The Federal Government of Ottzello was the primary superpower of the Ottzello Galaxy and the first formed with the intention of bringing together the galaxy under one rule. Formed directly after the Grand Ottzel Order's emancipation of slaves, the Federal Government of Ottzello was dominated by the Ottzel for a while, until the Heeyorian traders, Galotian policies, Inalton military and Blyro'Tralzica became prominent. The Government stood mostly for the freedom of the individual, for the free market and for uniting a galaxy under capitalism, where the market dominates people, as opposed to forces of fear.

The Federal Government had a huge military, and its space-time based technology was the most advanced in Ottzello until the Empire of the Kralgon outstripped them in power. The Federal Government was also by far the largest and strongest power in Ottzello until the Unified Nation of Ottzello outmatched it in size and strength. Though Ottzello was reclusive, the Federal Government managed to trade with a few powers outside of Ottzello. Despite the corruption, the Government stood strong for over 1,000 years. While the Federal Government stood for freedom of speech, the richer and more influential individuals had a much stronger say in its affairs, and for this reason, stagnated for years.

The Federal Government is highly criticised for its corruption, its stagnation due to reluctance to progress greatly, and its reclusive nature. Many historians originally pointed towards it as proof that the Ottzello Galaxy could not successfully unite under a single nation, though this was later proven wrong by the Unified Nation of Ottzello, a much more stable organisation. The Federal Government of Ottzello's collapse led to many dark ages in the galaxy lost to history for a long period.



The Federal Government of Ottzello was formed directly after the Grand Ottzel Order. An empire led by the Ottzels, the Grand Ottzel Order was known for enslaving near-sentient species, and forcing them to learn Ottzello Basic as a common language. A few of these slaves, if their masters allowed it, were given more important roles within the Grand Ottzel Order. Over time, as more of the slaves began to accept this new language, more and more Ottzels saw that there was very little difference between enslaved races and Ottzels, other than the fact that the Ottzels were spacefaring first.

After many different civil wars and democratic process, the Grand Ottzel Order eventually emancipated the slaves. Feeling it was no longer appropriate for a Grand Ottzel Order government to dominate the galaxy, the Federal Government of Ottzello was formed, under the belief that it was the fairest society for a future Ottzello government. Over many more years, the Grand Ottzel Order's flags were replaced with those of the Federal Government, with attempts made to annex newly forming spacefaring empires.

Years of Prosperity[]

The years following the Federal Government's formation are widely referred to as the Years of Prosperity. With far more scientists, businesses and other organisations gaining prominence as a direct result of emancipation of slaves, the Federal Government became much richer and began to colonize the majority of the galaxy. The government owned the majority of space outside of the galactic core, which was home to the Ottzelloan Grox, but not too far to the outer worlds, many of which became the home of exiles of the Federal Government.

Notably, the Federal Government gained an alliance with a new order that followed, the Blyro'Tralzica. Becoming the main military force of the government, as well as its main religion, Blyronism, the two organisations were almost synonymous with one another up to a point. Many wished for a separation of them, though others wished for the Blyro'Tralzica alliance to be much stronger.


Though the centuries following are referred to as a golden age for the galaxy, this is not the full truth. Once the Federal Government reached a certain point in its expansion, it became plagued with too many of its own problems to expand to further colonies outside of the galaxy. Exiles and criminals made their homes in these uncharted spaces, and the Federal Government told many of its people not to travel to uncharted spaces in Ottzello, which prevented exploration.

Many more stories of the corruption and the horrors of the lives of lower class people were soon published. These caused alarms among many citizens, though very few batted eyes. A well-known case is that of Falrik Zaarkhun; living with his mother, Zaarkhun lived in a lower-class ghetto, which was widely ignored as he lived in poverty, unable to gain education and forced to sell drugs in order to keep his family well. Later, the Federalist government decided to cut down on poverty by destroying several worse-off ghettoes so that they no longer needed to be fed, though this was only to boost approval ratings as it would show that the government had reduced poverty and the number of people living on welfare. Zaarkhun's ghetto on a Heeyorian world was targetted, although he escaped. He moved in with the Zaarkhun Consortium, a richer group of exiled criminals of the Federal Government.

Zaarkhun's story is one of the more famous stories of the later years of the Federal Government before its downfall, and it is speculated that the years in which the government attempted to conceal the true injustice, poverty and exploitation of the system are filled with far more tragedies, all of which hidden by a government which wished to stay in power.


After a series of events known as the Great Blyro War, the Federal Government of Ottzello fell to its knees and collapsed. Many criticized the instability of the government and its corrupt values as the reason for its in ability to cope with war.



The Federal Government was democratic, and divided into several different regions of space with different governors. Governors for these regions made up a seat in the Ottzello Council. Members of a political party which gained the majority of seats were unopposed, and other situations became known as coalition governments. There would be an elected president, which would be a representative of a certain political party. The Federal Government had two main political parties:

  • Federalists: A party who believed in military dominance and imperialism, the Federalists would strive for a fairer society and would believe in a welfare state. Representatives were mostly former military officers or soldiers. Higher-ups in the Federalist parties believed in rule through fear, by expanding their military and defence spending to crush any opposition groups.
  • Monetarists: A party who believed in market freedoms and capitalist expansions, the Monetarists were mostly made up of corporate investors and rich business owners. They believed class privilege was only a result of hard work of the individual, and believed that society could be ruled through capitalism, as making the individual strive for a place in society subjects them to reliance on a market, which they felt could hold society together without the need of war.
  • Independents: Major independent parties included the New Grand Ottzel Order - a party of Ottzel supremacists who believed the Ottzels were the superior race - and other parties who believed more in liberalism and anti-capitalist values. However, independent parties were largely ignored, firstly due to a lack of political experience, and secondly due to the control the Monetarists had on the media.

The Federalists and Monetarists mostly owned several media outlets, and the Federalists were portrayed as war heroes with Monetarists portrayed as more in-touch with the needs of the average workers (despite mostly being made up of rich upper-class leaders). Both parties would secretly pay several other mercenary and criminal groups to launch terror attacks on the Government, in order to create fear amongst people for a certain enemy. Several politicians were, as such, known for creating and prolonging wars to stay in power.


Very little is known of the Federal Government's technology, though it is believed to be poorer than Kralgon technology. Very few members of the government were interested in technology expansion, believing instead that expansion of the market was more important.


The Federal Government relied largely on the Vyronicia Fleet and the Blyro'Tralzica warriors for their military, although they also employed soldiers and mercenaries to their cause. Military and defence spending made up the majority of government spending throughout its history, although how much was being spent on defence typically depended on how many Federalist politicians were in power. It is known that the Federal Government employed the use of space-time weapons and coilguns, technology which became much more prominent once rediscovered by the Unified Nation of Ottzello many years later.


The society of the Federal Government is characterised by its large gap between rich and poor. It is well known that there was a huge availability of wealth in the higher-up classes, and very little among lower classes, among which poverty and mortality rates are frighteningly high. These figures are found throughout the history of the Ottzello galaxy, however, with the Empire of the Kralgon and Galot Republic being the only empires to come later to truly combat wealth and privilege, and poverty. As many members of certain classes were denied the right to vote, and were typically illiterate, stories from the lower classes are unknown. However, one well-known and published story came from one member, Falrik Zaarkhun, who spoke of the horrors of the ghetto.



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It is very depressing that our history is filled with such bloodshed and inequality...and to think that the Federal Government is actually seen as one of the better eras of Ottzello history.

- Valzaria

A truly great government, but not one without evils. It was one of the worst governments in universe, but one of the best in Ottzello.

- Tuolog

Anyone who believes UNO, or any Kralgon empire, was unjust or immoral...has no clue what our history contains

- Kralgon Emperor


- Zr'Ahgloth

ive seen dis civilizashun in VISIONS OF DA PAST... shame deyz ded. fightin dem culdve been SIK

- Brag'klogga

A powerful government that believed it's economic system could self-stabilise, for the pursuit of self-interest for the individual hero... Yet a government which became trapped in its rigid system of control. Details are different to my Coalition yes. But notes taken...

- Warlord Lunarai-Khan's personal notes.