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My master plan is finally in motion. There will be blood, my brothers...the blood, OF OUR RIVALS! Let this galaxy burn in war and hate, while WE collect what remains as our own! The Legion will dominate the stars for eternity, and no one will ever stop us! NO ONE!

- General Volim

The First Borealis Galactic War was the first major conflict of the Borealis Galaxy.

The Legion's Plan[]

Around the Earth year of 954, the Wranploer Legion planned the domination of the Borealis Galaxy. The young leader of the Legion, General Volim, had elaborated a plan which would extend for well over a century, but would prove really effective. As the galaxy's species were still rather small and didn't know each other well, it was easy to confuse spaceships from one empire to another, unless they were allies.

The Wranploer took advantage of this by launching multiple raids on hundreds of different empires at the same time. While today this would be seen as suicidal, at the time the galaxy was left with enraged empires which had no idea who was attacking them. All empires blamed each other and attacked each other, causing multiple extinctions in a small amount of time.

The plan was that the galaxy would be left in ruins, the empires gone but their destroyed technology still present. The Legion would scavenge and recreate these technologies for themselves, and become the undisputed leaders of Borealis. And they were close to succeeding, until a group of empires appeared in the scene.

The Polar Crystal Alliance[]

236 years after the war started, in the Arm of Knowledge, one empire would not allow the chaos continue. It was the Zoles Imperium, a nation that fought in the name of peace and justice. The Imperium decided that the empires needed to unite and investigate who or what caused the attacks instead of blaming others without real proof. The closest allies of the Imperium, the Republic of Heleanor, the Samilinus Empire, the Minga Republic, the Gooplet Technocracy and the Lanatiz Empire would join forces in an interstellar agreement which would be known as Polar Crystal Alliance.

Meanwhile, the allies of the Wranploer Legion also joined the fighting, being promised part of the profits as well as good positions in the galaxy after the Legion took it over. The Zí-Jittorám, Kvargo, the Borealis Zazane and the Legion's oldest ally, the Seagon Empire, would launch their own attacks against multiple targets across the galaxy.

General Volim saw his master plan working as intended, but would soon hear news that a new alliance had been formed, which could potentially be a nuisance for his scheme...

Perfection, Convertion, Looting and Robotics[]

While the Polar Crystal Alliance searched for the mastermind behind the war, a group of large empires, after being victims of the Legion's random raids, launched massive campaigns against all empires in the galaxy. One of these was the dreaded Alvino Brood, an empire of beings obsessed with the idea that they were "life perfected", and that they needed to purify the galaxy by exterminating all life in it. Attacks from the Alvino were reported all across the Arm of Knowledge, which eventually also advanced toward Wranploer Legion territory. The Polar Crystal Alliance and the Legion both fought off against the vile insectoids, crippling their empire and defeating them for the next decades.

Another empire was the Eaglartin, who found itself surrounded by "unbelievers" that needed to be reeducated with death. The Commando sent several attacks which damaged both the Legion and the Zoles Imperium, among many other empires. However, the Commando would be defeated when teh Kvargo attcaked their homeworld and murdered the Zealot Commando Leader, locking the empire in a civil war.

The third notable empire were actually multiple groups known as the Murglbrg Warbands. The Murglbrg were well known across the as stupid but strong looters and pirates, and they saw the war as a really big pub fight they had the pleasure of joining. Causing major havoc across both the Arm of Knowledge and Memories, the Murglbrg were defeated by the Polar Crystal Alliance and reduced to only a few unknown worlds.

One thing the Alliance and Legion noticed is that all expeditions to the Galactic Core resulted in loss of contact. The Borealis Grox Empire, at the time unknown to almost all Borealis empires, were watching the war unfolding, remainign neutral to it. Borealis Grox King Mirras III aspired to dominate the galaxy himself, but that was not the best moment for it.

Alliance versus Legion[]

The Polar Crystal Alliance had finally found out about General Volim, who remained to stay hidden until the Earth year 1,387. It was then that Volim saw that there was no other choice but to go on a full assault with the Alliance, before they could compromise his plan for good. The result was decades of carnage as the Alliance came in conflict with hundreds of thousands of criminals and bounty hunters under the Legion's affiliation.

These wars resulted in the almost destruction of the Republic of Heleanor, the Samilinus, the Zí-Jittorám and the Borealis Zazane. The Imperium and the Legion kept fighting, and their broken allies were incorporated into their own empires. General Volim saw his associates being destroyed, and roared in rage as an Imperial fleet appeared and glassed the Wranploer Citadel of the Vijaha System, capital of the Wranploer Legion, which almost destroyed the planet, and left Volim missing.

At the Earth year 1,412, a galaxy-wide transmission was sent by the Imperium officializing the end of the conflict, declaring the Wranploer Legion and their allies as defeated and no longer a threat. True to their words, the Legion was left badly damaged, but one thing was not as the Zoles Imperium though. General Volim lived, and swore revenge against the Imperium for the destruction of his capital. He ordered the scavenging of the empries like he planned, which boosted the Legion's technology and eventually size.


With the war over, the Polar Crystal Alliance was dissolved, and the galaxy was left to repair itself. Most empires were left in a dystopian state, and struggled to survive. The Wranploer remained quiet and expanded once more, for when Volim launched his next attack, the galaxy wouldn't be lucky enough to survive his wrath...

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