The Four Synthetic Essences are artificial essences, created by the Aerzan. There are three known ways to control these energies.

Syxran EnergyEdit

Syxran Energy is an energy that is based off of fire, a plasma. It's personification is an orange ball. It simulates fire when used on a surface, spreading until extinguished by the user or by a more powerful energy. It is the only of the Four Synthetic Essences confirmed to exist.


A Sylit wielding Syxran Energy.

Standard PowersEdit

  • Limited telekinesis
  • Much longer Life
  • Increase and decrease heat of an object
  • Extremely enhanced sight

Offensive/Defensive PowersEdit

  • Increased reflexes
  • Able to morph the essence and control it, using it as a weapon or shield in many ways.

Saelignum EnergyEdit

Saelignum Energy is an energy based off lightning. It's personification was a blue ball. It simulates lightning by shocking with electricity and branching out to do massive damage. It is not known if it still exists.

Garatram EnergyEdit

Garatram Energy is an energy based off of earth. Garatram Energy's personification was a brown ball. It produced rock and metals that could be controlled. It is thought to have had its source destroyed, thus stopping it from working.

Hyaesinthos EnergyEdit

Hyaesinthos Energy is based off of water. It's personification was a white ball. It produced water and could change water to a gas and solid form. It is thought to no longer exist.

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