If it was not for the Fjord League's diligence in preserving Earth's biosphere, our world would be a wasteland.

- European Star Republic citizen.

The Fjord League is a star-spanning civilisation which formed in the latter decades of the 21st century on Earth. It is notable for a two sided aspect; officially it is a democracy that centers of liberty, as well as being pioneers in using renewable energy and environmental protection. On the other hand, it has a subculture of Neovikings and other movement associated with ancient Germanic and even Celtic tribes, known for their trade but also piracy and hired mercenaries.

The name "Fjord" league was chosen as a symbol to signify the importance of the Fjords of Norway that ancient cultures such as the Vikings used in trade and expansion.

History Edit

Turn of the century Edit

Despite the move from fossil fuels to nuclear fusion, space-based solar power and asteroid mining, the world was in a bad shape during the late 21st century, and the knock-on effect had caused mass extinctions of life on Earth, including a near-total extinction of the bees. Global warming had tripped a negative feedback cycle with the methane traps of Siberia melting. In central Asia and Africa, desertification was putting billions at risk of water shortage while other countries suffered flooding. Worse still, the the unthinkable had occurred at a time no-one would think it could; a third world war.

With the rest of the world heavily reliant on the last dregs of exploitable hydrocarbons, the people of Northern Europe decided to create their own economy based on resources that were available to them. They were critical of the newly formed European Republic and saw them as the pet of the United States that was fighting for dominance of oil and even water supplies in Asia, which before the war was experiencing amazing growth. Regrettably, nationalism and Euro-scepticism also contributed. But war inevitably came, when the United States, Canada and the European Republic made moves to steak claim over Greenland. Denmark and the rest of the Nordic League alone were unable to defend Greenland until Russia backed them if the Fjord's offered them their alternative energy technologies. The British became the most divided country in Europe, some wanting to remain with the European Republic, and others who felt for affiliation to Northern Europe, given that Britain was colonised by Germanic tribes.

In the aftermath of the conflict, the Fjord League of Northern Europe was one of the first nations to bounce back. Using renewable energy; in particular geothermal (Iceland), wind, tidal and wave power. The ice retreating from Greenland uncovered fertile valleys and metalliferous ores, becoming the Fjord League's new 'breadbasket' and industrial zone. Antarctica's ice was also retreating, turning the attention of other nations from Greenland. Although the Earth's climate shift was unstoppable, the Fjords changed tactic from sustainability to finding methods of living in a warmer climate while actively trying to cool it. Concerned with the damage to Earth's environment from global warming, Northern Europeans began to clone the genomes of recent extinct lifeforms and started to repopulate the world, conserving them in the process. Geoengineering became Northern Europe's enterprising innovation, and they even achieved in reversing some global warming's effects, allowing some of the ice sheet on Greenland to persist for wildlife.

Mid-millennium Edit

In the late 22nd and 23rd centuries, Humanity began an even international project to explore the stars, not expecting what to find. They found other humans in their local neighborhood who had been transplanted there by Precursors. They eventually found other alien species as they explored and colonised the galaxy, most of them very different (and indifferent) to humans. But inter-human politics never really changed, there was the usual stories of heroes, tragedy, discovery, war and politics as Terrans tried to create a unified federation. But they were not greatly successful, and so other great powers of the Milky Way often looked down on humans.

However on a sub-galactic level, nations like the Fjord league discovered their own roles to play in the galaxy. The League became famous for their geoengineering technologies. By the 26th century however, a tragedy occurred on Earth that required it's abandonment. Humans created the Jovar for unknown reasons around the same time.

28th century Edit

Earth re-entered the galactic scene in the 28th century, when the Jovar had found some old cities on Earth while searching for their creators. Archaeological interest gathered members of the Seven Starr Alliance to explore the Sol System with evidence of Precursors in the past. With Earth seemingly safe to visit again, some human factions also returned, such as the Yamato establishing New Tokyo as the capital. During the beginning of the Imperial Civil War, the Jovar who requested help from the Seven Starr Alliance to defend Sol.

The Fjord League also returned to check up on the ecological status of Earth, which had improved once more to Pre-Industrial levels. But with the outbreak of the New Grox Wars, a joint-human task force from across the galaxy was distracted from defending low-use worlds like Earth while the Jovar suffered the worst. This left the small group of care-takers tasked with monitoring Earth exposed...

Culture Edit

As a space-faring nation of the 28th century, the Fjord League's primary culture has changed from attitudes of the 21st century. It has been influenced by alien cultures as well as that of transplanted humans from around the galaxy.

That being said, the nations of the Fjord League have not lost touch with their traditional culture and language, history and folklore. Fjordic cultural identity is very rich because of the mix of old and new. This is displayed often in Fjordic architecture, taking on traditionalist elements.
The Fjord League is officially secular, but contains many Old Earth religions. Amongst the new religions is Gaianism, which itself has two camps: those who believe that humans (or sentient life in general) are the seeds of Earth meant to spread Earthly life across the universe, and those who think that Earth has enacted revenge on Humanity at least twice.
Heavy metal is still enjoyed as a classical music in the Fjord League, especially in colonies of Neobritain, Norway and Sweden.

Novus Britanniae Edit

During the period of rapid colonisation in the 22nd and 23rd century's, the British and their descendants on both sides of Europe felt profoundly dissatisfied by the split. Eventually, lines of migration, communication and tourism opened between the European Star Republic and the Fjord League, some of these worlds owned by the North England, Scotland and the Isle of Man unofficially named their worlds British with even a Southern English and Welsh population, and was cemented early enough for the Fjord League's government to not mind. While not truly independent, it is more than a celebration and sentiment of British culture, the British colonies do have some of their own political ties, such as with France.

Verǫldfólk Edit

Neopaganism and revival subculture had been popular since the 19th century, but some of the Fjord League's Neoviking populace have a much richer culture. The Fjord League discovered a world populated by humans transplanted from Old-Norse speaking tribes of Scandinavia, who had not progressed a great deal beyond Europe's early middle ages. They were thought to have been transplanted in an ancient war between precursors, either by slavers or guardians. It is unknown if the peoples had fought them off. The planet also contained an older human cultures, possibly from other transplants. It appeared the Vikings continued to explore the seas of their new world and came to dominate it, naming themselves "Verǫldfólk" for "World people" (while still often referred to as "Vikings" or "Northmen" unofficially by offworlders).

The culture of this world was of course not a perfect spitting image of the past. The dominant languages had changed for example, as had the social structure. Nomenclature relating to the north by other peoples (such as "Norman") also didn't exist on this world. But technologically these peoples were comparable to the times between the viking age and middle ages.

Despite being established as a protectorate, the Fjord League at the time wasn't capable of stopping all interference, and so it was decided to make official contact so that diseases could be prevented and technology educated about (the offworlders became known as "Himinsfólk" for "Sky people" to the Verǫldfólk). It was of course, disastrous, as the world underwent its own political upheavals. It remains to this day as an unstable and primitive planet thanks to unequal distributions of technology. However, the Fjord League allows people off-world to live with the rest of the Northern Europeans. However, those with the technology to do so seek their fortunes in the stars, for good or for bad, like the sea-faring Norsemen of old; explorers, traders, rulers, mercenaries and pirates.

Upon witnessing the effects of the Annihilation, the majority of Verǫldfólk believe the time of Ragnarök has passed, and the old gods of Odin and Thor lay dead. They believe to be in the era of Móði and Magni, Thor's children, as well as Víðarr and Váli, Odin's other sons.

A notable hub of Veraldar in the stars is Linnormr, a frozen ringworld found by Hagrold the Fortune Bearer.

Government Edit

Society and economy Edit

The Fjord League is a strongly left-wing liberal democracy and believes in:

  • Personal rights to freedom and privacy.
  • Free education, nationalised health service, transport etc.
  • Openness, tolerant and critical attitude to other cultures.
  • Progress in science and technology, arts and humanities.
  • Objective moral stance.
  • Self-criticism.
  • Environmental concern.
  • Humanity's unification.

It's economy had socialist elements before achieving postscarcity with the support of the Kindred Coalition and Milky Way Cooperative like many countries in the United Nations.

Political Divisions Edit

The Fjord League is a federal union of all the states that chose to join it, and so all those states (now called provinces) have a certain degree of autonomy to function by themselves, although they all fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government.


Military Edit

The Fjord League has enjoyed and relatively peaceful history since the third world war in the 21st century (peace treaties were never signed with the Alliance of the Mashriq, although it joined forces with other human empires in UN's starfleet to repel invasions of the Orion Spur by the Pseudomorphs and Borg in the 24th century, and the Ataien and Grox attacks of the 25th and 26th century. The Fjord League's defences were ramped up during the War of Ages and Cognatus invasion of the Milky Way and Girdo Campaigns. The Fjord's new navies played a role against the Grox Meta-Empire during the Plazith Rim's decisive victory against them, and are likely to see more operations with the Delpha Coalition of Planets and UN in times to come.

In the late 28th century, navy has built itself two primary fighters, the Sky King an interceptor, and a Harrier Hawk VTOL used as a strike (light bomber) craft. The fighters have no FTL capability, so they are not starfighters. The Fjord League does have carrier ships however, including the Helsinki-class corvette. Despite maintaining smaller ships, the Fjord League's ships excel in subsystems for life support, energy transfer, power generation and storage. They use hypermatter reactors and can siphon on subspace radiation for improved power to weapons, and so have tetryon-powered turbolasers and quantum torpedoes.

The Fjord League is a UN nation and has access to UN ships. The Fjord League has also acquired several dozen War-birds from two or three powers in the Kindred Coalition and have procured Eurofighter Hurricane starfighters. Engineers from Neobritain have worked together with France's Flotte française to build the Céleste-class battleship.

Relations Edit

United Nations panel - Humanity's goals are strong as a United Federation of Nations

Alliances and warm relations


  • Yamato Stellar Empire - We do not like your intentions or government. But we hope you will change.
  • Republic of Texas - You are a throwback to the 20th century and refuse progress. Enjoy your oil-laden lungs!


  • Alliance of the Mashriq
  • Neoviking Pirates - Some, but not all of them are criminals who bring us shame, those who are pirates dressed up.
  • Grox Meta-Empire remnants - We have made sure you will never attack us again. Never more.


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