The Free Osteola rebel cell is a faction of the Cyrandia Resistance operating in the Cyrannus Galaxy, led by dissident Osteola opposed to the authoritative Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Formed in 14 NE by former Imperial Senators Donaró and Corgan, the movement was inspired by one of the leaders of the Resistance, former Duchess Kyrsá Nimrais, who supplied the movement with many of its ships, including the modified Providence-class Dreadnought, Whitestone One.

Though resources are limited for the cell, it is considered one of the best equipped in the Inner Rim, as well as one of the most dangerous to Imperial patrols in the region. With significant popular support amongst the Osteolan people, who have suffered since the dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 14 NE, the Free Osteola are limited only by their closely-held principles, which prevent them from going to the same extremes as other rebel cells. Nevertheless, under the leadership of Commander Donaró, the Free Osteola are a thorn in the side of the Empire and their ambitions to prevent the spread of Republic influence in the Inner Rim.


A species of artisans and diplomats, where it not for the ambitions of the Osteolan Kingdom, the concept of warfare would have been quite alien to the Osteola of Mandatine. Nevertheless, during the Cyrannian Cold War, support for the New Cyrannian Republic skyrocketed on Imperial-occupied Mandatine, which prompted many Osteola to join the Cyrandia Resistance—a far-reaching rebel movement stretching across the Cyrandia Cluster, willing to fight the Empire where the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation could not.

When the Emperor Tyrómairon dissolved the Imperial Senate in 14 NE, two of the most prominent Osteola senators, Donaró of Acrocanthaí and Corgan of Mandatine, evaded Imperial capture and helped establish the Free Osteolan rebel cell, retaining contact with the larger Resistance through their former leader, Kyrsá Nimrais, the Osteolan White Stone. Over the subsequent months, the Free Osteola gathered a sizable fleet consisting of six Nebulon-class star frigates, three Unisoan-class assault frigates and one Providence-class dreadnought, which was named Whitestone One in honour of Duchess Kyrsá Nimrais.


Though the Free Osteola has widespread support from common Osteola, it is small, compact and efficient. As a rebel cell of the larger Resistance network, the Free Osteola are closely coordinated by the leaders of the Resistance, largely due to both the astrographical proximity of the Free Osteola to the Resistance flagship Liberty, as well as their close links to the Resistance leader Kyrsa Nimrais, who served as the Duchess of the Osteola prior to the rise of the Empire. Led by former Senators Donaro and Corgan of Acrocanthai and Mandatine respectively, the Free Osteola are closely associated with the New Cyrannian Republic, with many Republic Republic Senators openly declaring their support for the movement.

Vysn Corgan, the former Republic and Imperial senator of the Osteolan homeworld of Mandatine serves in an unofficial capacity as the political leader of the Free Osteola, though in reality, her position is less powerful than that of Commander Donaro, who commands the entirety of the Free Osteolan fleet. Nevertheless, the two leaders work well together, with Corgan representing the Free Osteola during coordination with other rebel cells, while Donaro manages the maintenance and efficiency of the rebel fleet.


Name Description

Name: Leader Corgan
Species: Osteola

Corgan is a female Osteola who serves as the political leader of the Free Osteola, having previously served both the Republic and the Empire as the Senator of the Osteolan homeworld of Mandatine. Intelligent and bound by her morals, Corgan struggles with her life as a rebel leader, though her commitment to the cause is clear—she is rarely seen without the starbird of the New Republic emblazoned on her dress.

Corgan, the political leader of the Free Osteola.


The fleet of the Free Osteola is small, but well equipped.

Representing a small fraction of the united might of the Cyrandia Resistance, the Free Osteola numbered a mere eleven ships during the first months of its existence, though was quickly regarded by Resistance command as one of the best equipped in the rebel network, utilising the very latest in technology and weaponry developed by the shipwrights of Mandatine. At the head of the Free Osteola fleet is the Providence-class dreadnought Whitestone Stone, named in honour of Duchess Nimrais, who was known as the White Stone to her supporters. Formerly a Confederate warship which remained loyal to Taros Cassynder upon the rise of the Empire, the High Chancellor sold the dreadnought to Senator Corgan as a gesture of good will, with Whitestone One being equipped with a mixture of Osteolan and Confederate technology.

The six Nebulon-class star frigates represent the bulk of the Free Osteola fleet, being equipped to function admirably during fleet engagements with the Empire. Indeed, while they cannot match the firepower of an Imperator-class Star Destroyer, they excel at hit and run tactics, thus making them a vital component of the Osteolan fleet. The heavy hitters of the Free Osteola are the three Unisoan-class assault frigates, which are capable of punching holes in the shields of Imperial vessels, leaving them vulnerable to the Free Osteola's squadron of X-15 Nychus-class starfighters.


Name Description
Senator Donaró.png

Name: Commander Donaró
Species: Osteola

Donaró is a male Osteolan, who served as both the Republic and Imperial Senator of Acrocanthaí, prior to the dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 14 NE. Donaró, a noted sympathiser of the New Republic, escaped capture and aided in the establishment of the Free Osteola Rebel Cell, along with his colleague, Senator Corgan of Mandatine.
Donaró serves as the commander of the Free Osteola's fleet, from the bridge of the Dreadnought Whitestone One.

Donaró, commander of the Free Osteola


Whitestone One

Whitestone One

Class: Providence-class
Length: 2,500 metres
Propulsion: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: : Heavy dual turbolaser cannons, point-defense dual laser cannons, heavy proton torpedo tubes, hyperspace missile launchers

The flagship of the Free Osteola, Whitestone One is a heavily modified Providence-class dreadnought which was designed and fielded by the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War, where it was commanded by a Mortalitas commander against the United Republic of Cyrannus. When the war ended, it remained loyal to the Confederacy of Free Planets, before being sold by High Chancellor Taros Cassynder to Senator Corgan to serve as the flagship of the Free Osteola. The ship is one of the most powerful in the Resistance and a highly sought after target by the Empire.

Whitestone One.png
Nebulon-class Star Frigate
Nebula-class Star Frigate.png

Nebulon-class Star Frigate

Class: Nebulon-class
Length: 500 metres
Propulsion: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: : Heavy dual turbolaser cannons, point-defense dual laser cannons, heavy proton torpedo tubes, hyperspace missile launchers

Designed by the New Osteola during the Osteolan Civil War, the Nebulon-class Star Frigate is a common sight on Cyrannian spacelanes, with the Free Osteola utilising six in their fleet. Designed primarily as an escort frigate for larger vessels, the Nebulons represent the bulk of the Free Osteolan fleet and can provide heavy fire during engagements with the Empire. Though they may look fragile, they are equipped with strong shields to protect their vulnerable mid-section.

Nebulon-class Frigate.png
Unisoan-class Assault Frigate
Assault Frigate.png

Unisoan-class Star Frigate

Class: Nebulon-class
Length: 700 metres
Propulsion: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: : Heavy dual turbolaser cannons, point-defense dual laser cannons, heavy proton torpedo tubes, hyperspace missile launchers

A light warship designed by the Osteola, the Assault Frigate packs a large punch but suffers from slow speed and relatively weak armour. However, the ship also houses strong shields which replenish at a high rate, making up for the lack of strong armour. At 700 meters long, the ship is medium sized and is believed to have been conceived as a joint project between the Osteola and the Mon Nahdar. Three assault frigates serve the Free Osteola, who use them sparingly due to the loss of critical resources should one be lost in battle.


Ships Deployed[]


  • 1 Providence-class Dreadnought
    • Whitestone One


  • 6 Nebulon-class Star Frigate
    • Duchy of Mandatine
  • 3 Unisoan-class assault frigates




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