Well, isn't this a mess.

- Sous-maréchal Aurélien Ortiz

The Franco-Drodo Colonial War, also known as the Hathar Conflict, was a short military conflict between the Holy Arthalonian Empire, joined by the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies, and the Kievan Empire, joined by the French Quadrant Colonies. Lasting just eight days from November 5 to November 13, 2797, it began as an attempt by Vlorn Fluve, Chancellor of the Holy Arthalonian Empire, to play on their association with the Drodo Empire and get them to aid them in putting an end to their longtime rival, the Kivan Empire. The plan worked, and as the Kivan Empire rose to answer Arthalonian provocations, the Drodo Colonial Army rallied behind the Arthalonians, thinking they were under attack from the French.

After the battle of Guarda, where a combined Drodo-Arthalonian force decisively defeated the Kivan Imperial Guard, the Kivans reached out to the French Quadrant Colonies for help. For the French, the Kivans were their only lifeline in the Quadrants, the French responded and sent the 1st Colonial Group (French: 1er groupement coloniale), led by Sous-maréchal Aurélien Ortiz. After the Drodo-Arthalonian invasion force was repelled by a French-Kivan defense, the Drodo and Arthalonians returned on the defensive while the Kivans attempted to pressure the French to move on the attack. The French refused, stating that they had come to defend the Kivan Empire, not wage war for it.

A series of skirmishes ensued, and by the eighth day of the war, it became clear to the Drodo that they had been lied to. Before the deception could be traced back to him, Emperor Bespan XV arrested Vlorn Fluve, charged him with the deed, and had him executed as a traitor. The Drodo and the French met on neutral ground, the space between a Kivan and Arthalonian colony on the planet Achyen where previously a skirmish between French infantry and Drodo cavalry had taken place.

An armistice was agreed upon, and soon diplomatic representatives from the Drodo Empire, French Republic, Holy Arthalonian Empire, and Kivan Empire met on Galactica, the capital of the French Quadrant Colonies. There, two treaties were signed: One that put an end to hostilities, and one that officially opened diplomatic relations between the Drodo Empire and France. The entire incident is often chalked down as a misunderstanding of epic proportions, and all empires involved would rather forget it ever happened.