The Federation of Ezangei is a new empire in Katar sector in the Milky Way galaxy and aims to create to order through any means possible! Even if that does mean manipulation and the such, but it is all a noble cause indeed don't you agree? Surely you do? Because the Federation does not tolerate traitors and rebels, they simply get in the way of our- I mean their ideals; after all, they just want to bring order.

History Edit

The Federation of Ezlangei was formed after 87 years of successful trading between the Unified Countries of Ivar and the Kylanzi Republic and a unified attack on a minor criminal empire. Soon relation between the two allies grew considerably and species began to migrate. Soon the two empires came in contact with other empires and decided to unify after learning about how dangerous the sector could've been if they were divided.

They later stumbled across the Farengeto Republic in 2790 and were suspicious at first as they had never met aliens like them but soon established a trade after some discussions amongst the government. A trade was established and the Federation's economy boosted dramatically. This age was thought to be a small golden age but instead turned into a silver age after they joined the KSA in 2793, as they were at war...They were further away from the golden dream then ever.

Species Edit

CRE Ezelang Elf-0f869472 ful
  • Type:2C2

Ezelang are the founding race of the Federation and a major member of it as well as being the most numerous race as well. They bear much similarities to humans however they have a higher essence capability than us and better eyesight as well. They preform many of the none heavy duties jobs and happily get along with their reptilian friends, the Kylanzi. However the Ezlangei are known for their xenophobic attitudes towards other humanoids.

CRE Kylanzi-0f894eea ful
  • Type:4C1

Kylanzi are the second race in the Federation of Ezlangei and are also a vital member in it's society as well preforming many of the more heavy duty jobs while still playing a important role in politics and science. While they lack a good essence capability, some of their diverse subspecies can master it better than others however, in their history, subspecies have been the victims of racism and slavery, just like humans.

CRE Sharicary-0fefcb01 ful

  • Type:Gaaah Where is this now?

The Sharicry are a race of amphibians native to the planet of Saun, a world not too different from Earth with the exception of less colder environments and more tropical environments. The Sharicry were uplifted from their Middle ages by the Federation of Ezlangei. There are well known for their superb hunting skills and can swim at fast speeds. They take an interest in technology but almost treat it like magic due to the history as an primitive civilization and for that almost act zealously around the Kylazni and Ezlangei giving the impression that the Kylanzi and Ezlangei are the dominate rulers of the Federation which is false.

CRE Argysaurus-0fefcb02 ful

  • Type:Gaaah Where is this now?

The Agrysaurus are a highly aggressive and hostile race of pseudo reptiles hailing from the planet, named by the Federation as Agry-Prime. Normally a planet of harsh winters and cold mountains, the Argysaurus hailed form the desert wastelands of the planet instead but they could not survive the cold so they were stuck in their place. Eventually before they had even reached the Middle Ages they had already started wars among each other and overpopulation became a problem. Thankfully the Federation uplifted them and were soon to become one of the strongest species in the Federation. However with most of them their lack of intelligence permits them form fighting alongside their allies. Some would say they are a mistake.

Individuals Edit

CRE Supreme Commander Orila-0f894eeb ful

I serve my KSA brothers and the noble cause of the Federation.

- Orila Dusight

Orila Dusight is the supreme commander of the Ezlangei Federation and a noble supporter of it's cause. He believes the galaxy is a surprising place so he has his equipment on at all times even in the safety of the empire's flag ship, the Dellador. He gets on very well with the Katar Sector Alliance and is a supporter of the Drodo Empire.

Spore 2013-04-12 19-49-26

CRE Aigandand-0f8bd614 ful

I will bravely protect my people till the very end.

- Aigandand Herrostein

Aigandand is a new yet experienced Grand Admiral who studies well on his enemies before attacking them and also is researcher in essence despite his races lack of interest inside the subject although they have a good capability of handling it. The Paladin (His flag-ship) is also a much more modern design than Orila's yet it is smaller and weaker but only by a small amount so it is still a formidable ship on the battlefield. He is also good friends with Orila and often keep in touch about the sector. Spore 2013-04-12 19-48-48

CRE Kings of Federation-0f8fd447 ful

We come. We bring order.

- The Kings(?)

The Kings of Peace, Knowledge and War are a group of biologically modified Ezlange Elves who are able to function as a intelligent hive mind and, while not strictly the leaders of the Federation, keep peace and order in the government and make decisions while the politicians are squabbling amongst themselves when they fail to come to a decision. Knowledge and War used to be power hungry politicians who would do anything for power and even gave up their personality for it. Peace however, merely did for the good of his people in an act of selflessness. While the scientist who modified them knows most about them, he does not know whether they have emotions at all or if they have yet to display them. While all traces of their personality's seem to have disappeared, a new one may have been created all together. However it was revealed to the government that the Kings had suffered a heart attack and their systems failed. The Ezlangei now have a President instead.

CRE Trilasida-0fa4f276 ful

Order must be achieved at any cost...But it just seems harder now with aliens about at war with us...

- Trilasida Hearkalam

Trilasida is the Commander is an incredibly brave Ezlange Elf and is one of the few who make up the higher ranks of the military. He came from a poor background and had to live off what he could. Unlike most areas, this area Trilasida lived in was high in crime but Trilasida usually kept away from criminals and none knew of his existence. He managed to escape to a richer city and joined school at the age of 13. Despite his age, he went through all stages of education and managed to excel in Law & Engineering. However Trilasida picked up Combat studies while researching Engineering's role in the military. He joined the military and has went up the ranks very quickly. He is already a Commander and devotes himself to the Federation.

Society Edit

The Federation's society is very varied depending on how far you are form the home world as well as a number of other factors. Poverty is not unheard of but the citizens manage to avoid crime most of the time and still receive their basic essentials from the Federation such as food and water. The worlds closer to the homeworld are usually richer or have a better standard of living. Katarians often visit the Federation and the planets near the homeworld making them cultural melting pots and thus carries on making them places the aliens of the Federation would much desire to live in.

Technology Edit

The Federation has some very good pieces of sophisticated tech and are happy enough to trade with empires seeing it as a good way to make profit. Most technology runs on electricity produced by nuclear energy on heavy industrial planets. They try to make their technology unique to attract empires to buy it from them. Their technology can be quite powerful but it is mainly for peaceful purposes however, the Federation is not hesitant to use it as a destructive force as they wish to keep order.

Economy Edit

The Federation of Ezlangei focuses on capitalism although the government seems to want to have a higher control over the market due to corporations evading tax and security concerns. Poverty can occur in the father reaches of the Federation but the citizens still seem well off; perhaps even more content than the wealthier citizens of the Federation.

Goverment Edit

The Federation functions somewhat differently apart from most Katar Empires as their government is a massive wide scale meritocracy composed of different races and politicians who are the very best and most trusted of members of the Federation regardless of what background they come from. There are over 650 members however they still squabble over what to do so this is why the Federation has the Kings to help the government come to a decision.

States Edit

Religion Edit

Religion has never been developed by both species of the Federation so the idea is new to them. Religious freedom is allowed however with most religions.

Military Edit

The Federation of Ezlangei has a moderately sized military enough to hold back attackers and launch a decent offensive invasion on another empire. Many types of ships are in the Federation, with some older designed still lingering about for more than 60 years. New designs tend to be fast and powerful and can hold a decent amount of crew inside and are also very easy to maintain. Soldiers are also kitted out with good equipment and also some of them have the proper training in essence. Solider numbers are declining so its only a matter of time before the Federation will have to find a species with the warrior spirit.

Relations Edit

Katar Sector Alliance Flag

  • The Drodo - A force to be reckoned with. Nice to know we are allies and not enemies.
  • The Farengeto Republic - Good to know that they stopped trading with the Tyranny. - Allied+Trading
  • Aeoneonatrix - Strange empire indeed. They seem good so far.
  • The Sindar Dominion - We aspire to be a great industrial power - not like them - but bigger.
  • Miperiors Empire - Their technological prowess is amazing and such good trading tatics. They remind us of us, only wackier.
  • The United Federation of Species - The places they must have been and seen...We are curious and hungry to learn more...
  • The Scientific Combine - What is this biological engineering? We are intrigued.

Yellow face
  • Thérenian Dominion - They might be of help actually...
  • The Mardor - Hmph, we will tolerate their existence and maybe things may improve...Slowly.

Enemies Edit

Orange face

At war Edit

Crossed Swords
  • The Tarkan Empire - So many systems to destroy and burn, which one should we start with?

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Trivia Edit

  • Ezlangei is the plural for the Ezlang Elves. Not Ezlangs.
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