Fleur Inviere is Libertus hailing from Capricaerón, one of the Twelve Colonies in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Born in a prominent and influential family, she eventually rose to become the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus. Serving two terms between the years 16 BNE - 11 BNE and leading her people through prosperity and peace, she eventually refused to run for a third term during the closing months of the Second Galactic War, with Apollo succeeding her as President.

After her presidency, Inviere remained in the public light as a political commentator supportive of President Apollo's policies during the Great Cyrannus War, even presenting her own political talk-show entitled "Illuminating the City of Spires" from the opulent towers of Orbispira, interviewing figures from across the Gigaquadrant. However, after the war ended with the rise of the Empire, Inviere quickly ran afoul of the Empire's propagandists, prompting her migration to the Quadrant Galaxies, where she bought a farm at Fornaeria and also various holdings at Apatalore. After the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic and the start of the Tertius Bellum and the Cyrannian Cold War, Inviere ended her retirement and once again began to make her mark on the political arena, though this time within Rambo Nation as its Chancellor of the Royal Crown.


Early Life[]

Fleur Inviere was born on the Libertus homeworld of Capricaerón forty eight years before the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus at the end of the Great Cyrannus War. Hailing from a prominent family on the southern reaches of the planet, Inviere grew up in comfort and prosperity, though never gained any sense of superiority over less fortunate individuals. Entering politics at a young age, at 29 she was appointed the Secretary of Education under the Presidency of Si-Ri-Mo though by the time Lily Wilsa was elected President, she had once again entered the private sphere in anticipation of running for President after Wilsa's term had ended.


Trucinex War

To her genuine surprise, Inviere ultimately won the Presidential Election by a landslide with her inauguration taking place in her small home town of Giou on Capricaerón. In order to build intergalactic relations formed during the Trucinex War, Inviere invited several foreign leaders to attend her inauguration including Ramashe of Rambo Nation and Emperor Wormulus II of the Delpha Coalition of Planets. With the Trucinex War still raging, Inviere was soon informed by the URC's Zoodanian allies that the Vartekians were planning on assassinating her. However, the Delpha Coalition of Planets sent warriors to protect the President, strengthening the ties between the URC and the DCP.

Second Galactic War

Zillum and the Imperial Alliance attack Capricaerón during the Second Galactic War, during which time Inviere and Apollo were kidnapped.

Later, Inviere ordered URC involvement in the Second Galactic War alongside Rambo Nation and against the Imperial Alliance. Late in the conflict and in the midst of a Presidential Debate between Inviere and the young Senator Apollo of Capricaerón, the planet was viciously attacked by the fiendish General Zillum. Kidnapping Inviere and Apollo, Zillum brought them to his flagship Benevolent in orbit while the massive Battle of Capricaerón was waged around them. Luckily however, secret Republic spies under the command of Admiral Willelmus Cretacea infiltrated the ship and rescued Apollo and the President. Though opponents in the upcoming election, Inviere and the young senator parted as good friends.


Once the Second Galactic War was finally over, there were new ties with the Core Federation that allowed the exchange of new ideas, wares and tourism between the Republic and the Federation. After the most recent Presidential Campaign resulted in the close election of Apollo rather than Inviere as President, Fleur decided to live a peaceful life on Capricaerón. Immediately after the first State Visit of the Federation's queen to the Republic, however, the CorFed made an invitation for Inviere to leave and teach at the University of Concentron, in the Federation's galaxy. She accepted, and became a professor of Politics at the University, being one of the most sought-after teachers because of her experience and nationality. However, she eventually grew homesick and coupled with the disappearance of the Federation, returned to the Cyrandia Cluster, where she soon wrote a book about her time as President. As the Great Cyrannus War broke out, she became a political commentator generally supportive of Apollo's presidency, hosting a late-night political talk show called Illuminating the City of Spires.

Life in the Quadrants

Inviere Farm at Fornaeria

During the final stages of the Great Cyrannus War, Fleur witnessed Tyrómairon rise to power and the forming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the dissolution of her once proud United Republic of Cyrannus. Fearing for her own life, Fleur took the Caprican Star and fled from Orbispira to the relative safety of the Quadrant Galaxies before the Empire could take control of the wormholes. Fleur fled to her holdings at the Rambo Nation colony Fornaeria, where she herded her Herbiciosa at her farm and her identity was kept secret by her friend, Lord Rambert Ramveral.

Fleur and Rambarth meet at Inviere estate at Fornaeria

After the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Fleur was intrigued by the election of President Apaltar and with Apollo as his second man, Fleur decided it was time to make a return to the political arena, as she was in disagreement with the policies by the Republic concerning both the Empire and Rambo Nation, though she was unsure how to do that. Her resolution came upon the outbreak of the Cyrannian Cold War and the Tertius Bellum in 08 AQF.

Chancellor of the Royal Crown[]

During the senate Scandal in march 08 AQF, her old friend Lord Rambarth dropped by to vist her on Fornaeria to discuss a matter of great importance. Rambarth wanted her, with the support of the nobility, to accept the mantle of Chancellor of the Royal Crown. Her experience and appearance would benefit the Nation as whole, however she had to become a full Rambo citizen and neglect her Cyrannus citizenship as sacrifice and prove of worth and trust for the nobility. Next, Rambarth surprised her by accepting the offer she could provide her friends within the Cyrandia Resistance with important information, with the secret support of the Rambo government.

Fleur and her staff as Chancellor of the Royal Crown

Shocked that Rambarth was aware of her involvement with the Resistance simply replied he knew many things. After a short walk, their meeting was disturbed by ensign Ramikku Ramgrath who informed both of them about a disaster. To her horror, the moons of the Rambo Capital were blown up during the events of Fury of Galvarus at 29 march of 08 AQF. Accepting Rambarth's offer, she was inaugurated at 31-03-08AQF as the new Chancellor of the Royal Crown. Her cabinet exists out of her vice-chancellor Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria, her chief of staff Rambert Ramveral of Fornaeria and internship Laoi Cretacea, son of Apollo.

In april of 08 AQF, Fleur was present together with her staff to welcome the newly elected president of the New Cyrannian Republic, president Nexarón Valkistair who conducted a state visit to Rambo Nation and pledge his concerns in the wake of the Fury.

Fleur present at Court when Rambert proclaims himself High King

In July of 08 AQF, Fleur managed to convince the senate to aid the Ragashota of Arcaniox to defend the Quadrants from the Tormentor. She was shocked to hear that Empress Ramashe was gravely injured and rendered comatose. To ensure the stability of the Rambo Government, she managed to convince the Senate to give Lord Rambarth the position of Regent of the Nation, to rule the Nation until Ramashe's daughter, Ramanei Joy Feather comes of age in four years.

Debrief over the Crossing Line incident

At 10 may 12 AQF, Fleur, amongst others were present when Rambert Ramveral crowned himself High King of Rambo Nation after Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo had passed away due to old age in the night. Fleur was unsure of this sudden move by the person she believed to be her friend.

In 20 AQF, Fleur grew concerned about the increasing frustrating Gorge Dispute though her attention was drawn away when the Crossing Line-incident took place in october 20 AQF. She was informed by Judge Magister Ramhis, Marscalcus Sinhai Kakharis and Lord Hand Ramseph Ramcard himself what was happening and the problems they faced. She gave her permission to retake the station, no matter the public consequences. She refused to explain the Rambo's actions against representatives of the New Cyrannian Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as she felt the Lord Hand could solve this mess himself for once.

Meeting in secret to deal with Stekius!

Later on in november 20 AQF, Fleur was present in another secret meeting. She and Adar were to give permission for a covert operation. Presiding the meeting were Judge Magister Ramhis and rear-admiral James Rambo. She was shunned by the proposal of the Judge Magister who wanted to bomb the planet Gaskhan with long range quantem torpedoes to execute Stekius Gaivel. Though a wanted war criminal, it would destroy an entire Gaskhan city. After quite a debate, Fleur withdrew for a bath room break and shortly after was confronted by the rear-admiral who expressed his hopes she would follow her heart. Fleur did so and did not give her permission to execute the covert operation but instead aborted the mission. In her opinion, the casualties on Gaskhan and the risk of war with the NZTO was to great.

21 AQF, with the death of High King Rambert Ramveral during the Umbra du Elen'nanthien-events Fleur dissapeared before the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus could imprison her. Saddened by the fall of the proud Rambo Nation Fleur went into hiding and joined forces with the Rambo Loyalist in hopes of rebuilding the Nation.

Personality and Traits[]

Fleur is a clever, smart and cunning individual, blessed by being born in a wealthy family she learned of young age how to get the things she wanted with the use of diplomacy and cunning. She is known for calming voice, easily convincing others to listen to her words. Her love for her people and nature were among the traits that led to her election to president. She is cunning as well, knows how to move within the political arena and how to gain supporters.

She loves sports, keeping herself in shape and keeping herself beautiful. She is also known for her love of art and music, enjoys hikes at Fornaeria, baths in the hotpools and working at her farm.

Personal Ships[]

Fleur Inviere didn't command a vehicle in her life, though she does own her 150 m private CC-10 Corvette, an iconic yet rare vessel within Cyrannus. The Capricorn Star is a welcome sight across the Gigaquadrant, emblazoned with both blue and gold colouration and strong engines allowing it to quickly travel the universe on missions of trade and peace.



Blue face.pngI believe in kindness for those who earn it.


Orange face.pngFear the claws of the Libertus!

  • Ramhis: For an officer of Rambo Command, he is too agressive in his methods, a relic of past times.
  • Tyrómairon: All tyrants fall, despite their strength.


A key figure in bringing the United Republic of Cyrannus to the forefront of the Gigaquadrantic sphere, building alliances with the Rambo, the DCP and countless other civilisations across the universe.

- Apollo

You will remain away from Imperial space if you know what's good for you.

- Deoclet Caesarius

A great person, wise, passionate and gentle in soul. If she served a third time, I wonder if even she could have prevented the Rise of the Galactic Empire

- Rambert Ramveral



  • Fleur Inviere was one of Cyrannian's main characters when he expanded his fiction in 2010, though after her presidency concluded she faded into the background only to be revived as an active character by Dinoman82 in 2015.


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