The Froramsilia Company Association is a major trade federation within the Quadrant Galaxies and dominant company within the Ramboidae sphere of influance. It is better known amongst the Ramboidae citizens as the Company and not a single citizen goes on a day without using goods, commerce, equipment or products provided by this massive corporation. Departments under the associations wings are amongst others fleet yards, major industry corporations, the Serindia Banks and more!

Raised and under control of House Frorammsilia, it carries the weight of influence and power befit of one considered a Lord amongst Serindia.


By 2820, the Foramsilia Company Association dominated the Quadrantia market as the wealthiest and most influential trade company. It holds dominion over the major shipping lanes and major military contracts. Lord Argathon Froramsilia used his keen knowledge and status as a Serindia Lord to expand his dominance over the markets in the wake of the Algernon War in 2746 (52 BQF).

Often accused of practicing monoply over the market The Company became part of the daily life of every Serindia citizen. The Company has various large companies and departments under its corporate concern and has ties with various factions within the Cyrandia Cluster

Association Headquarters

Association Headquarters

The Association Headquarters is located on Rambo Prime and is the seat of power of Lord Argathon Froramsilia. The castle lies close to the main city of Rambo Prime at a hill overlooking a beautiful scenery. the former abandoned castle was turned into the seat of power of a Serindia Lord and headquarters for the Company. In the beginning spice, crates and crafts arrived and left the area though the major shipping was relocated after the Company grew and grew to locations as the Praesidium Navlia. It is said the lower dungeons houses vast vaults of gold. The fortress itself it guarded by the Watch in service of Froramsilia and none can enter without the Lord's consent.

The Headquarters was destroyed during the Battle of Rambo Prime in August 2820, after Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral ordered an orbital bombardment to level the city.

Froramsilia Trade Fleet

The Froramsilia Trade Fleet consists out of the old but reliable Anteras-Class transports that ferry the cargo across the Quadrants and beyond. By 2820, the Company acquired at least 5 Hecatoncheir-Class carriers that allowed them to carry large amounts of cargo and goods across the Quadrants and beyond.

Though their fleet is large and everywhere, the Company by 2820 often hires other shipping companies like the Dutch Trade Company and the Muunivelle Shipping Company to ferry goods since they cannot handle the large amount themselves anymore.

Praesidium Navlia

Praesidium Navlia

The Shipyards of Matakoro, better known as the Praesidium Navlia are a ringed shipyard that encircles the planet belonging to the Froramsilia Company Association. The yards include Modular Constructions as well that are either attached to each other or to the ringed structure. The yards maintain and produce Ramboidae vessels like amongst others the former Constitution-Class and the Butterfly-Class-line. Heavily defended by the fleet, defensive systems and shieldings the shipyards are besides a manufracturer of ships also a bastion to defend the Nation.

Besides its role as shipyard the ringed structure acts as a trade port as well. The Company processes all materials throughout the ringed structure before they are shipped elsewhere within the realm and as such is a major importer and exportor of materials and goods.

As such the Praesidium Navlia is a vital place for both the miltary and the economy of the realm and enjoys the protection of the military

Ramirith Array


After the return of Ramirith due to temporal anomalies the Froramsilia Company Association acquired possesion over the masssive orbital space station that encircles the planet, known to the citizens as the Array. The structure houses factories, home, appartments, defenses various shipyards and offices. As such the Ramirith Array became the primary shipyard for the Company for civilian vessels and the processing of goods and materials for the eastern sectors and the Cyrannus Galaxy. It also became the main storage of goods and commerce for the Company and houses the trade fleet of the Company. With their possesion over the Ramirith Array Shipyards the Company is the only corporation within the Quadrants with possesion over two shipyards.

Serindia Bank

Serindia Bank

The Serindia Bank is a multinational banking and financial services company headquartered on the Rambo Capital. It is the national bank of the Ramboidae Realm and formerly of Rambo Nation is a major . Citizens can go here to take up money, their savings or to change currency when visiting other empires. Also visitors and tourists from other empires can change their currency to those used witin the Quadrants.


The Froramsilia company Association was formed in 2723 (75 BQF) by Lord Argathon Froramsilia after he finished his studies in politics and trade. Rebuilding an abandoned castle at Rambo Prime he acquiring various Anteras-Class transport vessels from Rambo Command. From there he began shipping goods and materials to his customers. After the Algernon War ended in 2746 (52 BQF) he used his wealth to acquire various companies to expand his imperium.

In the following decades, upon the outbreak of the Second Galactic War in 2798 (0 BQF) the Company had grown exceptionally with the take-over of the Serindia Bank and the possesion of the Praesidium Navlia at Matakoro. Profiting from the war the Company gradually gained more and more influence and by 2806 (08 AQF) shared its monopoly of building military vessels with the Shipyards of Eris after the destruction of the Shipyards of Rowar. Around the same time the Company acquired possesion over the Ramirith Array, further strengthening its powerful postion.

Even during the occupation by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus the Company managed to retain its strong position and by 2820 not a single citizens within the Ramboidae Realm goes by without using goods provided by the Company.

With the destruction of Prime City on Rambo Prime in August 2820, the Company lost its ancient headquarters and was forced to relocate its headquarter to Matakoro, which in turn became the seat of power for House Froramsilia as well.

Associated Planets[]

  • Matakoro
    Matakoro houses the Praesidium Navlia, the military shipyards for the Ramboidae.
  • Rambo Capital
    The Rambo Capital is the Headquarter for the Serindia Bank.
  • Ramirith
    The Ramirith Array provides the storage of goods and materials the citizens of the Ramboidae daily use and as such are distributed by the trade fleet to the various planets across the Ramboidae Realm. The trade fleet is stationed at Ramirith as well.


Notable members
Argathon FroramsiliaLarge.png

Name:Argathon Froramsilia

Lord Argathon Froramsilia is the director of the trade federation known as the Froramsilia Association Company and head of House Froramsilia. A powerful and influential noble witin the Ramboidae Realm he and his company have dealings all over the Quadrant Galaxies.

Argathon himself is the Head of House Foramsilia, making him a Lord among the noble families of Rambo Nation. Over the years, Argathon has shown himself often making shadowly deals, undermining the authority of the Goverment.


The following products are known to be produced by the Froramsilia Company Association.

Insured Cargo Shipments and Tanker Transport[]

The Company offers a high quality and reliable transport of massive amount of goods and materials across the Cyrandia Cluster and beyond. All offered transports by the Company are insured against loss and damage for the demanding party and the Company can be accounted for that. The transports of cargo is done by the old and reliable Anteras-class freighters or the Hecatoncheir-Class Heavy Bulk Cargo and Tanker Carriers.

If their own assests are unavailable the Company is known to contract the Muunivelle Shipping Company and the Dutch Trade Company for insured cargo shipments and transports.

Space Ships produced by the Praesidium Navlia[]

The space ships of the Praesidium Navlia are not availible for the free market as they are often military contracted. In special cases the Praesidiuim Navlia can be contracted to create military vessels beyond those for the Ramboidae.

Name Description Png Market Availability
ButterflyClassLine Large.png
Butterfly-class line
The Butterfly-Class-line features the common saucer-engineering section-warp nacelle layout commonly found on the former Rambo Nation vessels. There are various types of design for the Butterfly-classes with a different orientation of role and purpose.

The class is lightly/medium armed, classified as a light-cruiser and features 6 variations in design and purpose.

ButterflyClassSigil.png Restricted for Ramboidae use only

Space Ships produced by the Ramirith Array[]

The space ships produced by the Ramirith Array are often civilian and those deployed by the Company itself and noble houses.

Name Description Png Market Availability
The Anteras-Class freighter was constructed with a horizontal spaceframe, with a two warp-nacelle configuration typically favored by Rambo Nation for propulsion means. Jutting above and below the main construction were two large cargo holds, with the largest hold located below the hull. These cargo holds are the largest found within the Rambo Navy and can transport any cargo and goods, from weapons to living creatures. The forward living sections and bridge were located on the foremost position of the ship, together with crew and passenger acccommodation. Antares Class 01.png Restricted for Froramsilia Company Association use only
The Gwyllioen-class transports are in origin a Serindia design, populair within Ramboidae Realm amongst traders and criminals. The Gwyllioen class is not very agile nor fast, but with the right pilot the ship can evade enemy blasters and ships quite well. The class is equipped with a small bridge, a small hangar bay with escape pods, two sleeping quarters for personnel or passengers as well as a living room with a kicthen en a shared restroom. The class is equipped with shields and offensive weaponry like two blasters and 4 photon torpedoes. It can use warp and hyperspace jumps. Gwylliöen Class.png Available for sale on the market
Personnel Transport
The 18.5 meter long Hobbit-class features an arrow shaped vehicle with a bridge in the front of the vehicle. The aft sections contain a passenger lounge for travelling in comfort. The class is equipped with a warp core that allow the ship to reach a speed of Warp 5. The two warp naccelles are located on both sides of the ship in the aft. The aft also features a ramp for exit and entrance between the impulse engines.

Due to its unique design and sturdy design, the ship is specifically designed to enter and leave orbit and has a landing gear for surface landings. In case landing is not possible it also has a transport that can beam up to two persons per time.

The class was introduced in 2814 (12 AQF)

Hobbit-class.png Available for sale on the market
Heavy Bulk Cargo and Tanker Carrier
With a length of 7845 meters, the Hecatoncheir-class is an impressive sight to behold. It acts as a massive cargo and tanker carrier. Though retaining the same design as the military version, all military aspects were removed in favor of transporting cargo. The large towers found at the top of the ship hold various navigational sensors and massive shield generators. Due to the large amount of warp cores found inside the center of the class, it was equipped with 15 external engine exhaustions to prevent an overload of the systems while using warp. The class is constructed with a small drydock inside her as well (the large cylindrical construction) at the underside of the ship, able to provide quick repairs for smaller ships.

After the modifications the vessels is less heavily armed and gave up its military advanced command centers. The modifications reduced the need of personnel afer automation.

Hecatoncheir Class 01.pngHecatoncheir Class 02.pngHecatoncheir Class 03.pngHecatoncheir Class 04.png Restricted for Froramsilia Company Association use only
Light Freighter Type
The Light Freighter Type are crafts build originally by the slavers of Sanderhal, though since 2798 (0 BQF) the Ramirith Array began producing the class a well. Becoming a common sight within the Ramboidae Realm it is the most affordable light freighter produced by the Array.

Equipped with limited shielding and powerful blasters, fast engines it can defend itself when required. With a bridge, various accomodations and a cargo bay these ships became a prefferable ship for traders, smugglers and criminals as they are said to be able to outrun a Constitution-class.

Claire Rambo was given a confiscated freighter by Rambo Command, known as the Falcon.

Quadrantia Light Freighter II.pngQuadrantia Light Freighter.png Available for sale on the market
The Tirith-class cargo corvette is a 350 meter long cargo corvette in service of House Ramelzen. They are equipped with a combination of basic defenses with an extensive cargo capicity. Its light armanent was made up out of various phasers and laser cannons, it also boast a tractor beam projector and is capable of using both impulse and hyperdrive. It required a crew complement of at least 35.

The Ramirith Array designs, maintains and produces the class upon orders placed by those that wish to acquire the class.

Tirith-class (House Ramelzen).png Available for sale on the market
The Winteria-class frigates were 325 long vessels in service of House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda. The class bears similarities with the Confederate Munificent-class and as such has a design not often seen within the Quadrant Galaxies.

Its forward split hollow hull contained two docking bays for at least 8 Tiger-class starfighters per side. The bridge was positioned between the two hollow hull in the forward section of the ship, well protected from enemy fighters. However, if shields faded the two hollow hull sections were very vulnerable for enemy fire. Its mid-section contained room for passengers and cargo while its aft section featured its engines and both an upper and lower vertically-elongated structure consisting out of quarters and passenger holdings. Though slow in manouvering and lightly armed, it is equipped with powerful shielding.

The Ramirith Array designs, maintains and produces the class upon orders and contracts for House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda when contracted to do so.

Winteria-Class.png Restricted for House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda use only

Space Shuttles and Starfighters produced by the Ramirith Array[]

Besides space shuttles the Ramirith Array produces various civilian space shuttles or small crafts.

Name Description Png Market Availability
Aria-class shuttle
The Aria-class is small civilian private shuttle that can be owned by Quadrantians, fast and armed these crafts prove a menace for law enforcers or larger vessels. It is a shuttle designed for travel from planet to planet, needs to be resupplied and refueled at every stop. The shuttle houses small accommodations like a single bedroom with a staple bed, a small living room with a kitchen and a small restroom.

Since 06 AQF, the Aria-class is also seen among Rambo Nation civilians, gaining a large popularity among the more wealthier as a sign of prestige, as well as among criminals who use them to do races, both in space and between the towers of cities.

Aria-class.png Available for sale on the market
B-wing starfighter
The B-wing starfighters of House Ramelzen are heavily armed assault starfighters and bombers. As a single-pilot starfighter its agility and speed is unquestionable while its armament is capable of disabling corvettes and frigates. It is equipped with both impulse and a hyperdrive engine. It has an average length of 17 meters.

The B-wing is a rather unique design and sight within the Quadrants.

B-Wing_(House_Ramelzen).png Restricted for House Ramelzen use only
Tiger-class starfighter
The Tiger-class starfighter is a small (10 meters) but fierce and agile fighter craft. The class is known as a quick, powerful strike fighter manufactured by the the Company. They are wedge-shaped with dual sublight engines mounted on the stern and came equipped with a hyperdrive.

Tiger-class starfighters were armed with two phaser cannons and photon torpedoes. In addition they have limited shielding for protection.

The chracteristics of the Tiger-class make it ideal from missions that required speed: hit-and-run, escort duties, surgical strikes on capital ships, and intelligence gathering missions.

Tiger-Class Intercepter.png
Blue Model
Tiger-Class Intercepter Curagae.png
Orange Model
Green/Smogash Model
Tiger-Class (Lusitania).png
Red model
Old Model
Available for sale on the market


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