The Farengeto Republic is a Confederate Republic located primarily in the Delcath Subsector, with territories across the Katar Sector and in the Bunsen Galaxy and Quadrant 82. The Republic is a diverse nation home to dozens of species and an influence spanning hundreds of light years. Formed through a union of empires in 2783, the Republic truly established itself ten years later during Attero Dominatus, setting events into motion which would grow Farengeto into one of greatest powers in the sector.



Millions of years ago the planet Farengeto was home to the aquatic Farengeto. Though they never left the oceans of their world they would develop an advanced civilization far beyond even the world's modern inhabitants. At some point their civilization died off and disappeared from an unknown cause, though archeological evidence indicates a mass extinction event around the time. Time has destroyed most evidence of the civilization, though scattered artifacts would survive into the present.

Farengeto History Map 1

Farengeto, late 2600s, at the outbreak of the Modian Civil War

Farengeto History Map 2

Farengeto, 2740s, before the Great Farengeto War

Farengeto History Map 3

Farengeto, 2760s, following the Great Farengeto War

Farengeto Map

Farengeto, 2783, At the time of the unification

Early HistoryEdit

The history of Farengeto is often said to be a dark tale. Much of it is rarely discussed with outsiders, though the truth is far from forgotten.

In 2659 the Modians became the first of the species of the modern Farengeto region to discover interstellar travel. Over the next hundred years many other species would take to the stars, and through the influence of the Modians and their trade network the region quickly developed. Old Farengeto outposts remain scattered throughout the region, The Modian Confederation and the Unatri Republic soon emerged as regional powers. In 2682 a political conflict would split the Modians into the Modian Confederation and the Modian Empire, beginning the devastating Modian Civil War which would rage for nearly a decade before a peace treaty was signed.

Following the Modian Civil War the region would remain relatively peaceful, but by the 2740s aggressive empires were quickly emerging, including the Garenti Empire and the Lagahti Union. The discovery of advanced technological artifacts on the Federation-controlled world of Farengeto in the Farnella system in 2747 would be the trigger event of what would be known as the Great Farengeto War.

In the early stages of the war the Lagahti and Garenti would make massive gains against the unprepared Modians and Unatri. The offensives and a renewed Civil War would devastate the Modian Empire. For over a decade the war continued, with the Garenti also launching a huge wave of expansion. Many empires would be devastated or destroyed in the conflict. In 2759 the Lagahti would deploy their F.L.E.I.J.A. superweapon, forcing renewed efforts from the Modians and Unatri leading to the Lagahti surrender in 2760. The Garenti would hold out for several months before a revolution lead by Halkon Lagenta would overthrow the monarchy and opened them to diplomacy. In 2761 the Treaty of Farengeto would end the war, among its terms a 5 light year neutral DMZ was established around it. The neutral zone would thrive as independednt neutral state that would become an economic hub of the region.

Rise of the RepublicEdit

The Great War had taken a devastating toll on the nations. In the shock of the aftermath the nations nearly instantly fell to peace, vowing to never let such a conflict happen again. They grew closer to trade, and eventually it became the core of their peace.

In 2773, Unaria Harenia was elected as President of the Unatri Republic. Beginning a campaign of peace, she spent much of the next five years increasing diplomatic ties in the region, and in 2778 this lead to the signing of the Farengeto Free Trade Agreement (FFTA) on the planet of the same name, which was now a bustling economic center. While the FFTA initially only included the 5 major empires, by the end of the year almost every empire of the region was a member.

In 2783 the new era of prosperity would bring forth the proposal of a full unification. After careful negotiations the members of the FFTA accepted the terms and formed the Farengeto Republic, named after and located on the planet which had played a key role in its history.

A Unified FarengetoEdit

Following the unification significant improvements were made in FTL technology, allowing travel both faster and farther and by the 2790s ships had begun travelling far across the Katar Sector in hopes of establishing alliances and trade routes.

The Farengeto were quickly drawn into Attero Dominatus after making first contact with the Drakodominatus Tyranny. They would then become a neutral party in the war, after establishing alliances with both the Tyranny and several members of the future KSA. Despite both internal and external pressures, the Farengeto Republic would remain neutral until 2792.

The Dominatus WarEdit

In early December of 2792, Chancellor Unaria secretly received an order from the Drakodominatus Tyranny to invade the Republic's neighbours as part of the Tasan Crisis, however she chose to ignore the request. When the Grand Tarkan Empire launched an invasion of the Miperiors Empire, the Farengeto navy was launched to support the defence as a diplomatic force. Though unsuccessful, the Republic would officially drop its relations with the Dominatus and join the Katar Sector Alliance in their fight against them. The war established the Farengeto Republic as a competent military force. At the end of the war the Republic was granted the Farengeto Occupation Zone, which became part of Farengeto as part of the new Farengeto Trade Coalition, a political and economic union to rebuild the region after the war.


The Farengeto Republic is a democratic republic system, consisting of several levels. Elections are held every 2 Farengeto years, or roughly every 4 and a half standard years.

Legally, the Farengeto Republic has no government and in theory each territory is its own state. The Farengeto Senate in the Farengeto Trade Coalition serves as the de facto central government of Farengeto.

The Farengeto Senate consists of 1024 delegates from the worlds of the Republic. Each delegate represents worlds or their populations, with each senator representing approximately 8 billion individuals as of 2800. The senate gathers on the capital of Farengeto, however the advent of FINIS allows senators to safely meet from anywhere in Republic territory.

Each of the Republic's 5 territories possess its own semi-autonomous regional government, which are divided into further levels with their own semi-autonomy that vary by region.

The Senate is headed by the Grand Council, which is lead by the Chancellor who serves as the head of state. There are 8 positions on the Council, determined by election. Each of the four main species of Farengeto and four administrative zones possess one seat. The Chancellor is elected first, and serves in their respective seat. Should the chancellor not fall into any of the positions they serve as a 9th member. The council has the power to make emergency decisions within the Farengeto constitution, under audit by the senate. The Council and Senate serve to monitor and regulate each other, keeping them responsible, transparent and accountable.


The majority of the Farengeto population use an implant system known as F.I.N.I.S., which allows wearers to access TekNet. TekNet has become an integral part of Farengeto society, and due to government support is used by over three quarters of the population. Connecting the words of Farengeto in an elaborate transwarp communication network, TekNet provided near-instantaneous connection throughout the empire and beyond in a network unmatched in scale by anything in Delcath.


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Good thing you are not in the Watchta Subsector, otherwise we would have invaded you, imperialists! Wait...err...I said that wrong...damn.

- SCEO Galak Tilhab of the New Corporate Krickan Union


  • The Farengeto Anthem: (extracted from Spore)
Farengeto Anthem


The Farengeto Unified Calendar (FUC) was designed following the Unification in 2783. The system uses a base 8 format, which was utilized by many member species.

Division is as follows:

  • Each Farengeto Second is approximately 0.497 Earth seconds.
  • Each Farengeto Minute contains 64 Farengeto Seconds (31.808 seconds)
  • Each Farengeto Hour contains 64 Farengeto Minutes (33 minutes, 55.712 seconds)
  • Each Farengeto Day contains 64 Farengeto Hours (1 day, 12 hours, 11 minutes, 25.568 seconds)
  • Each Farengeto Month contains 64 Farengeto Days (96 days, 12 hours, 11 minutes, 16.352 seconds)
  • Each Farengeto Year contains 8 Farengeto Months (2 years, 41 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes, 10.816 seconds)

The Calendar begins at May 16th 2783, 0:00:00 GMT (the day of the Farengeto Unification). Any dates prior to this are written as a negative year.

The date is written as: FUC

Note: All dates are displayed here using base 10, however the official system uses base 8.

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