" Unity doesn't come from force or duty. Unity come when each one can live its own life, but at the same time they work together to make this life better. That's why when empires fall, Federaions stand"

-Catherine Collins

The "Federation of patiens Nations" is an new colonial empire, giving the first steps into the milky way community, founded and lead by the Patiens, but with dozens of affied espeies which also are part of the federation. Although the fact of been a young empire, it has a strong economy and big military capacity. At the moment it biggest weakness is the lack of technologies compared with others empires.

The federation has one great advantage from the other empires in the moment; Due to its recent formation, the empire didn't suffered from the Annihilation. Strangely it know lot of things that happend including classified data and even Xhodocto data. the sorce of this informations stil unknown.

History Edit

"Is less painful learn from the mistakes of your predecessors than with yours, believe me..."

-Benjamin Lovel, First Lord of the Admiralty (2799-present)

The history of federation was molded by the idea of the "best business as possible", which created a lot of necessities, including, ironically, this idea been ignored sometimes.

Early HistoryEdit

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Middle AgesEdit

Technically, the "Middle Ages" was a period of time that the commerce was intensed reduced; Such thing never happened in the Patien civilisation, so technically the patiens never pass through the "Middle Ages", an factor that impact all civilisation history, even nowadays; for example: as it never became the most powerfull organization, the church needed to be more opened, today the pantins religions almost never enter in conflict with the government.

Moder AgeEdit

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Interestelar age and foudationEdit

Im 2755, unified government devolve it first faster-than-light engine. Install in the ship "Star", it first destiny was the sistem Kepler, just at 10 light years from Galilei the sistem has 2 planets capable of susteining life, it was the first of many colonies, but in the next years a simple problem appear, the few T2 and T3 planets naturally in the galaxy, it slow down the number of collonies being made, at this moment the unified government start to devolve terraforming technology.

Terraforming were slowly leard by the Patiens, intilay using meteors, vulcans and Co2 containment, it slow go for cheaper, but not faster, even not perfect it was enough at the time. The numbers of colonies increased dramatically; At the same time the commercial potencial of the colonies became clear, the resorses started to be virtual unlimeted and consumer maked too. this potencial couldn,t be ignored by Galilei, so, even overloaded with more than one hundred colonies, the unified government continued the only ruler. This fact creaded an tension between the colonies, that were getting less depended from the capital every day and the central sistems, as Galilei and Kepler that just sistematically ignore this "tension".

Years past without any changes, and in 2778 the tension get to the limit, the colonies organised a rebel fleet and prepare attacks to the central sistems and get independed. The first attack were marked in the central sistem of "Newton", after detected the enemy fleet galilei send is own fleet to defend the sistem. the colonial fleet came, galelei's fleet go intecept, when the fleets were ready to engage an transmission came from Galilei, inviting the colonial leader, Elise Goodman, to a negotiation. The "Newton conference" started in the next week. In few time the newton treated was signed, to the colonies were giving much more autonomy and a individual government, but they would answer to and new major government in galilei; At this day ,may fifth of 2778, the Federation of patien nations were officialy founded.

This new federation were built in three ideias, guarantee the economic and political stability of all systems and colonies make easier future economic agreements with other species and guarantee the security of all colonies and systems. The first president were Elise Goodman, once the young leader of the the "rebel" colonies, the Prime minister, James Tolkien, were who created the idea of the federation and the First Lord of the Admiralty, Edward Hamilton, the more experienced admiral in the old galilei military; This were probably the best administration the federation ever had, except, maybe, by the actual administration.

Inicial expansion WarEdit

Imediatly after the formation of Federation, a terriotorial expantion was porposal; a project was created to expand the Patien terrior from, a circle of 1000 light years from Galilei to a new one of 5000 light years. The first colonies were set up, the biguest one been Organia, a mineration colony.

This expantion lead to a much bigger contact with other especies; many of then in the 5000 light years zone, so a deal was made to all of then, they will have full access to all Patein terriotory and commercial routes, a chair in federation's concil, in exchange they would be represented by federation in the galatical comunnity, would be protected by federation's militay and would need to use the federation's currency. None species ever refuse this deal.

But at the same time other local power was rising, the Fernik Empire. A much more agresive empire than federation. As the comemrcial war was starting in 2780, the terriotorial dispute was becoming a problem for both sides. Both Nation Claimed a region of almost 375 square Light Years. As they dispute the markets of the region, te tention went criticall in 2783, in this moment the Fernik organise a full atack to Federation main words.

They invade over 100 Federation's words, and many more allied species, the responce was fast, as the second, third, fourth and fifth fleets mobilise. In 3 months the Fernik invasors were obrigated to retreat, and Federation went to offencive. 7 months after that the Fernik empire official Surrendered as the Fifth fleet, was only one week to reach the capital, Soverrent, and their military forces reduced in 75%.

The treaty of Soverrent was signed in one week, althoth it restored the peace, none big change or punishment was made, except by the ending of the territorial dispute in favor of the federation. anything else was unnecessary once Federation stablish it self as the big power of the region, so the treaty was made to ensure good long terms realtions with the Fernik. Thouth that the relation between the two stay complicated for nearly a decade.

Notable SystemsEdit


The capital of the federation of patiens nation, make by 3 rocky planets and 2 gaseous planets each one with one moon. The second planet "Galileu" an natural T-3 planet and homeword of the patiens.

First Planet:


The first System to be colonised by the Patiens, it was at the time one of the few systes with planets to suport life know by the patiens )The second planet, johannes, and the moon of the third planet moon, Mishio, were colonised). As the first Colony it growed much fast. As the military wre the administrator of the colonisation it become the center of the Patiens military fleets. The Militar investment make the colony economy grow also much fast.

In 2778 at Federation formation it became oficially the center of the defence fleets, and federation military Headquarters, at 2786 at the war against the Ferkini Empire, Kepler were attack, but the invasors were removed with minimal casualties, in feew week federation win the war and the surrender declaration were signed in kepler. 3 years later the incorporation of the Ferniki in federation also were signed in kepler.

In 2795 during the grox colonies war, kepler was the base of the ship. Kepler send the fifth fleet to battle of Organia and coordenate the war effort with Galilei, the Fleet admiral Edward Hamiton once said " we just win that war because of Kepler", with resonable reserves of prime matter to built ships, the System stated to produce an huge amount of ships which is one of the major factors of federation victory.

After the victory in Organia Battle and the resorces that start to came from Organia, kepler star to make almost 50 ships by year, almost one by week. At the "armistice" most of the fleets star to past more time im the system for modernisation. Im 2801 the prime minister James Lasembi send the second fleet from Kepler to re-started the war, after he's defeated the grox treating a new invagion, and kepler cordanate the fleets to appeased the situation.



A system with just 2 planets, Organia and Sherman, it's one big federation colony, but at 4500 light year from Galilei it is one of the more distant colonies and the place where the federaton fought it bloodiest battle with the grox.

Founded in 2778, as a part of program to create colonies close to the border, it grow fast thanks to the huge natural resources like tungsten, titanium and other elements that are necessary for the construction of ships. In 2795 it was one of the richer colonies, but same cause of it's richness became the it's doom.

In fifth of july of 2795 the grox attack the colony, the federation military acts fast and send the fifth fleet to defende the planet, at first looked the federation ships would win, but after 50 ships destroyed were clear that the lack of technology make the victory impossible in conventional combat . The grox took almost every city in the planet lefting just one big city, New Cair; when the defeat look certain, a group of atmospheric fighter, leaded by the colonel Benjamin Lovel, intercept Grox and save the city, and probably system.

As the grox star to attack other colonies the federation's headquarters were incapable to send any reinforcements to Organia. The few remaining ships and the forces in the planets started to make a resistence against the invasion. The grox had bigger numbers and superior technology, but the federation had one advantage, they fully comprehended there enemy and the grox didn't; Using guerrilla tactics they made the grox disperse and neutralising the numerical superiority and making traps, also, they neutralised the superior technology. Using this tactics they sucefully reduced the Grox's forces in 15% and recovered 5 cities with minimum casualties.

The grox realised what they were doing and strike back. The federation Ground forces fought with the grox in every city, they fought for every meter of every city, every building, every streer, every house; Many died in this fight, but it gave time to the headquarters prepare an attack to recover the sistem. The third and sixth fleet came and start a new space battle, the grox attack the bigger (Dreadnought and crusers) ships first, but this time the Frigates approach the grox ships and start to make close attacks; At this moment the remainings of the fifth fleet attack from the Grox rear and broke the Grox formation. Again neutralising the Grox numerical superiority, and using frigates also neutralising the Grox technological superiority.

The Grox were defeated and the colony were saved, but the victory has a bittersweet taste as more than 450 millions of casualties. The colony started to rebuild and today is again one of the richer colonies and the thirth biggest Federation's military base


Political BodyEdit

"The president make everyone think we are nice, I (prime minister) make everyone respect us and Benjamin(first lord of the admiralty) make everyone fear us" -Catherine Collins(prime minister)

The Federation's political body is an Parliamentary Republic divided in tree, diferent and complematary parts, each one has to do it's own function to the sistem work propretily. Until now, except by one incident, the sistem alwais worked making The Federation one of the most political stable contries in the galaxy.

The first part is the president, his job is basically make federation maintain good relation ship's with other species which include the associated species and other empires; although this, the president don't has any significant power, it is the chief of state, but not the chief of govenment. The president is the only of the tree leaders that is actully elected by the population, and has a four years mandate with the possibility of one re-election. Nowadays, the president is Kan Rowling.

The second part is the Prime minister, his, the case her, job is to really rule the Nation, the prime minister is the chief of goverment. Each prime minister is elect by congress and has an 4 years with unlimited re-elections; Although this a referendum is made before each election, normally the most voted cadite is the same in the referendum and in the congress. The only excepiton happened in 2799 when the population pressed the congress to elect James Lasembi and not Catherine Collins. James Lasembi were elected, his policies and bad leadership, culminated in the battle of the second fleet when he was deposed

Conservative PartyOne of the originals partys, it represented the conservatives central colonies in the begining of the Federation. After some decades it became more open and accept to give more freedon to the external colonies.


-give big support to the military

-Try to give more power to the Central colonies

-Open to new commercial rotes to new imports

-incentivize the domination of the Patien culture into the affiliated species

Colonial Party Also one of the originals partys, it represent the Outer colonies in the begining of the Federation. It became more open to the central colonies with the time. the actual President of federaion is affiliated with this party.


-give small support to the military( after the "Grox colonies war" star to give moderated suport)

-Try to take out power from Central colonies

-Open to new commercial rotes to more exportation

-incentivize a big cultural exchage between the Patien and the affiliated species, hoping to created an unified culture

Federationalist Partyfouded after the "initial expancion war", by member of the both orinal party, is a moderated party. The actual prime-minister of federtion is ffiliated with this party.


-give big support to the military

-try to reach a balance between the interests of the Cental and outer colonies

-Open to new commercial routes to increase the domination in the milky way market, which include exports and imports

-incentivize the cultural plurality between the Patiens and the affiliated species


[exchange: 1,2 Sporebuck = 1 F$(2878) - 1.200.000 Sporebucks = 1 F$ (now- Post-scarcity)]

Since the times of the Patien Central government the "Patien" Dollar was the currency of the species. After the formation of the federation, the big number os colonies and the contact with other races, the dollar was reorganised in the Federation dollar. One of the biggest changes was the currency variations of valor depending of the location, always following an maximum and minimum valor; the medium valor betwen the maximum and minimum is the Currency international valor.

Due to the Federation's enormous economic influence the Federation Dollar stated to be used by other empires, in this cases to avoid the explicit mention of other nation in the name of the currency, the name "Flotillas" is use. The name was choosed because it represent Federation's economical and military power and keep the currency symbol "F$".

After the wars againt the Xhodocto the Sporebucks suffer high inflation, and the Flotillas became one of the few stable currencies avaible, and today is often used in investments thought the galaxy -mostly on Norma and Carina- and one of the 3 most used currencies.


"Where we lose on technology, we win on tactics"

- Edward Hamilton, First Lord of the Admiralty (2778-2783,2788-2793)

The federation military prove their efficiency many times during the " Grox colonies wars", at the battle of Organia, the federation fought a 2 times bigger and technological superior army and won, although enormous casualties rates.

The military forces are divided in 5 arms Army, Navy, AirForce, Marines and Scientifical corps.


"how can you be stupid enough to destroy almost one entirely fleet !?" - Benjamin Lovel to James Lasembi (read second fleet)

In the beginning of the war, the navy has 7 fleets, in 3 months half of the ships were destroy, but at this time the navy start to make an imprecive number of ships in few time; At the final o war the number of ships was the same from the beginning. The navy never stop to make more ships, always building more fleets and replace old ships in the already operational fleets, which is the cause of the huge number of ships in operation today

The navy has, at the moment, 12 operational fleets. Besides more 3 private fleets, a supposedly "secret fleet", denied by 2 administrations as a non-sense rumor, and 4 fleets under construction.

First FleetEdit

Number of ships: 55

Ships: 7 dreadnought, 10 cruisers, 15 destroiers, 17 frigates, 6 support ships

Location: Galilei

Status: full operational

Identification Color: Light Blue

History: the first fleet, since it's construction, has exclusive dedication to protect the capital of enemies attacks; thanks to the abillity of the other fleets, or maybe just luck, it never happens, making this the only fleet that never enter in combat.

Second FleetEdit

Number of ships: 55

Ships: 7 dreadnought, 10 cruisers, 15 destroiers, 17 frigates, 6 support ships

Location: Base Castle (Kepler)

Status: being repared

Identification Color: Gold

History: equal to the first fleet in ships, this fleet , since it construction, be the "extra planetary" military command and a reason of proud to the nation. In 2800 it was severely damaged by grox ships, something that only happened because the prime minister at the time, James Lasembi, ordered an attack to an grox colonie without any reasons and without even consulting the president or the first lord of almiralty. Lasembi, leading the fleet by him self, lost half of it in combat until retreated in a humiliating defeated, in the next day he was exonerated and Caterine Collins assume his place as prime minister.

Thrid and Fourth FleetsEdit

Number of ships: 65

Ships: 2 dreadnought, 5 cruisers, 10 destroiers, 38 frigate, 10 support ships

Location: close to the central sistems and Galilei(third), diverse (fourth)

Status: full operational

Identification Color: Light Green(Thrid), Dark Green (Fouth)

History:Build for defense, this fleets, has more suport ships making possible stay in longer missions. The third fleet stay in the center of federation, and fourth fleet is divided in smaller groups through all the federation space, guaranteeing the security of all the colonies.

Fifth fleetEdit

Number of ships: 70

Ships: 8 dreadnought, 10 cruisers, 15 destroiers, 20 frigates, 15 support ships, 5 carriers

Location: Diverse, often in Base castle (Kepler)

Identification Color: Navy Blue

Status: full operational

History: Origianlly built with the Sixth and seventh fleets, the fifth fleet were basically destroied during the batlle Of Organia, after that it was rebuilt with the newest federation technology, been the first flett to have all ships equiped with Super-Gauss cannon and deflector shilds. Its been use, temporarily, as the "extra planetary" military command of the Federation armed forces.

Sixth and seventh fleetsEdit

Number of ships: 70

Ships: 8 dreadnought, 10 cruisers, 15 destroiers, 20 frigates, 15 support ships, 2 carriers,

Location: Diverse, often in Base castle (Kepler)

Status: full operational

Identification Color: Turquoise (Sixth), Teal blue (seventh)

History: Tree fleets were built in this model for long attack mission,though only 2 stay on it. this fleets has more suport ships than the others, which includes "dock ships" to repair badly damage ships, farm ships and even 2 mining ships to get needed materials. Nowadays, these fleets lose part of their importance for the eighth, ninth an tenth fleet, with the same function, but more adapted to combat with more advance empires.

Eighth, Ninth an Tenth fleetsEdit

Number of ships:75

Ships: 5 cruisers, 20 destroiers, 35 frigates, 13 support ships, 2 carriers.

Location: Diverse, often in Base castle (Kepler)

Status: full operational

Identification Color: Red (Eighth), Coral red (Ninth), Brown (Tenth)

History: Many lessons were learned in the "grox colonies war" one of then was: the inferior technology of federation can face the more advanced grox's ships with frigtes better than with cruisers. Fast, agile, and relatively strong, they have attacked the grox without mercy and won. This made clear that the next fleets would be make, mostly, of frigates. Today this fleets will be the pillar of a new offencive against the grox or any hostile species.

Eleventh and Twelfth fleetsEdit

Number of ships: 60

Ships: 5 dreadnought, 10 cruisers, 15 destroiers, 20 frigates, 10 support ships

Location: diverse or in base castle (kepler)

Status: full operational

Identification Color: light orange (Eleventh), Dark orange (Twelfth)

History: built for defense or attack this ship will be the Switchblade of the Federation navy in the case of a new war.

Thirteenth fleetEdit

Number of ships: 60

Ships: 5 dreadnought, 10 cruisers, 15 destroiers, 20 frigates, 10 support ships

Location: diverse or base castle (kepler),( being built in base castle -kepler- and galilei)

Status: under construction (85 % concluded)

Identification Color: Salmon

History: equal to the eleventh and twelfth fleets, it will be one more switchblade to the navy.

Fourteenth and Fifteenth fleetsEdit

Number of ships: 60

Ships: 10 cruisers, 15 destroiers, 25 frigates, 10 support ships

Location: Border sistems ( being built in base castle-kepler- and galilei)

Status: under construction (80 % concluded)

Identification Color: Purple (Fouthteeth), Lilac (Fifteenth)

History: built for detection of enemies that in someway pass though the grade of sensors in the borders, this fleet will be the first line of defense of the nation.

Home FleetEdit

Number of ships: 55

Ships: 7 dreadnought, 10 cruisers, 15 destroiers, 17 frigates, 6 support ships

Location: Galilei

Status: under construction (80 % conclude)

Identification Color: White

History: built to protect exclusively the capital, Galilei, this fleet will be an extra help to the first fleet and probably Federation's the last line of defence.

Zero-Zero FleetEdit

Number of Ships: unknown, probably less than 30.

Ships: unknown, probably mostly frigates and destroiers

Location: diverse

Status: unknown, probably nonexistent

Identification Color: Black(?)

History: a rumor that star to spread during the war against the grox, the zero-zero fleet was suposed to be a secret fleet, with the best ships, equipment and personal, only use secret missions. Except for some rumors there is no evidence of such fleet, but this don't stop the "legend" and the rumor to spread.

"secret fleet!, i don't know... they don't tell me nothing here, ask the prime minister." -kan rolling(president) when ask about the fleet.

"The president said to you come here?, ask Ben(first lord of the almiralty) he is the one who take care of the navy." -Catherine Collins( prime minister) when asked about the fleet.

"Catherine send you here, there is no such fleet in my command, ask the president he may know more aout this than me." -Benjamin Lovel ( first lord of the almiralty) when asked about the fleet.




Scientifical corpsEdit

"What make our Federation what it is" -Benjamin Lovel ( first lord of the almiralty) Anthem:

The scientific corps are a division of the Federation military forces exclusive dedicated to explore other words and make contact with new empires. This corp is actually older than the Federation, it was founded by the unified government of Galileu in 2755 and then incorporated by the federation in 2778, being the oldest Federation's arm. It has an exclusive fleet with modified ship to incorporate new instruments and systems. The Scientific corps were responsible to the first contact to almost half of the non-associated empires and 80% of the associated empires.

As it make the first contact with many empires and it ships carry few weapon, often this fleet is use in diplomatical events and to carry diplomats in normal situations. Also this fleet created and test many of new military technologies as deflector shild, High-tech terraformation and Super-Gauss cannon.

Some rumors affirm that the suposed Zero-Zero fleet actually respond to the Scientifical corps and not to the Navy.

Scientifical FleetEdit

Number of ships: 35

Ships: 10 cruisers, 5 destroiers, 15 frigates, 5 support ships

Location: diverse

Status: full operational

Despite the actual fleet, there is more ships used in smaller groups, sometimes none group, just one lonely ship.


The anthem of the federation, A brand new day (, had being used sinse the ending of the Grox colonies war

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