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Flag 112438-glowing-green-neon-icon-symbols-shapes-shapes-octagon.png
Creator Sporesauce 95
Ruling Body Council of Lore
Leader Queen Gabline Tvopra
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Capital Lore
Allies DCP, Jovar Empire, Da Propa Big Loron Empire, BNSC,
Enemies Grox
Extent 15.000 Worlds
Population 95 Trillion
Phase Space Stage
Military The Deep Space Marine of the Gablinus, The Intergalactic Navy of the Gablinus.
State Building Defenses and colonizing new planets everyday.

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The Gablinus-Avis have existed for millions of years, and they keep on growing... what could stop their expansion and destruction?"

- Mistress Denale of the Dragoob empire, before her planet got obliterated


The Gablinus-Avis are a species of green birdlike creatures. They are very destructive but they also like to party, they have many enemies around the Galaxy which they live in, and their epic empire spans along the Orion arm and deep into the center.


Main article: Creature:Gablinus-Avis/History




Not the best thing the Gablinus-Avis do, but with the Weapons they have (all Spore weapons) they can easily conquer smaller empires. Their former alliance with the Grox have left many empires still ticked of at them, these are often destroyed in just mere minutes.


Main article: Creature:Gablinus-Avis/Economy

Not as bad as you might think (the Gablinus constantly parties, blows up stuff, and more). They have a stable Economy. They are also Share-Holders withing many banking companies. The Gablinus use Bolts(÷), Eco Shards(≥) and Sporebucks(§) as currency.


The Gablinus-Avis always have something new in mind, just yesterday they made some flying pancake making machines.


Monitor, they actually float ingame.

The Monitors are highly advanced Artificial Intelligence constructs created by the Gablinus-Avis to occupy special positions in Gablinus society. Some of their purposes include the maintenance of Line Installations. Monitors are extremely intelligent, yet completely devoted to their original function, and are zealous about containing enemies; Monitors have been known to turn violently on their allies if they should attempt to violate their containment protocols.


Sentinel, they also hover!

Sentinels are Gablinus-Avis-constructed robots. They possess limited Artificial Intelligence, and are programmed to suppress invasions on Gablinus-Avis installations, and protect technology. Equipped with a high powered plasma turrets they can shoot down enemies withing seconds. they also serve as flying cameras.

Side note:: Dont go all "Ripped of from Halo". They are based on the forerunner AI robots from Halo, and they dont even look like the ones that are in Halo™, so zip it.


The Gablinus have had many types of Buildings trough out their History, but their Newest forms are getting more and more advanced.


The Gablinus evolved by Scavenging most of their lives and trying to charm creatures. Which did not work out well as they became predators (actually scavengers, killing smaller animals).


The Gablinus philosophy is; Never come late to a party. This statement engages all Gablinus to stay focused on their own thing and finish it fast, ... to get in time for parties.


Even though the Gablinus-Avis have a hard time to find something that proves that gods (Tier-0 Civilizations) exist, they still believe in their ancient gods, Lusum, Corenin, and Jonajunn, The Gods of all creatures created by themself.


Main article: Planet:Lore

Lore, the home planet of the Gablinus-Avis, a lush green planet with small orange seas, a fine cyan sky and the large cities of the Gablinus it has a few mountains as the continental drift of the planet is slowed down and the landmasses don't move as fast as Earth's does. Lore's seas are pretty small, only covering 30% of the planet itself. The landmass however covers up for most of the planet enabling the Gablinus-Avis to spread all over the planet. The inhabitants of the planet are often small, some can be as small as 1 millimeter, while the Largest animal can be up to 42 meters. The larger animals live in the small oceans.

Quotes from other empires[]

I got the idea from the Loron page, and other Technobliterator pages, feel free to write.

Dey is cool doods. We is lovin da Gablinus Avis and dere party was good. We finks dat dey dont taste nice an we not gonna eat dem

- Zr'ahgloth of the Loron

The Gablinus Avis look like a nice bunch!

- Galot

The Gablinus Avis seem nice, but we might charge em a non-believer tax.

- Pagent

They are just about the most spectacular species I've ever seen!! I will find them a home once this galaxy's destroyed by us!!

- Lordess Nix, Queen of the Zazane

They seem like they could be valuable allies. How do they feel about joining Eclipsos's side in the DCP Civil War?

- Tarchin Ko, King of the Neo Zazane

Our citizens feel that we must end our pain with the Gablinus-Avis we must have peace

- Macco of the Taxton Empire

They are great having around, they're very nice, we like them a lot, we would like to make an aliance with them.

- Bearian

We do not seem to understand these creatures. But we will give them cake. Hmm... does this empire sell cake?

- Gawbin, Captain of the Gawbion Empire.

Why don't these guys have hands? How can they pilot, or even CONSTRUCT a spaceship without hands? We have hands... good for us.

- A Yuukai scientist

A recenlty met species. Fellow space faring birds whom like to party. An interessting species and nations whom are still shrouded in mystery for us. We hope to change this, especialley after we heard that they build a ship that is based upon our Excelsior Class. Yet there powers and military and destructive might is impressive, we hope to be a valuable ally of them and hope to improve galactic relations with them.

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

A mortal race of which who enjoy the richness of life. It was good for them that we never met face to face.

- Xhodocto Khazurhal Angazhar

A Fun bird empire. How can they be so much fun and so destructive at the same time?

- Emperor Varkeos of the Kraw Empire


Intergalactic relationships chart. Only main empires and other organizations are displayed.

Green face.png

  • URC- A grand republic, in the Cyrannus galaxy. Lead by the Libertus, a species of great dinobird related creatures. Members of the G8
  • Jovar Empire– A unique species of quadrupedal insectoids. Said to have been created by the Human Republic of planet Earth.
  • Loronz- Space barbarians, luckily we managed to ally them... on a party.
  • Sylit- Another republic, these have done great deeds towards the Galaxy, and is a member of the Gran Eight.
  • A few other

Blue face.png

  • DCP- A large organization of several allies, founded by the Grimbolsaurians. Even for being such a young empire (Around 300 years) they posses some technologies that we have been trying to make for centuries without succeeding.
  • Rambo Nation- The great Rambo nation, a large organization in the Quadrant Galaxies, and founded by the Rambo Serindia. Led by the great Empress Ramashe.
  • Lequian-A rather quiet empire, this species have experimented a lot, which have caused in several sub-species. But they are the founding members of the great DSB.
  • Reckzo-A smaller empire, these knight's like to ally as much as possible, but they are displeased by the Grox, similar to us.
  • Girdo Empire-This empire is a mystery to us, as we have never seen one of it's members in person. But they helped protecting Sol, a deed, which cannot be redone in a million years, I mean they managed to stop 8 sun busters together with the Rambo Nation, DCP and Jovar Empire!
  • Galot-Another "ultra-allying everyone" species, very social, and have several empires that will help them in need.
  • Dracoling-A small empire of dragonoid knights. Though not known by many in the Plazith Rim, this empire still packs a punch.
  • BNSC-Bearians is a small species of mammal's, they had connections with the old Human Empires navy, the UNSC.
  • Kazaru- A spiritual organization, the Kazaru concentrate in the mystic powers of the moon and the sun.
  • And more

Yellow face.png

  • Masarii Crusade- Apparently these are the founders of the church of Spode, and the cause of such many believers out in this little universe, we are not to familiar with them, but they are still a strong force.
  • Xhodocto-Pure demons, these Xhodocto, are the ones created by the dark god Kamik'Shikua'Izhjûl. Brrr... did it just get cold?
  • Sapo Hivemind-A direct sinister organization, the Sapo Hivemind is a mystery for us.
  • Dragonisk-A quickly advancing empire, the Dragnonisk focus on exterminating as many spodists as possible, though this may take centuries, they don't give up.
  • Many many other Species.

Orange face.png

  • Taxton-Allies of the Grox, the Taxton is a advanced empire that have taken over most of their galactic arm, in the Plazith Rim. Being allied to the Grox, many empires in the galaxy hate them, and we had a devastating war with them, which brought nothing but bloodshed and plain destruction. Though peace have been signed with them, we are aware that they could attack any moment.

Red face.png

  • The Grox-Yeah, they might be running with their tails between their legs, and being extinct in the Plazith Rim, these blogwads still terrorize other galaxies.

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