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Xonexi Allies 2
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As of this moment, I declare the French colonies of Andromeda, the Quadrants, Mirus, and Bunsen free of any obligation to our occupiers. As of this moment, we are free, and we are coming back.

- Alexandre I, January 4 address

The French Colonial Empire was a federal constitutional monarchy with territory in the Andromeda Galaxy, the Quadrants, Mirus, and Bunsen. Composed of the former colonial holdings of the French Republic, these broke free in January of 2803 in order to continue French involvement in the Great Xonexian Schism despite the surrender of their parent, and went on to win that war before being reformed into the French Empire. Acting as the figurehead of this French nation was Alexandre I, former Prime Minister under the Maxime administration, who was appointed Emperor of the French by unanimous vote in the Emergency Colonial Congress.

A force to be reckoned with in the pre-Xonexian Schism era, this French Colonial Empire inherited the shattered remains of France’s military, economy, and sphere of influence. Despite the poor shape of the empire, France’s reentry into the war was no small event. The vast industrial power represented by French Mirus, especially given enormous gains during the Mirus Campaign, had the potential to build and maintain a navy to rival that of the Gigaquadrant’s great powers, potential which was realized and led to the Colonial Empire's impressive influence in Xonexi.

On the international stage, the sudden resurgence of a Xonexi-aligned France was a godsend for some and an unwelcome sight to others. A major source of contention was that there are now two French states on opposite sides of an intergalactic conflict, both claiming to be the true government of all of France. To acknowledge one was to undercut the legitimacy of the other. From a more practical point of view, some feared a return to the foreign policy of the Maxime administration, wondering if the newly-crowned Emperor Valéry would step out from under the shadow of his predecessor and former friend. Under his calculated leadership, the French Colonial Empire not only claimed the territorial extent, diplomatic agreements, and legitimacy of French Sixth Republic, but also assumed its war debt and other less-than-savory responsibilities.

History Edit

Founding under the French Sixth Republic Edit

French Quadrantia Trade Route

As France's colonial influence grew exponentially, so too did its capacity to defend it. The French Armed Forces soon became capable of power projection on a Gigaquadrantic scale.

The French Colonial Empire draws its roots back to the colonization efforts of the French Sixth Republic which took off in the 2790’s. Under the leadership of President Laurene Maxime, France signed the Franco-Tybusen Accords, expanded to the Quadrants, Bunsen, participated in the Scramble for Mirus, and precipitated the founding of such organizations as the NZTO and GITO. By the start of the Great Xonexian Schism in 2802, France’s colonial empire had amassed an impressive amount of diplomatic, economic, and military power.

However, the country’s meteoric rise did not go undisturbed. France’s growing sphere of influence directly interfered with what was traditionally considered to be the domain of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. From 2797 onward, the two powers clashed with increasing frequency and intensity, leading France to found the Alcanti Triad Alliance in 2800 in preparation for the inevitable war.

The Alcanti Triad

Representatives from the three Triad nations, France, the Draconid Imperium, and the TIAF, meet secretly on Alcanti to plan a war against the DCP.

Great Xonexian Schism Edit

In March of 2802, tensions over a minor conflict in Orion finally erupted into all-out war between the Delpha Coalition of Planets and France’s coalition, which quickly came to be referred to as the Xonexi Allies. Early victories graced the Allies’ efforts in the Milky Way and nearly doubled France’s territory in Mirus. However, by June of that year, the war had turned against the Allies, and many in France began to clamour for immediate peace. After the GITO economy crashed on June 21, a parliamentary coup removed Maxime’s administration from power and accidentally killed the President as she was fleeing to the colonies. Prime Minister Alexandre Valéry successfully escaped the capital aboard the ‘’Glorious Enterprise’’, the diplomatic ship of Foreign Minister Ballatay. As his act as Interim President of the French Republic, Casimir Gérard announced France’s intention to capitulate, and the surrender was formalized the next day.

While the war continue around them, France and its colonies were consolidated along with the rest of the defunct Orion League into the Human Superstate, a DCP client state meant to bring about the eternal dream of human unification. While Orion’s Spur saw a surge of liberal support, the leadership of many of the colonies remained skeptical, defying the initial order of the Unification Council to disarm by maintaining their colonial regiments. The nationalist administration of French Andromeda in particular actively sought ways to break with the Superstate.

Independence Edit

Barely a few days after he fled France, former Prime Minister Valéry was secretly apprehended in Draconis space by French Andromedan commandos. Instead of turning him over to the French government, President David Fauvre of French Andromeda recruited him to help him found a new French state. Inspired by legends of the Second World War, Fauvre envisioned the French colonies jointly declaring independence and going to war to rescue their occupied parent. He would use the charismatic Valéry as a figurehead for this new state, lending it legitimacy and a seemingly powerful figure to lead it. However, having been warned against Valéry’s skills with political power, he chose to name the former Prime Minister, Emperor of the French. On one hand, Valéry could appear to hold a large amount of political power, but the minute he started to get out from under Fauvre’s thumb, the title would make it easy to take him down as a tyrant and abuser of power.

Until January of 2803, the two conspired to bring together what would soon become the French Colonial Empire. French Quadrantia eagerly turned to the possibility of a powerful protector which could enforce its wavering interests in the Neutrality Zone, French Mirus was won over by the prospect of continuing the war, and the liberal French Bunsen was swayed by the threat of forceful intervention by the neighboring TIAF. At Valéry’s recommendation, Ballatay resumed his position as head diplomat and would soon be reaffirmed as Foreign Minister upon the creation of the cabinet.

On January 4, 2803, representatives from all of the French colonies met in secret on Richelieu, the capital of French Andromeda, to form the new constitution. The cabinet was finalized, the Emergency Colonial Congress established, and the new substates within the empire established. Once all of this was done, Valéry broadcasted a rallying call to arms to the French nation, a speech which would quickly be buried in Metropolitan France, but would spread like wildfire in the colonies. As promised, Alexandre Valéry was proclaimed Emperor of the French by unanimous vote soon thereafter, giving the French Colonial Empire a clear claim on all of France. In the days following the announcement, people began enlisting in droves in the newly-created Grand Navy of the Empire, and the new French state began the gruelling task of rebuilding its shattered military in preparation to rejoin the Great Xonexian Schism.

Territory Edit

IN RESPONSE to the need of the French People for a sovereign and independent national government, let it be known that THESE NEWLY INDEPENDENT STATES declare the formation of a firm league of friendship for the defense of their rights to sovereignty, independence, and self-determination, and for the GENERAL GOOD OF THE FRENCH NATION.

- Preamble of the Constitution of the French Colonial Empire

After declaring independence in 2803, the French Colonial Empire inherited France's holdings in Andomeda, the Quadrants, and Mirus, its capital being the Andromedan planet of Richelieu. However, upon its formation, many of the French colonies claimed nationstate status, assuming semi-independent governance within the Empire as defined by Article III, Title I of the constitution of the French Colonial Empire. This made the French Colonial Empire more akin to a loose alliance of nations at its inception, with the right to "sovereignty, independence, and self-determination" of each of its Title I members protected by the constitution.

Territories with weaker political power and influence at the Empire's inception, such French Mirus, French Bunsen and the First City, assumed Title II status, which defined them as, "colonial holdings under the authority of the Emergency Colonial Congress." These territories generally possess their own colonial governments, though these are generally subject to a much greater degree of oversight by the Emergency Colonial Congress.

In June of 2803, the Emergency Colonial Congress amended Article III of the Constitution to include Title III, which created the "charter colony" status. A charter colony was an independent corporate entity granted the authority to colonize space claimed by France. Founded independently of the French government, typically led corporations seeking to produce raw materials for the French Colonial Empire, these companies apply for charter colony status once they raised the necessary capital and stake out a claim. Charter colonies receive the diplomatic, military, and financial protection of the empire, but remain almost completely autonomous in their operation and governance. These colonies, like Alexandria in Borealis, are typically temporary institutions meant to exploit the resource of a region, though there is a clause in Title III allowing charter colonies to apply for regular colony status.

Logistically speaking, the Empire his held together by a network of French and allied hyperlanes and wormholes, facilitating the transfer of goods, services, and materiel from one colony to the next. Installations such as the First City and a myriad of Nante-class border stations were built during the Sixth Republic era to maximize French power projection across galaxies, facilitating the conduct of the war today. By far the largest and most strategically important territory controlled by the empire is French Mirus, the size of which was greatly expanded during the first phase of the Great Xonexian Schism.

Title I territories Edit

Commonwealth of French Andromeda wavy
Republic of Galactica wavy
Confederation of Lower Katar wavy
Gran Colombia wavy
Name Commonwealth of French Andromeda Republic of Galactica Confederation of Lower Katar Gran Colombia
Location Andromeda Galaxy Quadrant 82 Milky Way Galaxy Quadrant 82
Population 501,946 billion 100,481 billion 19,362 billion 16,282 billion
Government Presidential Republic Republic Republic Rayenist Dictatorship
David Fauvre 
President of the Commonwealth
An ardent nationalist, conservative, and firebrand anti-DCP agitator, David Fauvre is respected as the tried and true leader of French Andromeda since 2795. As an ally of the Maxime administration, he oversaw a rapprochement between France and its colonies, and would go on to play an instrumental role in the founding and early leadership of the French Colonial Empire as he entered his final two years as president. However, his power slowly faded until it was Emperor Alexandre, not he, who came to be regarded as the primary power broker within the French colonial government and as his brand of conservatism was superseded by the Valerism.
Michèle Bélanger 
Governor of Galactica
A bespectacled, combative, and uncharismatic economist turned politician, Michèle Bélanger is often regarded as the author of the economic miracle that is the Republic of Galactica. She was appointed to be the Governor of the colonies by the French Parliament in 2798 and has served faithfully in that position ever since. While content to remain above the regular fray of politics, she made remarkable moves in 2802 to distance herself from the Human Superstate, quietly ignoring commands to disarm and submit to the Unification Council. Finally, in 2803, she proclaimed the Republic of Galactica and joined the French Colonial Empire. Concerned largely with the rising Drodo and Hutter threats, reinforcing her position and maintaining the business-friendly status have been enough to win her loyalty so far.
Culture Andromedan French French Lower Katarian Roreinian

Title II territories Edit

French MIrus wavy
French Bunsen wavy
First City wavy
Name French Mirus French Bunsen First City
Location Mirus Galaxy Bunsen Galaxy Quadrant 82
Population 52,681 billion 3,241 billion 3.6 million
Government Colony Colony Colony
Culture French Bunsen French French

Government Edit

The French Colonial Empire is a federated constitutional monarchy with a unicameral legislature, characterized by federal institutions whose powers and responsibilities are vaguely defined. In its constitution, power is heavily vested in sub-national governments, granting them broad powers of self-governance and sovereignty, leaving the federal government with little constitutional power. The Emergency Colonial Congress, composed of representatives from all Title I members, is tasked primarily with the conduct of the ongoing war. Though limited in its assigned role, the Congress' influence is far greater in practice, as it has successfully created an army, levied empire-wide taxes, set production goals, and implemented conscription with little resistance from local governments.

The role of the Emperor is similarly limited on paper, though has been greatly expanded in practice. Serving a purely ceremonial role at the beginning of 2803, Emperor Alexander I has come to act as director of the empire's foreign policy, de facto commander in chief, and orchestrator of domestic policy within the Emergency Colonial Congress.

Debt Edit

French Public Debt

Credit score: B+ (GITO)

Two years of war weigh heavily on the French treasury. In 2803, the French Colonial Empire assumed France's public debts of roughly 2.1 sextillion Mimidian Credits, originally incurred by the Maxime administration to finance various aspects of the war. However, if the French Colonial Government wanted to project an image of fiscal responsibility, it quickly became clear that it would be unable to pay for its many expenses, exacerbated by military spending, a reduced tax base with the loss of metropolitan France, and resistance to taxation by local governments. On January 10, the Emergency Colonial Congress authorized the French Andromedan Central Bank to issue and sell bonds.

The Central Bank issued bonds with repayment dates ranging from five to fifteen years, spreading France's eventual repayment period over the years of 2807 to 2818. Given the perceived risks in investing in the newly-founded French Colonial government, the market-determined interest rate on French government debt amounted on average to 15.57% in January of 2803. This number fluctuated over the course of the war as confidence in the French state rose or fell. By the end of 2805, France's public debt amounted to Mimidian Credit6.5 sextillion, giving rise to concerns about the ability of Alexandre's government to repay. There was talk within major financial institutions of downgrading France's credit score, which had been sitting at a respectable A for most of the war. In order to reassure investors, the Ministry of the Economy issued the Plan de repayement publique, or Public Repayment Plan, which included a detailed breakdown of how postwar French programs which would give rise to the funds necessary to support the debt over the course of twenty years. This allowed the French government to continue borrowing until it owed Mimidian Credit7.5 sextillion by the end of the war.

Actor Amount owed  % of total
DI Flag Modern Draconid Imperium Mimidian Credit3.0 sextillion 40%
TIAF Flag Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation Mimidian Credit2.0 sextillion 26%
Nomataremblem Nomatari Sovereignty Mimidian Credit1.2 sextillion 16%
Oltauris Consortium Mimidian Credit0.5 sextillion 7%
GITO emblem GITO Central Bank Mimidian Credit0.4 quintillion 5%
Domestic investors Mimidian Credit0.3 sextillion 4%
Others Mimidian Credit0.2 sextillion 3%
Total Mimidian Credit7.5 sextillion 100%

Economy Edit

Name GDP
in trillions of ₣
Flag of the French Colonial Empire French Colonial Empire ₣870,015,703.9
Flag of the Commonwealth of French Andromeda Commonwealth of French Andromeda
Flag of the Republic of Galactica Republic of Galactica
Roreinia Quadrants Tricolour-3 Gran Colombia
Flag of the Confederation of Lower Katar Confederation of Lower Katar
French Mirus Colonies French Mirus
French Bunsen Colonies French Bunsen
Flag of the First City 2803 First City

Diplomacy Edit

Allied in a war Edit

Great Xonexian Schism

Xonexi AlliesOne cluster, One victory. For Xonexi!

Covenant of Mirus

Covenant of MirusFor a safe, sovereign, and independent Mirus.

Allies Edit

Sword&ShieldWe are bound to do great things together.

Neutral Edit

Blank SpaceHm?

Embargoed Edit

EmbargoTrade is the lifeblood of nations.

At War Edit

Crossed SwordsYou have made an enemy of the French. That is not a wise move.

Great Xonexian Schism

Covenant of Mirus

Quotes Edit

How are you gentlemen! You back into fray! Yes!! All your Mirus base are belong to us Peacebringers now finally!! We inside you Mirus! We you Mirus us now future!!

- Katshiskero of the Peacebringers

Oh, great, they've got an emperor now? History seems to repeat itself, and for the case if these humans, even seem to move in cycles. To an outsider it's kinda like this: Kingdom, republic, empire, kingdom, republic, empire, republic, occupation, lots of republics in between...and now empire again. But we know how their previous empires ended, and humans have the tendecy to walk into the same traps over and over again. I state that place known as Russia. At least, I believe that prozen place on their blue ball was called Russia. How many times have humans tried to march to there and freeze to their deaths? Too many times, which exactly proves my point. And on top of that, he people of the French have proven themselves over and over again to be an easily agitated lot, so all we need is the power of their people. All one needs to do is to look at the past, and the victory of the future will be at one's fingertips. Mark my words, this empire will not last. It will be lost to blood and people.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

For all my hatred I do wish things could be different. They truly believe they are doing the right thing, but what is right to us and what is right to them are two different things at this moment. Unless the French can understand our culture, our instinct for dominance, and how they have wronged us then I'm afraid that they will be forever considered our enemies. We have been forced to change much, but if we must forget ourselves in order to coexist with others then perhaps we were better off alone I'm afraid to say.

- Exarch Zuki of the United Persan Descendants

Oh, yes, you are free, but, for long?

- Gridlock, Holy Emperor of Zarbanian

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