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The French Quadrant Colonies, also referred to as French Quadrantia, compose an administrative region of France located in the Quadrant Galaxies. They were established in 2797 as part of France's ongoing efforts to spread its influence to other galaxies.

History Edit

Franco-Drodo Colonial War

The Franco-Drodo Colonial War stemmed from a misunderstanding involving a minor species within their sphere of influence.

The French Quadrant Colonies were first fronted in 2795 as a purely economic venture by Michèle Bélanger, the Minister of Economy of France, in a proposal to the French National Assembly. Bélanger and her office had spent time surveying the economic conditions of various galaxies and had noticed the unused potential of the Neutrality Zone and the space around the Ramsoria Run Trade Route.
Quadrants 4

The French delegation arrives at the first Neutrality Zone Trade Summit in 2797.

The proposal called for the creation of several colonies along the trade route under close supervision of the French National Government and included a detailed plan as to how these colonies would grow into a burgeoning trade empire in the Quadrants. After much debate and scrutiny, the proposal was approved, and in 2797, the colony of Galactica was founded near Ramsoria Run. Unknown to the French, the Drodo Empire had also established a presence nearby, and their accidental meeting engendered a short colonial war which lasted a grand total of eight days.

Despite this rocky start, French Quadrantia and the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies began a fruitful trade relationship. Later that year, they founded the Neutrality Zone Trade Organization with the aim of carving the Neutrality Zone between their respective spheres of influence. During the conference, the French also announced their intentions to build the French Quadrantia Trade Route. Having garnered enough investors during the conference, they were able to go through with the project. It was completed a year later, in 2798.

Territory Edit

Quadrant 82 Neutrality Zone

Notable locations Edit

  • Capital planet symbol Galactica (246 billion) - Through the efforts of French policy makers and entrepreneurs, the planet Galactica has become one of the largest and most valuable centers of trade in the region. A busy metropolis and spaceport, it straddles the Ramsoria Run trade route and is fed into by the entire Quadrantian French trade network. The Galactica stock exchange handles transactions worth millions in many different currencies, funding economic ventures in the four corners of the neutrality zone. The planet is also the headquarters of the Neutrality Zone Trade Organization since 2797 and the GITO economic capital of the Quadrant Galaxies since 2798. As such, it hosts a wormhole which connects it to other trade capitals throughout the Gigaquadrant, enhancing its economic power, prestige, and influence.
  • Planet symbol Montabert (41 billion) - Home to several Franco-Drodo exchanges, the psuedo-siberian planet of Montabert constitutes a French attempt to compete with larger Drodo markets. So far, it has been mildly successful, dealing with interests up and down the Franco-Drodo trade route.
  • Planet symbol Coipean - (19 billion) - Sitting at the intersection of two French hyperlanes, Coipean is an important pit stop for traders looking to trade at Galactica. For more mundane exchanges, the planet also provides a number of small scale markets that, while successful, are mostly a playground for Tier 3 and Tier 4 nations within France's sphere of influence.
  • Planet symbol Freycenet IV - (14 billion) - A valuable trading post on the frontier, Freycenet is home to several markets which are supplied mostly by Route II of the French trade network.
  • Nante-class station Station Q8 - Located at the center of the Hal'Sk Quadrantia Sector, Station Q8 is a valuable French trade outpost which has connections with the Ramsoria Run Trade Route and the planet of Gaskhan. With expanded commercial facilities, it handles a considerable amount of commerce in the region. In late 2799, the French and Hal'Sk hired Gaskhan Scion summoners to train Rattatoi and Vulcrow Scions from the planet with the intention of selling them on Station Q8. This move quickly turned the station into a highly competitive Scion exchange, drawing prospective Scion buyers, trainers looking to profit from their trade, and those looking to learn how to train their own Scions.

French Quadrantia Trade Route Edit

French Quadrantia Trade Route map

French Quadrantia Trade Route links Ramsoria Run to the Draconis wormhole which leads to Andromeda, acting as a critical linchpin in France's colonial empire.

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Completed in 2798, the French Quadrantia Trade Route is one of France's most important assets in the region. It provides a link between the Ramsoria Run Trade Route and the Draconid Imperium wormhole, and it is through there that traffic from Andromeda must pass in order to trade with Quadrant 82. France exacts a small toll in exchange for entrance to the hyperlane, making it an important source of income. The 1st Colonial Group maintains the route and patrols it out of several military bases along it, including three Nante-class stations.

Government Edit

Though the government of the French Quadrant Colonies is supposed to be something akin to a representative democracy subordinate to the National French government, it functions very much like a company. It is overseen by an executive office, the Governor of French Quadrantia, which is appointed directly by the French Parliament with approval from the President and Prime Minister.

The colonial legislature, on the other hand, is elected by the local population. It is composed of the General Assembly, representing the population of the colonies at large, and the House of Commerce, elected by influential business sectors and individuals. Both houses de jure have equal power over legislative action in the colonies. Though it is strictly illegal for individuals and companies to use currency to influence votes in the General Assembly, bribery and corruption is rampant. Even the agencies dedicated to rooting out foul play are routinely paid off to look the other way. As such, the government of French Quadrantia is dramatically slanted towards business and imposes very few regulations on it.

Economy Edit

While France has a very large socialist economy where the government has command over factors of production and trade, the Quadrant colonies field a very active mixed economy which primarily uses the Drodoian Colonial Dollar as an official currency for foreign and domestic exchanges. The government of French Quadrantia still has control over most of the colonies' resources and provides for its citizens the means to live, but an increasingly large group of private citizens are taking advantage of the booming economic conditions to enrich themselves through investments in French and foreign markets.

Ever since their founding, the Quadrant Colonies have been enjoying highly concentrated economic growth and are lavishly wealthy as a result. They have command over the Ramsoria Run Trade Route which gives them access to markets all over Quadrant 82 and beyond. This has allowed them to cultivate a burgeoning center of commerce on planet Galactica and to spread their interests throughout the Neutrality Zone and Unexplored Regions.

Through the Neutrality Zone Treaty Organization and trade agreements with such nations as the Mardvaeli Republic and Greater Hal'Sk Empire, France has been able to further consolidate a significant portion of the region's wealth into the French Trade Network.

Trade routes Edit

Name Value Enables trade with
GITO emblem GITO Wormhole Gate Very high Flag of France France
Orion League Orion League
DIFlag New Draconid Imperium
FTC Symbol Farengeto Trade Coalition
TIAF Flag Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation
Drodo Empire Flag Drodo Empire
Flag of Hal'Sk Greater Hal'Sk Empire
Flag of French Andromedan Colonies 2 French Andromedan Colonies
CometFlagV2 Mardvaeli Republic
Ramsoria Run Trade Route Very high Flag Rambo Nation Rambo Nation
RepublicFlag New Cyrannian Republic
DIFlag New Draconid Imperium
ImperialEmblem Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
Flag of Hal'Sk Hal'Sk Quadrantia
Flag of Corsica Fulviano
Planet symbol Gaskhan
Franco-Drodo Trade Route High Drodo Colonial Flag Drodo Quadrant Colonies
Mardvaeli Flag Quadrants Mardvaeli Quadrant Colonies
French Quadrant Colonies Route I Moderate Quadrantian French sphere of influence
French Quadrant Colonies Route II Moderate Quadrantian French sphere of influence
French Quadrant Colonies Estrum Supply Lane Moderate Heer Stekeveel Confederation Heer Stekeevel Confederation
French Quadrant Colonies Chaussin Lane Moderate Heer Stekeveel Confederation Heer Stekeevel Confederation
Quadrantian French sphere of influence
Planet symbol Nal Amroth

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Sword&ShieldWe are bound to do great things together.

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Crossed SwordsYou have made an enemy of the French. That is not a wise move.

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