Finduliaë Bloodwing is the youngest and naive daughter and princess of the Sinleri. This young and naïve girl is seen by the King as what his elven kin need to survive and settle down at Erde. She often accompanies Kael'Thalas, her more aggressive and cunning brother of hers to keep him in check and show others the good and innocence of Sinleri kin.

Finduliaë is the youngest Sinleri in excistance and is beautiful even for Sinleri standards, with a love for her own people many see that this young princess is the future of the Sinleri. Finduliaë herself doesn't really like the royal life and instead would love to explore Koldenwelt, meeting other species and making friends and allies alike. In secret, she fears her elder brother Kael'Thalas, as he is ruthless. She loves her father dearly, and to her he is her prime example of how to rule, though with a little les iron fist but with a more softer hand.


Early History[]

Finduliaë was born in 03 NA (22 BQF) at the Sinleri city at Erde. During her youth, Finduliaë was raised very protective and often was kept within the walls of the palace of her father, Aredthir Bloodwing. Over the years, Finduliaë learned to use dark and arcane magics, though specialised in defense magics and support magics like healing. This allowed her to have enchanced senses, though when someone is in great pain nearby, Finduliaë herself can be taken a back by the same feelings due to her strong connection to healing magics.

Furthermore, Aredthir trained Finduliaë the secrets of ruling the Sinleri, the history of their kin and the duties of a princess. She was thaught to respect all living beings and creatures as well. At behest of her father, Finduliaë also trained herself to become agile, fast and capable of defending herself without relying only at her magics. Throughout the years Finduliaë grew out to become a beautiful Sinleri, even to their own standards.


Finduliaë within Orcgrubad

Upon the Sinleri their return to the Quadrant Galaxies and her brother taking control over the Hutter Kingdom, Finduliaë grew disgusted and affraid of her elder brother and fled into Quadrant 82.

Bolgrash and Finduliaë within SKull Temple

Travelling with a hooded cape, she eventually found her way at Ramalivua where she remained in hiding in the Thirsty Desert, among the outcasts and travellers who stumbled upon the Orc Bastion. She managed to buy her own tent and made plans to explore the vast world of Ramalivua. During her stay she explored quite a bit of Ramalivua, including a visit to Ramalivua Tirith and the abandoned city of Creckabad.

Sadly, at the 17th of january in 08 AQF, Finduliaë was tracked down by Anjulius Gaitonius and Bolgrash Bloodhammer and taken captive while walking the balustrade of the Orcgrubad arena. Bolgrash took her to Skull Temple, forcing her to activate the Atlantican artifact using a mind control stone and a drop of her blood. Later on she was taken onboard the Hutter D5-cruiser that was intercepted by Inquistor Chi Chodecra, though was beamed to another hutter vessel preventing her escape.

Personality and Traits[]

Finduliaë is young and naive, yet gentle and kind towards her friends and very eager to learn new things. One of her less kind side of her personality is her tendacy to mock and underrestimate people. She is gifted user of dark and aracane magics, specialised in defense magics and healing magics. This allowed her to have enchanced senses, though when someone is in great pain nearby, Finduliaë herself can be taken a back by the same feelings due to her strong connection to healing magics.

Further more, she is well trained and is agile, fast and capable of defending herself while not depending on her magics.

Finduliaë wears a light armor, with a metal upper and lower skirt and one large shoulder pad. Her light armor allows her to travel light and unheard when sneaking around.


Loved Ones

LoveRelation.pngMy heart is yours!

  • Aredthir Bloodwing - My beloved father!

Yellow face.pngI am willing to understand them


Orange face.pngHmpf!


Red face.pngCurse you!

  • none yet



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