The Federation of Free States, or by it's official name The Galactic Federation of Free States and Alliances is a massive coalition government constructed by the member states of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment and the Covenant of Mirus to create a united, central government to maintain freedom and safety in the galaxy, and ensure, with the combined resources of both, that the galaxy would have an age of prosperity and freedom the likes of which Mirus has rarely seen, with help and membership from various extragalactic groups, including member states of Tyris Major. The leaders of the GFFSA seek a strong government to do away with the piracy and criminality of the Blackstar Cartel and other similar groups, and the threat to freedom posed by the Imperial Remnant, the Second Imperium. They are aboslutely united in their desire to put an end to existential threats to all of Mirus such as the Brotherhood of Darklings and Ultima Singularity.

Although a united government styling itself after the likes of the New Cyrannian Republic and other governments, the FFS maintains a looser, coalition style government, with standard Liberal Democracies, like the Empire of Zarbania able to maintain it's own government alongside the more Socialist/worker-owned society of the Mendel Pact. The government of each member state is irrelevant, only that freedom and working class people have the freedom to choose their leaders, something observed by all members. While a central government exists headed by representatives of each nation, and commands a central army and navy, each member also calls upon it's own forces and navies to protect itself, and ensure the central government does not have more power then the member states.

The FFS also has the loyalty of several Essence-using organizations, from the Imperial Knights to the Koatria, but have countless such groups, each working as diplomats, investigators in Darkling activity and other duties to help keep things united and generally peaceful.


Early History[]

The Federation of Free States and Alliances has truly been a concept since the formation of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment and it's member states attempts to stabilize Mirus, in the face of numerous threats. The Zarbania Powers, Confederacy of Cordac, and Drakodominatus Tyranny remained active in opposing the various UAE members, including the Waptoria Alliance of Species, Mendel Pact, United Persan Descendants, and their allies in Tyris cluster of Mirusian satellites, United Knights Alliance. These conventional conflicts were further pushed by more supernatural influences, the Brotherhood of Darklings creating cults and madmen to influence and destroy their foes as they saw fit, the Ultima Singularity sought to assimilate any that came close into it's all-encompassing cyborg Hive-mind, and the Blackstar Cartel pushed further and further into government, bribing, kidnapping and extorting any that would not join it. Marauding forces, such as the Imperium of War, Skordi Tribes and Mirus Loron remained constant aggressors to all sides.

With the help of the Multus Esse, it was hoped the UAE could successfully defeat these foes, but the sheer volume of enemies caused even the Alliance to struggle eventually. The final humiliation came with the Mirusian powers' defeat by the Xonexi Allies, lead by the French, who was the UAE as ineffective and mostly replaced it with the Covenant of Mirus. Some powers, such as the Waptoria and the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation, saw it as a chance to do what the Alliance could not, with the resources and powers of the Xonexi to do what Mirusians could not, while the Mendel and Zarbanians saw it as thinly veiled attempt at Imperialism by the Xonexi powers to guide and direct Mirusian affairs as they saw fit, rather then letting them choose their own path. Others like the Persan, while not doubting the Xonexi's sincerity, believed that no relationship born from the defeat of one party at another's hands could never be equitable and thus opposed the Covenant on those grounds.

A full populist revolt in the Mendel would force them into a brief but bloody civil war, in which Kirta reigned, and worked to win the support of her people that had been lost with her father.

In time, the Xonexi powers would withdraw from Mirusian affairs as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus extended it's powerbase, the Xonexi working to hamstring the Empire and keep it in check behind the scenes, and essentially letting the Mirusians deal with the Cyrannian Empire militarily. While this had always been the plan of the Xonexi, and the Mirusians indeed went to war with the Galactic Empire, doing the dirty work of the Xonexi Allies for them, the revelation essentially destroyed the Covenant of Mirus. On the flip side, this united the Zarbanians with the other powers, and convinced them to put aside their differences, as the other powers fought the Empire, the Zarbanian forces worked to support and supply them from behind the scenes.

More importantly, it gave a better base to work from for a watchdog organizations in Mirus, and ultimately had the better groundwork as a galactic government and ability to process claims and issues Mirusian kingdoms and states would have in the court of law and diplomatically then the UAE had, which had always been hamstrung by the constant wars and battles with outside forces. The main issue was the bitter pride in most of the powers. As the Waptoria time and again tried to tell their peers, it was an attempt to marry the Covenant's military and economic legitimacy and power, with the legacy and lasting benefits of the Alliance Enlightenment, but this pride would not let them see the benefit.

While the MTC and WAOS saw it as a workable framework, despite skepticism in some members, the Mendel's bitter grudge-keeping and believing in a score had to be settled, in the Zarbanian's almost overwhelming pride and ego, kept them from seeing the benefits the Covenant it could have. The UPD's own pervasive cynicism towards the international community at large resulted in the regarding every promise the Covenant made as hallow. To the Mendel, the Covenant was nothing short of colonialism, an insidious attempt by the French and others to worm their way into Mirus and begin changing cultures and breaking and shaping them to a more seemly ideal. Though it wasn't a stance held by all, the Zarbanians and the Persan felt that a "Mirus-lead" project made from a Non-Mirusian Victory in war had no chance of really winning hearts and minds.

It was after the War with the Empire, which made the embittered and hurt-pride of the Mendel bounce back, and the return of multiple Mirusian powers back home, carrying the ideas of their Oathsworn allies and kin, the New Cyrannian Republic, that they wished to try their hand again at a great Galactic government, one based on peace and equal understanding, where each side held equal say and everyone could meet at the table. Mendel fighting in Borealis, alongside the Polar Crystal Alliance, further gave them another source of inspiration.

For this, the Waptoria, Zarbanians, Mendel and many others, Tyrisian and others, came to the table, and began discussion. Taking the resources of both the largely defunct UAE and the Covenant of Mirus, which had stalled with the shrinking political influence of France, these powers envisioned a new Federation, one stronger and more vibrant then any before it. With Zarbania switching to a more democratic system of government, and bringing their allies, Cordacian and the Consulate of Paxis with them, it would have more member states and a strong frame to work with.

Now, to put such ideals to practice.

The Formation[]

The Empire's defeat and the New Republic's Ascendance opened the Mirusian allies of the latter to follow in it's footsteps.

The powers that formed the Federation wanted to keep what worked with the UAE and Covenant, the idea that Mirusians would no longer have to use war and violence to achieve their goals, and could come to the table to discuss and hash out their differences was important, as was setting territorial boundaries and ending any lingering disputes and attitudes. A standard for galactic law would be put in place, and a way to police any rogue states and actors, with the newly formed Federation fleet and Armies, the 8 Navies and 8 Sector Armies reformed and reorganized to do the fighting that no independent power could accomplish.

This was the important part. The Mendel had pointed to the Empire, and the danger of too much centralized power in the galaxy. While the Republic was a respected comrade and ally, the Mendel believed it was only a matter of time before Liberal Democracy transformed into another Genocidal Reactionary Empire, and it would be important to keep the central power of the Federation in check. For this reason, every state would maintain it's own fleets for defense, exploration and combat, as well as armies, while allowing any member to leave if the Federation's power grew too encompassing and controlling. For this reason, the Federation's main fighting forces would be smaller then the other states, but advanced and strong enough to police and deal with rogue actors.

Despite lingering bitterness to the Xonexi, they would not yet have their territory hemmed in, though the Mendel made it clear that adopting the standard policy of the Cyrannian powers and limiting the number of systems for future extragalactics would be needed, but only when their threats at home were dealt with, like the Brotherhood and Singularity.

With that finished, the Federation began it's shaky steps, it's fleets slowly built and prepared to take the fight to any powers that would threaten the stability of the Mirus Galaxy going forward, Alpha Blue Intelligence Operatives gathering intel and threat assessments on the rival powers, while the Mirusians prepared to take a bright new step forward.

As it's mighty fleets explored the reaches of space, mystic orders of great power and strength developed and joined their Orders to the government, such as the Imperial Knights, Koatria, Antroth Battle Mages, Knights of Eire and countless others working together as Guardians of the Federation, a mirror image to the same role the Aldárae Order held with the New Republic.

Further on, the Khanornusi of Cyrannus would request observer status within the Federation, and seek to find their wayward kin in Mirus, hoping to unite themselves again, feeling some kinship with the Mirusians as well for their connection to the Multus Esse. The Khanornusi would slowly work to help map out the galaxy, and give their archives and records to the Mirusians to hopefully spread knowledge and wisdom to all.

The great hope was to also begin traveling into the Eastern Sphere of Mirus, an unexplored and often lawless zone of the galaxy home to many terrifying and otherworldly Empires and Kingdoms. With time, they could hopefully speak with, and diplomatically approach the Eastern Empires and Kingdoms as equals and help unite the galaxy in peace and prosperity.



Due to the sheer volume of races, species, empires, republics, and other states that make up the Federation's ranks, from Mirus to Milky Way and other galaxies, it near impossible to describe the Federation as one unified culture or society. Outside of embracing the ideals of freedom, elections, autonomy of choice and other aspects, the Federation is dizzyingly diverse, ranging from the nature-attuned Waptorians, to the technology worshiping Persan, to the heavy-drinking, brawling Mendel, all of their members are united by common interests and ideals, while maintaining their independence.

However, regardless of cultural differences all members must adhere to four basic laws which are referred to as the Four Cornerstones: that no sapient shall be devalued based on species or ethnicity, that no sapient being shall be held in bondage, that all sapient beings have their material needs provided for, and a blanket band on post-sapient studies and attempts at immortality (this does not include transapient practices and life extension technology). While in the core worlds of the member-states and the shared territories of the FFS the Cornerstones are pretty much universally adhered out in the peripheries and the territories of observer states adherence can be spotty and incomplete at times. A member-state need not adhere perfectly to the Cornerstones, it need only make an active effort to bring the Cornerstones to all its citizens.


The Government of the Federation is headed by the Chief of State, a figure elected by the individual member states' citizens to ensure leadership on the galactic stage and to represent their interests with foreign diplomats and acting similar to a President and Prime Minister, being the lead of the executive office and able to pass laws with approval of the FFS Council and senate. The Chief of State has authority over the branches of the military, including Intelligence, Army, Navy and the Olympian Chapters and such.

The Senatorial Council is represented by a Councilor chosen from among the member states, representing their state and it's interests, and debating in the halls of the Council chambers to come up with the laws that can best represent the interests of all members. A Councilor is one, and represents their chosen empire or state, while being elected by it, but is not the leader, to avoid conflicts of interest and keep each independent leader from becoming overwhelmed with both running their state and seeing to Council meetings.

The Judicial Branch holds the position of maintaining certain laws with the FFS to ensure all members follow the same basic tenants, and, with few exceptions such as the Confederacy of Cordac and Antroth Empire, these laws are generally considered mostly ceremonial, as the others have advanced enough that Gender, sexual, racial and other discriminations and unlawful practices are largely a thing of the past. The Confederacy has to be forced to adopt more modern practices of treating it's citizens fairly, while the Antroth still face issues with women having often more authority and rights then men.


The ability to choose religion and what one worships is inherently important to the concept of a free and autonomous people. Spodism has a strong hold in the FFS, but Zaraturaism, Draedanism and many, many more occupy a place in the people of the Federation of Free States and Alliances. As a government intuition, religious beliefs and sentiments must be kept from government choices, the government serving one people, not a religious state.


The Federation is centralized in Mirus and that is it's strong hold of influence, followed by the secondary Galactic Capital of nearby Tyris Major. Following are the colonies in Cyrannus, dominated by the Waptorian, Mendel, Persan, Zarbanian, Draekar and Khanornusi worlds and colonies. The FFS further controls sizable portions of worlds in Quadrants 82 and 21 from Draekar and Zarbanian holdings, the nearly Nebulon wormhole plateau through the NOVA and the Serpentaxy, and Borealis territories through colonization by the Mendel Pact.

Whether they can effectively utilize these territories is a very different story, however. The Worlds in Mirus, Tyris Major and Cyrannus are well protected, maintained and watched over by the United Armies and Fleets. Exceptions like the APR core worlds aside, FFS territories in the Milky Way, Borealis, Quadrants and others have been forced to be somewhat self-sufficient until resources can be directed towards bringing them up to standards.

Member States[]

Full Members
Observer Status - Those Empires that have Senatorial representation, but for whatever reason, do not vote on matters concerning the Federation, yet have membership and protection from it.
Association Status - Those Empires that wish to work together closely with the FFS, but are not a formal part of it. They have no Senatorial representation or FFS protection, but can freely observe FFS meetings. Their association status also counts as a non-aggression pact between themselves and the FFS.
Independent Worlds - These are small worlds that have just achieved space flight, and joined the FFS, but are allowed to grow and develop by themselves without interference.



The various member states each maintain their own armies and forces, ranging from Special Forces, frontline infantry units and various other troops and formations. The FFS Army itself, however, is made up of Eight Sector Legions, each located in areas of prime importance and strategic value, and deployed to respond to threats that individual members cannot contain or handle on their own. The Legions have members from each species in specialized, standardized armor and weapons that make them a more advanced threat then other forces, supported by heavy tanks, artillery and walkers. Further, these Legions can call upon a few hundred Olympian Super soldiers to better deal with threats and foes with their genetically engineered bodies and their advanced weaponry and tools.

The army can call upon certain special units from the member worlds, such as Super-Commandos from the Mendel, the C2 Baron Droid unit "The Orange Pandaks" of Maltesa, the Advanced War Droids of Balbora Bay and countless other units that either protect their homeworlds alongside Federation State Forces, or are deployed in auxiliary roles alongside their armies in campaigns that require their expertise and abilities.

Federation Infantry Legions recruit from each state, each member sending their newest recruits to the FFS Academies and Barracks as part of their membership, though which they choose varies. Some simply take random numbers, or even outlaws and the worst of the worst, and send them to the FFS to take them off their hands, and hope the discipline and training takes away their worst traits and attitudes. Others pick their best fighters and bravest warriors, sending them for the singular honor of facing the worst of the galaxy's threats without fear or doubt in their minds.


The Federation Navy, like the Army, has a centralized, powerful fleet of warships used by all members that can be built from any shipyard, and are constructed as part of the New Generation Program, seeking to modernize and revolutionize the fleets of the FFS. While the old Vessels, such as the Exalted-class Star Destroyer and Olympian-class Frigates of the Unified Federation of Glory are still used, new designs, such as the Strident-class Assault Carrier, the Ranger-class Escort Gunship and multiple other designs have come to prominence from the NGP, and are the most common vessels.

Like the army, 8 Sector Fleets are used by the FFS to see to the threats individual members of the Federation's states cannot defeat, and ensure a quick victory once they arrive.

Like with the Army, auxiliary units from it's member states are used, such as Mendel Clans loaning some of their ships, Vanara Corsair vessels and other ships joining FFS fleets based on either the needs they have to face on the battlefield, or their distance, individual member worlds and states loaning their ships to supplement and give their forces the edge in battle.


  • Alpha Blue Article

FFS Intelligence Agencies are centered around the Alpha Blue Agency, which handles most intel gathering for foreign empires and enemies of the state, focusing on threat assessment, target values and how best to counter and swiftly deal with them before a fight gets too dragged out. Alpha Orange, meanwhile, deals with internal threats such as radical terrorists and Darkling groups, and often has faced harsh levels of scrutiny from the Mendel Pact especially, being forced to stay away from Anarchist groups that often follow similar ideals to the Mendel. Alpha Red, meanwhile, is the top level of Intelligence and the most secret, only the Chief of State and member leaders able to access their files and documents on what they plan and execute.

Essence Schools and Mystic Orders[]

Although the idea of a Galactic government was based on, partially, the ideals of the New Cyrannian Republic, brought over by Mendel, Waptoria and Persan soldiers returning home from fighting alongside their allies and Oathsworn kin, the idea of Essence using orders to protect the Republic and it's people is executed slightly differently then the Aldárae Order, who are a singular body charged with the protection of the New Republic. Rather, the Federation relies on a coalition of Essence-using mages, mystics, knights and others to ensure it's peace, and drawn from members of other states and organizations, united by a shared desire to see the best interests of the galaxy and make sure all is well. These members act as military leaders, diplomats, scholars and academics, who seek to share their knowledge with others, ensure safety of innocents, and, as a united goal for all, the destruction of the Darklings and their mad-cults. The various Orders handle training differently, and while standards exist, all of them are trained slightly differently, with different roles in mind.

The most famous are the Koatria, but members of these Mystic Orders include everything from Zarbanian Imperial Knights, Persan Splicer-Shamans, Antroth Battle Mages and many, many more, their ranks spread far and wide, seeing to many, many issues and fighting against all kinds of foes, ranging from radical terrorist cells, gangsters and criminal cartels, and focusing their might and energies on the Darklings and their power-mad cults.


Relations with other powers are managed by the Federation Diplomatic Service, who study, work with and lodge with foreign powers to ensure the Federation's place is respected and the alliances it keeps remain strong, as well as diffusing situations and helping pave the way for peace with other powers. Along with the Alpha Red Agency, it helps understand and study threats from other Empires and how best to beat them. The Diplomatic Service further helps maintain relations and trade between member states and ensure cracks in the foundation of their alliances do not break up the Federation as a whole.

Green face.png Allies[]

Our cooperation will ensure peace among the stars!

Blue face.png Trade[]

We will work together for a better future.

Yellow face.png Neutral[]

We seek no quarrel.

  • Ku'Orull Swarmhood - They are no one's enemies, but they are dangerous allies.
  • The Purity - The goal of removing vice is admirable, but our allegiance is to a Republic, to Democracy. The lack of freedom only hampers you.

Orange face.png Disliked[]

Your attitude and actions have cost both our sides dearly.

Red face.png Enemies[]

We did not seek this conflict, but we will end it!

Quotes from others[]

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We are honoured to count the Federation of Free States as one of the closest friends and partners, and the New Republic stands ready to help in any way we can.

- President Apollo