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Build Up Edit

A New Empress's Distress Edit

Thump. A knife buried itself into an image of a blue star painted on the wall. Thump. Another knife soon fallowed burying itself intro an image of a red star painted right next to the blue star. Four more knives fallowed sticking themselves dead center into the two painted images, the respective symbols for the Xonexi Allies and the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition. The thrower of the knives was the new Empress Zuki of the Vanara Empire, who had taken the throne after her mother had died defending their people from an enemy straight from their nightmares, The Scelus Horde, a viscous collection of organisms that reduced other forms of life into primordial ooze before restructuring it into one of their own, all in order to merge all organism's minds and bodies into one and destroy all pain and suffering in the universe, at the cost of any and all individual feeling, thought, and action. Zuki's mother, Empress Besta, had sacrificed herself to kill the Scelus Queen, splintering their forces and allowing the Vanara to drive them back.

After having taken the throne Zuki had been hoping for at least some temporary peace to help get things in order, however this was not to be the case. The Xonexi Allies and DCP had initiated a massive power grab in Mirus, seizing all the former Dominatus Mirusian territories. Now had it only been a few this might have gone by without incident, but no, they had laid claim to all of it and that had not gone over well with the Mirusian natives. Many of Mirus's native powers had claims on some of those said territories and were not at all pleased to have it suddenly snatched from them by forces embroiled in a clash that they, up till now, had little to deal with. It wasn't long before, in Zuki's words, "the resident Zarbanian jackass in a position of power" Bisarko had called a meeting between the native powers of Mirus forming the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition in order to cut the invaders down to size. Zuki could really careless about the lost Dominatus factories, let the Xonexi and DCP batter each other to pieces and scavenge off the left overs was her line of thinking. However Zuki was loyal to her mirusian allies and thus was at least obligated to provide some support. But upon arriving to make such a commitment she had been met by Bisarko who had basically snubbed her by telling her to stay out of the way. To make matters worst, when she had protested her allies had basically told her that this was a Mirusian matter and she was better keeping out of this.

This made Zuki grinned her teeth in frustration, her allies intentions where well meaning, but the problem was they had assumed the Vanara to have been devastated by the Scelus and were far to wrapped up in their own problems to check things out for themselves. Truth was the Vanara had made a startling recovery, this was due to Zuki taking the initiative and starting to rebuild right away. No ceremony, no mourning, nothing accept reconstruction and rebuilding, everything else would come latter. Zuki turned with a huff as the door made a whirring sound in order to alert her to the fact that someone was outside.

  • Zuki - Come in.

The door slid open as the Ophanim for the Black Thorns and Moon Speaker Vahallan Covents entered, a Kaiser stage Vanara named Aspira and Boyk Nomad named Daciana. The two Ophanim walked to the center of the room and stood at attention.

  • Zuki - At ease.

The two relaxed and took a seat as Zuki gestured for them to do so before taking a seat themselves.

  • Zuki - Now what is this all about.

The two Ophanim looked at each other for the other to begin before Daciana gave a sigh and began.

  • Diacana - Its about the splitting up of the Vahallans and Olympians.

Zuki frowned, the Vahallan Covents and Olympian Chapters had been split up into smaller descendant Chapters top avoid corruption after many of their number had turned traitor. However the top Psychokinetic of the Rad-Eaters Chapter, Carrie, had suddenly one night appeared in Zuki's chambers foaming at the mouth and raving about how the Rad-Eaters could not be split up if they wished to survive. Consulting with the Rad-Eaters Archon Vice-Jaw who stated his trust in Carrie and believed the Rad-Eaters should not divide themselves, but also refused to allow any Astartes Auxiliaries from their allies, the Hegemony anywhere near their Chapter and homeworld. This did not go over well with the Alliance, but Zuki had intervened stating that the Rad-Eaters were well within their rights as Vanara law stated any foreign military force could denied access to a Vanara Worldship or colony whatever the circumstances may be, sighting potential prejudice actions against the Psychokinetic population of the Behemoth as the reason since the Hegemony had proven to be highly suspicious of Psychokinetic Vanara. The Black Thorns had adopted the same policy with back up begin given by the WereWarden Olympians and Moon Speaker Vahallans.

  • Aspira - We're still under pressure to split ourselves to avoid corruption.
  • Zuki - Wasn't agreed by the Alliance government that you were well within your rights to not split yourselves?
  • Diacana - Well, yes, but that hasn't stopped the other Chapters and Covents from ridiculing us.
  • Zuki - And what do you think?

The two were silent for a bit before Aspira spoke up.

  • Aspira - I believe dividing our forces would be a mistake, the Alliance was built on the grounds that together we are strong, but now that paranoia has begun to creep in we divide ourselves. Such suspicion of each other will only cripple us.
  • Diacana - I agree.

Zuki considered that for a moment before speaking.

  • Zuki - And I agree.
  • Diacana - So what should we do?
  • Zuki - Nothing, only stick your beliefs, they cannot force you. You can only choose to submit.
  • Aspira - Thank you Empress.

The two stood, bowed, and left the room. Zuki turned to the window her mouth set in a hard line.

  • Zuki - I just hope that none of this proves necessary...

Meeting of the Vanara Imperial Senate Edit

Zuki marched into the massive senate room, the circular structure stretched a ways down in a twisted spiral housing every present member in the main council. All the parties in charge of running and important function in the Empire were there. Behind her followed the current Imperial Guardian and her father Jicor, her adopted son Kryunn, and Imperial Guardian and Warrior Hunter Ibari, daughter of Zuki and Jicor's friends Akanri and Seerkar. Looking back at Ibari and seeing her now red eyes and the green claw shaped gem imbedded into her chest, Zuki remembered there was someone else with them. Ibari's Warrior Hunter 2C Nuy, during the conflict that had been ignited in Worldship Leviathan when the breach of Tartarus had been opened, both Ibari and Kryunn and become third stage Vanara. In Ibari's case, it had been while Nuy had been almost completely destroyed, during the transformation Ibari had somehow absorbed Nuy into her. She was no longer a Warrior-Hunter Pilot, she now was a Warrior-Hunter herself. Turning back to the Senate, Zuki stepped up to the took her seat at the head of the Senate and began to speak.

  • Zuki - Queens and Bulls of the Senate, we face a dire situation: many of our allies, and enemies in the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition are gearing for war with the Xonexi Allies over their seizing control of the former Drakodominatus Territories and their production potential. As of yet, we have no idea if this will result in war, but as it appears a diplomatic solution will most certainly not be reached. It is time we come together to decide what must be done. I plead with you think carefully, the Treaty Galactica made with the Mou'Cyran prevents us form charging head long to our allies aid. But we can turn our backs on them? A solution to this conundrum must be reached.

Another member stood, he was a rather round Keizer Vanara named Kurryil.

  • Kurryil - Let us not also forget the matter of the Hegemony, we are allies only in name, in all other senses they are our enemies.
  • Zuki - Ah, yes, them as well. What is the news on that?
  • Kurryil - The ban on any goods, personnel, and citizens of theirs is still up. Any who attempt to enter are immediately incarcerated before being sent home. However, I know not about the Praetorian Congregations primarily of our species. They report not to us but directly to UAE high command, where their loyalties lie. That is, they report directly to you, ma'am.
  • Zuki - The Legion of the Great Wyrm and Clan Wulven has refused them, the Rising Scarab Ascendant have broken apart after their betrayals, and the Hell's Judgment has been forced to accept their auxiliaries, but the latter have something up their sleeves. Knowing Demonica, something nasty.
  • Kurryil - Very well.
  • Zuki - Quite, I think we can all agree we keep up our current policy with the Hegemony.

There was a general murmur of agreement from the Senate, none of them liked the Hegemony and all wanted to see them as far away from Vanara Imperial space as possible.

  • Zuki - On the subject of supporting our allies now, we need to maintain plausible deniability, it will piss people off, but you don't get anywhere without stepping on a few toes.
  • Kurryil - We could act unofficially, helping with funding and allowing volunteers to fight.
  • Senator 1 - I assume those volunteers will are only volunteers on paper?
  • Senator 2 - There is hardly a call to force anyone, rather we will more likely be forced to keep them all from volunteering.
  • Zuki - Indeed, our Black Market organizations should also be helpful with supplying our allies with materials as well.
  • Senator 3 - Yes how is that going?
  • Zuki - Barakia and Charung both report their respective organisations are already one of the top organized crime groups in the UAE.
  • Kurryil - And what off the Praetorian Congregations, as they answer to UAE high command and are not officially part of our armed forces?
  • Zuki - Should leave that up them, I shall make it apparent they can do as they see fit, I have no doubt though they will aid our allies.
  • Senator 3 - And the Dark Fleet?

The entire Senate fell silent at that remark before Zuki cleared her throat.

  • Zuki - They have defended us and our allies as is their directive, however we have no real control over their actions. If they attack we have no way of stopping it or having ordered it.

Their was some discontent muttering among the Senate, the Dark Fleet was effective, but an unpredictable variable and terrifying. Zuki felt a tug on her sleeve and looked to see Ibari next to her. She leaded down so Ibari could speak in her ear.

  • Zuki - Yes what is it?
  • Ibari - What of my parents?

Zuki smiled at that before turning back to face the council.

  • Zuki - Ah yes, the future Imperial Guardian has brought up the question of the Elemental Hunters Freelancer company. As Freelancer companies officially are not part of any nation, they could be an effective weapon against our foes. Especially since both Akanri and Seerkar answer to me directly.
  • Senator 4 - We should also provide aid to refugees, for both moral and pragmatic reasons, doing so can service them both.
  • Zuki - Agreed, well now it is time to vote, shall this be the course of action we take.

Zuki sat back while the senators discussed among themselves and cast their votes, turning towards Kryunn she whispered in his ear.

  • Zuki - Listen closely son, other councils are not as effective as ours, even still it takes a force of presence, balanced view, determination, and sense of command to reign in this lot.
  • Kryunn - Yes mother.
  • Zuki - Good.

The votes were cast and an agreement had been reached, the Vanara Empire would support their allies in the Sovereign Mirusin Coalition in an unofficial sense should it come to war, it was time to prepare.

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