The FRA needs to enter the 5th century. We're still as kind as before, but we're more mature now, or at least that's what stats say.

- President Vonzata'akanau of the FRA

The Friendly Republic of the Asgord (Asgordiana Leik: Ziena Telkorik Asgordies (ZTA), KUL: Aliak Groskrarika Asgordai (AGA)), or more commonly known as the FRA, is one of the 2 Empires that split from the original Asgord Empire, the other being the True Asgord Empire.

The FRA is extremely Friendly, and while once it did anything to befriend or ally another Species, even if its evil, as long as it's not a Xhodocto, and even though they had one goal, which was to befriend every last being in the universe, due to the empire's ressurection in 11/01/407 KRE and the new president's policies, they have matured, though there is still some population with the old beliefs about alliances.

The FRA is currently composed of 2 generations, the current generation that was alive at the time of the Asgord Genocide, and the old 50-100 KRE generation which was found in an old FRA Colony near Ka'an.

History Edit

See here for the history of the United Asgord Empire until 401 KRE...

Helenia appointed a new Prime-Minister for the FRA, PM Haleon. Haleon's personality is a mix between Lezia and Ko'han's, and he was proud of his prime-ministery.

The FRA was re-building everything the Xhodocto Broke, but many empires hated the FRA by then, and they were in grave danger.

Haleon was captured and is currently being tortured in the Darklight Federation, and Kelki'enes became a danger zone. Ko'han laughed at the entire incident. Kala'talia Itvalia became the new Prime Minister of the FRA.

The FRA was devastated by a Huge war caused by the United Lanat Empire. FRA Asgordian casualties were very high. The Kraw and the FRA's allies tried to defend the FRA, although with no success. The Terridor Federation ended the war by absorbing the FRA into the Federation, creating the Asgordian State, however it is a very oppressive state in order to re-educate the Asgord race.

In 11/01/407 KRE, a revolution occured because of Kies Kortograa, which led to the revival of the FRA. During that time, Old destroyed FRA colonies were recovered, and the Asgordian State was liberated, thus leading to the reformation of the FRA. Soon after, Vonzata'akanau rose to become President of the FRA, while Vanvatu became their PM.

Currently the FRA has recovered from its wounds and has re-estabilished itself as a major Kraw Galaxy empire.

FRA Culture Edit

FRA Asgordians usually greet everyone around them, as everyone is a friend of everyone. Their way of greeting people is a unique (per person) dance, and by petting, which is a symbolic act in their culture, meaning that the petter likes the person being pet.

Telebyte (Internet) is very popular in the FRA, mostly because of social networks. One FRA Asgordian managed to get 3 Billion friends in 6 months, however, this was a long time ago. (Telebyte links go like this: <Name of website>.na.Asgnet in KUL letters)

On Visual devices, FRA Asgordians love watching Beauty shows, but unlike Earth beauty shows, everyone wins in these shows. They also watch friendship shows where they show unrealistic scenes, such as Xhodocto being friendly to Asgordians, though as of 407 KRE these shows no longer exist.

Work is well received by FRA Asgordians, as they can talk to each other there. Though these Asgordians don't do much work because of this. When Asgordians are not working, robots or AIs do the work for them, as the Asgordians have experienced a singularity.

In Asgord Culture, Criminal FRA Asgordians are not put to anything resembling a Jail, like expected, but get sent to a circus to be ridiculed.

FRA women outnumber the Men (61%-39%), and women have higher social status tham men in the FRA, because women are culturally more beautiful then men. Thus, most FRA Emperors have been women, at the exception of 3 Male Emperors. The FRA Population is currently 44 Billion.

The FRA's Favorite sport is "Kenkia", where 2 Teams have 2 balls and they must score by throwing the ball into the enemy basket while defending their own basket. As there are 2 balls, both teams need good defence and offence at the same time to win. Matches last for 30 straight minutes (no Breaks) and when one team scores, it is worth one point. Average scores are 43 for winners. There are 6 players in a Team. Men and Women play together.

The Main FRA Language is the Kraw Universal Language because the Language must be spoken in order to communicate with the Hundreds of Allies they have. Asgordian is also spoken in the FRA.

The FRA's almost Unlimited Kindness Edit

FRA Asgordians seemed to like almost everything, except The Xhodocto. This is due to them having developed a really friendly personality over the 467 years of Asgordian Global Peace and only some threats for destruction. Thus, they found almost everyone and almost everything cute, which annoyed most races in the Universe.

They reacted badly to alliance breaks, which upset the Asgordians greatly, and the death of major Asgordian figures, such as singers, politicians, and Diplomats, which makes them actually angry. Hurting an asgordian made him fear the one who hurt him. Mocking him for extended periods of time also worked. Destroying Planets also worked.

If Global Peace never happened, this is how the Asgord would be ultimately like.

As of 408 KRE, about 9% of the FRA experience unlimited kindness. The numbers are increasing per day.

Empire size Edit

The FRA currently have 17 Colonies, all in the Kraw Galaxy. All previous Cyrannus colonies are currently part of the URC and are home to the Cyrannian Asgord.

Technology Edit

The FRA is currently about as advanced as the Empire of Nelrad, being at High Tier 5, about the same as the TAE. Asgord are still developing science to improve their lives, and often work in the AI fields, perfecting the AIs who work for them in most jobs. One of their most advanced things they ever built was the Inter-Galactic Communicator, which is a long-range communicator which can go all the way to the far regions of the universe. They use it to communicate with their far away allies.

Military Edit

The FRA has no standing Military. Asgordian ships have absolutely no weapons on them, and men were never trained for wars.

In the Former Asgord Empire (Before 401 KRE), Commanders were a huge rarity, as there were no troops for anyone to command, and only 2 existed - Eia Serkia, and Ilto Kankurg. Eia participated minorly in the 2nd Ottzello War, by launching a Taharian Earthquake Generator at a Kralgon planet to help the Iteok, which was borrowed from the Tahar Empire and was fired using a modified ship. They were appointed commanders because they chose to do so. Eia and Ilto are now Great TAE Commanders, alongside Itexos Vargen.

Their only hope for defense were either the Mighty Iteok Khereg, the TAE, the Kraw Empire or their 1000+ Allies.

Quotes from other Empires Edit

Pre-Ressurection Edit

Demz a bunch of losas dey is. Dey shud go ta hell.

- Zr'Ahgloth of Da Loronz

We respect a friendly race of beings who see no evil in a universe full of war.

- Taldar writing on the Asgord

Peace and prosperity for all. May the Asgord live forever.

- Treco Gissom of the Galactic Federation

They would be good slaves, maybe we should conquer them.

- Namor Emblem Tribenus III, Emperor of the S.P.Q.R.N

This is almost the ideal government, the only thing they lack is military readiness. They'd be doomed without their allies, to be quite honest.

- The TIAF


- The Junction Mind

They are friendly, too friendly, it's almost creepy. But they are nice. Too nice. It's almost creepy. I feel like I'm repeating myself here... The petting is also creepy. Okay, they're creepier then they are friendly.

- Supreme Captain Commander Masuri of the Greater Wental Alliance

EEK! It's petting me! Get away, get away! I don't care that it's custom, get the #$%& away from me, before I blast you out of existence! Aih! I said leave me alone! -silence for a few moments- Okay, what kind of sick joke is this? -blaster sounds- I don't like being pet! -more blaster sounds- Okay, I got it. First Spark, are you okay? Yea. I don't like them, lets leave...

- First Spark and Diplomat Fangar of the Lesser Wental Alliance

We have your souls now. Kthnxbai ^^

- Angazhar

Post-Ressurection Edit

Add here

What do you mean they are back? Hmpf, this just makes it better, as there will be more of them for us to ensalve.

- Emperor Gnorvi

I commend the Asgordian people for their resolve on their road back to prosperity and freedom.

- Apollo


- Angazhar

We will strike you down no matter how many times you arise demons! Prepare to face our blades once more!

- Aoblix

Feel free to come to our planets, we will... take care of you. >:)

- Corthrinus

They are coming! I can feel them inside my mind, unyuu-ing, hugging, loving, so cute- so very, very cute. They are coming for us - cuddly, sweet and innocent!

- Unknown Radeon elementalist


- Admiral Yixa

We will deal with these in due time.

- The Dictator of the Rotatcid Alliance

Go anywhere near them, and your empire ends. They are under our protection.

- Ugandalore the Great

Trivia Edit

  • The FRA and TAE concept was inspired by West and East Germany.
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