From the gleaming towers of the Core the Republic expanded, spreading tales of freedom, democracy and self-determination.

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The First Republic (45,589 BNE - 13,210 BNE) was a galactic federal republic which ruled much of the Cyrannus Galaxy for thousands of years. Though much of its history would be lost by the modern era of the galaxy, the ideals of the First Republic have proven to be remarkable durable, surviving through successor governments such as the Federation of United Worlds, the United Republic of Cyrannus and the New Republic.

In the wake of the First Phaedric Invasion of 45,489 BNE, the Core Worlds united to form the First Republic—a proud and ever-expanding union of worlds initially led by the legendary Praesator Apollóe Cyran'nus. Cyran'nus aspired to create a "Republic greater than distance or time", establishing the highest aspiration of the people of the First Republic throughout the millennia to spread from the Core and into the endless reaches of unknown space.

For over thirty nine millennia, the First Republic governed the central regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy - the greatest, most advanced and most civilised - of all civilisations in Cyrannian history prior to the rise of the United Republic of Cyrannus, with the obvious exception of the Oikoumene. Though much of the Republic's history was defined by devastating warfare, it was nevertheless a force of peace and progress in the galaxy and was therefore remembered as such by historians.



In the eons before the rise of the First Republic, the galaxy's political landscape was a conglomeration of various disunited powers spread throughout the Core Worlds and beyond, including civilisations both famed and forgotten by modern historians. The primary predecessor government to the Republic were the Core Sovereignties, a loose coalition of planets formed after the Orbispiran-Alsakatiiri War of 52,742 BNE.

The invasion of the sinister Phaedric Empire was the catalyst for the Republic's creation.

Tensions between Orbispira and its rival ecumenopolis Arnoario fractured the Sovereignties to the point where it was defenceless when the Phaedric Empire invaded from the Outer Rim planet of Antemurale in 45,498 BNE. The resulting conflict was devastating and was only ended thanks to the leadership of Praesator Cyran'nus, who despite his terminal illness, managed to unite the planets of the Core and create a strong Republic was would last for millennia.

Early Years (45,500 BNE - 30,000 BNE)[]

In the centuries after the Republic's creation in 45,489 BNE, its early history was dominated for periods of peace and growth as well as periods of renewed conflict with the ever-present Phaedra. Nevertheless, despite the various setbacks wrought by war with the Phaedra, the Republic expanded throughout the Core Worlds and into the Inner Rim, bringing together planets and species like no other force in Cyrannian history. In 43,890 BNE, the modern hyperdrive was invented by scientists from Arnoario, allowing the Republic to expand throughout known space at an unprecedented rate.

Despite modern historians often looking back on the early history of the Old Republic as one of peaceful growth for the Core and its satellites, a little known era in history began when the Phaedra influenced several high ranking figures of the Republic government to convert to a new religion revolving around the worship of war and death. This nefarious cult wormed its way throughout the halls of power on Orbispira until the election of the controversial Praesator Riantontine I, who used his newfound executive power to enact crusades against alien species in the newly explored Mid Rim. However, these Republic Crusades also targeted the Phaedric Empire, provoking skirmishes between the Phaedra and their unwilling servants. Ultimately however, the influence of the newly discovered Miluiel brought an end to the cult and its regime during the reign of Riantontine IV in 37,030 BNE.

The Phaedric Empire attacks the Republic at Orbispira during the Phaedric Wars.

The aftermath of the fall of the cult resulted in a new Golden Age for the Republic which lasted for a thousand years, though the rekindling of old wounds between Orbispira and Arnoario resulted in a brief but bloody civil conflict known as the Third Arnoarion Conflict, during which the status of Orbispira as the galactic capital was once again reaffirmed. Over the next two thousand years, the Nagith Empire would emerge as a threat to the Republic in the distant Outer Rim, but remained relatively obscured by the more immediate Phaedric threat.

Phaedric Wars (35,000 BNE - 30,500 BNE)[]

The Phaedric Wars was a period of the Republic's history which saw prolonged campaigns of violence against the Phaedric Empire which raged at various points between 30,000 BNE and 24,500 BNE, with short spans of peace separating these conflicts. The most devastating war during this period was headed by the so-called Crimson Conqueror, a highly intelligent Phaedra armed with dark energies and a masterful knowledge of space combat. Against the forces of the Conqueror, the Republic showed little indication that victory against this foe was even feasible. Were it not for brave and desperate Republic commanders such as Fo Yularkin, Orbispira itself would have burned under the command of the crimson invaders. The victory at Orbispira would ultimately be the beginning of the end of the Phaedra, who would soon fade into history.

Golden Era (30,000 BNE - 25,550 BNE)[]

The defeat of the Phaedric Empire was rejoiced throughout the Republic, which enjoyed a new era of peace, growth and scientific advancement during which few threats rose to challenge the now undisputed galactic government. Indeed, the five millennia that separated the Phaedric Wars and the First Nagith War is hardly mentioned in historical archives, with the only notable events during this period of any galactic significance being the establishment of millions of new colonies throughout the Inner, Mid and Outer Rims.

The Old Republic fights against the Nagith Empire.

All this ended however, when the Republic's rampant colonisation in the Third Great Manifest Period irked the expansionist Nagith Empire, which declared the Republic an affront to their gods.

Era of Conflict (25,550 BNE - 13,500 BNE[]

First Nagith War (25,550 BNE)

Invading the outer Core World regions of the Republic, the Nagith stuck hard against their enemies, catching them completely by surprise. Over the next year, the Nagith gained more and more ground, their experienced navy crushing the more diplomatic-proned ships of the Republic. Nevertheless, the Pyrían had strong wills and eventually pushed the Nagith back to the edges of the Core Worlds, merely eight light years away from the capital of Orbispira. The result was a stalemate that lasted for the better part of the next decade, with the Nagith succeeding on some fronts and vice versa on others.

Bisistar Invasion (20,000 BNE)

The Republic Capital planet burns under the Bisistar invasion.

The aftermath of the First Nagith War did not bring peace to the people of the Republic, who soon suffered at the hands of a new enemy from the Cyranai Galaxy known as the Bisistar Domain. Armed with hyperadvanced technology, the Bisistar cut swaths through Republic territory, killing billions and turning entire planets to dust, including Orbispira. However, the Bisistar had also attacked the Nagith, causing the Empire and the Republic to form an uneasy alliance to drive back the shapeshifters. Ultimately, the Bisistar were repelled, allowing the Republic to enjoy a brief respite from conflict, allowing it to prepare for the inevitable conflict with the Nagith.

Second Nagith War (13,500 BNE - 13,210 BNE)

Though the Republic enjoyed thousands of years of peace between the Bisistar Invasion and the Second Nagith War, it was still unprepared for the evil of the Nagith and their resolve to conquer their age old enemies. The resulting war would become the most devastating conflict since the end of the Phaedric Wars and resulted in the deaths of trillions of both Republic and Nagith citizens. The infrastructure of both civilisations was devastated to such a point that the end of the conflict brought about the end of the Nagith Empire and forced the dissolution of the Republic, sparking a millennia long Cyrannian Dark Age.


Without the Republic, Cyrannian civilisation would be a far different entity.

The legacy of the First Republic cannot be understated. Despite the various conflicts that raged throughout its existence, in reality these formed only a small part of the Republic's thirty two thousand year history, most of which can be categorised by lasting peace and harmony in Cyrannus. The Republic is also hailed as the first galactic government in recorded Cyrannian history and the democratic tenets of its government has had a lasting influence on civilisations not only in Cyrannus, but throughout the First Gigaquadrant. In the Dark Age that followed the fall of the Republic, the Federation of United Worlds would ultimately emerge as the primary galactic government in Cyrannus, which would once again give way to the United Republic of Cyrannus, a strong democratic government based in many respects on the government of the Old Republic of millennia past. Though this Republic would transform into an autocratic Empire, the legacy of the Old Republic is as strong as ever.


  • Before a recent retcon, this Republic was known as the "Pyrian Republic".

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