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In the Wranploer Palace, center of government of the Wranploer Legion, General Volim watched his screens when a transmission was received from an anonymous party...

??? - "Greetings, Wranploer Legion. I would like to propose a business deal that would be mutually beneficial for us both. If you are interested please respond immediately."
Volim - "Huh? What?"

Volim responded the transmission.

Volim - "Who's there? And what's this about a business deal?"
??? - "I would like to offer you a business deal yes. I don't know how secure these channels are so if you are interested I would like to meet in person. Do you accept?"
Volim - "Hmm...fine. I accept."
??? - "Excellent. We shall start our meeting immediately!"

The transmission was closed. Volim was thoughful about it.

Volim - "I wonder who's this...it better not be another Niaka trying to fool me again."

The anonymous character then entered Volim's Palace, like if he was just outside waiting. Volim found it mildly impressive.

??? - "You must be Volim? Pleasure to meet someone of your stature in the flesh."
Volim - "Never seen your species before, stranger."
??? - "You will be seeing my species more in due time, friend. Now shall we get down to business I dislike small talk."
Volim - "Hmpf. Fine. What's the deal?"
??? - "You know how there is has been an influx of extragalactic empires coming to your galaxy? Well there is one in particular that I would like to talk you about."
Volim - "We did notice a sudden burst of newcomers. Who's this particular one?"
??? - "They are known as the United Lanat Empire. Perhaps you have heard of them?"
Volim - "I think my scouts did heard about this one. Seems like an empire of bratty warriors."
??? - "Indeed. You see the Lanat Empire has caused me...problems in the past to say the least."
Volim - "I see. From this I think I can deduce what you want."
??? - "Yes. I want you to make things hot for them so to speak. Teach their dog emperor what happens when he tries to run something that isn't his."
Volim - "Hmm...What do I gain from this?"
??? - "Oh yes money makes this wicked galaxy go round, does it not?"

The character flipped a coin toward General Volim, who catched it in mid-air.

??? - "Save that for a rainy day."
Volim - "I like your attitude, sir. I think we'll be able of cooperating quite well."
??? - "Indeed. Now for the price how would one billion sporebucks or whatever currency you use here paid over the course of three months work for you?"
Volim - "Woah. That's a lot of money. I don't know how you have that much, but that doesn't matter. I'll gladly take the job."
??? - "Money is no object for me. And here let me add some extra incentive. You get to keep all the loot that you find from the ULE colonies and for every six colonies you destroy or take over I will throw in an extra million sporebucks."
Volim - "That's incredible. There's no way I could ever refuse this. Consider it done, mister...erm...what is your name again?"
??? - "All you need to know is that I have money and I gave you a job."
Volim - "Uhh. Fine then."
??? - "Right. Now I'll transfer over your money and I'll be on my way."
Volim - "Okay. I'll send the first ships after this United Lanat Empire now. Let's see what they got..."

Part One[]

The first part of the Wranploer War.

The First Raid[]

The ULE had been conduction trade operations in the Borealis Galaxy since they first colonized the galaxy, currently trade convoy 5-O-91 was on its way to Corgonvo ULE's capital in the Borealis. The trade ships was filled with a verity of items from weapons to foodstuffs. Due to the ULE's belief that the Borealis was a much tamer galaxy the trade convoy only had five Lanat Class Destroyers as escort though this would soon prove to be a fatal error.

Captain Grou'Zorac - "Steady, keep an eye on the radar for any asteroids that might be floating around. I don't want any ships being lost on my lost."

Captain Grou'Zorac had ran this trade route several times before but today for some reason he was feeling uneasy on this particular run. He asked the United Lanat high command to give more escort ships for this particular run but they refused and criticized Grou'Zorac for being paranoid.

Shipmate 1 - "Captain I have just picked up several signals...I have no idea what they are."
Captain Grou'Zorac - "Keep an eye on them and-"
Shipmate 2 - "Captain more signals! Sir, I have a bad feeling about this."
Captain Grou'Zorac - "I do too. Alright, put the entire convoy on red alert. I want to be ready for whatever these things are."
Shipmate 2 - "Aye."

Grou'Zorac got a sinking feeling in his stomach as more and more signals was picked up around the convoy.

Several unknown ships started to approach the convoy. Large grey ships followed by small blue ones. A transmission was sent to the convoy. It showed a large, yellow, brute-looking alien and next to him, what appeared to be a blue Zazane.

??? - "This is Legion territory, trepasser. Identify yourself this instant
Grou'Zorac - "Legion?...I remember being told about a Legion once."
??? - "Are you deaf? Identify yourself!"
Grou'Zorac - "Fine! I am Captain Grou'Zorac of the United Lanat Empire."
??? - "Hmm, United Lanat Empire, you say..."

The alien and the blue Zazane looked at each other, smiling.

??? - "Loot! Loot! Loot! Loot!"
Grou'Zorac - "Huh?"

The transmission was closed, and immediatly after, the alien ships started to attack the convoy.

The ULE trade vessels returned fire but where ultimately outgunned by the Legion ships. It was not long before over eighty percent of the trade convoy was destroyed or disabled by the Legion.

Grou'Zorac - "All ships attempt to retreat! We stand no chance!"
ULE Trader - "If we had an proper escort force than this would of never happened!"
Grou'Zorac - "I know...I will inform high command of this dishonor when we return to a safe point."

The remainder of the ULE trade vessels was able to escape to Corgonvo but only just. Once Grou'Zorac docked his vessel he gave his report to the United Lanat high command which surprisingly admitted their mistake. After the report by Grou'Zorac Emperor Aoblix called an emergency meeting of both the upper and lower councils where they discussed what should be done with this 'Wranploer Legion' and it was decided that the only way for the ULE trade routs and colonies in the Borealis would only be safe if military action was directly taken. The ULE was now in another war.

Meanwhile, in the capital regions of the Legion, General Volim and Captain Torrent received a notification about their successful raid on the convoy.

Volim - "That was easy. They didn't stood a chance against our fleet."
Torrent - "Yes, it was. Shall we keep raiding this empire?"
Volim - "Raid them until not a single rock stands up."

Battle of Kivarob[]

Kivarob was a powerful fortress during the First Borealis Galactic War as it was able to to hold off a full scale Zoles Imperium. Though in more modern times the Wranploer has allowed the mighty fortress to go ill-repaired and neglected due to the Wranploer's over confidence that no one would dare attack one of their worlds. The United Lanat Empire, angry at Wranploer for attacking their trading convoy was eager for revenge.

Admiral Arric'Viic - "Warriors we are approaching the Wranploer world of Kivarob! These pitiful thieves thinks that they can get the best of the United Lanat Empire! We shall show them what happens when you mess with the ULE!"

Tralor Captain 1 - "Admiral we are almost to Kivarob! The Wranploer has yet to pick up our signals."

Arric'Viic - "Good! We shall attack now! All forces engage the Wranploer on my mark. We shall hit them hard and fast."

Tralor Captain 2 -"Aye!"

Arric'Viic - "Attack! Kill them all!"

As soon as Arroic'Viic gave the order the entire ULE fleet engaged the Wranploer forces stationed at Kivarob. The Wranploer where taken by complete surprise as the United Lanat fleet opened fire on them from seemingly nowhere. Within the first few minutes two Wranploer ships fell before the United Lanat fleet.

Wranploer Captain 1 - "Where did this fleet come from?"

Wranploer Captain 2 - "No idea but who are they and how dare they come here!"

Wranploer Captain 1 - "I think they are some empire called to United Lanat Empire. No matter, we will kill them anyway."

Wranploer Captain 2 - "Heh yeah and we will sale their ship for...OH SHI-"

Wranploer Captain 3 - "Never liked him anyways."

Battle of Kivarob.png

The United Lanat Empire quickly carved a path threw the Wranploer and now deemed it safe to bring land forces to the surface. Within a few minutes the ULE was able to rapidly deploy a sufficient ground force to the Kivarob surface. After six hours of hard fighting the ULE was able to gain control of Kivarob. Though the battle was over Kivarob still had quite a few Wranploer holdouts that would constantly attack ULE patrols and military installations.

Raid of the Levarcor[]

The Legion observed as Kivarob fell. However, they really weren't impressed by that. The Legion was used to lose planets every day, and when one fell, two more were colonized. The Legion was very hard to intimidate, and were really to pay back in the same coin.

A raiding party was sent to an ULE colony of the Borealis Galaxy. This party was loaded with hundreds of battle-hungry Levarcors. A second fleet attacked the planet, distracting the ULE from the real danger.

As the Levarcor were deployed into the surface, they started to wreck havoc around the colony. Their massive resilience made them very hard to kill, and their physical was enough to overpower any Tralor in there. Armed with all kinds of weapons, the Levarcor turned the colony into ruins, as they all said "Shooting good!".

Taking the planet for themselves,. the Legion prepare for their next move. Of course, the ULE wouldn't allow this to go on untouched...

The Final Warning[]

Close to the Wranploer borders a ULE taskforce consisting of six Shadow-class battleships lied in wait for their pray. The taskforce was given the mission to capture a Wranploer captain and then after giving him a message to release him so he could tell his superiors. Captain Falo'Iao was in charge of the mission and it was his duty to make sure it was accomplished just as high command wanted it.

Tralor Crewmember - "Captain we've picked up several Wranploer signals."
Falo'Iao - "How many signals?"
Tralor Crewmember - "Three, maybe four. Its hard to tell."
Falo'Iao - "Good. Let these Wranploer walk into our arms."
Tralor Crewmember - "Aye."

The ULE taskforce waited for the Wranploer to practically pass by them before they sprung their trap. The Wranploer fell into the ULE ambush and before long all their ships where destroyed but one which was only disabled. The ULE sent a boarding party to the disabled Wranploer ships where they apprehended its captain., A Wranploer by the name of Commander Zekuc. Zekuc was brought back to Falo'Iao's ship where he would be given a special message.

Zekuc - "Get you're hands off!"
Tralor Trooper 1 - "Shut up!"
Zekuc - "Make me you fat bugger!"
Tralor Trooper 1 - "I would but I have orders to keep you in one piece...for now."
Falo'Iao - "Enough with this petty bickering! Zekuc, I am going to let you leave my ship alive with one condition. You deliver a message from the United Lanat Empire to whoever your superiors are."
Zekuc - "Oh yeah? Well whats that you fat bugger?"
Falo'Iao - "Tell your superiors that if they want to live then they will stop their aggression against our territories. If the aggression does not stop than we will be forced to resort to drastic measures and to be honest we don't want to waste millions of Mirus dollars just to turn your little thieve dins into rubble. You may be able to handle the natives of this galaxy but we are not of this galaxy and we do not follow what would be considered the normal ways of warfare here."
Zekuc - "Yeah, I'll get right on that."
Falo'Iao - "Oh, I know you will."

After that Falo'Iao had Zekuc put into a small shuttle with hyperspace capabilities and sent him on his way but not before destroying his old ship.

FaloIao completed his mission but he had his droughts about its effectiveness.

The response[]

Zekuc reporting to General Volim

Zekuc - ...and that's what he said, Grand General...

In the Wranploer Palace of the Vijaha System, General Volim, the vile leader of the Wranploer Legion heard the report of Commander Zekuc. The enormous general jumped off his throne and walked to Zekuc, displaying confidence.

Volim - You know why we are doing this. The amount of profit we can get by destroying this Empire is too good to be discarded.
Zekuc - Well yes, Grand General, but we have to consider that their technology has capacities of beating ours. They aren't much far from the Zoles Imperium, really.

Volim growled and smacked Zekuc, the strength of the smack sending the Commander across the room right into a wall.

Volim - Do you think I can be intimidated? Foolish! Many have tried, none have succeeded but one, whose state is unknown. These "Tralor" are unlike any other barbarian bunch that we destroy daily! Now, I want you go get out of my presence, before I force by foot through your head!

Zekuc ran away from the Palace the fastest he could while a new fleet departed. This fleet approached the nearby ULE colony called Skelnysvor. The Legion appeared from the nearest Cold Relay out of nowhere, this attack not being predicted by the planetary defenses. The planet, after some hours of battle, was conquered and enslaved by the Wranploer.

The warning was futile.

??? - Trust me, Volim. You'll win a lot with this. Keep attacking and your reward shall come forth.
Volim - It better me, you, or else my wrath shall fall upon YOU instead.
??? - Ohohoho, please. No need for this attitude...besides, it shall be MY wrath who shall fall upon the ULE anyway...

Sacking of Hroagn[]

As soon at the ULE got the report of the Wranploer assault on Skelnysvor it was clear that their warning had fallen of deaf ears and that more drastic measures was needed. The ULE high command amassed an invasion force and with information taken from the remains of a Wrabploer vessel destroyed during the ambush they set their sights to a fairly important Wranploer industrial world and shipyard of Hroagn.

The Hroagn shipyards where busy at work on hundreds of thousands of ships where being build, repaired, or updated in drydock. Down below on the Hroagnian surface massive factory complexes bellowed out highly toxic smoke as inside thousands of workers (or slaves) worked diligently on goods that would mostly be used for the shipyards above but the excess would be traded for money or other goods. No one was aware of the incoming United Lanat armada that would soon descend upon them like a plague of locus. When the first wave of of ULE ships exited hyperspace the Wranploer dockworkers didn't even have time to notice the incoming vessels before it was to late. The ULE ships opened fired on the first Wranploer station and quickly dispatched of it. The explosion and debris of the first station caused the two neighboring stations to suffer server damage as well. Captains and crews quickly tried to make it to their ships but more often than not the ULE would destroy it before it could leave dock to engage the invaders. Most of the time the shipyard would have much stiffer defenses but it was the weekend and most of the captains went to dock to get drunk, high, or some other weekend activity. The Wranploer forces on Hroagn where able to muster a small defense force but they was hopelessly out numbered by the Unite Lanat ships which seemed to be coming from every side. Before long the Hroagn forces was overran and there was nothing standing and the way of the ULE to finish off the colony.

Down below on the surface the Wranploer knew it was hopeless now and tried to save as much as their assets as they could by surrendering the colony.

Zaill - "United Lanat Empire this is Zaill leader of the Wranploer colony of Hroagn. We surrender the colony just allow us time to pack up a few of our assets."

Zaill pleas where unanswered as the ULE began its bombardment of the Hroagn. Hundreds of teratons of energy pounded the Hroagnian surface causing the ground to crack and the buildings to crumble like mounds of dirt. The explosions and fires where so large that they could be seen from orbit making a nice light show for the the ULE ship crews. After the bombardment was over there was nothing left of the Wranploer on the Hroagn surface but a giant black scare from the subsequent bombardment. The ULE completed their objective and pulled out of the system to let the Wranploer to discover what has happened to their shipyard. Clearly the battle would of been longer and less a much more costly victory for the ULE if the Wranploer where not busy enjoying themselves instead of being at there post. Either way the ULE had only slightly shown what they was capable of.

Raiding of Gerin[]

Seagon troopers among the Legion forces

A few days after the attack on Hroagn, the Legion returned by targeting the prosperous planet of Gerin, an ULE planet with a very high economic value in Borealis. The ULE detected the enemy approaching, but also noticed they were not alone. Different ships were also approaching, never seen before by the Tralor. The enemy fleet clashed with the ULE in the space around the planet, but the ULE had noticed the unknown companion of the Wranploer had extremely advanced technology.

Being overwhelmed in space, the ULE fleet retreated and prepared their ground forces. As the enemy descended into land, they were finally recognized. They were the Seagon, long-time allies of the Wranploer. Eventually being overwhelmed in land as well, the Tralor were defeated and Gerin was bombed from orbit, being totally destroyed.

While the Wranploer had an ally to help them in their fights, the Tralor would also receive some aid from their neighbourhood...

??? - Greetings, we are the Niaka Special Forces...

Gathering of Bugs[]

It was not long before the news of the destruction reached the United Lanat high command. The reports were truly shocking as they said that the Wranploer forces where joined with another alien force that possessed technology that seemed to go beyond the standard ULE techs. It was now clear that this was not like the normal pirate battering that happens on the outer colonies but in fact a proper war against proper foes. This was defiantly going to become very ugly in the near future.

Emperor Aoblix sat in his throne room silently reading the reports of the battle of Gerin for what has seemed like the hundredth time. He knew that he had to respond with force but he never liked going to battle blindly and with the Wranploer's allies now aiding them that is what was going to happen. Aoblix sighed and began to re-read the reports before the buzzer on his throne began to buzz. He was being messaged by one of his secretaries so he pressed the blue flashing button and a lifesize hologram of the secretary appeared in front of him.

Secretary - "My lordship you have an incoming transmission from an organization known as the 'Niaka Special Forces'. Do you wish to accepted it?"

Aoblix - "Very well. Send it through."

Secretary - "At once your highness."

The and with that said the hologram of the secretary faded out and was soon replaced with a hologram of a small insectoid.

Xerkea - "Greeting Emperor Aoblix I am Chief Major Xerkea of the Nikaka Special Forces."

Aoblix - "Greeting and well met Chief Major Xerkea. I hate to seem unpleasant but I am very busy at the moment so would you be so kind as to tell me the nature of this transmission?"

Xerkea - "Alright Emperor Aoblix."

Aoblix - "Go on."

Xerkea - "So, Emperor Aoblix...I've heard you are under attack from the Wranploer Legion."

Aoblix - "Indeed, those rats have been pestering us for a while. Whats it to you?"

Xerkea - "Mine and my people's mission in life is to bring law and order to the Borealis Galaxy. You see, the Wranploer Legion have been rocks in the galaxy's shoes for centuries now."

Aoblix - "Yes, I can see how this...Wranploer Legion could cause a galaxy much trouble."

Xerkea - "Their numbers seem infinite. That's why we are willing to help anyone capable of fighting back against them, such as your Empire."

Aoblix was interested by this offer. The Wranploer Legion has brought an ally to the fight and this very well could be his.

Aoblix - "Indeed it seems as soon as will kill one it is replaced by five more. Very well we accept your offer to help is in our crusade against the Wranploer but there is something I think you might want to know before you commit your forces."

Xerkea - "What is it?"

Aoblix - "During our last encounter with the Legion we found that they didn't come alone. They brought an ally with them. We know nothing over them other than the fact that they have technology that can match and in some cases outmake our tech."

Xerkea - "Hmm...were they fish-like men?"

Aoblix - "The reports said they had the appearance of creatures that crawled out of the sea so yes."

Xerkea - "So it must be the Seagon Empire...Ugh, those are another annoying lot."

Aoblix - "They are more than an annoying they could pose a serious threat to the empire!"

Xerkea - "The Seagon are aligned to the Wranploer since a long time ago, acting as their secondary army. They indeed have powerful technology, but they are much lower in numbers and close combat cripples them easily."

Aoblix was even more interested now as it was clear that this empire had vast knowledge about the enemies the empire was faces. They would be a valuable ally, indeed.

Aoblix - "I suppose you know quite a bit about the lowly criminal scum of your galaxy and about there tactics used during battle?"

Xerkea - "Yes, I've been battling those bastards for years now."

Aoblix - "Your aid is becoming more and more beneficial for us. Now tell me how long can one of your ships last against a Wranploer or Seagon ship?"

Xerkea - "We can beat the Wranploer in space battles as long as we are not overwhelmed. The Seagon, however, are much harder to defeat."

Aoblix - "I see. Well in that case how about we help even the odds between your ships and those of the Seagon?"

Xerkea - "That would be good, yes."

Aoblix - "Good. I'll send crews of some of our finest engineers to up grade your ships weapons, armor, shields and what have you to standard ULE grade. Of course you will not get our finest technologies on your ships but what we will give you should even the playing field."

Xerkea - "Seems fair to me. Let's teach this scum a lesson they'll never forget."

Aoblix - "They will become dust between our claws."

After that was said the transmission was closed. Aoblix now felt confident about the situation and with the information held by the Niaka the Empire could now unleash its full fury in the Wranploer Legion.

Part Two[]

The Second Contact[]

??? - Connect me to Volim.

A transmission was sent by the mysterious character to the Wranploer Palace of the Legion. Volim checked his screen, and appeared quite annoyed at seeing his "employer".

Volim - Ah. It's you.
??? - Yes its me. So, Volim I noticed that the ULE still hold on to their territories in the Borealis.
Volim - Yeah, about that. You never told me they were an enemy with firepower capable of beating ours.
??? - I thought you could handle it.
Volim - I can handle natives. But these foreigners have technology enough to rival that of the Zoles Imperium. Luckily I have some allies with me that can give me a hand.
??? - So I noticed. I'm not paying them.
Volim - They do not need to be paid. They are allies of the Wranploer Legion for thousands of years now, and support us when we need them.

The mysterious figure folded his arms.

??? - Hmm...okay fine. Just don't tell them about my existence. I can't have some loose lipped lower class aliens revealing me to the ULE.
Volim - They will not. Do not worry about that.
??? - They better not or you'll have some explaining to do.

Volim felt offended by that.

Volim - Hey. Watch your tongue now. I own explanations to no one. If you start questioning me then our pact will be broken.
??? - Now, lets not get hasty. You must understand what is at stake for me.
Volim - Hmpf...fine. But don't rush me anymore. I won't get the job done if you keep bothering me.
??? - And don't make me regret hiring you. And keep in mind I don't live with regrets.
Volim - Feh.

Volim closed the transmission, and clawed his throne, in certain anger.

Volim - You think you're in control, huh? You think you can talk to General Volim Thrava like this? I'll make you eat your words, mister...

Battle of Libomus[]

A United Lanat and Niaka combined fleet sat ready at a rally point close to the Wranploer borders. The combined fleet was codenamed 'Mandible Fleet One' and consisted of nearly 10,000 ships. It was truly a sight to behold. The fleet was to perform a direct surprise frontal assault on the well fortified Wranploers world of Libomus. Admiral Arric'Viic, elected leader of the fleet looked over the fleet and decided that it was time to commence the assault.

Admiral Arric'Viic - "Attention all ships! It is time to commence the assault of Limbomus! Make to mistake our vile enemy is strong in that system and we will suffer casualties but we will not let them die in vain! No, we will take that world and burn every Wranploer, Seagon, or whatever into oblivion! Now onward into glory and battle!"

And with that the fleet entered hyperspace and jumped into Limbomus' border.

Limbomus was a sprawling world and a military gathering point for both the Wranploer and Seagon. All was calm or as some would put it, 'boring' but that was about to change. All of the sudden there was a massive sensor spike. A massive armada of ULE and Niaka ships was about to exit hyperspace. The Wranploer and Seagon forces quickly scrambled and formed in defensive positions around key areas.

Mandible Fleet One exited hyperspace and was greeted by a stiff defense of warships and defense satellites. The two forces almost immediately opened fire at eachother. The fighting was fierce and lasted nearly five hours before the Wranploer and Seagon forces where forced to retreat leaving Limbomus' surface open for invasion.

On the ground ULE and Niaka forces clashed with Wranploer and Seagon defenders but ultimately the ULE/Niaka where able to break the Wranploer lines and force the survivors to go into hiding where the ULE and Niaka hunted them down.

The ULE made sure to leave no survivors.

Skhánaróton -01's Attack[]

Skhánaróton -01 surrounded by Tralor corpses

The attack on Libomus happened quite close to the location where the Supreme Commander of the Zí-Jittorám, Skhánaróton -01, was currently located. He decided to pay these aliens a visit, not only because they were killing his empire, but also because he didn't murder anyone in some days.

Descending on the nearest ULE colony, Skhánaróton was only followed by a small force. Right when he got on the ground, Tralor troopers attacked, killing some of his men. However, Skhánaróton cared little for it, and quickly extended his gigantic tongue to grab and rip one of the Tralor apart. The others, startled by the brutality of the attack, oot the guards down, and Skhánaróton proceeded to gun them down with his rifle. More troopers appeared from the woods, and Skhánaróton killed every one of them in terrible, terrible ways.

As he moved through the forest to the nearest city, Skhánaróton was ambushed several times, and all of these, the enemies were killed fast. The Legion force was already all down, save for Skhánaróton, who only enjoyed the bloodshed. The captain of the Tralor troopers soon appeared and gave him a final warning, saying he would be destroyed if he walked another step.

The result was a carnage, the forests set on fire, and an entire Tralor world in ruins.

Falling of Kunongar[]

Admiral Arric'Viic sat on the command chair the memory of his recent victory at Limbomus still fresh in his mind. As glorious as that battle was the soon coming invasion would surly eclipse it. The falling of one of the most vital Wranploer military factory worlds, Kunongar. If the invasion was successful than it would severally impair the Wranploer's abilities to wage war. The fleet was already mobilizing and it would not be long before the invasion would commence. After about an hour Arric'Viic was given the all clear by high command to start the invasion so he did.

On Kunongar an elderly Wranploer captain by the name of Muroivus sat on his gem incrusted throne. He was the overseer of the whole of Kunongar and quite proud of it. Muroivus sat counting his money like he always did on his spare time when all of the sudden the doors to his throne room swung open and a guard ran in.

Guard - "Captain...I think I have some bad news."
Muroivus "Well what is it. I don't have all day and I got need to get back to counting my money!"
Guard - "Well...sir...we picked up a massive ULE-Niaka fleet incoming. They will be here any minute."
Muroivus - "What? I thought you said it was bad news? Think of the amount of money I'll make from selling the scraps left over from the battle!."
Guard - "But sir do-"

Before the guard could finish Muroivus backhanded him in the face knocking him to the ground. The pirate captain might be old but his strength hasn't faded.

Muroivus - "We have nothing to worry about. Our wars are too strong and defenses too stiff for those bugs to pose any real threat. Now go on before I give you a real beating. We be inspecting guest"

And with that the guard got up and quickly ran out of the room. Leave a small trail of blood behind.

The Wranploer forces quickly mobilized into defense positions. Many have tried to claim this world for the Wranploer but all have failed. Why would this time be any different?

Admiral Arric'Viic's forces once in range of Kunongar they came under fire. The fighting was intense. In face it was the most intense fighting even some of the more veteran ULE captains had seen. The battle seemed to be at a stalemate at times but with some extra help from reinforcements the ULE-Niaka force was able to drive away the Wranploer fleet and make way for ground forces to land.

Down on Kunongar's surface...

Guard - "Sir our space defenses have been beaten and the enemy is preparing a ground assault!"
Muroivus - "Impossible!"

Muroivus quickly got up from his throne and walked up to his balcony. When he got there he seen hundreds of troop transports descending from the sky along with gunships and bombers wreaking havoc on the colonies vital areas.

Muroivus -"Well hot damn...alright load up my money we are getting off planet!"

And with that Muroivus rounded up some slaves and collected as much of his wealth as he could before heading out to the hanger. Once at the hanger Muroivus was in for a nasty surprise as there was two docked ULE transports unloading there passengers. Muroivus didn't have time to react as he was quickly gunned down by the unloading ULE troops.

After close to two days of fighting the ULE-Niaka fully repelled the Wranploer from Kunongar manages to put a damper of the Wranploer's production.


Torrent - So we lost Kunongar...what now?
Volim - I'll tell you what, Torrent. I'll end this once and for all.

Some days after the loss of Kunongar, General Volim had contacted his "employer" for a personal meeting in the nearby neutral planet of Zimush, notable for its ancient temple-like structures. The hulking Wranploer general was followed by two soldiers, while the shady character had some soldiers of his own. He wore several clothes to hide his face.

??? - This has better be important, Volim. I'm seriously starting to grow impatient with your failures. I though you were supposed to be the biggst and baddest of this galaxy.
Volim - This is exactly why I called you here. I'm not gonna move a single ship until you reveal who you really are.
??? - Oh? And why's this now?
Volim - You're one of them. You're a Tralor. I can see it from your body structure. I'm starting to lose my trust on you.
??? - Fine, if it bothers you so much...

The shady character removed his extra clothes, revealing himself to be a Tralor in a golden armor with skuls and other details.

??? - My name is Lino, former Tralor emperor. I desire the throne of that dog-emperor Aoblix for myself, so I can rule all Tralorkind once more! Now you will seize your interrogation before I finally lose my patience with you.
Volim - Exactly as my spies had confirmed...
Lino - What?

Volim and the mysterious man, Lino

From the ruins around Volim and Lino, ULE troopers and Niaka mechas emerged. The troopers killed Lino's soldiers, while Volim's own soldiers aimed their weapons at him.

Lino - What is the meaning of this?!
Volim - I've lost millions of soldiers, several colonies, one of my most important and productive planets, because of you. You've sent me to combat an enemy I cannot defeat, and still dares to speak with me like I'm one of your little cultists? I may be old, but I'm not naive. I did my homework, Lino, but you obviously didn't do yours. Never trust a pirate, expecially if he owns half of a galaxy.
ULE trooper - Lino, you're under arrest for your crimes against the United Lanet Empire government!
Lino - NEVER!

Lino ran off as the ULE and Niaka tried to shoot him. More Lino loyalists appeared and fired back, giving him time to escape. As he disappeared among the ruins, he could be heard screaming.

This will not end like this, pirate vermin! Dark God Lino will have his revenge! The Tralor throne will be mine, and the Wranploer Legion will pay for the day it betrayed me and my will!

Admiral Arric'Viic, who was commanding the troops, approached General Volim as his men killed off the remaining Lino loyalists. The immense Wranploer leader looked at the Tralor admiral and grunted.

Arric'Viic - So you really found Lino. We've been searching for him for decades now...
Volim - I've kept my word, Tralor. Now keep yours.
Arric'Viic - Yes. The United Lanat Empire will seize hostility with the Wranploer Legion as long as you do not enter our territory again.
Volim - Yes, let this truce last. At least until I can properly fight back.
Arric'Viic - Hm?
Volim - Like I said, never trust a pirate.

Volim and his soldiers left, leaving the Tralor behind, and a truce formed between the Legion and the ULE. Lino had managed to escape, but who knows where and when he will act again, trying to take over the throne...