The Senate convenes on Orbispira.

A servile Senate is far more useful, wouldn't you say?

- Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius

The Imperial Senate was the legislative branch of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the successor to the Senate that served the United Republic of Cyrannus. In contrast to the power the Senate held under the Republic, the Imperial Senate consisted solely to debate laws and changes to the Imperial constitution, though the Galactic Emperor had the ability to override any Senatorial decision. Formed on the moon of Corunnia, one of the first acts of the new Imperial Senate was relocation to Orbispira, where the Senate met in the old Senate Tower used since the days of the First Republic.

History Edit



The new Emperor dissolves the Republic Senate and replaces it with the Imperial Senate.

The Senate Chamber on Corunnia was the site of the foundation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus when the mysterious Tyrómairon arrived on the moon and declared an end to the Republic and the formation of a new Imperial Order. Species and individuals from all across the Cyrandia Cluster gathered in the Chamber, bearing witness to the beginning of a new era of the Cyrannus Galaxy. In the Empire's inaugural speech, he reconstituted the house as the Imperial Senate and promised to remove the corruption that many feared could fester at the heart of its republican counterpart.

Imperial ForumEdit


The senators conduct a private meeting on Orbispira.

In the first few years of the Empire's rule, the majority of the new Imperial Senators remained loyal to Tyrómairon and the "great" changes he made to the face of the Cyrannus Galaxy, though others began to question the changes the Emperor was making, removing the powers of the Senate and restoring them in the newly created Mandator Council, who were generally considered to be more loyal to the Emperor then the Senate, which is often seen as an outdated relic to the Republican Order.

During the second year of the Empire's existence, a group of senators led by Raen Magalen of Capricaerón began to seriously question the running of the Empire and the functionality of the Senate. In secret, Magalen met with senators such as Mer Mirea and Ramthrace in order to seriously discuss the possibility of forming a rebellion to restore the Republic Senate and its honourable ideals. Mer Mirea later left the Senate in shock when she gave a rousing speech that condemned the Empire before storming out.


Guolivian speaks before the Senate.

The majority of the Senate declared that she was a traitor. In 03 NE, the Senate managed to grow in power and respect and was granted permission by the Emperor to relocate to Orbispira, where the senators now debate Imperial laws, with many residing in the opulent spires of such luxury apartments as "Republica". Soon after the beginning of the New Cyrandia Wars, the Senate convened to discuss the possibility of an alliance with the Draconid Imperium. Spearheaded by Senator Guolivian, the motion was passed despite an explosion near the senate aimed to prevent the act from passing.


Core WorldsEdit

Senator Debentien

The Empire is good for prosperity and prosperity is good for me.

- Debentien
  • Name: Debentien
  • Species: Libertus
  • Gender: Male
  • Representing: Arnoario
  • Allies: Guolivian, Chaciá, Istirus
  • Rivals: Donaró, Magalen

Debentien is a male Libertus that represents his homeworld of Arnoario, as well as its nearby systems, in the Imperial Senate. Born of an aristocratic family on the ecumenopolis of Arnoario in 34 BNE, Debentien has lived all of his life in the lap of extreme luxury, fostering an attitude that many of his peers consider to be arrogant and conceited. Debentien was a Lord of Arnoario during the reign of the United Republic of Cyrannus and supported a large military presence on his homeworld in the hopes of deterring an attack by the Confederacy of Allied Systems. However, during the second year of the Great Cyrannus War, Arnoario came under attack by a Confederate fleet who sought to capture the world which was important to the Cyrandia Alliance. When the war ended with the creation of the Empire, Debentien was appointed as one of the two senators of the Arnoario Sector, along with Senator Donaró, a political rival.

Though he is not considered to be corrupt, it is fair to say that Debentien cares more about his own luxurious lifestyle than that of the real concerns of the people of Arnoario. Nevertheless, he isn't unpopular on his decadent homeworld with his style and wit making him a well-liked figure in the Senate, despite his haughty attitude at times. Despite the millennia old feud between Arnoario and Orbispira, Debentien throughly enjoys his time on the galactic capital and is a familiar sight at the opera.

Senator Donaró
Senator Donaró

We must place our trust in the principles of our democracy.

- Donaró
  • Name: Donaró
  • Species: Osteola
  • Gender: Male
  • Representing: Acrocanthaí
  • Allies: Magalen, Guolivian, Chaciá, Istirus
  • Rivals: Debentien

Donaró is an Osteolan Senator representing the colony and sector of Acrocanthaí in the Imperial Senate. Donaró is a kind man who wishes to work hard for the prosperity of his people and his sector, though often comes into conflict with the more aristocratic Debentien, with a political feud growing between them in recent years. Nevertheless, he is not corrupt and would never deal with the same individuals that Debentien is known to deal with for his own gain.

Donaró was born on the Osteolan homeworld of Mandatine in the year 42 BNE, growing up hearing about stories involving his ancient ancestors struggles against a totalitarian empire made up of the elite in Osteolan society. Due to these stories, Donaró grew to have an interest in war, however the pacifist ways of the Osteola prevented him from getting too involved in violence. Instead, his parents implored him to become one of Duchess Whitestone's aides, helping her with her busy tasks in governing Mandatine. When the Treaty of Corulus was signed in 0 ATC/04 BNE, Donaró bid fairwell to Whitestone and relocated to Acrocanthaí, where he became very popular with it's citizens as the planet's governor. In 1 ATC/03 BNE, he was elected as Acrocanthaí's representative, a position he accepted with honor and dignity.

When the Republic transitioned into Empire, Donaró was sceptical at first. However, the continuation of the Senate calmed his thoughts, with the noble senator becoming one of the most influential in the Empire. Well liked by most senators, with the exception of Debentien, Donaró nonetheless holds some degree of sympathy for the newly formed New Cyrannian Republic and is one of the most outspoken proponents of friendly relations between the Empire and the Republic.

Senator Istirus

It's only natural that I'm able to enjoy the perks of the job...

- Istirus
  • Name: Istirus
  • Species: Dromeourus
  • Gender: Male
  • Representing: Corai
  • Allies: Debentien, Donaró, Ysola
  • Rivals: Guolivian, Magalen, Valoratine

Istirus is a male Dromeourus who represents Corai in the Imperial Senate. A close political ally of Ysola from Cruandai, Istrius is nonetheless known for his corruption, which ranks as one of the worst in the Senate. Nonetheless, Istirus takes his role as senator very seriously and sees the benefits that come along with it as natural.

Elected to the Senate after the opening terrorist explosion killed his predecessor during the first days of the Great Cyrannus War, Istirus became a vocal critic of the Confederacy of Allied Systems and was known to call for its complete and total destruction during the course of many sessions of senate. Istirus was also a critic of President Apollo, primarily due to the tough stance on senate corruption that the President took. Due to this reason, Istirus was pleased when Apollo was removed from office with the rise of the Empire, though the even stricter nature of the Imperials cast many suspicious eyes on Corai's senator.

Istirus was very pleased when the Senate moved to the galactic capital Orbispira, and is a common sight making deals with shady individuals in the planet's underworld.

Senator Ysolda

We are the representatives of the Empire and we will never relent. We will never falter in our loyalty.

- Ysolda
  • Name: Ysolda
  • Species: Ausare
  • Gender: Female
  • Representing: Coruindia
  • Allies: Debentien, Donaró, Guolivian, Magalen, Istirus
  • Rivals: N/A

Ysolda is a Ausare senator that currently serves as the senator of Cruandai in the aftermath of Mer Mirea's departure from the Senate. Despite being a new senator of a world strong with Republican sympathies, Ysolda is one of the most liked senators in the Empire with few, if any, political enemies. A forceful speaker and a staunch proponent of peace, she is however looked upon with distrust by the admiralty of the Imperial Military, and is as such watched by Imperial Intelligence.

As a member of the long-lived Ausare species, Ysolda has seen much in her long life including the many failures of the Federation of United Worlds, the Great Cyrannus War and the rise of the Empire. The perceived failures in democracy that Ysolda has seen has made her a staunch monarchist, with Ysolda being one of the senators most openly supportive of a peaceful Empire under the enlightened Emperor.

Ysolda finds corruption in the senate disgusting, though appears to turn a blind eye to the dealings of her colleague Istirus, who is one of the Ausare's closest allies. Ysolda is also a popular figure for her smooth voice and her keen fashion sense, with many calling her the counterpart of famous Rambo senator Chuinaylia.

Senator Erien
Senator Erien

We all need a rest sometime.

- Erien
  • Name: Erien
  • Species: Navajaó
  • Gender: Female
  • Representing: Scullulae
  • Allies: Magalen, Donaró, Gira, Filasion, Valoratine
  • Rivals: N/A

Erien is the fun-loving, laid back senator of the Navajaó. She is known by other senators as a joker who wants to cheer everyone's moods when the situation becomes dire, however she is capable of being very serioues when the situation calls for it, and is also known for her determination.

She was a diplomat of the Navajaó before they joined the United Republic of Cyrannus, and notably survived a Corthrinus invasion which destroyed her birthworld. When the Navajaó joined the Republic, Erien was delighted and now knew her people were safe from harm. She also developed a crush on Commander Elligh, something he is not yet aware of.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Erien remained at the Senate, unsure what to think about this new superpower. However, she still shows great respect for Apollo, not believing he was a traitor, and wished him luck in escaping the galaxy. When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, she became one of its most vocal supporters.

Baloa Magalen
Senator Magalen

I will work to make the Empire and the New Republic closer friends.

- Magalen

Raen Magalen is a male Libertus who serves as the current senator for the Twelve Colonies in the Imperial Senate as well as the viceroy of the planet Capricaerón. The esteemed senator is loved by his people and so was elected as senator in the year 6 BNE. He was close friends with Senators Naberrie, Inviá and former senator Mer Mirea, like minded individuals who share his distrust for the new Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

However, due to varying circumstances, Magalen remains the only individual in this group still a member of the Senate. Though he is a loyal supporter to the ideals of the senate he is often considered a firebrand, primarily due to his attempts to promote stronger relations with the New Cyrannian Republic. In general, Magalen is a likeable senator who has many friends in the Senate, even those who disagree with his political views. However, his two most notable political rivals are Senators Mizio and Guolivian, due to a feud that has continued since the days of the United Republic.

Tira Mizio
Senator Mizio

The Empire is the best thing to have ever happened to Cyroenia. We are driven to excel in our business arrangements!

- Tira Mizio
  • Name: Tira Mizio
  • Species: Libertus
  • Gender: Female
  • Representing: Cyroenia
  • Allies: Debentien, Donaró, Guolivian, Istirus, Ysolda
  • Rivals: Magalen

Senator Tira Mizio is a female Libertus who represents Cyroenia in the Senate. A very famous individual in the galaxy, having designed most, if not all Republic and later Imperial vessels used by both nation's navy, including the Venator-class Star Destroyer and the later Imperator-class Star Destroyer. She is young, and yet she has political savvy and goes by her own motivations, not those of her people. For example, before the Great Cyrannus War, she voted for the Republic to wage war on the Confederacy of Allied Systems due to the amount of money it would raise for her shipyards. Many senators disliked Mizio at the time, but she is a popular figure in the Empire.

During the Great Cyrannus War, Mizio played a large part of protecting Cyroenia from the Confederate Invasion, with her help and her constant communication with the senior fleet admirals such as Willelmus Cretacea or Rambas II. She was largely commended for her role in the battle. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus rose in the aftermath of the war, Mizio was nothing short of delighted, as the new hyperpower called upon Cyroenia to provide more and more ships, making her very rich and influential.

Carmana Gira
Carmana Gira

It is our duty to ensure that the Empire maintains a democratic legislative body.

- Carmana Gira
  • Name: Carmana Gira
  • Species: Libertus
  • Gender: Female
  • Representing: Corulus
  • Allies: Magalen, Donaró, Guolivian, Ysolda
  • Rivals: Debentien, Istirus

Carmana Gira is an experienced member of the Imperial Senate and has represented the Corulus Sector, a small but important area of the Empire located within the larger Imperial Over-Sector in the Core Worlds, an area of peace and prosperity since the days of the United Republic. A close friend to Senators Leuraí, Magalen and Ysolda, Gira is one of the most vocal supporters of democracy in the Senate. To those who know her, Gira is kind and caring, yet sometimes forgets herself when dealing in politics, which often seems to claim importance over everything else in her life.

When she was a child, she was proficient at public speaking, but disliked politics, and despite being applauded for her feats in the subject, she didn't give in, despite eventually coming to lecture political science at a Corulusan University. Her knowledge in the subject prompted delegates from the Prime Minister of Corulus to approach her about becoming the senator for the planet. Overwhelmed, she gladly accepted. During the Great Cyrannus War, Corulus was conquered by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, though Gira's resilience ultimately aided the Republic in re-taking her homeworld.

When the Empire was formed, Gira was shocked and horrified that the Republic she loved disappeared. However, along with Magalen, she became involved in a group within the senate to maintain the Empire's weakening democracy.

Sola Valoratine
Sola Valoratine

I will work to make Orbispira the best world it could possibly be.

- Sola Valoratine
  • Name: Sola Valoratine
  • Species: Libertus
  • Gender: Female
  • Representing: Orbispira
  • Allies: Magalen, Donaró, Guolivian, Ysolda, Gira
  • Rivals: Debentien, Istirus

Sola Valoratine is the current senator of the capital of the Empire, Orbispira. Due to her lofty position, Valoratine holds more powerful in the Senate than most of her peers and uses most of it in order to turn Orbispira into the glorious galactic capital she feels it deserves. As such, Valoratine is unpopular with many of the more corrupt senators for her various campaigns against decadence and corruption in both the Senate Tower and the streets of the capital.

A supporter of the Empire, Valoratine has frequent contact with the Emperor himself, as well as the Mandator Council. Though she values peace over war, she is close friends with militaristic Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius as well as Potentate Tereyn Aeresius, with many other senators seeking friendly relations with her due to these powerful connections. Valoratine currently resides in the Palace District of the planet, making her home in a well-furnished penthouse overlooking the city planet below.

Valoratine's intelligence and skills of persuasion have endeared her to most of the people of her homeworld, most of whom fully support her crusades to stamp out corruption in Orbispira's streets.


I am a citizen of both Cyrannus and the Quadrants!

- Ram'Lendila
  • Name: Ram'Lendila
  • Species: Rambo Serindia
  • Gender: Male
  • Representing: Ramaprica and Rambo Nation's affairs
  • Allies: Magalen, Donaró, Ysolda, Gira, Valoratine
  • Rivals: Debentien, Istirus, Guolivian

Senator Lord Ram'Lendila is a male Rambo Serindia who currently serves as the Lord Ambassador/Senator for the Rambo colonies in the Cyrannus Galaxy in both the Rambo Senate and the Imperial Senate. Ram'Lendila is related to the Royal Dynasty of Rambo Nation, but doesn't have any direct line to the throne. Nevertheless, he enjoys the prestige of his title and has a great respect for the species of the Cyrannus Galaxy, especially the Libertus.

Though some consider him a womaniser, Ram'Lendila is respected by the people living in the colonies he represents and has begun personal friendships with famous figures such as Empress Ramashe and Proconsul Apollo. A busy individual, Ram'Lendila officially represents Cyrannian interests in the Rambo Senate and Rambo interests in the Imperial Senate, as well as being involved in the rebuilding of the famed Ramaprica after its destruction in the Great Cyrannus War.

Inner RimEdit

Senator Lariat

I don't care what others think of me, I am here for a single reason: To serve the people of Aegypticus.

- Lariat
  • Name: Lariat
  • Species: Adlapuspino
  • Gender: Male
  • Representing: Aegypticus
  • Allies: Magalen, Donaró, Ysolda, Gira, Valoratine, Guolivian
  • Rivals: Debentien, Istirus

Senator Lariat is a male Adlapuspino that serves as his homeworld's representative in the Imperial Senate. During the Great Cyrannus War, Lariat was a member of the Parliament of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, with his message of peace ensuring his survival after the war ended with the creation of an Empire. As one of the few former Confederates in the Imperial Senate, Lariat is often looked upon with suspicion, though the senator himself rarely concerns himself with the concerns of others.

Lariat is known to take his job very seriously, but has been accused in the past of only acting in Aegyticus' interest, rather than that of the Empire as a whole. Nevertheless, Lariat has made many allies in the senate, even among his former enemies such as Magalen and Gira. As the Outer Rim War evolved into the New Cyrandia Wars, Lariat resisted several attempts by his kinsman Taros Cassynder to recruit him into the Confederacy of Free Planets, though secretly hopes that the Confederacy can be legitimised by peace negotiations with the Empire, a scenario that Lariat hopes to facilitate.

Senator Filasion

Annaío will support the Empire as it did the Republic.

- Filasion
  • Name: Filasion
  • Species: D'annaoí
  • Gender: Male
  • Representing: Annaío
  • Allies: Magalen, Donaró, Ysolda, Gira, Valoratine, Guolivian, Debentien, Istirus, Lariat
  • Rivals: N/A

Senator Filasion is an honorable D'annaoí who represents his people in the Senate. He was born on the ocean world of Annaío, the homeworld of his people the D'annaío in the year 49 BTC. In his early days in politics, he was elected to the Annaío Council, creating a reputation as a noble and honourable politician. After the devastating Adelphi War, Filasion was one of the Councillors that decided that the Adelphi were more then welcome to inhabit the D'annaío's colonies and homeworlds, growing to become great friends with Prime Minister Linna and Senator Phocis of the Adelphi.

A strong supporter of the Republic and its democratic ways, during the Great Cyrannus War, Filasion was famous for his trips across the galaxy aiding in the reconstruction of war-torn settlements and improving morale to those affected by the war. Filasion's popularity made him a popular choice to succeed Apollo as President, however the rise of the Empire halted these ambitions.

Filasion dislikes violence above all else and often tries to convey his peaceful views to his more violent peers in the senate. Nevertheless, he is a supporter of bringing Imperial rule to the lawless regions of the galaxy despite his sympathies towards the New Republic.

Senator Paxius

We are senators of the Empire, we have a duty to do our citizen's proud.

- Paxius
  • Name: Paxius
  • Species: Libertus
  • Gender: Male
  • Representing: Sundarra
  • Allies: Valoratine, Guolivian, Debentien, Lariat, Filasion, Ram'Lendilla, Mizio, Ysolda
  • Rivals: Istirus, Magalen, Gira, Donaró

Senator Paxius is a male Libertus senator who represents his homeworld of Sundarra in the Imperial Senate. A militaristic senator with many allies in the Mandator Council, Paxius wholeheartedly supports the Imperial Military and is seen as one of the staunchest Imperialists in the senate, a fact that sometimes puts him into conflict with pro-Republic senators such as Gira and Magalen.

However, Paxius agrees with these senators on one key issue; the battle to end corruption in the senate. A traditionalist in many respects, Paxius fully intends that his fellow senators respect the great honour of being elected to represent their constituents in the Imperial Senate and is often flabbergasted by the lack of decorum that they show. In terms of foreign policy, Paxius supports an aggressive expansion of the Empire into the Outer Rim and extragalactic space, much like his ally Senator Mizio, due to the mutual benefit that a strong Imperial Military would have on both Cyroenia and Sundarra, a world famous for producing the Empire's mighty walkers.

Senator Vanteer

The Empire brings much prosperity to Coravannis.

- Senator Vanteer
  • Name: Peregrina Vanteer
  • Species: Libertus
  • Gender: Female
  • Representing: Coravannis
  • Allies: Guolivian, Magalen, Ysolda, Ram'Lendila, Paxius
  • Rivals: Istirus, Gira, Debentien, Mizio

Peregrina Vanteer is a female Libertus senator that represents Coravannis in the Imperial Senate. A highly urbanised world with a population of tens of billions, Coravannis is one of the most populated worlds outside the Core. Though it is common for senators outside the Core to feel excluded from the real-decision making, Coravannis' primarily Libertus culture and history since the days of the First Republic endears Vanteer to the Core World-bloc.

Vanteer is a mild-mannered woman who mostly keeps to herself, though her pro-Imperial policies make her a popular figure in the Senate, with Vanteer's famous soirees enjoying high attendance rates from both fellow senators, diplomats and even mandators. Unlike many senators, Vanteer personally dislikes living on Orbispira and prefers living on her homeworld of Coravannis, which has massive population centres built at one with nature.

Though Vanteer generally has very little in the way of rivals in the Senate, her primary political enemy is Senator Mizio of Cyroenia, due to the competition that Mizio's homeworld faces from Coravannis' burgeoning shipyards.

Senator Guolivian
Senator Guolivian

Politics is much like war. Except in war, you can only die once.

- Guolivian
  • Name: Guolivian
  • Species: Basileus
  • Gender: Male
  • Representing: Ancaoilion
  • Allies: Debentien, Donaró, Ysolda, Mizio, Gira, Valoratine, Lariat, Filasion, Paxius, Vanteer
  • Rivals: Istirus, Magalen, Ram'Lendilia

Guolivian is a male Basileus that serves as the senator of Ancaoilion, a world that originated as a dissident Basileus colony that escaped the oppressive Basileus Imperium, though Guolivian himself was born on Vasuband. Arguably, Guolivian is the most influential senator in the Empire, primarily due to his role in aiding Tyrómairon in forming the Empire. A popular figure in both the Empire and the wider Gigaquadrant, Guolivian has made many powerful friends in both the {{fiction|Draconid Imperium} and Rambo Nation.

A supporter of the Empire, the Emperor and the Imperial Military, Guolivian is a believer in the theory that the entire Gigaquadrant would be better off under Imperial control. Nevertheless, he prefers using diplomacy to defeat the Empire's enemies, with military action being a last resort. When the New Cyrandia Wars broke out, Guolivian became a staunch supporter in forming more alliances with other nations.

Senator Karocher

Imperial might will prevail.

- Karocher
  • Name: Karocher
  • Species: Cavaneu
  • Gender: Male
  • Representing: Neudan
  • Allies: Guolivian, Valoratine, Paxius, Vanteer
  • Rivals: Istirus, Magalen, Donaró, Gira, Filasion

Karocher is a male Cavaneu that serves his homeworld of Neudan in the Imperial Senate. A staunch supporter of using Imperial might against dissidents, Karocher often finds himself at odds with more pacifistic senators such as Gira, Donaró and Filasion, though openly hates senators such as Istirus, who he sees as being corrupt fools unworthy of membership in the Senate.

As one of the wartime leaders against the Confederacy of Allied Systems, Karocher gained a reputation as a strong leader during the Basileus invasion of his homeworld during the last year of the Great Cyrannus War, though unlike many of his people he holds little resentment towards the Basileus, a fact that results in his strong friendship with Senator Guolivian, primarily due to the proximity of Neudan to Ancaoilion.

Mid RimEdit

Outer RimEdit

Far Rim/ExtragalacticEdit



  • The Imperial Senate has lost much of its power since the fall of the Republic, a fact that some senators are beginning to take notice of.

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