the knowledge that the monsters exist, and that they are heading your way.

- Moranonúngur's Offer

The Overseers that had survived till the Tribunal of the Dominatus had survived a campaign against a coalition of which the Gigaquadrant had not seen before. While there were many Overseers involved in the Tyranny’s extragalactic campaigns, each stage of the war claimed more than could be replaced. Due to their increasing rarity, the few who survived, who were more often than not the strongest, were equipped with the Tyranny’s latest weaponry and were possessed of a lone-wolf mindset. Analysis revealed that the qualitative focus of the late Tyranny and the sheer scope of their black project technology meant that their equipment was still considered cutting-edge as of the mid 10 NEs.

Moranonúngur had constantly wondered where he could find a unit which was both suited to inspiring an incomparable degree of terror amongst recalcitrant citizens of occupied territories, and of taking on groups of the Gigaquadrant’s foremost soldiers and perhaps duelling their greatest champions by themselves. He recognised that this twin combination of intimidation derive from brutality and sadism, intelligence, and raw power existed in the creatures the Tyranny had uplifted first to suppress rebellions in their burgeoning empire, and later to serve as the hammer of their armies.

The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had within its domain, two races from whom the Dominatus had kidnapped a baby and turned into Overseers prior to the Dominatus War - the Vartekian and the Mortalitas, who had been turned into the Subjugators of Cravidor and the Praetorians of Azuris respectively. These dreaded warriors were often found individually - hermit-warlords on primitive planets where they played the role of gods, enforcers for some of the Gigaquadrant's most feared men, and advisors to rising dictatorships whom they wished to shape in the Tyranny's image. Moranonúngur personally made each and everyone of them an offer – offers which more often than not, they accepted.

For all of their might, the Overseers had one gaping weakness that Moranonúngur was eager to exploit – they needed a powerful master to serve, both to keep the biological and cybernetic warmachines running, and to provide order in an otherwise anarchic life. Moreover, many Overseers saw in the Empire a chance to continue the ways of the Tyranny. From 05 NE to onset of the Plazithian Front of the Second Great War, Moranonúngur gathered operatives, mostly Vartekian and Mortalitas but in the prelude to the Battle of the Hypercyclone, also the Grimbolsaurian Heralds of Mosivam. As of the prelude to this battle, their numbers stood at slightly less than a hundred – mostly due to recruitment problems: the difficulty of finding these Overseers, their initial rarity, and their proclivity for suicidal risk-taking. However, deployment statistics would reveal that in the majority of cases, the Overseers, still wielding their old equipment but with the infrastructure of the Empire behind them to keep them functioning were highly survivable in even the insane missions that were trusted to them.


When you want to destroy a fleet, you send the Navy. When you want to capture a world, you send the Army. When you want to infiltrate your foes, you send Intelligence, and when you need a scalpel where a sword will not suffice, you send the Inquisition. When it is insufficient to take away life, and you need to crush hope instead, you send the Emissaries.

- Unknown

Emissaries were deployed for a variety of missions - involving assassination, terrorism, suppression, general commando work, and frontline combat. Emissaries are infamous for their extreme effectiveness in these tasks and the dread that they inspire. While their existence is not officially acknowledge by the Empire, the Devils of Moranonúngur are spoken of in hushed tones, even by the more civilised elements of the Imperial Military. Early trials saw Emissaries put under the command of more conventional Imperial Commanders - trials which saw frequent arguments about the needless brutality of their methods. An official complaint was submitted detailing the problems in their deployment – oftentimes their methods led to a breakdown in order amongst the Stormtroopers, leading to breaches in discipline and military conduct that was inexcusable. Only the interference of the Inquistion itself led to a chance in the structure of command.

Emissaries now operate autonomously, with only an Imperial handler giving them necessary information and the necessary extraction infrastructure if needed. In missions behind enemy lines, Emissaries tend only to appear for small moments only to disappear before any effective retribution can be visited upon them. The sheer paranoia and terror which they visit upon the Empire’s foes has been documented by Imperial Intelligence as causing breakdowns amongst seemingly indomitable men, who were appalled at the thought that no amount of bodyguards could protect against the will of the empire. Indeed, Moranonúngur took notes from Azuris, the still-living Dynast of his eponymous Praetorians in the proper employment of such Overseers – and as a result oftentimes the enemy cracked the spirit of their foes before battle was commenced, with surrenders from lesser men merely requesting Imperial Mental Health services before tendering surrender.

Emissaries are also infamously deployed when other elements of the Imperial Military are incapable of effectively suppressing resistance on a certain world. In coordination with Imperial Intelligence, who institutes communication and media blackouts while state sponsored corporations cover up what is to happen. Imperial Stormtroopers are evacuated from these cities both to give false hope to its inhabitants and to assent to the Imperial Army’s complaints against using Stormtroopers and Emissaries in the same battle. A single Emissary is deployed to combat not merely armed partisans, but the spirit of rebellion itself. The result of a confrontation between the best of the former Tyranny’s veteran supersoldiers and over-enthusiastic rebels is predictable. Entire sections of rebellious cities are sometimes turned into abbatoirs in which resistance members and their families are impaled upon stakes or crucified upon crosses with substantial life-support equipment, rumored to have been taken from the former Tyranny. Victory is achieved when what remains of the formerly obstreperous leadership of the rebellion begs the Imperial Administrator in question to send Stormtroopers back.



ASP-EX Extinction-class Interceptor/Shuttle
  • Class: ASP-EX Extinction-class Interceptor/Shuttle
  • Type: Interceptor/Shuttle
  • Armament:
Diplacement cannons
Vortex torpedoes
The ASP-EX Extinction-class Interceptor/Shuttle is a highly adaptable vessel that serves equally as an interceptor gunship and a shuttle used to transport to the Empire's dreaded Inquisitors throughout the Gigaquadrant. Developed in tandem with the Inquisition itself, the Extinction-class is equipped with the very latest in Imperial small-ship technology, including a small Corona drive for near-instantaneous transit, a non-phasic shield generator and devastating, though downscaled displacement cannons and a payload of vortex and hyperspatial torpedoes, which allow the aptly named Extinction-class to seek, locate and devastate the Inquisition's innumerable enemies. Inquisition Shuttle
Lictor-Class Frigate
  • Class: Lictor-class Frigate/Dungeon Ship
  • Type: Frigate, Dungeon Ship
  • Armament:
Turbolaser cannons
Ion Canons
Vortex torpedoes
The Lictor-Class Frigate/Dungeon Ship is a gift to the Inquisition from the Imperial Mendel Loyalists for the purpose of capturing, subduing and holding prisoners, especially Aldárae. Specifically built and programmed to be near untraceable, near-indestructible and powerful on it's own, a Lictor can fight it out with other capital ships with little difficulty, and has numerous holding cells specifically built for both non and Essence users, like their Aldárae targets. The Lictor often will only record the place it picked up it's targets from, then the place where they were dropped off for processing. Since the day they were created, the Lictor has become a terrifying sight to any groups that catch the attention of the Inquisition. Lictor PNG


Active InquisitorsEdit

Yellow faceThere is much to do.


Yellow faceDo try and behave.


The persistence of those who stand against the Inquisition is commendable, but it will not save them from their judgement at our hands.

- Charcar'maer

They are the deft protectors of the Empire. The Emperor's will made reality.

- Venatorius

At his Majesty's Command!

- Inquisitor Chodecra

I do not trust them. There is nothing they can do that Intelligence can't do better.

- Gaius Prentus

An heaven for criminals, that's what this is all about!

- Comrade Protector Rublik Fanno

Inquisitions belong to fanatical nations. It is only natural the "Emperor" gets one for himself.

- Tyrant

Intolerable. Absolutely intolerable. Bow to your rightful Tyrant, Overseers.

- Kradik

An Imperial Inquisitor has little time for subtlety. He is a hammer designed to pound the galaxy into a shape the Emperor finds pleasing.

- Inquisitor Savis Crevix



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